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: Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)

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  1. Brakes Brakes squealing like f***
  2. Suspension Front lower arms replacement help
  3. Suspension Front suspension change - top mounts too?
  4. Suspension Rear shocks
  5. Advice on fitting front bottom ball joint dust cover
  6. Suspension Front Suspension
  7. Wheel Tech Torque settings
  8. Suspension Suspension
  9. Brakes Best deal on brakes!
  10. Brakes Rear brakes
  11. Suspension Bolts
  12. Suspension Eibach springs fn1
  13. Suspension Spring seats
  14. Alloys Choice Aftermarket alloys offset
  15. Tyre Pressure tyre pessure warning
  16. Alloys Choice Wheel fitment
  17. Suspension Rubber seating
  18. Brakes ABS and VSA lights on constant after changing pads
  19. Suspension Whiteline Rear ARB problem
  20. Suspension Should I get rid of Eibachs and go back to stock
  21. Suspension Rear shockers
  22. Alloys Choice Silver FN2 Wheel Colour Change
  23. Steering Knocking when rocking steering side to side
  24. Suspension Road noise after fitting Meisters?
  25. Brakes 2.2 Type S Braided Brake Lines
  26. Wheel Tech Longer Wheel Bolts With Spacers
  27. Spare space saver locating bolt position
  28. Brakes Brake calipers
  29. Suspension Broken coil spring - should I just change everything?
  30. ABS/VSA warning light
  31. Suspension Uknown plastic trim causing rubbing
  32. Brakes Rear Brake/Wheel Squeal
  33. Suspension Rear wheels alignment - Rear Axle
  34. Alloys Other Anyone have a pic of 17" 7 spokes on Type S please?
  35. Steering Fn2 steering click
  36. Brakes issue - help please
  37. Brakes ABS Pump
  38. Spare What space saver fits
  39. Brakes abs relay
  40. Alloys Other FN2 18" wheel paint code
  41. Suspension Broken front spring
  42. Brakes pads in caliper moving and knocking noise
  43. Suspension Anti Roll Bar Drop Links
  44. Abs problem
  45. Brakes Screeching
  46. Brakes Rear caliper piston
  47. Suspension Front Shock Suspension rebuild
  48. What colour ctr wheels and calipers?
  49. Alloys Other colour code for Type-S GT 2007
  50. Alloys Other 17" Wheel Name
  51. Size question alloys
  52. Suspension Newly lowered Type S
  53. Rear bushes
  54. Brakes Rear RenaultSport Brembos (mk 3)
  55. Suspension Front wheel/hub knocking and movement
  56. Brakes Crush washers
  57. Brakes Need help!! Abs issues
  58. Image request. EP3 wheels on FN2! Help!
  59. Alloys Choice 17" to 18" 2.2 Diesel
  60. New Tyres. Rainsports need replaced.
  61. Alloys Choice Will Toyota 'Chaser' Alloys Fit 2006 8th gen Civic?
  62. Suspension How much lower is the type s
  63. Suspension Bush for Civic 1.8 Sport
  64. Brakes Brembo vs eicher brake pads/discs
  65. Tyre Other 225/14/17 to 245/40/17
  66. Brakes Brake pedal going to far down
  67. Brakes Seized caliper.. options
  68. Suspension Strut mount and Bearing and Bump stop help please
  69. Steering Tie Rod Ends Replacing?
  70. Suspension Strut Mount
  71. Alloys Choice Will these wheels fit? Help..
  72. Suspension OMP Strut Brace
  73. Steering Noise from Driveshaft?
  74. Alloys Damage One of my 19" Rage Alloys is damaged and I need advice
  75. Other what is this
  76. Brakes Rear brake backing plates/ sand discs
  77. Tyre Choice New Tyres
  78. Broken nut bolt ARB bush metal holder
  79. Tyre Pressure help
  80. Brakes Rust Ring
  81. Brake caliper
  82. Suspension What exactly is this and can i replace it?
  83. Suspension Wishbone Arms and stabiliser links. Which one to choose?
  84. Hand brake / emergency brake
  85. Alloys Other Quickie
  86. Brakes Stuck screw when changing pads and discs
  87. Brakes How do i know which calipers i have
  88. Brakes Brembo pads query
  89. Suspension Civic 2.2 ictdi suspension (coil springs) advice
  90. Steering Wheel Alignment & Tracking Services Options
  91. Brakes Recurring front brake disc problem
  92. Wheel Tech Best offset for an 18 x 8j wheel (FN2)
  93. Suspension Type S improving ride quality
  94. Steering Greeting and Problem
  95. Suspension Spring compressors
  96. Alloys Other Locking Wheel Nut Woes!
  97. Brakes Big Brakes
  98. Suspension 2.2 Mk8 Front Suspension
  99. Spare 8g vs 9g Spare
  100. Suspension Shock bush
  101. Nearside suspension arm won't go in
  102. Alloys Corrosion Alloys refurb in London
  103. Other Slow puncture, even with new tyre
  104. Brakes VSA/ABS Lights
  105. Brakes fn2 callipers
  106. Suspension Type R rear axle?
  107. Tyre Choice Michelin CrossClimate Plus for 17" rims
  108. Suspension lower control arm bush
  109. Suspension Type S lowering
  110. Steering Civic mk8 pulling heavily to the right
  111. Brakes Budget Rear Brakes/discs
  112. Loud screeching noise
  113. Steering Power Steering Light On Left Turn, Heavy On Right Turn
  114. Suspension top mounts
  115. Alloys Other Wheel locking nuts for Civic Ti 2011
  116. Other Non hub centric 5mm wheel spacers
  117. Tyre Choice UniRoyal Rainsport 3
  118. Suspension shock absorbers Honda civic 8th gen.
  119. Alloys Choice Does this Wolfrace alloy fit MK8?
  120. Suspension Diagnosing a worn arb drop links?
  121. Steering Steering feels "wobbly" somewhat
  122. Tyre Other Trk
  123. Tyre pressure
  124. Steering Steering wheel deviates to right when driving (and so does the car)
  125. Other Whiteline rear arb fn2
  126. Steering Do, wheel spacers reduce the steering angle?
  127. wheel fitment honda civic 114.3 to 100
  128. Wheel Tech Lowered Type R FN2 with spacers
  129. Suspension Springs
  130. Alloys Choice Rota Drift & GR6
  131. Steering Steering noise
  132. Spare Space saver
  133. Suspension Wheel arch problem with Mugen suspension and Spoon calipers?
  134. Alloys Other Storm 17" alloy Wheels
  135. Alloys Other Alloy nuts
  136. Suspension HELP - Ongoing problem for around 1 year
  137. Suspension Does this look right?
  138. New to forum, advice pls
  139. Alloys Other Wheel spacers with standard bolts
  140. Suspension Changing front suspension, supplier recommendations?
  141. Suspension Help please inner CV joint popped out
  142. Tyre Choice Tyre Size For EP3's On MK8
  143. Brakes Stripped caliper thread bodgejob mechanic!
  144. Suspension Whats it called ?
  145. Alloys Choice DC5 17" on 06 Civic 1.8 advice
  146. Who needs alloys?
  147. Suspension 58 plate honda civic 2.2 i-ctdi ex
  148. Brakes Front brake piston cover needed?
  149. Brakes About To Have My Third!!
  150. Suspension Front Top Mounts arrow
  151. Brakes Disk and Pads replacement
  152. Cleaning White wheel protection
  153. Suspension Another busted strut top mount
  154. Mugen 19 inch lightning wheels specs
  155. Brakes FN2 CTR Brake Set Up Recommendations
  156. Suspension Eibachs with adaptive damper system (ADS) - 2015 tourer?
  157. Steering Toe-in but almost no threads left to adjust
  158. Suspension Suspension Choice
  159. Fitting shocks, do I need to...
  160. Spare Civic space saver bolt?
  161. Suspension Shock absorber choices
  162. Suspension Main Rear Bushes
  163. Suspension Derv Upgrades
  164. Other Advice on "clunk" sounds
  165. Squeak from back suspension (drivers side)
  166. Suspension replacing adaptive damper system (ADS) - 2015 tourer
  167. Brakes Rough Noise when Braking
  168. Suspension Shock replacement MK8 FK2 1.8 Petrol
  169. Suspension Knocking noise, replacing top mount & bearing
  170. Suspension Driver side rear looks low
  171. Suspension Fn2 top camber mounts
  172. Tyre Life Cracks in tyres
  173. Suspension Rear shock rubber mountings
  174. Alloys Other Help with spigot ring size....
  175. Tyre Pressure Dreaded rim Leak
  176. Steering Noise on partial lock
  177. Brakes Mk9 calipers
  178. Suspension Rattling from front over uneven ground
  179. Suspension Loud donk/kerchunk whenever performing a hard right turn
  180. Brakes Break Pads gone to quickly?!
  181. Suspension New shocks and springs - Anschler any good?
  182. Suspension Will coil-overs solve...
  183. Suspension Paint dabs on springs
  184. Suspension Front Coil Springs Fitment Advice Required
  185. Suspension Should I get new shocks because of squeaking?
  186. Brakes Exact Rear Caliper Change procedure
  187. Suspension Bump Stops or Tyre Pressure!
  188. Steering Type R FN2 Problem with Steering Wheel and Geometry
  189. Suspension Rear End Knocking At Low Speed
  190. Brakes Brake pad retaining clips
  191. Brakes Caliper slider pin grease
  192. Brakes Rear brakes
  193. Tyre Pressure Calculation ofWheel change size tyre pressures
  194. Suspension Front suspension click
  195. Tyre Life Uniroyal
  196. Suspension Type S Diesel - suspension + bushings.
  197. Suspension Front strut mounts and bearings for 2.2?
  198. Suspension Torque steer
  199. Wheel Tech Super GT Hubcentric Wheel Spacers
  200. Wheel Tech Locking Wheel nuts
  201. Suspension Shock Change
  202. Alloys Corrosion Where can I get my alloy wheels inspected independently?
  203. Suspension Drop Link Question
  204. Suspension D bushes help
  205. Tyre Choice When the car bounces, wheels struggle to regrip
  206. Inner wheel guard
  207. Brakes 2010 Civic front brakes?
  208. Alloys Other spoon caliper / rpf1 combo
  209. Brakes Caliper refurb
  210. Steering Car weaving under heavy acceleration or braking
  211. Alloys Other Will 235/50/18 fit a 2009 type S?
  212. Brakes Bigger brake alternatives for 1.8 sport
  213. Alloys Other Colour change
  214. Steering Powerflex now doing mk8 Fn
  215. Steering That ol' chestnut. Steering rack
  216. Suspension FN2 swaybar on FN3
  217. Tyre Choice rainsport 3's recently fitted-all good!
  218. Suspension Suspension selection on fn1 turbo
  219. Suspension Front shock absorbers need replacing for MOT.
  220. Suspension Taming the bumpy crashy ride?
  221. Tyre Choice Stuck for tyre choice, charged fn
  222. Wobble from back wheels when crossing white line on road
  223. Alloys Other Muteki or other wheel nuts
  224. Suspension rear trailing arm bush
  225. Annoying creaking sound
  226. Steering New car loud scraping noises...
  227. Brakes Squeaking when moving.
  228. Steering Steering Wheel - Honda Badge pealing.
  229. Other Oem wheel bearing manufacturer
  230. Improving handling of civic 09 plate
  231. Brakes Fn2 Brembo Pads and discs all round
  232. Suspension Meister R GT1
  233. Brakes HELP! Civic 1.8 FK2 2009 braking issues
  234. Other Wheel bearing and Hub
  235. Steering Steering suddenly wooly and heavy
  236. Steering creaky noise from steering wheel slow speeds from susp
  237. Steering Steering rack squeek
  238. Alloys Choice What are 19" Rage alloys like on track?
  239. Suspension Anti roll bar
  240. Wheel Tech Offset question
  241. Brakes Brake Caliper Query
  242. Brakes Brake switch
  243. Brakes 2006 Civic ABS Sensor Air Gap.
  244. Suspension Rear Shock Absorbers Leaking
  245. Brakes FN2 discs and pads all round advice
  246. Suspension Yellowspeed coilovers
  247. Brakes ABS/VSA Woes.
  248. -15mm EIBACH springs any pics ?
  249. Tyre Choice What tyres for 8th gen Civic 2.2 SI?
  250. Steering Steering noise