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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Computer ECU replacement?
  2. Parking Forward Facing Camera on Civic EX
  3. Phone How to disable Bluetooth?
  4. Electrics HFT Password Locked, dealer cannot help (solved)
  5. Battery Repeat battery drain?
  6. Add-on nav So what do you all use for phone mount (satnav) and handsfree?
  7. Electrics Radio Reception
  8. Electrics Need help - Ignition switched relay to HFT?
  9. Electrics Improving central locking
  10. Electrics Noob Question - Honda equivalent of VAG VCDS?
  11. Battery No Start
  12. Satnav Satnav from another civic into my civic
  13. Electrics The Great British (Honda HFT) Bakeoff
  14. Electrics Eco lights
  15. Speedo Odometer switching from mph -> kph randomly
  16. Alarm clifford alarm installers near liverpool
  17. Satnav Honda Civic Tourer 2014 SATNAV
  18. Electrics Device to play USB/Bluetooth and Aux
  19. AC/Heater Internal temperature sensor whereabouts?
  20. AC/Heater Do the heated mirrors need to be at a set temp before coming on?
  21. Electrics Multimeter help please
  22. Alarm how to disconnect car alarm
  23. Satnav New maps for SSD
  24. Phone steering wheel controls/sat nav/wiring loom
  25. Phone Cannot connect iphone to handsfree
  26. Satnav San Nav Code after fitting new battery?
  27. Satnav Sat Nav removal
  28. Battery Car dead
  29. Electrics OEM battery life?
  30. Safety Cameras dash cam 0801 or 0803
  31. Safety Cameras Will a 300ma drain my battery?
  32. Electrics Passenger Window Problem
  33. Electrics 2006 civic sat nav repairer?
  34. Battery Lightweight battery choice
  35. Satnav sat nav update
  36. Electrics 07 Civic Stereo Harness
  37. Electrics Strange radio display problem (not the common one)
  38. Other Digital Gauge Screen?
  39. Electrics help needed
  40. Electrics auto lights + auto wipers
  41. Battery FN2 battery totally dead??
  42. Electrics Reversing camera problem
  43. Electrics Clock climate display
  44. Satnav Update disc for sat nav and hft
  45. Electrics The dreaded 888 problem
  46. Electrics Radio
  47. Electrics Hondas secret remote central locking key learning mode
  48. Satnav microphone
  49. Electrics Stereo and LCD screen fault
  50. Computer OBD Diagnostics
  51. Satnav SatNav ETA, how to make it more accurate?
  52. Electrics Both Folding Mirrors Stopped Working
  53. how to mount reverse cam
  54. Electrics mr bozo auto folding mirrors help
  55. Satnav removing satnav for reverse cam
  56. Cruise retrofit Cruise Control
  57. Electrics help
  58. Computer Tailgate sensor - help required
  59. Computer OBD - Android/iphone/lcd screen? Type R
  60. Satnav sat nav disc
  61. Satnav Nag Screen
  62. Battery Battery went flat in 2 hours of using sat nav with engine off, is that normal?
  63. Satnav garmin updates
  64. Electrics XCarlink?
  65. Satnav Honda Standard Fit Sat Nav Equipment
  66. Computer Torque pro test results
  67. Warnings Wing Mirror Indicator LED units
  68. Electrics WD40 in the electrics
  69. Parking Civic 2007 EX, which easy wireless parking aid is best?
  70. Mobile Phone Pairing
  71. bluetooth limitations? - (Merged)
  72. Electrics Beep when lights left on not working?!!
  73. Electrics Couple of little issues
  74. Satnav honda sat nav screen question
  75. Electrics Does honda civic 2011 ex gt not have auto lock
  76. Electrics passenger window quick one
  77. Any cost effective solution for Bluetooth
  78. Electrics Driver side window squeak when going down?
  79. Alarm Key Fob Battery Change
  80. Other Left Tweeter Buzz
  81. Safety Cameras Ambarella A7 Car Video Camera
  82. Parking Rear sensor beeper
  83. Electrics Main battery fuse
  84. Other What's this button for?
  85. Electrics Head unit heater controls and steering control lights
  86. Electrics Radio/heater display missing some parts
  87. Electrics Stereo
  88. Automation General Questions about mk8 EX
  89. Electrics Need help removing the windscreen rain / light sensor.
  90. Parking wireless reverse camera - reverse wire?
  91. Electrics Fuses
  92. Speedo 2007 Civic Int panel issue
  93. Electrics HID KIT - Weird Burning Smell
  94. Other Installing a dash camera
  95. Video 8pin connector not 6 - sat nav dvdrom
  96. Electrics Option connector bottom right pin fuse?
  97. Other Valentine one detector
  98. Parking CCT diagram advice from HowTo's
  99. Other red line shift beep
  100. Phone Anyone using Parrot Asteroid Mini?
  101. Electrics Interior lights dimming
  102. AC/Heater A/C not working and not kicking in
  103. Electrics passenger window not working correctly
  104. Speedo Speedometer Correct??
  105. Electrics Hiring auto electrician
  106. Electrics Boot Lock not operating
  107. Electrics No radio anymore, no A/C screen, no central lock…
  108. Safety Cameras Drg550 2ch
  109. Phone Original Handsfree kit compatibility
  110. Warnings Fault code reader - recommendations?
  111. Satnav Do I Need to buy a new SatNav???
  112. Electrics HFT steering wheel control wiring
  113. Satnav Satnav firmware version
  114. AC/Heater A/C works only for a while - then turns off
  115. AC/Heater AC stays on all the time
  116. Safety Cameras Car video recorder / dash cam
  117. Electrics Radio going on/off automatic with speaker bang
  118. Satnav New sat nav disc for my civic? (merged)
  119. AC/Heater Clicking noise has appeared from AC
  120. Electrics Cigarette socket fuse ?
  121. Electrics Cigarette lighter power question?
  122. Electrics Is this the correct part number??
  123. Electrics Error 1.2 help please!!!
  124. Other Warranty , What warranty ?
  125. Electrics cigarette lighter working but not working
  126. Speedo Annoying 30mph bong
  127. Satnav Avic F930BT IPhone 4s connection
  128. Electrics New ecu £1300!!!!
  129. Sat nav query (merged)
  130. Electrics Auto dim mirror wiring
  131. Electrics Dashboard blowing 7.5 fuse
  132. Electrics Sumvision Cyclone Micro 3 in car: capacitor for extra 3 sec of power
  133. Other Radiator Cooling Fan
  134. Satnav Double Din DVD
  135. Electrics Rear window not working
  136. Satnav Re-installing Sat Nav software - dumb questions
  137. Electrics Radio code lost?
  138. Computer Galletto 1260 for a 2.2 diesel Celtic remap
  139. Cruise Cruise cutting out
  140. Satnav Satnav help
  141. Electrics Electric windows
  142. Alarm HONDA CIVIC SE I-DSI 2007 siren location
  143. Other heated seats
  144. Other OEM ECU Map Civic 2.2i-CTDI
  145. Warnings Any ideas on what this means?
  146. Parking No handbrake light on dash after stupid mistake. Grrr !!!
  147. Electrics VTEC Indicator not turning on!!
  148. Mounts Double din fascia on the cheap for LHD?
  149. Computer digital display
  150. Alarm Alarm and key fob issues!
  151. AC/Heater Air Con Condenser
  152. Parking Front parking sensor switch
  153. Other Which head unit do you have/recommend?
  154. Electrics Civic 8gen Audio Crash!!!
  155. Parking Honda Jazz parking sensors
  156. Other Dash Commander with Appradio 2
  157. Battery Testing individual circuits for power drain
  158. Electrics Issue with drivers window
  159. Satnav ssd sat nav unit sound
  160. Satnav GPS not working
  161. Electrics Replaced Reversing Light for LED and now car WONT START??
  162. Phone Pairing Samsung Galaxy S5 to HFT
  163. Other Lost key
  164. Phone Can't work hands free!!
  165. Other Volume dial gone dodgy?
  166. Electrics Radio + Climate Control Stopped Working
  167. Electrics Lights
  168. AC/Heater Can you fit dual zone climate control?
  169. Electrics Key sync problem?
  170. Other Back door locked/stuck shut
  171. Electrics radio/A/C panel on full contrast
  172. Electrics How to wire a power converter onto cigarette lighter?
  173. AC/Heater Blower Transformer Location FN2?...
  174. Satnav Which satnav kit and how to set time
  175. Electrics Help please wiring loom for lights
  176. Parking Front parking sensors
  177. LED upgrade
  178. Electrics Battery relocation kit query
  179. Alarm battery died now alarm goes off
  180. Battery New OEM Battery doesn't fit
  181. Satnav Backup Settings And Version?
  182. Speedo Civic RED REV Display not working?
  183. Speedo Rev counter/speedo questions
  184. Alarm Alarm issue
  185. Weird Dash Problem
  186. Electrics Turbo Timer
  187. Satnav AVIC F920BT Screen Stuck
  188. Battery Intermittent starting
  189. Satnav How old are maps
  190. Warnings No alarms for lights left on or key in ignition
  191. Battery Changing battery - anything important to note
  192. AC/Heater A/C trips @ ~20mins and don't come back :-(
  193. Electrics fuses????
  194. Safety Cameras Coyote systems speed camera alert-any good?
  195. Satnav Old GPS fail v 1.03
  196. Alarm Keyless-go/PKE system on a Honda Civic Type S
  197. Other Av to HDMI cable
  198. AC/Heater Where are these relay's then?
  199. Electrics Cigarette lighter / accessory sockets not working
  200. Other Heated Rear Screen ALWAYS on????
  201. Electrics USB Charging Port
  202. Electrics Installing reversing camera & hardwiring dash cam help
  203. Battery Battery indicating "Please Charge" all the time
  204. Parking Retrofit Parking Sensors
  205. Warnings pgm- Fi
  206. Parking Parking sensor serial number?
  207. Electrics Any update tailgate activator?
  208. Parking Parking sensor misbehaving
  209. I was wondering what is the (beeping) noise that comes on sometimes which comes from
  210. Electrics no power going to rear window
  211. Other Changing indicator bulb 07 Type S GT
  212. AC/Heater A/C indication
  213. Electrics What? ABS, VSA and tyres
  214. Electrics Best place to connect wires
  215. Satnav Connect smartphone to nav unit
  216. Other Upgrading Audio System.
  217. Phone Missing Connection on 2007 Type R Radio
  218. Satnav sat nav unit 2006 cdti
  219. Satnav Sat Nav transplant
  220. Other How much ampere is power outlet?
  221. Other OEM iPod adaptor lead needed
  222. Other change multi display settings
  223. Warnings oil and engine man. light on
  224. Electrics Key programming
  225. Alarm Replacement key and fob
  226. Other Central locking issue - Drivers door and boot
  227. AC/Heater Air con relay changed and still no joy.
  228. Electrics Parking senors
  229. Parking After Market Rear Mirror Parking Camera
  230. Warnings Deflation Warning Light
  231. Battery Which battery for FN2, Bosch S4 or Yuasa from Cox motor parts?
  232. Electrics Strange problem, please help
  233. Electrics Front Sun Blind not Retracting Warranty
  234. Electrics Found this RJ11, anybody know what it is for
  235. Warnings Fault finding
  236. Phone Hands free help?
  237. Computer Does anyone have a Lexia 3 for a citroen?
  238. Phone Handsfree with ipod/iphone connectivity
  239. AC/Heater clock/radio/air-con display
  240. Electrics Radio interference while diesel engine warms up
  241. Satnav 8th Gen SD Sat Nav on Si-T ES-T etc
  242. Safety Cameras Cheap Camera
  243. Battery 1.4L Civic Battery?
  244. Electrics Where can I get correct Fuses????
  245. Battery Hks grounding kit on 2.2
  246. Mounts Brodit RHD phone mounting bracket
  247. Electrics Fuse/light/satnav
  248. Voice recog Problems with my bluetooth microphone and setup
  249. Electrics Ignition live
  250. Computer Speedometer fix for 18" wheels