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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Electrics Boot interior light problem
  2. Video Attenuation
  3. Battery Battery - Genuine or other
  4. Parking Reverse camera finally done and dusted.
  5. Alarm Permanently disable alarm on 07 plate Civic Type-R?
  6. Electrics Headlight wiring Help
  7. Electrics Passenger Window
  8. Battery How many amps does the alt kick out
  9. Other What is these things?
  10. Other Airbag issues
  11. Automation Central lock keep locking
  12. Other Power Socket, N/S Window?
  13. Electrics Galetto 1620 - Help
  14. Electrics D1 Spec Stabilizer...?
  15. Parrot MKI9200
  16. Safety Cameras Need help to fit my reverse camera
  17. Safety Cameras Rear camera fitment help
  18. Speedo Help my dashboard keeps doing this
  19. Electrics Hondata
  20. Alarm Keyfob not working
  21. Electrics Cigarette lighter wiring
  22. Other Key Cutting
  23. Electrics Another key question
  24. Other Ebay key
  25. Electrics Wiring fog lights
  26. Electrics Both wing mirrors dont adjust???
  27. Satnav Can i remove the factory HU and keep the stock nav?
  28. Speedo Speedo stopped working
  29. Alarm Key Fob
  30. Electrics Airbag resistor help
  31. TMC TMC always red
  32. Phone bluetooth hft talk button doesnt work
  33. Battery Is a remote boot open possible
  34. Battery Which replacement battery?
  35. Electrics Removing a factory fitted tow bar help needed please
  36. Electrics Power steering problems
  37. Speedo Replace speed sensor with GPS because of unknown gearbox magnet malfunction.
  38. Electrics OBDII reader wont connect to our 2007 ctdi
  39. Electrics Getting wire into cabin
  40. Electrics Wing Mirror (not the folding issue)
  41. Satnav sat nav - directions/next direction
  42. Battery Battery failed test: old age or under-used?
  43. Alarm Spare remote key quote.
  44. Warnings Eco Rev and Gear Shift Lights
  45. Phone Bluetooth, where for art thou?
  46. Computer Program a new key yourself?
  47. Other Key in the door lock does nothing
  48. Electrics New Problem!
  49. Electrics Glovebox LED bulb 6000k
  50. Other Help double din Halfords
  51. Alarm yes yes yes sorry but another alarm issue here.....
  52. Satnav Removing glove box satnav from Civic 57plate ?
  53. Electrics Headlight problem
  54. Satnav Disconnect/turn off sat nav
  55. Phone HTC One bluetooth pairing
  56. Electrics Start Button
  57. Safety Cameras reverse camera
  58. Phone Hft problems
  59. Alarm Remote start alarm
  60. Satnav Burning disc
  61. Electrics Leisure battery
  62. Electrics Parrot MKI9200 Question on fitting
  63. Battery Alternator issues?
  64. Battery Battery help
  65. Warnings engine management
  66. Electrics Boot not opening/part query
  67. Electrics Side Indicator issue
  68. Electrics iShift Error lights on Dash and loss of gear
  69. Alarm GPS Tracker
  70. Electrics Wire color
  71. Electrics Oh balls, what have I done :(
  72. Other Key remote lock issue
  73. Electrics Dash Lights
  74. Electrics ECU Powering Down Recall???
  75. Satnav sat nav problem main dealers prices?
  76. Electrics No inside electrics
  77. Electrics FN2 wiper problem ?
  78. Computer Civic Software version
  79. Other Car wont start help :(
  80. Electrics the boots making me wana boot it ;)
  81. Electrics Cigarette lighter socket - inconsistency
  82. Electrics Connecting a external HFT
  83. Electrics Reverse camera wiring
  84. Electrics Flashpro question!
  85. Satnav Which Fuse number is SATNAV on?
  86. Electrics Dad tried to install kenwood Bluetooth stereo, didn't go quite as planned. Question.
  87. AC/Heater Heater Blower
  88. Cruise Cruise Control Help
  89. VSA Anyone know how to reset vsa/abs
  90. Battery This battery any good?
  91. Electrics Fitting folding mirrors
  92. Alarm Alarm won't turn off HELP
  93. Satnav sat nav problems
  94. Electrics no snowflake!
  95. Battery Bosch S5 Battery Type 096
  96. Parking Parking sensors beeper... where should it be??!
  97. Alarm key intermittant
  98. Battery Battery for a 8th Gen SES 1.8l
  99. Electrics 2006 civic folding mirrors when you un lock/lock and coming/leaving home lights
  100. Add-on nav Double Din Using Cars USB/AUX Ports
  101. Alarm Can't turn off alarm with the keyfob
  102. Battery How to remove
  103. Satnav Replacement satnav discs
  104. Satnav Bloody SATNAV
  105. Electrics D L R's and Headlamps on
  106. Electrics Interior Courtesy Light Fuse?
  107. Battery DIY Grounding kit?
  108. Electrics What size fuses for the 8th Gen?
  109. Battery Another battery drain thread
  110. Battery Battery terminals short?
  111. Computer rev lights on the top digi display
  112. Alarm Alarm + battery problem, cant stop it!
  113. Electrics disconnect rear sensors
  114. VSA Him/hds vsa connection help!
  115. Phone hft
  116. Parking Reversing camera
  117. Computer Shift Up/Down Indicator
  118. Electrics How to disconnect heated seat element??????
  119. Other Removing drivers side airbag question
  120. Battery Car Battery info
  121. Satnav Anyone got a pic of rear (sd touch nav)
  122. Other Anyone want to fit a reverse camera?
  123. Alarm Dashboard security light
  124. Electrics All power windows buttons stopped working as well as CL button
  125. Electrics Fuses
  126. Xcarlink discount
  127. Electrics Rev indicator not working
  128. Electrics Anyone with experience with the push start
  129. Electrics MPG meter drops to 0 sometimes?
  130. Electrics HELP Honda Interface Module
  131. Phone Parrot screen location. Pic request
  132. Computer Dash Command App
  133. Other Panoramic Roof Blinds??
  134. Other In Car Gadgets
  135. Electrics Ticking and flashing dash
  136. Electrics Airbag sensor
  137. AC/Heater Bleeding radiator? Air bubble?
  138. Is there a way of checking if abs / vsa is faulty
  139. Electrics engine warning light,? radiator sensor
  140. Phone handsfree volume
  141. Warnings HDS Diagnostics
  142. Battery Battery? HC type S 1.8
  143. Phone Parrot ck3100 adaptor.
  144. Voice recog Voice control only works for HFT
  145. Other Honda Key to New Flip Key
  146. Programming New Key HELP!!!!
  147. camera problem
  148. Other Windscreen wipers playing up
  149. AC/Heater heater working intermittenly
  150. Satnav Thinking of buying civic sat nav
  151. Battery 2006 EX battery drain - bluetooth
  152. Electrics 12v Ignition Annoyance
  153. Speedo inaccurate speedo
  154. Satnav Sat Nav Problem With Postcode Directions
  155. Alarm Closing car without activating alarm?
  156. Phone Clearing old owners speed dial entries on HFT
  157. Electrics Problem with electric mirrors
  158. Phone how to pair...
  159. Battery Flat battery- day 2 of ownership!
  160. Other Unleash the bass on stock headunit?
  161. Electrics Central Locking Problem - Driver Door and Boot
  162. Electrics Airbag resistor for fn2
  163. Electrics bluetooth module
  164. Alarm Faulty Alarm and battery
  165. Alarm Poor experience - Yomans Honda, Churt
  166. Battery Bosch S5
  167. Phone Parrot fitting.
  168. Installing a Double Din Stereo on 56 (06) 1.4 Civic
  169. Electrics Wiring diagram anyone?
  170. Electrics dedicated 7 pin towing harness
  171. Other ebay A2DP Bluetooth kit - Please Help
  172. Parking In car camara
  173. Other Flip Key
  174. Computer MPG counter issues
  175. Battery Bosch S4 021 doesnt fit civic?
  176. Alarm Key fob, lock and alarm issue.
  177. Battery Dash lights dimming when starting
  178. Electrics Cigarette Lighter / Power
  179. Satnav Satnav screen when radio removed?
  180. Voice recog Voice Control in German
  181. Electrics Wiring diagram
  182. Satnav updated maps
  183. Mounts Leather multi function steering wheel
  184. Electrics Just bough a Civic but the dash display is playing up
  185. Other Fitting dipped beam bulbs
  186. Electrics were to fit the pressure gauge switch advice
  187. Safety Cameras Reverse camera help
  188. Electrics Folding mirror opens all the way back
  189. Electrics Reversing camera to existing wiring
  190. Electrics boost gauge on 2.2 2bar enough?
  191. Alarm Drain
  192. Satnav Which navigation system is this?
  193. Electrics gauge help in a 2.2.
  194. Alarm No noise from alarm
  195. Electrics Which double din??
  196. AC/Heater Air Con Dampness / Misting
  197. Parking Reverse camera help
  198. Alarm Auto window closure
  199. Electrics ALL the fault light - anyone seen that?
  200. Battery Struggling to Start
  201. Satnav Need Help - Removing DVD unit in glove box
  202. Satnav Sat nav starts in night mode in the day.
  203. Electrics Couple of Issues Battery/Windows Help
  204. Electrics fuse ?
  205. Electrics Problem with radio/clock display
  206. Other folding mirrors
  207. Battery Battery holder tie down / hold down rod
  208. Satnav Error message (But not all the time)
  209. Satnav SDD Sat Nav Update 2013? Help Please
  210. Other wire from cabin to engine bay
  211. Electrics Only third level brake light working ??
  212. Electrics Passenger Side Window Problem
  213. Satnav Sat Nav disk read error
  214. AC/Heater how to remove relay
  215. Warnings Steering Wheel Controls not working and Check System warning
  216. Other Parking sensors - Worth it?
  217. Alarm Quiet alarm siren
  218. Parking A quickie about parking sensors...
  219. Satnav sat nav disc error?
  220. Battery Dead Again! Ideas?
  221. Battery Biggest battery size?
  222. Electrics Power window problem
  223. Satnav GPS Aerial
  224. Other Radio/AC display
  225. Electrics type-s gt-t center console power fuse
  226. Automation fold up mirrors...or not so
  227. Speedo Dahboard on mpg
  228. Computer Ecu internal failure
  229. Electrics Time and date change
  230. Electrics Clock Radio AC Display not working
  231. Alarm how to disable alarm or immobalize on FN2, and ECU reset
  232. Other main key lost where and how to replace?
  233. Voice recog Making calls using voice rec.
  234. Electrics Auto window closure
  235. Electrics Outside Temperature Sensor not displaying and AC failure.
  236. Electrics How to remove digital speedometer?
  237. AC/Heater Replacement Aircon Clutch and Field Coil
  238. Satnav Sat nav update disc wanted!!
  239. Electrics Dashboard lights dim when headlights/side lights on
  240. Other Replacement key casing
  241. Electrics Location of airbag SRS module
  242. Voice recog Like a kid at Xmas
  243. AC/Heater idle speed
  244. Electrics Airbag crash sensor
  245. Satnav Alpine model?
  246. Electrics Remove electric door lock
  247. Add-on nav to sat nav or not
  248. Can you use a key from another civic an programme it into your car?
  249. Alarm Need a Replacement key, will 2nd hand key do?
  250. Satnav Map update