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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Bodywork vandalised
  2. Lights New indicator light
  3. Bodywork Bumper removal for mechanical repairs???
  4. Squeaks Dashboard rattle driving me mad
  5. AC/Heater AC Pulley Noise
  6. AC/Heater climate control coil set
  7. Damage scratched silver aluminium on door pannel armrest
  8. Exterior Door handles
  9. AC/Heater strange AC works today
  10. Lights Reverse lights not working
  11. Electrics Problem on stereo and the Screen display
  12. oops look what I did
  13. Other Side Mirriors Problem
  14. Windows Passenger Window Problem
  15. Exterior New Sump Guard - Laughable!
  16. Squeaks Loud Snapping or Popping or Tapping Noise From Front Passenger Side
  17. Handbrake Broken handbrake
  18. Engine 2.2 I-CDTI Possible Turbo Issue
  19. Flat battery flat battery or something else?....
  20. Suspension Annoying Clicking sound
  21. Electrics whirring noise behind glovebox
  22. Computer Blinking diagnostic trouble codes
  23. Suspension occasional twanging noise.
  24. Other 2008 Civic Type S GT What to look for?
  25. Steering Handling/Roundabouts
  26. Electrics Fault Code P0135 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit
  27. Engine Rpm drops to under 1000 at random times
  28. Electrics Diagnostic help
  29. Recalls Recall and a creak
  30. Lights Help needed !
  31. Paint Front end respray
  32. Exterior wing mirror access
  33. Other error on the screen
  34. Squeaks Really squeaky brake pedal
  35. Steering Power Steering Failure
  36. Electrics Indicators aint indicating...:-(
  37. Transmission clutch gone after 20k ... help?
  38. Leaks Rear Light Cluster leak
  39. Electrics Folding Mirrors normal problem & help
  40. Other Exhaust Damage
  41. AC/Heater DIY Air Con Recharge
  42. Paint 2009 CTR - Rust above windscreen
  43. Squeaks Clutch Pedal Removal ?
  44. Engine uneven power delivery
  45. Other Key in the ignition beeping
  46. Transmission Rattle when in reverse
  47. Damage Snapped ABS/wheel Sensor
  48. Damage Oops!
  49. Music Stereo on but no music?
  50. Leaks rear seat belt wet.... help
  51. Lights Front h7 bulbs
  52. Engine Check engine light- fault code P250A - Engine Oil Level Sensor Circuit
  53. Bodywork Rear Bumper
  54. Damage Gutted... Handbreak needs looking at
  55. Transmission Root cause for creaky clutch master cylinders
  56. Computer Engine and VSA - check system indicators
  57. Suspension Loose weld - I THINK NOT!!!
  58. Bodywork Rusty doors!!! Did Honda fix yours???
  59. Windscreen Windscreen washer jet
  60. Other Clicking inside door card
  61. Engine whine when pulling off
  62. Computer low tyre pressure warning
  63. Other Front Grill
  64. Damage Little Ding
  65. Suspension Front end knocking
  66. Damage Paint stripper thrown at car- some nice people around!
  67. Leaks Boot leaks
  68. Electrics Passenger side doors wont open
  69. Damage Had a bump today :(
  70. Other 2.2d (57) rev dipping when braking
  71. Other gruby interior
  72. Squeaks Squeaky Doors
  73. Other Burning smell inside cabin
  74. Lights headlight misting up.....
  75. Bodywork Damage to panel near passenger door
  76. Brakes VSA and ABS fault?
  77. Windows Auto window fault
  78. Windscreen Windscreen Washers?
  79. Engine Radiator Fan 2.2 diesel civic
  80. Squeaks Rattle
  81. Bodywork City Pack
  82. Transmission Noisy reverse gear
  83. Transmission Clutch or release bearing?
  84. Suspension Knocking/clonking from the front at low speed
  85. Seats Interior scratches
  86. Lights Dead Bug?
  87. Other Glovebox Molting
  88. Suspension Squeaking Suspension?
  89. Lights How long is the warranty
  90. Bodywork Everything you need to know about rust around windscreen
  91. AC/Heater updated air-con compressor relay to prevent failure
  92. Electrics Radio, Aircon display blank radio not working
  93. Other auto locking
  94. Other Washer jets
  95. Trim Roof blind wont close.
  96. Damage faulty parking sensor
  97. Lights Can you clean algae off lights? and condensation.....?
  98. Road Noise Sounds like a Wookie!
  99. Transmission Self Adjusting Clutch!!!
  100. Other Difficult to select 3rd gear
  101. Other boot strut makes a loud click
  102. Brakes Brake dust
  103. Other Check system
  104. Leaks Problem with Rotrex resevoir oil level!
  105. Trim loose boot catch
  106. Road Noise Growling on Acceleration
  107. Transmission Yet another thread on the Squeaky Clutch
  108. Dealers Starting to dislike my Honda
  109. Bodywork passenger front door handle cover
  110. Computer Low fuel warning.
  111. Squeaks Squeek/Squeal when turning steering wheel
  112. Lights Strange headlight bulb problem
  113. Squeaks rattles!!
  114. Lights Cloudy headlight?
  115. Fuel Major Fuel Problem
  116. Transmission type S 2009 clutch pedal "clicks"
  117. Squeaks rattle on headliner of passenger side
  118. Leaks Water in trunk
  119. Trim Rattiling rear!!
  120. Engine Milltek exhaust, somethings not right.
  121. Damage hit the rear bumper=O
  122. Engine help! 2.2 won't start
  123. Other reset main computer
  124. Squeaks Gettin in to dash on passenger side to fix rattle.
  125. Brakes getting annoyed now
  126. Engine 2.2 manifold warranty: Accord but not Civic?
  127. Squeaks irritable sound
  128. AC/Heater Misting Problem???
  129. Other Red light below the oil temp gauge
  130. Damage Feel so depressed right now
  131. Other Vibration on passenger side
  132. AC/Heater constantly running ac fun
  133. Other Cut hole in exhaust?
  134. Bodywork Front part of arch meets front lip
  135. Music Anyone fix the poor radio reception?
  136. Windscreen
  137. Computer Minor Accident turns into Major Headache AAAAHHH!!!
  138. Bodywork Arches???????
  139. Windscreen Quick fix creaky windscreen
  140. Transmission being fobbed off by honda???
  141. Leaks dripping water from black pipe
  142. Other Question
  143. Transmission Squeaky clutch pedal
  144. Electrics Faulty CD Player
  145. Electrics Door not opening with remote
  146. Recalls Fn2 re-call
  147. Dealers 2nd Key Doesn't Work
  148. Other Civic Boot Struts!!!
  149. Electrics Airbag light staying on after changing seats
  150. Other Rattles
  151. Other sunroof blind
  152. Windows Squeeking drivers window.
  153. Steering Power steering issue
  154. Damage I think I'm the unluckiest Honda driver
  155. Computer Help needed please. Engine Management Light on.
  156. Other Cheap Dealer Plates
  157. Damage Happy Valentines
  158. Damage Unbelievable Behaviour!!! - Other Drive smashed my drivers mirror
  159. Bodywork Quick rust question.
  160. Engine 2.2 Civic cdti Hesitation @1500rpm
  161. Suspension Creak when I turn steering wheel ?
  162. Lights Indicator stalks annoying
  163. Paint Smart repair question
  164. Leaks Washer bottle leak - '60 plate Civic 2.2 i-CTDi
  165. Electrics HELP! Engine management light, Brake, Airbag, ABS, EPS and VSA lights all on
  166. HUK Outstanding recalls
  167. Other deflation signal on dash????
  168. Squeaks Mid armrest/console/storage lid flappy
  169. Electrics Digital Speedometer Failure
  170. Other Clutch help
  171. Electrics Speedo Error ?
  172. Bodywork Milano pinky
  173. AC/Heater No read screen mist heaters or blower adjustment.
  174. Other pan roof blind fault
  175. Damage Front bumper....
  176. Damage Civic Broken into
  177. Other Wingmirrors not folding up all the time
  178. Electrics Lock failure - any ideas?
  179. Recalls Bulletins
  180. Engine Engine fails to start first time
  181. Trim drivers side mat retainer?
  182. Bodywork Door Stripes
  183. Other Type R FN2 known faults/issues
  184. Other Cabin smells like a oil refinery.
  185. Squeaks Clicking noise from speedo area of dashboard
  186. Handbrake 2001 civic 1.6s handbrake fail :( mess
  187. Electrics Fire Risk?
  188. Electrics Drivers air bag warning light
  189. Trim Dashboard rattle!! no its not the windscreen cowl
  190. Engine oil level light on dash
  191. Engine Almost complete loss of power!
  192. Electrics Folding Electric Mirror - Driver side
  193. Electrics Reverse Parking Camera - intermittent problems
  194. Flat battery 56 Plate Honda Civic 2.2 Diesel EX
  195. Leaks Thermostat
  196. Squeaks Single knock on take off after reversing
  197. Road Noise Grinding noise on full lock?
  198. Leaks help wet lap!
  199. Exterior Headlight washers, frozen ?
  200. Bodywork Water/ice in spoiler!?
  201. Damage door strap
  202. Electrics Heated Mirrior
  203. Other Stiff Boot struts
  204. Other storage space "dial" valve assembly
  205. Exterior Front windows squeeking
  206. Dealers Honda Experience
  207. Damage Deer Strike
  208. Bodywork Can you adjust how the boot closes?
  209. Windows Windscreen Auto Wipers not working properly?
  210. Squeaks Creaky Rear (When Cold!)
  211. Other 02 1.7ctdi error code P1087 - Anyone know?
  212. AC/Heater Noisey Heater Fan
  213. AC/Heater Water leaking inder dashboard passenger side
  214. Electrics Glow Plug light not coming on, intermittent fault
  215. Lights Occasional Headlamps Flickering
  216. Electrics CIGAR LIGHTER fN2
  217. Exterior Removing exhaust rubber mounts
  218. Engine OBD 2? Reader - around North West
  219. AC/Heater Heating block only heating up
  220. Seats Upholstery Stitching Repair
  221. Seats Seat Position
  222. Bodywork Fuel Cap wont open
  223. Other Wipers going nuts
  224. Steering Knock sound from steering column
  225. Other gear change
  226. Electrics "i" on dash ?
  227. Squeaks Rear rattle - improved boot stoppers ?
  228. Steering Power steering sometimes doesn't kick in on start
  229. Other Sunroof problem
  230. Other Vibration
  231. Damage Parcel Shelf Strings
  232. Paint Paint imperfections
  233. Electrics Coolant Temperature Sensor
  234. Transmission Clutch Noise
  235. Bodywork Dent
  236. Paint behind chrome exhaust triangles
  237. Lights No Headlight adjuster ??
  238. Windscreen wipers knackered after replacing windscreen
  239. Fuel Strong Smell of petrol on start up
  240. AC/Heater Advice Needed On FN2 Heater
  241. Engine check engine light on few days after AEM cold air intake installed
  242. Fuel petrol gauge problem
  243. Other Methane/Rotten egg smell from exhaust
  244. Bodywork door handle
  245. Engine Car died at traffic lights
  246. AC/Heater Climate control
  247. Seats Passenger Seat Issues
  248. Windscreen Auto wipers not working properly
  249. Bodywork Can someone recommend a good bodyshop in the Wigan area
  250. Paint peeling bumper paint NHB