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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Damage Handbrake
  2. Leaks Leaking water
  3. Computer low oil pressure after stalling
  4. AC/Heater Air conditioning clutch failure
  5. Bodywork Paint peeling off Mugen front bumper splitter mesh grille thingy
  6. Trim Gearstick gaiter
  7. AC/Heater AirCon not working
  8. Music MP3 usb unreadable message?
  9. Suspension Knocking going over bumps
  10. Leaks aircon leak or is it??
  11. Electrics Wonky clock - loose wire?
  12. Other Scratched perspex cover in front of rev counter
  13. Engine Do other FN2's have this noise?
  14. Other Creak is back + another question?
  15. Suspension Stabilizer ?
  16. Bodywork Rust on top of doors under corner seal
  17. Damage Few niggles on car thats being picked up tomorrow
  18. Lights Rev lights....Knackered.
  19. Road Noise another knocking thread
  20. Damage Thanks "chav boy"
  21. Engine 2.2 I-CDTI excess smoke & poor idle / stalling
  22. Bodywork fading vivid blue
  23. Paint Tiny bubbles
  24. Flat battery Battery Dead after 30mins?
  25. Recalls Ongoing problem.. 6th in Europe? Bad Service?
  26. Computer Wobbly OBDII Port
  27. AC/Heater Intermittent Air Con
  28. Trim Minor irritations, anyone else has similar?
  29. Road Noise Metallic clicking!
  30. Windows Front passenger window not working
  31. Engine Faulty O2 Sensor
  32. Bodywork Paintless dent repair - VERY pleased
  33. Trim Seat Belt damaging interior
  34. Trim bumper alignment
  35. Engine temp problems
  36. Bodywork Disassembling the mirrors.
  37. Electrics Radio cutting out?
  38. Other Is your boot latch not catching sometimes?
  39. Seats Creaky Seats
  40. Steering Squeaking steering wheel!
  41. Engine Hissing whilst accelerating
  42. Bodywork Poor repair by Honda approved bodyshop
  43. Engine Engine running but no acceleration...
  44. Bodywork Help please, Infected with rust..... Again, whats my rights??
  45. Electrics Speedo digital dash fully illuminating randomly
  46. Other Error Code thing
  47. Road Noise clunk in the back
  48. Bodywork Swirls
  49. AC/Heater Sticky Air Con
  50. Squeaks Metalic scraping noise from front wheel
  51. Engine Fan
  52. Squeaks Most annoying rattle of them all!
  53. Windscreen Blocked washer jets/reservoir lmao
  54. Windows How soft is Honda glass??
  55. Computer Help! my civic is at deaths door!
  56. Trim how to remove the rear passenger side panel...
  57. Dealers Dealer Damaged my car whilst on warranty repair, help!!!!
  58. Satisfaction Rattles
  59. Other Speedo and Radio screens
  60. Other most random places to make a noise!
  61. Squeaks Creaking Noise from rear of car
  62. Exterior Loose outer door panel?
  63. Engine problems already
  64. Steering Steering wheel everso slightly off centre
  65. Trim justifiable?? NOOOO WAY!
  66. Other bad odour with fan on
  67. Windows Rear window cracks
  68. Electrics Electric shock
  69. Bodywork Door sensor thinks door open becasue of dent in door
  70. Paint Stone Chip Repair Guide
  71. Squeaks Clutch
  72. Paint Nasty Switch Panel Scratches
  73. Brakes Grinding noise in full lock
  74. Other Headlight washers stuck
  75. Paint gutted paint work
  76. Music Radio/CD Problem
  77. AC/Heater Fan motor rumbling?
  78. Damage Damaged wheel arch trim, liner and bumper cost
  79. Other sqirt window washer not working????
  80. Squeaks Rattly Dash cured....
  81. Other Had it 6 days and it's broken down!!!
  82. Other rear rattle
  83. Satnav SatNav glare
  84. Seats seatbelt rattle
  85. Electrics blown fuse?
  86. Squeaks creaking passenger side mirror
  87. Squeaks Annoying intermittent noise coming from front wheel :(
  88. AC/Heater Air con stinks!
  89. Trim Seatbelt
  90. AC/Heater Re-gas - Common or not?
  91. Damage Dent on rear boot lid - repair
  92. Damage Major accident and airbag photos
  93. Brakes Intentional or not?
  94. Exterior laquer peel on spoiler
  95. Lights Water Leaking Rear Lights for 6th time
  96. Road Noise Vibration / resonance at 1400 revs or so
  97. Steering Squeak of all squeaks.....
  98. Electrics Civic 2.2 ex wing mirrors not working
  99. Bodywork rear door rubbing strips
  100. Brakes Poor out of the factory brakes
  101. Leaks oil leak
  102. AC/Heater Air Conditioning Will Not Work
  103. Brakes brakes grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  104. Damage my crash
  105. Transmission 2nd gear issue
  106. Electrics 07 Type-R -- Can't disable alarm! MICU Problem?
  107. Exterior water from boot lid
  108. Long list Pedal box and other assorted woes...
  109. Electrics Am I due a refund??
  110. Squeaks Lefty Squeak
  111. Suspension HELP, oil/liquid from lower arm
  112. Squeaks Creek Noise
  113. Fuel Fuel gauge not updating
  114. Brakes Noisey Brakes
  115. Leaks have a look at this vid... wats wrong?
  116. Bodywork Chips in paintwork
  117. AC/Heater Help Needed, No cool air
  118. Electrics Install gone wrong?
  119. Damage Not the phone call you want to receive...
  120. Seats No Memory seats even on manual seats
  121. Bodywork Small dent above rear wheel arch
  122. Bodywork Small Dent around wheel arch - Really Annoying
  123. Leaks washer fluid wont work....
  124. Damage P0135 error
  125. Trim Cracked Dash Repair
  126. Electrics Does anybody know...
  127. Lights Dash/Speedo Dimmer Button
  128. Damage Exhaust heat damage
  129. Other Moonroof Blind
  130. Other Jacked up in wrong place.
  131. Bodywork Wheel arch liner clips
  132. Electrics electric folding mirror fault need help with part no
  133. Leaks Rear lights when washing.
  134. Paint Hair in Clearcoat
  135. Electrics Fault code P0171
  136. Paint Need some advice on a stone chip!
  137. Leaks Slight damp patch under engine
  138. Damage Poor car
  139. Trim interior door plastic/velour
  140. Brakes Brake Fluid Warning Light
  141. Damage My damaged Civic
  142. Transmission Type R reverse gear problem!!
  143. Bodywork Help needed to change/disassemble driver's door handle knob
  144. Other Central Locking
  145. Electrics VSA module or glow plug emissions system?? ....
  146. Other Honda Hints and Tip Issue no 9
  147. Bodywork Electric Folding Mirror broke
  148. Road Noise Clicking / Metallic noise from drivers side suspension
  149. Bodywork Stone Chips
  150. Squeaks Squeak squeak :(
  151. Steering Steering wheel not centre
  152. Electrics faulty boot lock
  153. Bodywork Water sound from tailgate??
  154. Windscreen Windscreen rattle
  155. Suspension Hit a curb, trying to fix aftermath. Pics.
  156. Windscreen Washer jets are limp
  157. Suspension knocking sound???????
  158. Trim Front Inspection cover issue
  159. Damage Damaged door (Type S 3-door): How easy to replace the door?
  160. Windscreen Rear windscreen view, personal opinions?
  161. Brakes Squeel
  162. Damage Help - damaged front light and grill
  163. Fuel Honda civic cdti problem fuel rail?
  164. Bodywork Dent in rear passenger door
  165. Seats Seat belt marks!
  166. Windscreen Buzz to start with then 'Cat on a Hot tin roof'
  167. Suspension Knocking creeking noises from front suspension.
  168. Trim How to remove dash display facia front panel?
  169. Bodywork Disappointed
  170. Electrics Cruise control
  171. Suspension Freezing shock absorbers?
  172. Leaks Water leak
  173. Bodywork CTR side skirt detachment
  174. Road Noise Noise on braking.........help
  175. Damage Pothole killed my Rage alloy
  176. Dealers Let down
  177. Windows heated door mirrors
  178. Electrics Check System (Engine)
  179. Exterior Type R - Lower part of bumper black plastic mesh
  180. Electrics Civic 2000 MB Central Locking Fob
  181. Other Clutch Slip Only in 6th Gear???
  182. Damage Write OFF! - Your Story pics
  183. Electrics USB Charger
  184. Fuel Fuel cap tether
  185. Seats help (Merged)
  186. Computer Alarms and functiuns loss after radio disconnect-reconnect
  187. Other Missing clips?
  188. Lights Storppy lights...
  189. Damage Grrr
  190. Damage Dent Repair Glasgow
  191. Electrics Radio AC display
  192. Steering Clanging grindy noise when turning right
  193. Music Radio is "stuck" - cannot change stations
  194. Squeaks Resolved the buzzing :)
  195. Other Boot will not unlock
  196. Windows Window issue :S
  197. AC/Heater Outside Temperature Gauge Too High
  198. Windows Electric window failure - all fuses intact
  199. Squeaks long list of faults fixed.
  200. Engine 3rd gear issues?
  201. Other Car shudders/hesitates on limiter between gears?
  202. Flat battery Dead battery and repairs linked?
  203. Road Noise Wobble felt in front of car under accelaration
  204. Suspension every possible squeek and rattle
  205. Windscreen Water inside Car
  206. Handbrake handbrake button paint coming off
  207. Exterior Wing Mirror Folding Forward!
  208. Leaks Urgent Water in engine bay!!!
  209. Suspension Rear Suspension suprise!!
  210. Road Noise Strange noise ...
  211. Squeaks Squeaky dash! Any ideas?
  212. Electrics VSA Button Illumination
  213. Other Boot won't open
  214. Leaks Water in the boot
  215. Other Burning Rubber Smell
  216. Trim Window switch surrounds
  217. Bodywork Front nose 'H' badge.
  218. Other Roof blinds
  219. Steering Problems keeping my Civic in a straight line
  220. Other Broken Door Handle - Am I Being Ripped Off?
  221. Squeaks Squeaky clutch solutions?
  222. Electrics Temp gauge
  223. Bodywork Fuel filler cap, AGAIN!!!
  224. Windscreen One windscreen wiper broken
  225. Electrics ABS, VSA, Tyre Deflation Sensor Lights All On - HELP!
  226. Engine engine management light
  227. Electrics Alarm list? Airbag alarm while driving?
  228. Electrics Airbag question- Changing the SRS Control Unit
  229. Bodywork Tailgate Alignment
  230. Electrics LCD aircon radio display
  231. AC/Heater cold hands
  232. Damage Full rotating folder mirror on FN2
  233. Brakes AAARRRRGHHHHHH!!!....more problems?
  234. Windows Electric windows stopped working
  235. Windows rear heated window
  236. Exterior Fuel filler release probs
  237. Leaks How to get to washer fluid reservoir
  238. Suspension Rear suspension fixed?
  239. AC/Heater Air blows outside the handles
  240. Dealers Warranty work / claim at year end...
  241. Engine Yellow Info Light
  242. Squeaks Central Vent Rattle
  243. Exterior Rear End Rattle!
  244. Electrics 'Bleep' Coming from boot area?
  245. Windscreen how much to fix wiper motor or switch?
  246. Damage Santa gave me a POTHOLE for Christmas!!
  247. Steering Steering Makes a Loud Noise on Full Lock???
  248. Other headlight washers
  249. AC/Heater In car heater not work!??
  250. Damage Honda Civic 2.2 Stops!!! - Help