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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Electrics Dashboard bootlid open warning
  2. Electrics civic ex radio problem
  3. Parking Honda Civic 07 1.8 vtec parking sensors
  4. Electrics Info (I) steering wheel button not working
  5. Electrics ODB Bluetooth reader
  6. Speedo Speedo Out
  7. Phone Problem with Bluetooth HFT!
  8. Electrics Passenger window switch drivers side
  9. Battery Flat battery..! Or is it..?
  10. Computer Won't start, key position II
  11. Other ODB question
  12. Add-on nav Pioneer AVIC-F130
  13. Satnav Are factory Nav units coded? Need to get a replacement!
  14. Other Hondata Traction Control ABS Wiring
  15. Electrics How to calibrate my folding mirrors???
  16. Parking Parking sensors vrs camera
  17. Battery Lightweight battery
  18. Battery Help
  19. Battery Bosch S4 005 or S4 159 - Battery - Type R
  20. VSA Check VSA system and Check ABS system lights
  21. Electrics Fitting drl in 2008 civic
  22. VSA ABS / VSA Check System!!
  23. Electrics Disconnected HFT Bluetooth Module
  24. VSA car reader
  25. Computer Galletto 1260
  26. Electrics Voice Recognition
  27. Satnav hiding satnav cable in dash help
  28. Add-on nav Stock sat nav in civic SE?
  29. Computer Recommend diagnostic machine compatible to read all faults?
  30. Electrics Windows
  31. VSA VSA & ABS After Changing Bump Stops
  32. Electrics Recommended front speakers
  33. Other unusual thing found near boot
  34. Voice recog Voice Feedback / Confirmation - Help
  35. VSA Can a faulty wheel bearing cause ABS light to come on?
  36. De-activate a passanger airbag
  37. Electrics Fuse for Indicators blow after Jump Start
  38. Warnings 'I' Keeps popping up
  39. Other Doorstep backlight failure
  40. Battery Key/remote
  41. AC/Heater 2006 2.2 derv, outside temp gauge??
  42. Voice recog Bluetooth not working
  43. Electrics Clock problems
  44. VSA VSA Check ABS light
  45. Computer Fault code reader want connect with my civic?
  46. Battery Is the battery to blame?
  47. Phone IPhone 5 pairing with HFT
  48. AC/Heater Best place for Aircon regassing?
  49. Satnav Can I retro-fit the satnav from a higher spec civic???
  50. VSA What is VSA?
  51. Other ODB2 PIDs
  52. Electrics replacement wiper motor
  53. AC/Heater Air con isnt working
  54. Electrics Radio / AC Display "Faded"
  55. Phone need to change active brodit mount - what to do?
  56. Electrics Blackvue camera install cable route
  57. Electrics Reverse camera, electrics/power source help needed please
  58. Alarm Alarm sounding for no reason - HELP!!
  59. Electrics Wires from cabin to engine bay.
  60. Computer Distance to fill up stopped working
  61. Battery Battery keeps going flat....
  62. Other Convert 12v to 5v For USB?
  63. AC/Heater A/C Comes on as default
  64. Electrics cruise
  65. Other New double din for fd2
  66. Phone Does my car to be have HFT/Bluetooth?
  67. Battery Stalling battery discount code
  68. Parking Wireless Reverse Parking Sensors
  69. Phone iPhone 4 to HFT 59 plate
  70. Mounts Subtle Phone Mount
  71. Satnav Sat Nav Fault
  72. Battery New battery for a 1.4
  73. Other Xcarlink for iPhone/iPod - How to make Android phone work on it (Micro USB)
  74. Electrics Civic 2009 central locking issue
  75. Warnings Strange dashboard symbol?
  76. Phone Hft forgetting phone
  77. Other Parrot mki 9200
  78. Electrics Fuse help, dash lights gone off
  79. Computer Brockway Dgauge ODB2
  80. Other stock HU transplant
  81. Electrics Gauges! - Need Help / Advice
  82. Other Broken Wing Mirrors
  83. Parking Who can fit parking sensors?
  84. Electrics Obd port
  85. Satnav Sat Nav Help.
  86. Computer Galletto 1260 - Error (Turn off Dash)
  87. Electrics honda civic 3dr 2008 central lock harness-module
  88. Parking Brailey Honda
  89. Electrics Auto wipers and frosty windscreens.
  90. Other adjusting Date + Time with aftermarket HU
  91. Alarm thatcham category 2?
  92. Phone SGS2 still working after updating to Android 4.0.4?
  93. Battery Battery drain
  94. Electrics Fault MICU or just a fuse ?
  95. Phone Parrot CK3100
  96. Electrics How do you reset the HFT
  97. AC/Heater Climate Control Screen - How do I remove??
  98. Electrics Passenger window - driver switch fault
  99. Battery Dim dash lights
  100. Electrics which fuse for CD system- green light - Little blue light?
  101. Other Flip Key, Anyone still doing them?
  102. Safety Cameras Definative, best reverse camera
  103. Warnings Sat Nav Error!?
  104. Other Torque for Android
  105. Battery Replacing battery terminal connection
  106. Electrics Towing electrics 2010 civic question
  107. Other USB cigarette charger - which fits best?
  108. Other Found this plug/connector in my boot what is it?
  109. Phone iPhone 4s bluetooth/HFT
  110. Satnav Sat Nav query???
  111. Electrics Passenger wing mirror fault
  112. Electrics Dash lights not dimming when headlights on
  113. Battery Battery for type r
  114. Electrics Electric Seats Query??
  115. Parking Buying 2nd hand rear bumper with parking sensors?
  116. VSA VSA Check System
  117. Battery Flat Battery
  118. Satnav Sat Nav headunit wiring instructions
  119. Electrics Mirror module fitting help
  120. Electrics Lost my transponder key, Can I make a new one cheap?
  121. Phone Which Aftermarket HFT kit?
  122. Electrics First Install help? Reverse camera, xcarlink, sub
  123. Automation Auto wipers don't stop
  124. Parking Dolphin parking sensors in Galaxy Grey - Muddy Grey
  125. Electrics iPod Cable not Working/recognising iPhone
  126. from non satnav to satnav conversion
  127. Other Fuse tap
  128. Computer cant access main menu on
  129. Alarm Alarm problem
  130. Electrics adding folding mirrors
  131. Alarm how to check it's working
  132. Other need help with bluetooth and music from phone!
  133. Electrics Glove box light
  134. Satnav Satnav back-up copy
  135. Electrics Radio, sat nav, central locking not working
  136. Phone Switching between phones HFT
  137. Electrics Dashboard enquiry
  138. Satnav Code or no code for stereo?
  139. Parking Reversing Camera when i dont have built in sat nav?
  140. Computer Is it possible to enable tachometer self test on startup?
  141. Electrics Ignition(battery)light
  142. Electrics standard radio 07 2.2 cdti
  143. Phone Bluetooth help in N Ireland
  144. Electrics Front Electric sunroof stuck - Type S GT
  145. Electrics Screen & audio issue
  146. Electrics Passenger window and wing mirror
  147. Parking Parking Sensor - Rear Bump
  148. Parking Electromagnetic sensor
  149. Other is there an aux input in the SE models??
  150. remove speedo perspex panel
  151. Electrics Wipers gone mental
  152. Battery Parasitic battery drain
  153. Other Noise when lock/unlock car
  154. Phone Can't detect bluetooth after sat nav update to latest version
  155. Other Rear passenger door is stuck/locked
  156. Cruise Cruise as standard on what models?
  157. Parking new colour coded sensors fitted
  158. Electrics PGM F1 check system error
  159. Cruise Cruise control
  160. Electrics Retrofitting a more integrated system
  161. Phone HFT User Manual
  162. Automation central locking control box
  163. Phone Advice needed! Potential upgrade
  164. Satnav XCarlink Multimedia Video Interface
  165. Add-on nav Anyone seen these before - Any good?
  166. Warnings Four Warnings on MFD
  167. Phone Which solution for Iphone 4S
  168. Electrics Does FN2 2008 have a reverse sensor
  169. Electrics Cd changer
  170. Phone Connecting iphone to play music
  171. Battery 2.2 Diesel Battery Options
  172. Alarm Keys under warranty?
  173. Speedo REV dots don't work
  174. Electrics Installed footwell lights now car won't start
  175. Other HDS systems from eBay
  176. Phone Bluetooth buttons itermittently working
  177. Cruise Cruise Control does not seem to be working
  178. Battery Would this fit my Civic
  179. Other Seriously no date displayed ??
  180. Other 1.7 CDTi Starter motor - Where is it?
  181. Battery Battery flat in five days, twice!
  182. Electrics SEL/SET button on steeringwheel not working!
  183. Battery Bought and fitted Bosch Battery for my 1.8
  184. Phone Ideas for a new way to play music in your civic? Get your thinking caps on.
  185. Phone Bluetooth steering wheel buttons
  186. Satnav disc error
  187. Parking Reversing Sensor Very Quiet
  188. Computer Fuel Guage/Trip Comp
  189. Mounts FK2 - Where to fit an ultrasonic device against martens?
  190. Video Rear View Camera
  191. Battery volts needed to start car
  192. Warnings Which code reader
  193. Phone Honda Bluetooth HFT
  194. Electrics Can i do this?
  195. Safety Cameras central rear view mirror with display
  196. Warnings diesel gauge level
  197. Electrics abs and vsa sensor
  198. Battery Solar trickle charger. Best place to install?
  199. Battery Has my xcarlink made my Civic think it is being jacked?
  200. Other Central Locking Problem
  201. Computer Calibrate fuel consumption calculation ?
  202. Electrics radio probs
  203. Speedo digi speedo failing
  204. Battery S4021 - How much longer working?
  205. Electrics Radio and reverse
  206. Electrics Aftermarket Switches
  207. Electrics Easy access Earth/Grounding points for my Ambient lights?
  208. Battery Which battery??
  209. Speedo Rev-meter
  210. Electrics Where to mount Live and earth to for ambient lights?
  211. Other DVB-T box or not?
  212. Electrics Civic wiring for caravan/towing
  213. Satnav honda touch screen sat nav
  214. Electrics Card reader after USB hub working?
  215. Phone DTMF tones?
  216. Phone Smartphone connection
  217. Warnings Error 2 on Self Diagnosis Test
  218. Battery Battery Post too small ???
  219. Electrics 7.5 Fuse
  220. Phone Retro fit Bluetooth?
  221. Electrics Guages
  222. Phone HFT and iPhone voice commands
  223. Phone EX Driver Needed - Bluetooth Module
  224. Electrics Constant currents
  225. Add-on nav Best speed camera detector?
  226. Electrics D1 grounding kit install 1.8 FK2
  227. Electrics central locking
  228. Phone Replacing / overRiding hft with something better
  229. Alarm Alarm has gone haywire!!
  230. Help Please, Reversing Camera
  231. Electrics USB Cigarette socket
  232. Other Folding Mirror Help
  233. Electrics Accessing Bluetooth Module 2006 Ex
  234. Battery 1.8 upgrade battery from Bosch S4021
  235. Electrics Accessory power socket always on (relay mod)
  236. Electrics Spare key will this work?
  237. Satnav switching inputs on the nav screen
  238. Warnings On board computer changes?
  239. Electrics Sat nav question
  240. Electrics Solar Trickle Charger
  241. Electrics Window switches
  242. Electrics service light and hazard button
  243. Satnav Serious question about satnav
  244. Cruise Radar controlled cruise control
  245. Alarm what do you recommend
  246. Electrics Cut Wire Under Passenger Footwell
  247. Satnav FM Transmitter vs. Cable and the Iphone 5
  248. Electrics Heavy Duty Grounding Kit
  249. Other central locking
  250. Satnav Sat nav head unit removal