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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Satnav Help with TMC
  2. Electrics Rear fog not working after towbar removal
  3. Other 52mm or 60mm guages?
  4. Electrics Type r armrest with usb slot
  5. Electrics Remote key programing not working
  6. Alarm Alarm problem - please help!
  7. Electrics After market camera
  8. Phone Bluetooth Module Label Colour
  9. Cigarette Lighter replacement, how can i take it out?
  10. Video Dash Cam with motion detection and ir leds?
  11. Video Reverse Camera Recommendations ?
  12. Cruise Cruise control won't work
  13. Phone Bluetooth Module Advice
  14. Electrics footwell lights not working
  15. Electrics Help please.
  16. Other water temp gauge coolant hose insert size?
  17. Electrics Hdmi on while driving
  18. Battery Halfords HB057 battery and a 2007 1.8 EX
  19. Alarm Factory alarm and after-market alarm
  20. Voice recog New car, HFT not working?
  21. Parking Rear sensors fitted without bumper removal.
  22. Speedo Speedo stopped working
  23. Warnings "Check system" on startup then goes out
  24. Electrics Radio, clock, obd and remote locking not working
  25. AC/Heater Too much cold air!!
  26. Other Clock date?
  27. Computer New (to me) menu
  28. Electrics Wingmirrors
  29. Battery Strange electrical problem
  30. Electrics Factory fitted Cd Changer
  31. Alarm Where to find Lock-Unlock output
  32. Parking Aftermarket sensors recommendation
  33. Electrics Satnav display faulty (or dead)
  34. Electrics Interior fuse box- faulty plug connector
  35. Electrics Vss Problem
  36. Electrics Poss first issue since buying
  37. Battery Battery help
  38. Electrics Civic 8 generation Bluetooth module location help
  39. Safety Cameras Dashcam reviews 2016
  40. Electrics Fitting a parrot kit in my type s
  41. Electrics Power fold mirrors
  42. Parking Rear parking sensors oem or honda?
  43. VSA update/reprogramme vsa
  44. Warnings vsa and airbag warning and check engine
  45. Electrics Transferring transponder and blade to new key fob
  46. Other Remote Start ?
  47. Electrics N/S Mirrow not warming up anymore.
  48. Electrics Turbo timer installation
  49. Alarm Alarm goes off when door unlocked manually
  50. Other Anybody used deposit gauges at all?
  51. Electrics HDS HIM diagnostics, not connecting to Car
  52. Electrics Autolevel headlights
  53. Electrics Heated seats
  54. Electrics FK2 06 Front roof light buttons not working
  55. Battery Prices.
  56. Voice recog Voice Activation Code for CIVIC 2007 CDTI (2.2 diesel)
  57. Alarm Strange alarm problem
  58. Electrics Red lights in FK2
  59. Computer honda hds
  60. Phone Hands Free Option
  61. Electrics PGM-FI, ABS/VSA dash errors steering lock
  62. Other ABS Sensor Stuck - Please help!
  63. Battery Yuasa - YBX3053
  64. Alarm Alarm help!! Urgent!
  65. Satnav SatNav unit removal/repair - North West?
  66. Other Honda Diagnostics
  67. Electrics Mirror not folding (after SOD repair!)
  68. Electrics Folding mirror motor won't stop whirring...
  69. Alarm Alarm query (already read other threads)
  70. Safety Cameras Installing a front dash camera.
  71. Electrics Dash lights gone out
  72. Electrics Check ABS / VSA
  73. Electrics Type R fobs not working
  74. Parking Front parking sensors to passenger compartment?
  75. Satnav Change Nag Screen
  76. Automation Auto to Manual Intermittent Wipers?
  77. Warnings Weird issue with the EPS (electronic power steering)
  78. Computer Eco and Rev indicators on dash
  79. Electrics Tachometer wire color
  80. Electrics Fault code help
  81. Electrics How to recognise groupe n ecu
  82. Speedo Speedometer staying at 0
  83. Electrics Brake light bulb..what type please??
  84. Electrics Can't find the relay for the gas fuel pomp
  85. Speedo Digital Speedometer faulty
  86. Alarm 2006 Honda Civic EX Alarm Issue
  87. Speedo Kmh to mph for European car?
  88. Computer Distance to empty incorrect, reading very low...
  89. Parking Removing Honda Parking Sensors
  90. Automation Dball2 not working
  91. Voice recog Hft problem
  92. Electrics Remote Central Locking not working
  93. AC/Heater Blower Not Working Correctly
  94. Electrics Sluggish starting (intermittent)
  95. Phone XCarLink Ipod System + 30 pin Bluetooth
  96. Parking Stop light wire
  97. Electrics Lighting Faul
  98. Electrics Antenna earthing.
  99. Battery What size Battery for civic remote key fob?
  100. Electrics No electric power in car after installing 2DIN
  101. Other 2.2 Power steering problem
  102. Battery Central locking stopped after flat battery
  103. Safety Cameras Reverse camera without double din/sat nav
  104. Electrics Central lock problem
  105. Satnav Double DIN Unit W/ Android
  106. Electrics Civic Locking/alarm issue
  107. Battery Key Fob
  108. Alarm Adding OEM Alarm motion sensors to non UK civic
  109. Other SOD unit problem
  110. Satnav Work Out Firmware Version without SatNav Disc
  111. Satnav Audio menu with Sat Nav
  112. Electrics Power folding mirrors
  113. Other Radio/CD Display acting weard?
  114. Battery Check System error/battery
  115. Phone Buzzing and interference on handsfree
  116. Electrics Digital Dashboard Idea
  117. Electrics Key question
  118. Satnav Turning the sat nav off
  119. Phone Bluethoot control unit replacement
  120. Alarm How to.
  121. Safety Cameras 2.2 dash cam
  122. Alarm alarm issues
  123. Electrics EDTC Code not Showing
  124. Automation Annoying voice
  125. Parking Monkeys stole my Parking Sensors!
  126. Electrics Bizarre radio issue.
  127. Satnav None sat nav to sat nav
  128. Electrics Window button illumination
  129. Battery Yuasa or Bosch battery?
  130. Battery Battery size for FN2
  131. Satnav Display
  132. Electrics Ecu location 2008 2.2 ex
  133. AC/Heater Do you still keep the AC screen if you switch to 2din?
  134. Satnav Rear camera live stream?
  135. Phone 2010 FN2 Some Bluetooth Car Kit Advice?
  136. Satnav Audio button on sat nav model not working (HIDs)
  137. Electrics Power mirror not working
  138. Other AfterMarket Air Filter on 2.2
  139. Battery Battery Connector
  140. Electrics Would this work - power camera from roof blinds?
  141. Phone Where should I place the microphone for handsfree calling?
  142. Alarm Remote Locking Failing
  143. Electrics Help! What is this wire for?
  144. Electrics HID Connctor replace
  145. Alarm Give me strength! (alarm issue)
  146. Satnav Aftermarket satnav 2din help.
  147. Computer Honda module programming in Essex?
  148. Automation Driver's side window has not auto-up or down
  149. Other Obd2 window closer
  150. Other Boot 12v Socket output question
  151. Other Fitting Yatour Digital Music Changer to Civic EX
  152. Satnav help with dashboard wiring diagram
  153. Computer Headunit wiring advice
  154. Electrics Radio losing signal when I turn rear heated window on
  155. Battery Flat battery and jump starters
  156. Satnav Reversing Camera & Aux
  157. Electrics Lost radio signal from reverse cam install :S
  158. Other radio and heater background lights not working help
  159. Phone Connecting bluetooth to Sony Z3
  160. Satnav Fitting Sat Nav to standard civic
  161. Electrics Constant battery drain
  162. Other Fn2 type r CD player fault ?
  163. Satnav AV input from Mobile micro usb
  164. Electrics How to do with my GPS
  165. Safety Cameras Hey peeps. Questions on reverse cam wires!!
  166. Computer Flashing Engine light
  167. Alarm HELP!! Alarm/Door problem!
  168. Electrics Intermittent Engine Management Light
  169. Other Drivers Window
  170. Computer Speedo and trip shows 0, AVG not calculated
  171. Electrics Need to swap battery over myself
  172. Phone bluetooth keeps turning off
  173. Electrics Wing mirror issues
  174. Safety Cameras Car DVR Mirror question
  175. Electrics Screen malfunctions, cost to replace?
  176. Electrics Powered fuse
  177. Phone In-Car Charger for FN2
  178. Satnav Sat Nav auto dim issue
  179. Electrics No Power!
  180. Computer Right then android head unit advice!
  181. Electrics Hardwiring a dashcam - which fuse to connect to?
  182. Safety Cameras Fleabay reverse cams? yay or nay?
  183. Phone Bluetooth phone connection
  184. Satnav Sat Nav Probelms
  185. Electrics Any Wolverhampton's with double din????
  186. Battery HELP car wont start
  187. Cruise Retro fit cruise control to 56 plate 1.4 dsi
  188. Phone HFT problems
  189. Electrics Old iPod to Lightning
  190. Electrics 2007 - rear lights not working ?
  191. Satnav Intermittent Yellow Screen Problem
  192. Electrics HELP PLEASE. Radio, Sat Nav and doors luck system not working
  193. Electrics Brake light switch how to?
  194. Electrics Dashcam switch for always-on power?
  195. Electrics Different Spark Plug Codes
  196. Electrics Temp Sensor issues!
  197. Horn Need help with horn replacement!
  198. Warnings Airbag light on!
  199. Electrics Folding mirrors
  200. Electrics Tail lights activating brake lights with 7443 LED's
  201. Other Replacing the Cigarette lighter socket
  202. Electrics US Ecu for Jackson Racing
  203. Other Cigarette Lighter & Aux USB in.
  204. Electrics Central Locking
  205. Battery 2.2 iCTDI Battery Recommendations
  206. Parking Parking Sensor Installation
  207. Phone HFT problem
  208. Parking OEM parking sensor alternative
  209. Electrics Bluetooth is broken, what are my options?
  210. AC/Heater Aircon Low Pressure Pipe
  211. Electrics Heater fan gone off
  212. Phone How to turn of HFT? Please :(
  213. Phone How to wire USB Charging Points
  214. Satnav Sat nav problem
  215. Alarm Car locking system
  216. Parking Parking sensors fault
  217. Other which wire to cut?
  218. Warnings Caution light over bumps?
  219. Electrics The dreaded 'CHECK SYSTEM' message
  220. Satnav Can you show current speed on SATNAV
  221. Electrics Left mirror can't fold - civic 08.
  222. Satnav Sat Nav Issue
  223. Electrics please help - wiring problems
  224. Safety Cameras Looks what's just arrived
  225. Other speed pulse and amp remote
  226. Alarm How can I turn off the alarm when sounding without remote?
  227. Other Drivers door mirror
  228. Satnav sat nav screen
  229. Safety Cameras Emblem Cameras
  230. Electrics Rear Power Point
  231. Phone Answer phone with steering wheel?
  232. Warnings Is it possible to disable "door open" beeper ?
  233. Electrics A couple electric problems
  234. Other Power fold mirror issue
  235. Other Static electric shock
  236. Digital speedometer
  237. Electrics Blue Start Engine Button
  238. Other Instrument panel surround screws
  239. Electrics Ice led's
  240. AC/Heater Fans On Constantly
  241. Electrics Folding mirrors
  242. Phone Honda Bluetooth
  243. Electrics what fuse for footwell lights ?
  244. Phone HFT Bluetooth connection keeps dropping
  245. Electrics Auto lock feature
  246. Other Instructions for Wing Mirror Modules ??
  247. AC/Heater Accessing blower motor
  248. Speedo Average Speed
  249. Electrics Front passenger window Auto up/down
  250. Electrics Passenger window not working from driver side