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: Bugs, faults and irritations (9G)

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  1. warning light
  2. Paint paint work peeling and varnish lifting from paint work
  3. Windscreen Fluid just briefly squirts out of the nozzles, motor runs
  4. AC/Heater Issue with air con
  5. Electrics Check System! Auto stop start problem
  6. Electrics Intermitent electrics fault.
  7. AC/Heater A/C not working
  8. problem with boot lid warning light / fob not locking car
  9. Other Bluetooth hands free issue with iphone
  10. Squeaky drivers window when opening
  11. How to reset Airbag warning light on mk9 euro civic
  12. Life time paint warranty, how do you make a claim?
  13. Auto fold mirror.
  14. passenger side door water drain
  15. Road Noise Boot Rattle?
  16. Engine Rattling sound CIVIC 1.8 Video
  17. Clatter from driver side window when semi-open
  18. Engine bay squeak when accelerating/braking
  19. Boot Catch problem Help...
  20. Clicking/ticking sound
  21. Deflation warning not working
  22. Engine Ignition problem
  23. rear wiper issue
  24. Washer bottle cap workaround
  25. Windscreen Headlights washer spraying with car nozzles everytime
  26. MPG Poor economy.
  27. clicking in cockpit
  28. Non start 2.2 i-dtec
  29. Other Tpms
  30. Phone problem civic mk9
  31. 2013 Civic mirrors do not fold??!
  32. A/C intermittent hissing noise
  33. Pleeeease help!
  34. Rust- anything to worry?
  35. So is my battery dead or not?
  36. Electrics Complete loss of electrical power!
  37. Windows Driver Side Folding Mirror
  38. Other Honda MaRIS
  39. Lights Disabling emergency braking hazard flashers
  40. Fujitsu Satnav (factory code - 6VC9) doesn't boot
  41. Folding mirrors
  42. Warning on self diagnosis (1501)
  43. Brakes Light brakes / air sound
  44. Other ongoing car issues - what to do?
  45. coolant tank
  46. PGM-FI - New MAP sensor + Software update?
  47. Check system warning message
  48. Civic 9gen won't start when warm engine.
  49. Magic seats & tire pressure warning.
  50. Water leakage in tailgate 2012 hatchback
  51. Suspension Clunk on drivers side when front end goes light
  52. Wipers
  53. Electrics Intermittent issue with FM/DAB on Connect
  54. Fuel Warning light
  55. Green metallic interior paint on door armrest
  56. TPMS light coming on every day
  57. Paint Scratches and dents
  58. A/C Problems
  59. Airco only working on passenger-side
  60. Simultaneous multiple warning indicators
  61. Leak in boot?
  62. Rear knocking 1st thing
  63. Fuel Size of fuel tank
  64. My "Magic Seats" won't stay up!
  65. Other Front wipers
  66. Electrics Alarm goes on
  67. Computer MPG reset, ECON button off
  68. Brakes Anyone experienced this with their brakes?
  69. 2.2 i-DTEC known issues/reliabilty?
  70. Other Washer bottle widget
  71. Advice on paint scuffs/chips
  72. Engine Strange noise from engine
  73. Washer jets not working
  74. Engine Oil Pressure Low fault
  75. Steering 'Clunking' noise / feedback when steering
  76. Electrics Cruise control light will not illuminate
  77. Rattle from rear door how to remove?
  78. AC/Heater A/C Heater fan rattle noise whirring
  79. Electrics Rear Seat Belt warning / Fuel consumption flickers
  80. Really annoying trunk/rear rattle with subwoofer (pic included)
  81. Bodywork stone chips
  82. ABS, VSA, tyre deflation and power steering light all on??? Help!!
  83. AC/Heater A/C Pulsing annoying - Help Pls
  84. Bodywork still unhappy
  85. Trim remove radar unit cover
  86. Paint 2016 'spider cracking' paint work 1.8 civic sport
  87. Drone from the rear
  88. Parking Sensor - Red
  89. Bodywork rust
  90. Other noise
  91. AC/Heater A/C Cutting in & out
  92. sat nav
  93. Windscreen Is this windscreen chip been repaired or not
  94. Windscreen Small chip on wind screen best way to repair
  95. Engine Check Engine Light p0546
  96. Rattle passenger side UK
  97. Electrics P0135 CEL code.
  98. Scanning through music.
  99. Rear camera view - slipped lens.
  100. Windows Electric window fault
  101. noisy Tyres on 9th Gen
  102. Electrics Bluetooth on 2014 model
  103. Bodywork Front Bonnet Susceptible
  104. Auto dimming rear view mirror
  105. Handbrake Handbrake Light Not Working!
  106. Electrics Folding Mirror Shut-Off Device (SOD) problem
  107. Auto wipers
  108. Reverse Problem
  109. Phone Low phone reception and stereo volume
  110. Multiple warnings
  111. Windscreen Streaking windows
  112. DASP Cameras on front windscreen
  113. Other Fault Symbol On Dash Red Circle & Explanation Mark
  114. Automatic headlight warning randomly beeps and appears on i-Mid computer screen
  115. Washer Bottle
  116. Parking sensors
  117. Computer check engine light, then multiple warnings
  118. Click Noise Releasing Accelerator In Low Gears
  119. Computer Check system light
  120. I light ?
  121. Trying to stay calm!!!
  122. Steering Creak/groan from front of car when turning
  123. Fuel Range not resetting
  124. Rattle/buzz around steering column
  125. Is this oil consumption excessive?
  126. Ignition - start delay
  127. HFT App not working????
  128. Oil filler cap disintegrated
  129. VSA,Tyre Pressure,EPS and Malfunction indicator lamp all lighting up.
  130. Squeaks noise, B pillar?
  131. AC packed up
  132. Lights Dash light no longer working for AC FAN MODE etc..
  133. Tyre deflation warning symbol
  134. Drivers side wiper judder
  135. Film on windscreen
  136. High speed ticking/clicking sound
  137. Flat battery 2013 2.2 es
  138. Fuel In Fuel Filler
  139. White smoke came from my exhaust
  140. How's your undercarriage?
  141. Beeping Civic
  142. Brake dead zone
  143. Windows dropping
  144. Rust in petrol filler neck.
  145. Screen Wash
  146. Electrics Loud Intermittent Beep, no lights on dash
  147. Exterior Slight Bumper damage, needs pushing out.
  148. Fog Light Surrounds + DRL
  149. Corrosion in the engine bay
  150. 2012 1.8 Civic poss ball joint failed
  151. Bodywork Missing seal Honda cant help civic tourer
  152. Trim Parcel Shelf too flat
  153. High speed hissing like sound
  154. Computer "No Audio" and imid not working
  155. Phone help needed
  156. Electrical problem
  157. Fault codes
  158. Indicators
  159. Fuel 2012 2.2 diesel - Poor Fuel Economy
  160. Windscreen Automatic windshield wipers wont turn off
  161. New car vs Older car
  162. Check System Warning Symbol... What does it mean?
  163. EcNcService has stopped
  164. Parking Sensors
  165. Radio Changing Stations
  166. Electrics Honda connect issues
  167. Rear Brake wear - Is this normal?
  168. Electrics Wing mirrors not folding
  169. Screen Auto Dimming Fault
  170. How to remove this part of the dash??? Looking for rattlesĦĦĦĦ
  171. Engine Flywheel collapse 2012 diesel
  172. Low speed wheel wobble
  173. Computer "Windscreen Washer Fluid Low" warning
  174. Squeak in dashboard
  175. How many Yodas does it take to change a lightbulb???
  176. 2015 Sport - Slight Water Ingress NSF Window
  177. Clutch is making squeaky noises
  178. The suspension doesn't seem to be very good...
  179. Strange Noise from Left Rear at Motorway speed
  180. Rattle noise, front passenger side.
  181. Hollow Metallic sound at half throttle
  182. Engine Slow to Start and low MPG
  183. Cigarette lighter position
  184. Windscreen Condensation windscreen
  185. DPF icon
  186. Engine Squealing sound when engine starts
  187. Engine Cutting Out
  188. Econ Bars not changing colour
  189. i-Mid strange behaviour
  190. Noise at 1500rpm
  191. Bodywork Below grill air deflectors loose
  192. Bonnet
  193. USB port lead stuck
  194. Bodywork Front bumper popping out and other issues
  195. Satnav Bluetooth contacts import fault.
  196. Brakes Brake fault?
  197. collected new 2015 sport
  198. Music I phone 6 music playback
  199. Jrsc belt size help please
  200. Road Noise Front end hum / drone at certain speeds
  201. Squeaks Clutch Master Cylinder - OEM vs Aftermarket?
  202. Creaking Passengers Seat
  203. Alarm / indicators on locking not working
  204. 1.6 Idtec Slight whine at 1900rpm
  205. Exterior Bonnet Still Moves After Closure
  206. Handbrake Handbrake fail
  207. Part Number?
  208. Volume up button
  209. Humming/droning noise from engine bay
  210. Hand brake problem
  211. Engine Bad oil Leak series 9, 1.6 I-Dtec
  212. Scratchy plastic
  213. Music iMid and Spotify missing track info
  214. Metallic scratching sound when turning the steering wheel
  215. Glovebox
  216. Gear gaiter
  217. Broken Sat Nav Unit
  218. Bluetooth Volume Not That Loud
  219. Right Rear Window Won't Close
  220. Left wiper leaves smudge
  221. Small dip in engine power for a split second & Clutch
  222. Noise from backend on tourer
  223. Car jerks at approach if it´s cold
  224. Steaming up
  225. driver window switch
  226. Noise from window when open
  227. Engine Rust in engine compartment
  228. Vibrating on start
  229. Wind noise
  230. Door seams
  231. The rear wiper is dead
  232. Other I have a cat in the clutch
  233. Mats
  234. Condensation in light's
  235. Firmware update for Stereo?
  236. folding down back seats
  237. is this the start ...??
  238. hissing noise coming from brakes
  239. Second Gear
  240. magic seats its not so magic :(
  241. Loose outside rearview mirror glass
  242. Oil level
  243. How to recover washer bottle filler cap from inside bodywork
  244. Tyre Mileage
  245. wheel bearing?
  246. Long list Lights that turn off, auto stop start,wipers and breaks..oh and useless sat nav
  247. wrong things in civic tourer 1.6 idtec - 3 months owner
  248. two stage instument console light dimming
  249. Vent noise
  250. Milano red touch up paint