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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Electrics Underbonnet Ignition Controlled 12V Source
  2. Phone Civic oem bluetooth
  3. Other Fuel cap (solenoid)
  4. Other Parrot MKi9200 Issue
  5. Other Passenger window fail
  6. Electrics Dash light ilumination help
  7. AC/Heater Troubleshooting
  8. Video Urgent help with installing 2DIN unit!
  9. AC/Heater Air con
  10. Electrics Need wiring diagrams
  11. Other Turning off auto door lock at 10mph-help!!!
  12. Other Help with head unit install civic 2.2 08
  13. AC/Heater AC Pressure Switch
  14. Satnav Just need to confirm this will work
  15. AC/Heater aircon fuse number
  16. Other Fuse for 12v socket
  17. Alarm Add volumetric sensors and siren
  18. Other cd multichanger
  19. Speedo Bug in Speedo
  20. Satnav Retro fitting satvan (again)
  21. AC/Heater Air con faults
  22. AC/Heater aircon servicing
  23. Video Have I made a gaff PAL?
  24. Alarm 56 plate 1.8 petrol Civic car alarm probs!
  25. Parking Flush Fitting Parking Sensors
  26. Electrics Driver window comes back down
  27. AC/Heater air conditioning vs fan only
  28. Phone Handsfree mic real bad...
  29. Satnav Satnav display not working
  30. Satnav Sat nav read error on a 2003 civic help
  31. Electrics Hazard Light not lit
  32. Phone HFT & Blackberry Bold
  33. Battery Battery drain?
  34. Electrics Tow ball wiring
  35. Battery does the honda have an active ecu
  36. Add-on nav OEM sat-nav install?
  37. Satnav Change Satnav default ferry port?
  38. Battery How long will my battery last with the engine off?
  39. Electrics Steering Wheel audio control buttons
  40. Video Blackvue DR350
  41. Electrics Alarm off with dog in the car
  42. Electrics where to get power for Footwell lighting? light up when the door open
  43. Electrics Radio/Time/AC display have problem...please help
  44. Other One of my motors is missing (perhaps?)
  45. Electrics Wing Mirrors SOD Rebuild
  46. Warnings ECT Sensor
  47. Other 'Automatic' wipers are now actually automatic
  48. Alarm What cable goes to the blinking LED when locking the car?
  49. Electrics 12v cigar lighter / charger no longer working?
  50. Add-on nav Sat Nav or Parrot asteroid for my Honda Civic
  51. Parking PDC Mounting - holes??
  52. Electrics Connecting 2008 Civic 1.8 ES Sat Nav Head Unit to Alpine CD Changer CHA-S634
  53. Electrics Help please. Footwell lighting and glove box light fuse ?
  54. Phone Parrot MKi9200
  55. Automation Cruise control
  56. Other App radio 2 won't fit :(
  57. Safety Cameras Winycam V300HD
  58. Satnav Questions...be gentle :-)
  59. Parking Aftermarket parking sensors
  60. Electrics Diagnostics
  61. Phone iPhone 5 FaceTime
  62. Other xcarlink / Parrot
  63. Electrics Accessing the drivers window switch
  64. Satnav Sat Nav
  65. Electrics confused
  66. Electrics Radio display
  67. Computer Pairing ELM327
  68. Electrics Flat Battery - Can I remove Siren Unit?
  69. Electrics ABS Sensor Replacement
  70. Satnav Fast Route
  71. Battery Intermittent battery issue
  72. Transmission Steering Wheel Airbag Removal
  73. Computer OBD-II WiFi adapter needed (must 100% work)
  74. Parking Parking sensor fix - HOW much for a piece of plastic! (And rant about delivery costs)
  75. Transmission Is there a way to check i-shift version?
  76. Satnav Double din in Civix EX?
  77. Alarm Going off for no reason
  78. Electrics Interior lights fuse
  79. Electrics Auto wipers
  80. Other Lost key...prevent car opening
  81. Alarm alarm chirp
  82. Parking Rear parking sensors
  83. Electrics Integrating Bluetooth Quick Win
  84. Electrics Parking Sensors
  85. Electrics Radio and locks not working
  86. Battery Positive terminal on ctr OEM battery
  87. Other Honda HDS
  88. Video Reverse Signal Input on Pioneer
  89. AC/Heater Climate control fault finding ??
  90. Battery OEM Honda Battery
  91. Satnav 3.70 upgrade
  92. Electrics What's the best?
  93. Other Central locking playing up. Doors not opening.
  94. Other Central locking playing up. Doors not opening.
  95. Other HID's Installed and now have issues with Mainbeam
  96. Electrics OBD2 Port Not Working
  97. Electrics Navigation button removal help
  98. Electrics Wireless ODBII Tool - Recomendations?
  99. Satnav Sat Nav Disc
  100. Electrics Auto electrician in bucks?
  101. Other Folding mirror problem please help
  102. Electrics ECU Immobiliser - car won't start HELP !
  103. Other Help wiring to brake cable
  104. AC/Heater Air conditioning not working.
  105. Speedo Rev lights
  106. Battery Best Battery for a Type R??
  107. AC/Heater Strange Smell
  108. AC/Heater Heater Not Blowing Hot Air
  109. Electrics Tow hitch wiring
  110. Parking Plug and play backup camera
  111. Satnav How good is the aftermarket sat nav?
  112. Other CTR 2008 Both rear speakers stopped working
  113. AC/Heater ac not working
  114. Battery please help! random dead battery problem within minutes of driving
  115. Phone Bluetooth - Z10 pairing
  116. Electrics Reverse Lights not working after Service
  117. Battery Battery terminal loose even when fully tightened?
  118. Satnav 2007 EX sat nav issue
  119. Alarm how can i test my alarm?
  120. AC/Heater Not Working-help!
  121. 1.4 and 1.8 Alternators
  122. Electrics Changed rear lights to LED
  123. AC/Heater Only blowing HOT air
  124. Electrics Honda replacement key plus clone programming
  125. Alarm no hazard lights when locking or unlocking.
  126. Electrics how to fit a air fuel ratio gauge
  127. Battery Oil level sensor failure message and flat battery are related?
  128. Electrics Boot lock issue
  129. Phone Phone mount/Bluetooth possibilities
  130. Electrics Reversing Censors
  131. Alarm Alarm NOT working but car locks fine
  132. Electrics Bluetooth = dead
  133. Electrics Battery occasionally discharging
  134. Electrics Clock/Radio backlight problem
  135. Battery Weird Battery Issues
  136. Electrics Dash lights
  137. Other OBD2 and Torque
  138. Electrics Thought I'd give you all a laugh...
  139. Speedo Help! I've stripped the blue tint off the speedometer clocks!!!
  140. Other fitted sub to standard head unit
  141. Electrics 2.2 diesel ecu located?
  142. Battery Worthy addition?
  143. Electrics help with a few bugs i have or want
  144. Alarm No alarm sound
  145. Other Depo Racing gauges?
  146. Electrics Installation guide MUGEN Assist Meter
  147. VSA New Abs Sensor
  148. Speedo Dash info display?
  149. Video [Problem] Reverse Camera
  150. Video Mr Bozo composite cable
  151. Electrics Interior Lights
  152. Electrics Heated seat switches back to front?
  153. Warnings Airbag light after changing seats
  154. Satnav Upgrade
  155. Phone OBD2 adapter - android
  156. Warnings Car won't start :S
  157. Electrics Key fob issue
  158. Other Permanent 12v and grounding
  159. Warnings What is this?
  160. AC/Heater compressor intermittent ignition
  161. AC/Heater Air Conditioning
  162. VSA get this!!!
  163. Phone Bluetooth HFT stopped working & will not pair any longer
  164. Satnav Removing Jog Wheel
  165. Electrics Front 12v socket not working
  166. Electrics Windows major trouble help!
  167. Parking Parking Sensor Error codes
  168. Electrics Honda USB charger help!!
  169. Battery digital clock display flashing continuously
  170. Electrics A small curiosity about wing mirrors
  171. Electrics 12v Socket Alternatives
  172. Electrics Can someone identify this part?!
  173. Electrics Arm Rest sockets ----Fuse?
  174. Electrics Interior lights
  175. AC/Heater AC pump/clutch not engaging
  176. Electrics Switched 12v source?
  177. Satnav CD player on EX models
  178. Battery Battery Replaced.
  179. Battery Blown my mains fuse for the battery
  180. Electrics LCD Display Problem
  181. Interior lights not working
  182. Satnav Speed pulse
  183. Alarm Unset Alarm with Non-Remote Key
  184. Computer Fuel guage not reset
  185. Electrics phone system
  186. Satnav Hand free phone?
  187. Phone Samsung Galaxy S3
  188. Computer Ecu type
  189. usb port
  190. Electrics Headunit ISO Adapter
  191. Safety Cameras Reversing camera cable
  192. Automation Failed Sunroof Blind Mechanism
  193. AC/Heater AC Auto and fan speed
  194. Satnav Sat nav screen for reversing camera and videos
  195. Electrics Dashboard Camera - In Car Camera
  196. Electrics New Windscreen = No Auto Wipers
  197. Other Members from Northern Ireland
  198. Electrics Can I Install inbuilt SatNAV, Blutooth on 1.8 ES (2010 UK)
  199. Electrics Electric Wing Mirror Issue...
  200. Battery Car wouldn't start!!!
  201. Electrics Blackvue 'Smart Power' hard wiring
  202. Safety Cameras Forward DVR
  203. Electrics Always Live 12v Supply?
  204. Other DRLs
  205. Parking Parking Sensors only 8.99 Delivered @ amazon (RRP: 39.99)
  206. Electrics Reversing Light wire?
  207. Other Follow-me-home lights on FN2
  208. Parking New parking sensors fitted - Steelmate
  209. Electrics LCD stereo/temp display not working
  210. Satnav Sat Nav Redirect
  211. Other ABS Sensor
  212. Alarm Car is not opening with the wipers up!
  213. Electrics Odd Stereo Issue
  214. Electrics Use Sat Nav as monitor for iphone?
  215. Electrics Installation instructions of the audio adapter
  216. Electrics 4 way flasher
  217. Warnings Oil level warning
  218. Alarm Help installing aftermarket alarm
  219. Automation Idea for disabling dashboard light dimming?
  220. Automation What could this be??
  221. Electrics Lights
  222. Computer OBD2 Protocol?
  223. Parking Reversing camera - with no Sat Nav unit.
  224. Cruise Cruise Control not switching on???
  225. Safety Cameras reversing camera
  226. Computer how to get trip a and b to work like my old vw?
  227. Speedo gauges in a civic 2.2 advice
  228. rear camera without navigation
  229. Satnav Double Din Sat Nav
  230. AC/Heater No heater/air con
  231. Battery Battery in trunk
  232. Computer Which OBD Reader????
  233. Electrics Passenger side wing mirror gone = no indicators or hazards.
  234. Satnav Can't get sat Nav DVD out ?
  235. Electrics Upgrading the stock Navigation unit to the new "Parrot Asteroid Smart"on 2007 CR-V EX
  236. Add-on nav satnav, where to stick it.
  237. Phone suitable phone holder? no a window one.
  238. Warnings Airbag Warning, how to stop it??
  239. Warnings Tyre deflation warning light! help?.
  240. Electrics coded keys
  241. Other 2006/56 1.8 ES - no heated seats, but has fuse?
  242. Computer Kmp/h to mph not working
  243. Other AUX button not registering
  244. Electrics Outside Temperature Sensor
  245. Electrics Grounding kit
  246. Automation Sticky folding mirror
  247. VSA VSA Warning light?
  248. Electrics Fitting a new cd/stereo
  249. Electrics Civic Radio Display Fault
  250. Electrics Head Light Main Beam Not Working