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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Electrics Front passenger window Auto up/down
  2. Electrics Passenger window not working from driver side
  3. Phone Bluetooth connection during calls
  4. Electrics Rewiring cigarette lighter to always-on
  5. Satnav Adding satnav
  6. Voice recog System locked
  7. Alarm Alarm/locking issue
  8. Electrics Auto Electrician In Bristol Area
  9. Computer MCU Electrical Issues
  10. AC/Heater Air Conditioning not blowing cold - Condenser?
  11. Electrics Central locking
  12. Computer (❕) ,,check system" - please help me
  13. Phone Transferring and viewing phone contact
  14. Other Weird fault with temp sensor
  15. Battery Battery drain problem, need help identifying wiring
  16. Electrics Fuse for internal lights
  17. Electrics Both key fobs not working
  18. Other Tell me what you see
  19. AC/Heater Should I try the relay?
  20. Other Windscreen wiper issues
  21. Satnav DVD drive won't open
  22. Parking Mounting reverse park sensors and using tow hook and bicycle rack
  23. Satnav Civic I-vtec Satnat Update
  24. Other Wanting to get a spare key
  25. Safety Cameras Front parking camera
  26. Other Mini USB cable.
  27. Electrics Bluetooth module
  28. Electrics Petrol Float Emulator
  29. Electrics Yet another Alarm Problem.
  30. Other Flashing rear brake lights
  31. AC/Heater fans
  32. Safety Cameras Mounting a reverse camera
  33. AC/Heater Does anyone know what this button does?
  34. Alarm Alarm issue
  35. Electrics arrangement for tweeters on the dashboard
  36. Computer "Check system" message
  37. AC/Heater A/C not blowing cold air
  38. Parking Reversing Delay Timer
  39. Parking Infa red reverse camera at night
  40. Electrics why do i see redrum message when i start car
  41. Alarm Alarm is driving me crazy!!!
  42. Electrics Dashboard colour change
  43. Electrics Unworking buttons around the satnav knob
  44. Electrics Mirror tilt module
  45. Electrics Cigarette lighter
  46. Electrics solar charger via OEDB connector-any good?
  47. Satnav Sat nav voice
  48. Phone Trying to find Bluetooth Module (Pics Attached)
  49. Electrics fixing broken electric wing mirror
  50. Electrics Reversing sensors
  51. Electrics Wing mirror fuse - slighty urgent
  52. Battery Engine bay ground...
  53. Other Help needed for Usb or aux adapter
  54. AC/Heater FK2 (Facelift 09) - Difference between "A/C off" and "OFF" switch?
  55. AC/Heater A/C working !
  56. Satnav Double din with a satnav.. Can it be done?
  57. AC/Heater No Climate control
  58. Satnav sat nav front warning page
  59. Electrics Auto Wipers & Auto Headlight Wiring Diagram - 2.2
  60. Other civic 2011 door panel
  61. Parking Fitting Parking Sensors
  62. Satnav Garmin lack of speed camera
  63. Electrics Folding Wing Mirror (SOD) Repair
  64. Battery Battery Drain Problems
  65. AC/Heater hot air only on passenger side
  66. Electrics relay chattering.
  67. Battery Yuasa battery
  68. Parking quieter reversing beeps
  69. Phone Hands free is in Italian and I can't change it to english!!
  70. Electrics Electric windows stopped working !
  71. Electrics Hard Wire iPhone
  72. Safety Cameras Reverse Camera Wiring?????
  73. Other Panoramic roof cover
  74. Parking parking sensor sizes
  75. Alarm Civic 2006 CTDI - will the alarm go off if I use key?
  76. Warnings I had something stupid this week!
  77. Add-on nav Double Din Navigation
  78. AC/Heater Heat from vents/radio LED screen
  79. Battery Got a big shock today!
  80. Other confused
  81. Other advise
  82. Electrics Passengers window switch not working
  83. Electrics FN2 aircon/radio screen dim
  84. Electrics External temp sensor gone nuts
  85. AC/Heater Heaters not working
  86. Conncets 2 and Xcarlink advise please
  87. Electrics 2.2cdti rear electric window issue
  88. Electrics Honda tow bar loom
  89. Speedo Digital speedometer refresh rate
  90. Battery Flat battery AC Relay?
  91. Satnav Honda Civic 2008 Universal Stereo Installation help
  92. Electrics Locating ground point
  93. Warnings identify a warning symbol for me
  94. Satnav Tom Tom on Iphone vs Dash Mount unit
  95. Add-on nav Can I fit satnav to car?
  96. Add-on nav help needed on stereo reverse lamp
  97. Phone bluetooth
  98. Other Torque pro
  99. Parking Monkey at Longleat stole my parking sensor!
  100. Electrics FK3 Cigarette Socket Fuse
  101. Other Aftermarket head unit help?
  102. Satnav Blank DVD's for Sat Nav Unit
  103. VSA vsa intermitant
  104. AC/Heater Dual Zone Climate Control & Aftermarket Head Unit
  105. Video pioneer carplay and rear view camera problem
  106. Battery 2.2 Battery Dead, again.
  107. Electrics rear ABS sensor
  108. Electrics MK8: Phone Symbol on Side Display - No Radio
  109. Electrics Fuel gauge does not working properly.
  110. Electrics Clock Lcd radio screen issue
  111. Battery Battery jump point
  112. Electrics How do I fix the thermometer for the outside temperature
  113. Wiring question
  114. Alarm hazard lights flashing once is locked
  115. Other Whats this?
  116. Electrics Boot not locking then locking now won't open locked shut
  117. Electrics Tailgate latch
  118. Parking Reversing Camera
  119. Electrics Bootlid light on dash and central locking not locking
  120. Electrics auto mirror module problems
  121. Other Radio dead
  122. Electrics Alarm and indicators
  123. Satnav satnav maps for malta
  124. VSA VSA warning light - ECU fault?
  125. Electrics Interior/vanity lights
  126. Electrics Additional +12V output from lighter / 4D sedan
  127. Other Another mirror issue!
  128. Electrics Main relay location
  129. Computer Mpg gone wrong
  130. Other Replacement Key Off Ebay?
  131. Alarm Remote locking/unlocking
  132. Mounts Flip key
  133. Electrics Gauges in 1.8 - Oil temp and pressure
  134. Mounts Vent Boost gauge
  135. Electrics Fog light conversion to non-fog light type s
  136. Electrics central locking problem
  137. Electrics How to program a new airbag module to car ?
  138. Other Cigarette Lighter
  139. FN2 battery issues and advice
  140. AC/Heater Not warm when idle
  141. Electrics Double Din frame does not fit with the double din FN2 facia panel
  142. Electrics Major issue any advice ?
  143. Battery 06 Civic 1.8 EX battery problems
  144. Electrics mirror issues :-(
  145. Satnav Satnav update
  146. Electrics Passenger side window not working
  147. Electrics The Solution, USB Charger not working in ciggy lighter socket
  148. Other cable plug
  149. Electrics Heated wing mirrors not working
  150. Electrics hds him diagnostics
  151. Electrics Electric window wiring diagram
  152. Satnav replacing standard head unit with Sat Nav unit...
  153. Electrics Radio Demister Interference
  154. Satnav Sat Nav Problem
  155. Other Drivers side window controls not working
  156. Electrics EPS Power steering light.
  157. Satnav new version sat nav disc
  158. Battery Battery Tie Down
  159. Electrics Type R illuminated door sills
  160. Phone Bluetooth
  161. Satnav 07 plate type r sat nav
  162. Electrics Photo req'd please
  163. Warnings ABS and VSA system warning light
  164. Parking Reversing kit
  165. Electrics Central locking issue
  166. Electrics wierd elctrical problem..
  167. Parking Civic EX parking sensor connection?
  168. Electrics wiper problem
  169. Phone HTF and Galaxy S5
  170. Other Coding a new key
  171. Phone HFT/Aux in options
  172. Battery Bosch S5 096 for 82.32
  173. Electrics Headlights out of synch
  174. Electrics HELP - Drivers side window playing up
  175. Satnav clarion satnav
  176. Other Anyone know xtronic in car headrest DVDs?
  177. Computer playlist in navsat screen
  178. Electrics Auto wiper issue, opinion needed
  179. Cruise intermittent cruise control fault
  180. Computer diagnostics program.
  181. Speedo Replacing type S display (speedo, rev display and clock) with type r ones to complete
  182. Automation Mirror Mod Instruction Needed
  183. Electrics Code new airbag module to ecu?
  184. Electrics OBD2 Bluetooth - SCARE!!!
  185. Satnav SatNav disc
  186. Phone HFT or whatever the hell it is
  187. Satnav Honda Civic 2004 1.7 CDTi - SAT NAV installation???
  188. Electrics Side Mirrors not adjusting
  189. Other 2008 civic key
  190. Alarm possible alarm fault
  191. Electrics biggest battery for 2.2
  192. Phone Parrot mki9200
  193. Computer "Finger prints" on trip computer screen -civic 1.4 type s
  194. AC/Heater Revs dropping when Aircon on. Normal?
  195. Speedo Speedo sensor 2008 Civic 2.2
  196. VSA vsa light
  197. Satnav cable for satnav
  198. Electrics heated seats randomly work
  199. Safety Cameras video protection for car, dash cam?
  200. Electrics Boot Lock Issue
  201. Battery Which battery do I need for my car?
  202. Satnav DVD Unit removal in glovebox
  203. Phone Bluetooth Phone System - not recognising phone - reset?
  204. Satnav Sat Nav Retrofit
  205. Electrics Alarm arming, and boot wont open, only in cold / wet conditions
  206. Battery Help
  207. Battery How long can i expect a battery to last?
  208. Electrics Another drivers window problem :(
  209. Electrics Heated mirror multimeter favour
  210. Satnav Sat nav/stereo for fn2
  211. Electrics Radio clock display question
  212. Computer US Light
  213. Electrics Engine oil temp in Torque app
  214. AC/Heater Buying parking sensors advice
  215. Other rad fan not working
  216. Electrics Has anyone ever tried this? (Key fob reprogramming)
  217. Electrics 12v permanent live neededd
  218. Satnav Faulty DVD player replacement
  219. Satnav Garmin hardwired today
  220. Other Door lock not working.
  221. Other 2006 Door Mirror Heating Element Resistance?
  222. Battery which battery?
  223. Other Key fob still dead even with new battery
  224. Alarm Alarm keeping going off
  225. Electrics sticking wing mirror and no power to rear sub
  226. Other Clock radio display
  227. Battery Bosch s4021 car battery
  228. Satnav Microphone is dead ..I think
  229. Alarm Alarm indicator theft attempt ?
  230. Electrics Airbag module swap
  231. Electrics SRS Module Replacement
  232. Electrics Where to pass a wire from the engine bay to cabin?
  233. Other Where to get trunk lifter/strut?
  234. Parking Reverse parking sensors yay or nay ?
  235. Satnav anyone selling sat nav map discs for 8th gen?
  236. Electrics Display issue
  237. Battery Capacitor
  238. Electrics Keyfob not working
  239. Battery Jump Start
  240. AC/Heater 232.65 For a heater blower motor?
  241. Satnav andy sat nav repair?
  242. Parking Reversing camera problem.
  243. Electrics HO Alternator
  244. Electrics speedomet heads up display replacement
  245. Other change clock
  246. Satnav Swap ES-T Clarion DoubleDIN satnav for CarPlay
  247. Electrics Front right side window switch not working from the driver side
  248. Electrics Radio Display displays incorrectly
  249. Automation Automatic wing mirrors when locking
  250. Computer ECU replacement?