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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Electrics Instrument Cluster pinout
  2. Reset passenger window procedure
  3. Electrics Cigarette lighter wiring
  4. Battery What type of battery for Honda Civic 2011 - Si trim
  5. Electrics Gremlin removed, it what is this?
  6. Electrics Instrument Cluster flickering on and off
  7. Alarm HONDA CIVIC MK8 2008 - Immobiliser Set off : Used Key with Dead Battery
  8. G8 electronics service manual
  9. Speed sensor help
  10. Auto door lock
  11. Computer Missing items off display
  12. Other Fault Codes from SRS and Power Steering
  13. AC/Heater Aircon only cold at high RPM
  14. Electrics Type S GT-T Sat Nav / Stereo upgrade
  15. Electrics Electrical oddity
  16. Electrics Radio cig lighter flicks on and off. Hear a clicking noise when it happens.
  17. Computer Honda Diagnostic SPX
  18. AC/Heater New compressor. Which?
  19. Alarm Alarm Issue - Bonnet Switch
  20. Computer Fn2 help
  21. Swapping ECU
  22. AC/Heater Glove box removal (whats pulling on it?)
  23. Battery Parasitic drain - not HFT
  24. AC/Heater (looks different from other help on here) Fan not working
  25. AC/Heater Intermittent Air Con
  26. Phone No microphone sound on Bluetooth calls
  27. Satnav Satnav Updated Maps
  28. Cruise No cruise control at all
  29. AC/Heater Heating problems
  30. Vga to vga
  31. Electrics Anyway to test the mirror motor (Not sod)
  32. Connection
  33. AC/Heater A/C Condenser
  34. AC/Heater AC & Radiator Fan Issues... HELP!
  35. Other Honda Green Key light on the dashboard
  36. Random Limp Mode
  37. Electrics Help! Mciu
  38. HDS tool
  39. Alarm Alarm Issues
  40. Other Car stereo replacement (i-Pilot)
  41. Dashboard screen not showing correct
  42. Battery Battery positive Wire Amp Rating
  43. Battery Battery faulty?
  44. Electrics Wing Mirror Indicator Wire
  45. Electrics Wing Mirror Indicator Wire
  46. AC/Heater Odd A/C Operation
  47. Satnav Add camera to sat nav
  48. Sat nav
  49. Radio aux to cd or on and off
  50. Add-on nav Double din install help
  51. Other HDS adaptations
  52. Internal fuse cover fn2
  53. Electrics Radio on/off
  54. Alarm Fob not unlocking all doors
  55. Heated seats
  56. Alarm Help
  57. Electrics Car dying while running and check system light
  58. Electrics Wing mirrors folding slow
  59. Parking reverse sensor failed
  60. Electrics Stock stereo and display issues - WEIRD!!
  61. Battery New battery holder
  62. Speedo Speedo not working, maybe mixed with revs
  63. Electrics ODB2 reader
  64. Satnav Will the 8th gen civics be affected by the GPS rollover?
  65. How do I fix my electric wing mirror?
  66. Electrics Passenger window fault
  67. Battery Battery: Bosch S4 020 or Bosch S4 021?
  68. AC/Heater AC troubles
  69. Electrics Near side front impact sensor
  70. Battery Testing car battery?
  71. 776 quote for A/C clutch?!
  72. Computer Petrol Gauge Full
  73. Navigation screen fault
  74. Cruise control.
  75. Civic 2009 2.2 Ctdi PGM-FI relay location
  76. Electrics Dash Cam Installation Advice Pls
  77. Electrics 2006 1.4 honda civic engine cut out
  78. Type r dash in other model
  79. Electrics Folding side mirror problem
  80. Warnings Battery Fault?
  81. Help. Need new sat nav update
  82. Heater blower fan issues
  83. Battery Need Battery advice
  84. Radio problems
  85. AC/Heater Did a Diagnostics test on my climate control system is all ok?
  86. Electrics My car just had a stroke and I am about too
  87. Electrics Cigarette lighter fuse issue
  88. Parking Heated mirror
  89. Phone Hft help
  90. Electrics Dead radio 2007 Civic
  91. Another gremlin !!!
  92. Alarm alarm keeps going off
  93. Electrics Drivers heated mirror
  94. PTC relay location 2.2 diesel
  95. Electrics Loom Wire Bypass
  96. Electrics Where is my immobilizer unit located?
  97. Satnav Help Help Help!
  98. Electrics Motor Burnt Out?
  99. Keyfob stopped working fn2
  100. Electrics Jump start now won’t start
  101. Phone Bluetooth
  102. AC/Heater Temperature problem
  103. Speedo Shows ~6km/h too little?
  104. Electrics No radio / no radio display / central locking not working
  105. AC/Heater Blower Motor
  106. Alarm She is bonkers
  107. Electrics Fuse 5 inserted from the factory but no heated Seats installed
  108. Electrics Dash board Temp display
  109. Electrics ECU Location (2.2 CDTI, diesel)
  110. Computer Dashboard menu not opening
  111. Speedo MPG reader stuck on 38
  112. Satnav TomTom Vio Navi
  113. Other Engine RPM counter Screen Light
  114. Mirror over extending 59 plate
  115. Satnav Reversing Camera
  116. Interesting intermittent wipers
  117. Other No radio display/clock/temp on dash display
  118. Alarm immobiliser?
  119. DRL/CHL wiring
  120. Other Replacement remote Key
  121. Phone Honda HFT 2009 problem
  122. Phone Hft module
  123. Electrics Central Locking Issue
  124. Electrics LED brake/tail lights
  125. Electrics How to fix bad fm radio grounding?
  126. Electrics Installing DRL on Side Lights
  127. Safety Cameras Dashcam wiring
  128. mk 8 5 door towbar wiring
  129. Electrics Radio keeps turning off and on, with faded background
  130. Battery Radio code needed after battery disconnection?
  131. Electrics 2008 Ex aux plug
  132. Satnav Cancel selected destination
  133. Electrics Boot light
  134. VSA ABS diagnostic tool needed
  135. Battery New battery YUASA HSB096
  136. AC/Heater Fan resistor
  137. Electrics Weak key remote/signal (new battery)
  138. Electrics LCD not displaying and radio/heater not working
  139. VSA ABS VSA light on after hitting curb
  140. Battery Battery Light Help Needed
  141. VSA, EPS lights on and cruise control not working (9G Euro civic)
  142. Electrics alarm, immobilizer
  143. Battery Flat battery! Likely causes?
  144. Electrics Type S GT Diesel (09) Hardwiring Dashcam
  145. Satnav Update
  146. Help needed
  147. Electrics Unable to set up HFT
  148. Electrics Problem with remote fob
  149. Other wipers behaving weirdly
  150. What is the latest satnav version?
  151. Satnav Factory nav
  152. Footwell lights
  153. Electrics Control box
  154. Cruise Cruise control installation on FN2 whether is possible?
  155. Electrics Whining noise during driving with the radio on
  156. Headlights won’t stay on
  157. Electrics Headlight replacement advice
  158. Battery Best battery for 2007 2.2 Diesel
  159. Alarm Lock and unlock using key
  160. Add-on nav Factory sat nav retrofit help
  161. Safety Cameras Hardwired dashcam but not getting power
  162. Electrics Key fob battery is dying
  163. Phone Keeps forgetting phone
  164. Electrics wiring diagrams
  165. Safety Cameras Backup camera
  166. AC/Heater Difference between left and right hand drive blower motors
  167. AC/Heater Heater not blowing
  168. Parking What reversing camera you using?
  169. Battery drain, suspected bluetooth module
  170. Electrics Fitting reversing camera
  171. Other Options for getting a new remote fob
  172. Parking Front Parking sensors
  173. Electrics Speedometer problem
  174. Electrics Rear Brake/Tail Lights
  175. All warnig lights on.
  176. Electrics automatic headlamp leveling system not working
  177. Electrics Headlamp height adjustment
  178. Electrics different power folding mirrors problems
  179. Electrics Rear Electirc Window
  180. Other Steering wheel upgrade
  181. Electrics Instrument Bulbs
  182. Electrics Headlight wiring help needed
  183. Electrics fried ecu
  184. AC/Heater Air con hissing?
  185. Warnings srs/airbag system
  186. Electrics new HFT module
  187. Electrics electric window rear driver side not working
  188. Electrics Cigarette lighter not working
  189. Warnings Exclamation mark on engine start up, then goes out?
  190. Alarm Remote Locking stopped working
  191. Electrics speedo change
  192. Mounts Halfords Phone Holder and Wireless Charger
  193. Phone Will it work?
  194. Satnav SD Navigation remote amp wire
  195. Electrics Folding Mirror question!
  196. Warnings TPMS (DWS) disabling?
  197. Electrics Aftermarket USB ports
  198. Battery Battery remove and refit anything I need to know
  199. Alarm Second lock does not work
  200. Electrics Relay that the Rear Fog light is wired through in MICU
  201. Satnav Retrofit Sat Nav / Audio / CD Player into 2008 Civic.
  202. Computer Micu - are these programmed to the car??
  203. VSA Abs and vsa lights on permanently
  204. Electrics Heated seats circuit diagram
  205. Electrics Drivers passenger window switch not working
  206. Safety Cameras Numbered fuse that turns off with Ignition turned off.
  207. Speedo FN2 Type R not displaying Type R red light on dash
  208. Safety Cameras Recommend me a reversr camera please
  209. Computer Display not working.
  210. Battery Battery draining problem
  211. Parking Reverse camera added :-)
  212. Electrics Stereo or speakers not working
  213. Electrics Heated mirror not working
  214. Electrics Driver side mirror
  215. Electrics Hi-Res HFT Images
  216. Other Folding mirrors
  217. Satnav Which Satnav app on android HU ?
  218. Electrics No Radio information displayed (AC & Clock display fine)
  219. Satnav Sat Nav display replacement
  220. Computer External temp. display a few Degrees low - how to recalibrate?
  221. VSA VSA / ABS Warning
  222. No AC dash controls or mirror controls
  223. Electrics interior fuse box location
  224. Other Passenger Electric Windows
  225. Satnav How to set destination with buttons
  226. Electrics CIVIC STOLEN! Now it wont start
  227. AC/Heater A/C no power to anything
  228. AC/Heater A/C is over-cooling!
  229. Safety Cameras Routing cable for a rear dash cam
  230. Electrics Delayed start of radio/cigarett lighter/display
  231. Electrics Hardwire Dashcam
  232. Other Replacement Key
  233. Electrics Bizarre Issue with Electric Wing Mirror ADjustment NON POWER FOLDING
  234. AC/Heater AC was working now isn't
  235. Electrics Radio/Clock display turns off during daytime
  236. Horn Horn linked to VSA/ABS/Tyre fuses?
  237. Electrics Installing Permanent usb socket
  238. Electrics Fuse for side and rear lights?
  239. Other Adjusting Time
  240. Battery Need new battery, which one do you recommend?
  241. Electronic fault FN2
  242. Other Powerfold Mirrors (Via Key)
  243. Electrics Sat Nav Message
  244. Satnav Honda Sat Nav Update 3.C0 2018-2019 Europe
  245. Electrics Hft bluetooth/pair fix!
  246. Electrics Positive terminal
  247. AC not turning on
  248. Other dab aerial i.d
  249. Electrics cigarette socket fuse location needed
  250. AC/Heater Air con fault codes