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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Electrics Blown ECU caused by wiper motor spike
  2. Flat battery what make
  3. Other Help car wont start! Engine code p0219
  4. Electrics ABS and VSA lights stayed on
  5. Brakes Safety warning symbol
  6. Damage Next Door Neighbour...Grrrr
  7. Paint Another paintwork thread
  8. Windscreen Inside Windscreen Frozen
  9. Windscreen Windscreen rattle
  10. Electrics Cold related problems?...
  11. Electrics Stiff ignition lock
  12. Electrics battery condition indicator
  13. Bodywork Removing Rear Wheel Arch Trim
  14. AC/Heater Whistling Sound
  15. Steering Power steering ... Possible problem
  16. Music Cd error
  17. Suspension Rear silentblocks
  18. Suspension Big Suspension problem on the FN2
  19. Squeaks rattling in Vtec
  20. Leaks Where is all the grease coming from?
  21. Engine Ticking noise
  22. Trim Plastic things running length of roof
  23. Windscreen Rear window demister not fully working?
  24. Electrics Do Weasels Like Civics?
  25. Flat battery Flat battery
  26. Transmission A strange one!!
  27. Electrics I've killed my Civic!!! - advice needed
  28. Engine Civic problems running rough help
  29. Engine Odd smell coming from the engine bay
  30. Windscreen washer Jets
  31. Damage Oh bugger
  32. Bodywork Car park, Door, Post, Tight space, result.
  33. Handbrake Handbrake warning Light not working
  34. Leaks Panoramic Glass Roof
  35. Damage Snapped centre console lid
  36. Other Invidia Exhaust making noises at the rear when going over humps
  37. Engine Engine wants to nearly cut off in morning start
  38. Windscreen Erratic Windscreen Wipers
  39. Trim How to fit the gaitor!
  40. Squeaks Plastic Plate Behind Clutch Pedal?
  41. Transmission Second gear crunch
  42. Other blower whine
  43. Steering Bump Stops
  44. Suspension civic type r
  45. Squeaks Squeaky Clutch?
  46. Fuel 2.2 cdti problems
  47. HUK nice call from honda uk
  48. Seats seatbelt buckle stuck!!!
  49. Flat battery Car won't start!
  50. Squeaks Rattly tweeter pod
  51. Windscreen Broken wiper part question
  52. Damage My poor tangerine machine
  53. Other Third gear pop Style
  54. Electrics Rev lights not working
  55. Seats Rear seatbelt/babyseat...fuming!
  56. Lights Joshonda
  57. Damage Two weeks in and Hit By a Merc
  58. Damage I just scraped my car... against my car.
  59. Engine Diesel smokes when started
  60. Engine Rattly exhaust, please help!
  61. Engine intermittent dip in idle
  62. Seats Child Seat
  63. Bodywork Idiot Practical Joke - Micro Scratches Damage
  64. Windscreen Can't refill the Screenwash
  65. Engine Warning Lights help!!!
  66. Computer What does the yellow light with an exclamation point mean on my Honda Civic?
  67. Squeaks Squeaking TypeR driver seat/Broken spring
  68. Damage Careless parking dents: best approach?
  69. Electrics Rear heated windscreen issue
  70. Windscreen First day of winter and windscreen wiper sensor playing up.
  71. Road Noise Interior light panel/headlining noise
  72. Road Noise Jack squeaking on mouting in boot!
  73. Bodywork Bonnet Dilemma! What Would YOU Do?!
  74. Engine Ticking
  75. Squeaks Squeaking noise in arm rest
  76. Bodywork Dint Repair
  77. Trim Scratched Speedo/rev counter Cover on dash
  78. Other Winter has arrived
  79. Trim Stiff mudflaps.
  80. Damage Accident Damage- Help needed
  81. Damage First MOT after 'cat d total loss'
  82. Other cruise control not engaging
  83. Electrics Folding mirrors not working...
  84. Handbrake Handbrake warning light not working
  85. Windows Whistling wind sound ....
  86. Other Clutch click or tick
  87. Bodywork Door Handle snapped
  88. Long list help vsa tyre presure
  89. Windscreen Crack!
  90. Engine I shift "stall"
  91. Dealers folding wing mirror
  92. Seats Drivers seat wear Dealers solution but....!
  93. Trim Gear stick gaitor ...
  94. Windscreen Low pressure windscreen wash when bonnet is closed
  95. AC/Heater irratic temperature gauge
  96. AC/Heater Can I just tighten this??
  97. Other The Buzzin Civic
  98. Windows Worn front windshield
  99. Exterior Adjusting the boot lid (tailgate)
  100. Road Noise Like a Water tank noise?
  101. Damage Cut CV Boot
  102. Leaks Damp Boot
  103. Engine slight hesitation in the 2.2 diesel
  104. Engine Engine cuts off, no idle
  105. Other rear parcel shelf squeak
  106. Bodywork Smart Repairs SE London
  107. Windows Sunroof
  108. Trim Door stuck closed! Broken F N/S door latch assy.
  109. Seats drivers seat! squeaking!!
  110. Electrics ABS and VSA.... fault???
  111. Lights Automatic lights - on in daylight!
  112. Brakes Front Right Brake Squeaking
  113. Squeaks Rear end creaking noise on Civic
  114. Exterior Drivers door handle
  115. Other Tyre pressure warning.
  116. Seats Seat Belt Lock Broke :(
  117. Squeaks Rattle from near the high level brake light.
  118. Bodywork Factory outlet cars
  119. Other Exhaust fumes in the cabin 06 2.2 diesel - any ideas?
  120. Seats Metal bar to slide seat
  121. Bodywork Front door alignment (panel gap)
  122. Squeaks Rattle fixed - this is were it was
  123. Other Interior Lights Buzzing
  124. Damage Crunch
  125. Windows driver side control for passenger window
  126. Leaks Seatbelt Wet
  127. Damage scratched bumper done it myself!!!!!
  128. Seats Rear seat stuck! HELP
  129. Brakes Rear brakes smoking
  130. Windows Squeaking front driver window .. GRRRRR!
  131. Seats Not so magic seats
  132. Other KeyFob
  133. Electrics Headlight, Wing Mirror & Door Lock Fault?
  134. Electrics Check System error
  135. Squeaks Rattle/squeak in the rear view mirror area
  136. Dealers They are all 'At it'
  137. Other Door handles
  138. AC/Heater Climate control problem - Compressor not kicking in.
  139. Computer Tyre pressure warning short?
  140. Squeaks Squeeky clutch pedal - help please.
  141. Bodywork Black Door Tape Surround
  142. Windows Cant open passenger window from driver side
  143. Steering Steering dead play
  144. Transmission gear "crunch"
  145. Exterior Stiff door handles
  146. Suspension More Problems
  147. Damage Scraped my wheel!
  148. Squeaks Gear change - squeaky surround
  149. Damage Headlight Washer
  150. Squeaks squeaky squeak
  151. Lights Interior light..
  152. Engine Driving from about 2000 to about 4500 rpm -s the car pulsates.
  153. Damage ****ing Kids
  154. Bodywork Respray?
  155. Other Tapping noise whilst driving?
  156. Brakes Anyone found the right front caliper and wheel hotter than the left one..??
  157. Trim Replacement boot panel thumb clips
  158. Damage crash damage
  159. Squeaks Horrible squeeking and Battery Recall
  160. Windscreen Washer Jets
  161. Damage Glove compartment help
  162. Electrics Radio LED Display
  163. Trim dashboard rattle/vibration
  164. Leaks Water in door
  165. Electrics Random locking problems
  166. Other Parking Sensors
  167. Bodywork Strange texture after dealer "polish"
  168. Bodywork Roof Rusty Against Windscreen
  169. Bodywork Rusting Bonnet
  170. Steering Front knocking noise...
  171. Transmission Clutch Fuid - odd colour
  172. Damage Someone hit the gf's wing mirror...I am now a hero!
  173. Bodywork Paintwork - Anyone had any Success or Have a contact at Honda?
  174. Other Drivers Side exhaust
  175. Damage Front end car park bump
  176. Computer Diagnostics problem.....
  177. Trim how do you remove the front passenages inner door panel?
  178. Bodywork Who has had a poor fitting front bumper
  179. Transmission Anyone having trouble with 3rd gear?
  180. HUK Honda Accident Management - Lack of
  181. Trim Silver door handle trim (inside)
  182. Brakes Brakes - scraping/rubbing noise at low speed
  183. Brakes Is it me or are CTR brakes pretty poor?
  184. Damage My crappy weekend
  185. Damage Sigh.. Backlight thingy, please advise :/
  186. Damage Snobby Womans Chips My Paint
  187. Exterior Squeeking
  188. Leaks Washer Bottle, leaking into engine compartment
  189. Bodywork Rusting again
  190. Damage Honda Roof Rack Damage!
  191. Electrics Indicators not flashing on locking...alarm not working?
  192. Trim Buzzing Trim
  193. Suspension Creaking rear suspension
  194. Leaks Big boot leak
  195. Electrics SRS airbag light
  196. Squeaks Squeaky steering and wheezing clutch?
  197. Squeaks squeal when reversing
  198. Engine Engine missing few screws
  199. Electrics Engine emissions lamp on
  200. Fuel Fuel Gauge Stuck
  201. Lights Green edges
  202. Squeaks Rattle? NOT!
  203. Windows Passenger Windows Seal
  204. Dealers Its dyeing on me
  205. Other Poor Handling
  206. Flat battery Car is dead
  207. Windscreen Plexiglass (rear windscreen) seal
  208. Steering clicking/creeking from steering wheel
  209. Squeaks Screaching from my Rear
  210. Flat battery Battery Keeps going flat
  211. Steering Feeling light.....
  212. Damage Rear Door Handles
  213. Windscreen Chips in the windscreen!
  214. Bodywork Excessive Stone Chips
  215. Road Noise Vibration Noise from Passanger Seat?
  216. Exterior Rusty Civic Type R Championship White
  217. Other Petrol Cap Cover
  218. Damage Pigeon Damage!!!
  219. Brakes brake paddles really soft when braking?
  220. Bodywork Rust again.....
  221. Suspension knocking
  222. Other Beginning to get fed up with Civic issues
  223. Engine Clutch and Flywheel trashed
  224. Damage hit and run
  225. Trim Interior plastic trim scratches
  226. Damage Crunch :(
  227. Other Suspension
  228. Brakes Vsa and abs warning lights
  229. Seats ctr front seat removal passenger side
  230. Other annoying beep
  231. Electrics REmote Doorlock Battery
  232. Suspension bump stop noise maybe?
  233. Squeaks Rattles From Inside Interior Light Compartment
  234. Other Seat belt pads
  235. Electrics Remote unlock not working but locking does
  236. Other Auto Wing Mirrors
  237. Damage Raging
  238. Trim No front mats but 4 holes instead
  239. Bodywork Bumper gap under headlights
  240. Trim Gap next to handbrake, rubbish design!
  241. Squeaks Squeak from drivers door HELP
  242. Engine Revving too high?
  243. Squeaks Steering wheel cover
  244. Electrics Exclamation point warning on engine start
  245. Trim Glove box wont open
  246. Bodywork Corrosion top of windscreen.
  247. Paint Paint peeling on my Red Type S - warranty?
  248. Squeaks Loud squeak from the rear
  249. AC/Heater Heating / AirCon
  250. Electrics Cooling fans