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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Seats Magic seats
  2. Damage Argh Snow damage!
  3. Windscreen Windscreen condensation
  4. Exterior Folding mirror issue
  5. Bodywork Trunk not leveled???
  6. Road Noise Knocking noise
  7. Other Underseal
  8. Damage Help Car damaged !!
  9. Other is my clutch slipping?
  10. Damage Peugeot took out my door mirror
  11. Computer Dashboard error "2"
  12. Other Electric folding mirror fault
  13. Other fn2 cold start help
  14. Engine hesitation after gear change
  15. Engine 2.2 diesel timing chain?????
  16. Electrics Help please guys boot wont open
  17. Lights Engine warning light :/
  18. Computer Amber exclamation mark...
  19. Electrics Amber engine warning light
  20. Music drivers door woofer not working
  21. Paint windscreen rubber rust
  22. Electrics Check System P2185 code, ECT sensor fault
  23. Steering Check system message and locked stearing
  24. Electrics Electric folding mirrors...
  25. Engine Help strange noise
  26. Music random switching off on USB
  27. Road Noise OSF knocking, what is it!?
  28. Lights Little Blue Light
  29. Other New-be Help please
  30. Leaks Leak in Passenger Footwell
  31. Squeaks strange noise from my new civic
  32. Squeaks Help
  33. Bodywork Dents!
  34. Windows Passenger window fault
  35. Bodywork Front Bumper Repairs
  36. Steering 'Crack' noise when turning
  37. AC/Heater vents blocked
  38. Electrics digital... display bugs
  39. Squeaks Strange noise coming from the rear?
  40. Windscreen Wipers grinding/juddering/rubbing across windscreen.
  41. Steering Steering wheel noise
  42. Squeaks squeaky clutch
  43. Trim clonk from behind trim
  44. Electrics Doors not locking?
  45. Engine Radiator Fans?
  46. Engine HELP engine bay hissing after drive
  47. Other Paasenger front door won't open, HELP!!!
  48. Flat battery Warranty issues
  49. Fuel Sloshing fuel tank
  50. AC/Heater Climate Control Performance
  51. Other Missing bolt behind front wheels (?)
  52. Damage Like a Glove
  53. Squeaks Crunch noise on engine start
  54. Long list **** you honda!!
  55. Electrics Redundant Buttons
  56. AC/Heater Climate Control - again...
  57. Bodywork Rust at 5 years old!!!
  58. AC/Heater A/C irritation
  59. Electrics Info Display goes blank????
  60. Other Windscreen washer not working properly
  61. Squeaks Apparent windscreen creakage
  62. Squeaks Hopefully fixed suspension
  63. Paint Rear bumper
  64. Transmission Bouncy Reverse
  65. Electrics Resetting Airbag light
  66. Bodywork squeaking coming from dashboard (passenger side)
  67. Music Not reading CD-s
  68. Squeaks hand brake on.
  69. Electrics Oil level indicator (faulty sensor)
  70. Engine Just fitted an RSK and now have an error?
  71. Windscreen Auto wiper relay clicking
  72. Other Nicked center cap for Blade Alloy!
  73. Electrics Cruise Control and Clutch
  74. Transmission Lumping Gear change
  75. Electrics start button moving
  76. Fuel Average MPG
  77. Other Level of distilled water in the civic's battery
  78. passenger window
  79. Windows Window tint showing cracking
  80. Trim High Level brake light trim
  81. Trim Honda pricing
  82. Bodywork Rusting Hinges!!
  83. Bodywork Bumper popping out
  84. Damage Wife's EX in the wars again
  85. Electrics Hot Key
  86. Suspension Subframe Click Click Noise
  87. Other clunking coming from n/s/f wheel????
  88. AC/Heater A/C disaster
  89. Squeaks Whining noise when reversing sometimes
  90. Engine jerk on acceleration
  91. Squeaks Noise, Rattle Bang
  92. Exterior "Wind whistles through" ?
  93. Other Broken Clutch Pedal or Something
  94. Suspension knock, knock, knock, knock
  95. Trim Gear lever gaiter loose
  96. Engine Blowoff-like sound when I let go the accelerator on a CTDI
  97. Other Why has my CTR got a dump valve squeek???
  98. Other low rev judders from inuction kit
  99. Road Noise Something loose in driver's side door?
  100. Electrics honda civic 1.4. vtec 2009 cat d
  101. Suspension squeaky from n/s rear
  102. Satisfaction interior issue..
  103. Engine 'Jittery' ride when engine is cold
  104. Exterior car is not level
  105. Trim Known Rattles and Fixes, help??
  106. Trim fading
  107. Leaks door seals coming away
  108. Electrics warning messages.
  109. Computer Fault Code - 6754-A1
  110. Squeaks Squeaky clutch no me
  111. AC/Heater Air con not cooling on 06 Civic ES
  112. Steering Replace Steering Rack
  113. Exterior Heko issues... help please :)
  114. Exterior Bumper panels a bit loose?
  115. AC/Heater A/C help
  116. Windows Can't control passenger side window with driver's control
  117. Squeaks Creaky clutch
  118. Damage New car disaster
  119. Leaks Leaking from front driver side??
  120. Exterior Scratches on clear plastic panel on the boot?
  121. Exterior Intermittent fault with remote unlocking
  122. Dealers 3rd Gear Synchro Problem - Honda Dealer Giving me issues
  123. Trim Argh! Scuffed the leather steering wheel!
  124. Damage Too fast for civic....
  125. Squeaks Tweeter housing loose?
  126. Seats lumber support on seats
  127. Long list Final roll of the dice?
  128. Windscreen Replacement wipers
  129. Damage Steering Wheel Help
  130. Electrics Driver's side wing mirror not folding!
  131. Suspension Clicks when driving off
  132. Engine Dealership Curse
  133. Lights Flat battery - lights left on warning
  134. Seats Passenger Seat Issues
  135. Leaks Leak in passenger side footwell
  136. Trim Faded rear seats.
  137. Trim Rattle
  138. Other Willing to pay someone to fix Dash rattles!
  139. AC/Heater Damp smell coming form car when it rains!!
  140. Recalls Flat battery issue not resolved
  141. Flat battery Battery Flat :-(
  142. Other Temperature sensor problems?
  143. Exterior Heated wing mirror fault
  144. Servicing Car Booked in For 3rd service aswell as the following
  145. Exterior Electric Wing Mirror not folding fully in.
  146. Seats Type R back seat problem???
  147. Bodywork Bumper popping out under grill
  148. Damage Monday morning blues
  149. Flat battery Lucky Escape
  150. Exterior Paint problem, under grill
  151. Suspension Bump Stops
  152. Other Clicking noise
  153. Damage The incredible Honda build quality!
  154. Road Noise Clicking noise when going over bumps!
  155. Handbrake Handbrake fail - warranty claim?
  156. Windows Passenger window
  157. Exterior Help needed urgently front spltter
  158. Brakes Braking at speed = massive knocking noise even after i slow down!
  159. Steering Scratching / Clicking noise behind steering wheel?
  160. Computer VSA light coming on, any thoughts?
  161. Computer Rev Counter Display On CTR
  162. AC/Heater display missing
  163. Windows Loud bang when opening my window
  164. Electrics Unusual electric window error
  165. Squeaks Squeeky steringwheel
  166. Squeaks squeaking noise when turning right...
  167. Electrics Snapped the end of a fuse in fuse box..
  168. Satisfaction had my warnings now!!
  169. Other a clicking noise
  170. Damage Potential write off.
  171. AC/Heater aircon stopped working
  172. Squeaks More noises after the clutch: wipers and folding mirrors
  173. AC/Heater Hot air
  174. AC/Heater Not cool
  175. Trim Door Seal Broken
  176. Windows passenger auto windows
  177. Suspension Suspension- ARGH!
  178. Trim squeaky folding mirrors and sticking door seals
  179. Trim discoloured rear door handles
  180. Windscreen Windscreen replacement
  181. Trim How to replace door control panel - HELP
  182. Damage Some absolute pleb!
  183. Trim Type S passenger footwell plastic interior
  184. AC/Heater Passenger air vent - NO AIR!
  185. Electrics Engine light on after blown fuse
  186. AC/Heater Air Conditioning condenser replacement
  187. Leaks Water in doors after soundproofing
  188. Electrics Wipers Coming on Over Bumps
  189. Bodywork sticking flap
  190. AC/Heater A/C Heater not working.
  191. Other Whats this noise? Gearbox area?
  192. Flat battery Type R Battery...
  193. Squeaks Noisey clutch pedal squeak?
  194. Long list Normal? or Unluckiest Civic Owner Ever?
  195. Windscreen 07 Civic CDTI SE - Windscreen Molding
  196. AC/Heater Aircon not working - covered under warranty?
  197. Windows drivers window
  198. Electrics Lane change indicator intermittant
  199. Engine Smell of petrol during startup
  200. Bodywork Busted boot spoiler :(
  201. Electrics check system and i think ignition light problem
  202. Damage [email protected]@k at what some stupid ass women done to my baby :(
  203. Damage Rain in Petrol Tank: advised to use "Dry Fuel"???
  204. Suspension Rear suspension gone?
  205. Squeaks Grinding at 2500rpm
  206. Paint "Burden of proof" and all that...
  207. Bodywork Protruding sill trim
  208. Other Drinks holder centre console :(
  209. Squeaks Rattling roof (panoramic)
  210. Suspension Bump Stop positions on shocker
  211. Damage Reversed into!!!
  212. Engine 2.2 civic injector
  213. Paint Flamin' Birds
  214. Flat battery Flat battery, fan?
  215. Other clunking noise when pulling away and braking
  216. Electrics Problems with Clock Radio Digits
  217. AC/Heater Diesel PTC Heater + A/C Question
  218. Suspension Suspension clicking and roll on steering.
  219. Bodywork Is this normal?
  220. Damage Wheel arch damaged :-(
  221. Paint Paint peeling off front bumper
  222. Other click when stopping, moving
  223. Damage Honda Extreme Extreme Unhappiness at Factory Warranty Work!!
  224. Windscreen Cracked windscreen
  225. Squeaks I dont want to ditch my Civic..
  226. Squeaks Something sliding about behind the dash
  227. Bodywork Dry Ice Dent Removal
  228. Exterior front bumper
  229. Bodywork Small dents above rear window on 3 door
  230. Electrics Can't set alarm off
  231. AC/Heater Pongey / faulty A/C 2004 Accord
  232. Suspension What is it with rear shock absorbers?
  233. Suspension Bump Stops
  234. Engine intermittent tapping or clicking noise.
  235. Satisfaction Think I'm slightly regretting the car.
  236. Damage That stupid tractor!
  237. Other Joining the club
  238. Other Drivers Door Latch / Cable
  239. Damage Part no.?
  240. Trim Rubber strip at top of windscreen lifting
  241. Paint replacement bonnet
  242. Damage replacing damaged passenger side headlight unit
  243. AC/Heater Air Con Recharge
  244. Damage dent removal
  245. Windows Electric windows fault???
  246. Suspension noisy suspension
  247. Damage Sturdy behind!
  248. Damage annoyyyyed!
  249. Damage Some absoulte %&&%^$ Just smashed into my car
  250. Electrics Intermittent dipping of dash lights and sat nav screen