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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Engine Car will not start (lot's of error's)
  2. Windows Had my wing mirror hit this morning
  3. Damage Scratched Dashboard
  4. Squeaks HELP! lost post!, Give up!!
  5. Steering How to reduce Bump Steer
  6. Other Found these under my car
  7. Leaks help! puddle of water?
  8. Other Air-Con readout values?
  9. Other Burgled :(
  10. Windows Scratched Rear Windscreen :-(
  11. Flat battery Battery went dead now windows dont work
  12. Other Hissing from engine
  13. Brakes Noisy braking
  14. Other Free box of rice crispies with my "09" CTR
  15. Damage Chavs and Bumper problem
  16. Paint Laquer Peeling
  17. Damage So so Angry
  18. Seats Un magic seats
  19. Damage Front bumper scrape
  20. Engine Engine problem....
  21. Computer glow plugs
  22. Phone Bluetooth pair hassle
  23. Exterior Silly question - rear number plate pi**ed
  24. Long list Going in to dealers tomorrow
  25. Brakes ABS + VSA warnings
  26. Windows Window Problem
  27. Other Glass Roof
  28. Squeaks Jingle Jangle noise from dash - Found it!
  29. Damage Car Keyed!
  30. Brakes brake pad positioning right/wrong ?
  31. Other Front Wipers Not Parking
  32. Handbrake Car just rolled down my hill!
  33. Squeaks Speaky Dash
  34. Exterior Drivers Handle Mechanism broke!
  35. Damage Paint speckles......
  36. Long list Flat battery, Check System, VSA, ABS, Steering, Alarm, Brake Pads/Discs
  37. Other ignition key
  38. Squeaks Mirrors fold
  39. Windscreen Automatic wiper noise type s
  40. Damage Broke my paddle shifter
  41. Damage Me and my scratched side skirt
  42. Damage car park Rash
  43. Windows side window seals tucked under
  44. Steering Slight lurch on steering.
  45. AC/Heater Smell of "wet dog" when turning on AC
  46. Paint corrosion spots on bodywork
  47. Squeaks Drivers seat belt buckle
  48. Trim B Pillar Trim
  49. Seats Rear Seat Belts
  50. Other headlight cleaners broken
  51. Lights Indicator not cancelling
  52. Squeaks Noises from behind the central vents
  53. Bodywork problems! with civic Type S GT 58 plate
  54. Exterior Corroded sensor - expensive repair - any advice please?
  55. Damage Tree has fallen onto my Civic
  56. Squeaks Getting cheesed off with my Civic already
  57. Trim Rubber mat for centre console
  58. Suspension massive banging noise finally sorted
  59. Lights Rear Light Condensation
  60. Bodywork Paint defect in lacquer I think
  61. Other screen protector for central dash
  62. Road Noise Road noise possibly solved
  63. Squeaks Anoing dash squeaks
  64. Electrics VSA and ABS warning lights!!
  65. Squeaks Geiger Counter
  66. Squeaks Creak
  67. Paint car cover scratched car
  68. Trim Sunvisor
  69. Bodywork Probably being paranoid ....
  70. Trim Wing mirror glass.. fell out
  71. Transmission Bumpiness after Gear Change
  72. Dealers Are the BIG HEADS reading this forum???
  73. Flat battery another flat battery
  74. Steering Steering off centre - Falkirk
  75. Damage Part Number
  76. Engine ECU Engine light
  77. Squeaks Brand new 08 MY nearside rattle/creak?
  78. Damage Bus hit me
  79. Music CD Player Clicks
  80. Flat battery Knackered Battery
  81. Other Radio Reception
  82. Electrics Parking sensors
  83. Damage My Car has been Mindlessly Scratched!
  84. AC/Heater Air con packed in!
  85. Bodywork Corrosion on bonnet
  86. Other going in for the 2.nd time with warranty issues.. and now going de-tango :-D
  87. Engine Engine 'hesitation'
  88. Bodywork Rust behind bumper HELP!!
  89. Other CW CTR caught fire
  90. Suspension Help!!!! - front suspension replacement.
  91. Steering Steering creaking
  92. Bodywork someone has modified my car
  93. Squeaks Creaky Roof Lining
  94. Bodywork Balls! Not Again!!!!
  95. Damage Car park damaged my car
  96. Other Vibration
  97. Damage Exterior Plastic Trim Repair
  98. Electrics inacurate outside temp readings
  99. Damage my civic scratched
  100. Damage bumped my sport gt
  101. Damage Advice needed on wing damage
  102. Engine type r problem...
  103. Paint Rear Window Struts
  104. Electrics Popping Radio
  105. Damage Vandalised Wing Mirror
  106. Other Strange Noises When Pulling Off
  107. Trim Annoying cracking noise from front
  108. Electrics car locked me out !
  109. Squeaks Annoying undetectable noise
  110. Damage Paint and dent repair needed in North Wales
  111. Trim Buzzing & Rattling Roof
  112. Flat battery Flat battery / Electrial problems :(
  113. Satisfaction "A Honda is built to last"
  114. Brakes Brake prices, what a joke...
  115. Trim How to remove the floor mat clip.
  116. Suspension Parts changed/fixed on my car so far after 3 years..
  117. Brakes Strange Noise
  118. Steering Power Steering problem
  119. Seats Clicking noise from drivers seat?
  120. Transmission Clutch pedal - bite point and incipient failure?
  121. Paint Weird Paint Defect from new!
  122. Damage Lady in dispair!!
  123. Damage Would you believe it !!!
  124. Damage Crease line dents
  125. Squeaks My Schizophrenic Civic!
  126. Seats Slanted Type R
  127. Seats Bump in the seat
  128. Exterior Spaceship smashed
  129. Trim Help needed - removing interior trim panel
  130. Seats Passenger seat slide lever broken
  131. Suspension New dealer info on knocking....
  132. Trim Loose trim on Drivers seat
  133. Trim Gear knob gone wonky?
  134. Satisfaction Faults and Warranty
  135. Windscreen Permanent Mist!
  136. Other I miss my large washer bottle.
  137. Squeaks Dashboard noise
  138. Squeaks tracking boot rattle not going so well
  139. Suspension Knocking STILL coming from rear!
  140. Squeaks Glovebox Handle Rattle.
  141. Damage yay!!
  142. Other Glove box handle
  143. Electrics fuse
  144. AC/Heater A/C Problem
  145. Transmission clutch "knocking" (not clicking)
  146. Damage My Damage Pics
  147. Engine Upgrading Engine Management System
  148. Bodywork Mold in rear light cluster surrounds
  149. Damage Low life
  150. Steering Loud metal clunks
  151. Damage Annoying Dent
  152. Squeaks Dashboard creaks
  153. Paint Stone chip + rust
  154. Paint i've bumped my rear - marks, what to do
  155. Steering steering wheel not straight
  156. Squeaks Creaking in the back solved
  157. Squeaks Im now rattle free yehahaah
  158. Windscreen Scratched windscreen
  159. Flat battery Flat battery
  160. Bodywork Help, please, a dreaded noise!
  161. Damage B***** students!
  162. Engine Oil leak!!!!
  163. Engine Idle problem
  164. Steering ECU Requires Replacement (EPS Problem)
  165. Trim First 800 miles and a few niggles !
  166. Electrics Snoring Frog
  167. Squeaks Squeeking Clutch
  168. Electrics I have just about had enough!!!!
  169. Transmission Clutch Pedal Problems?
  170. Damage What a stupid banker!
  171. Engine becoming tired of my Civic
  172. Other Burning smell on start up?
  173. Windscreen Loose cover on Wiper Arm
  174. Damage Got scratched :(
  175. Damage wing replacement
  176. Bodywork Boot not opening freely
  177. Engine Strange gurrgerling noise coming from exhaust??
  178. Steering Cover underneath steering wheel?
  179. Music Radio (no sound)
  180. Trim Headlining
  181. Other Hooray, another fault!
  182. Bodywork Boot Gas Lifters, Noob Needs Help!
  183. Damage Sheffield Bodyshops?
  184. Computer scratch and sniff
  185. Squeaks Engine noise?
  186. Computer Outside Temperature
  187. Engine pipecross air filter
  188. Windows Window rubber seal problem!
  189. Damage Boo! First prang in my Civic
  190. Road Noise Just dynamatted my doors....
  191. Damage Someone bashed by Auris in Swindon
  192. Engine Bad smell when the engine is warm....
  193. Recalls brake
  194. AC/Heater White pipe on lower dash
  195. Windscreen Smelly Washer Jets
  196. Windows Window opens by itself
  197. Satisfaction Puking daughter
  198. Damage Idiot Driver smashed mirror clean off!!!
  199. Damage Scum
  200. Windows Front windows won't come up again!
  201. Other Damaged Mirror
  202. Handbrake Handbrake "CLUNK"
  203. Squeaks Rattle from tweater or trim
  204. Exterior 2007 MY 2008 registered Civic
  205. Satisfaction What do you think - regular fixes or one big job?
  206. Engine fn2 clutch release bearing.
  207. Transmission Clutch Switch
  208. Engine 2.2 Diesel strange whistle/whining noise.
  209. Other what problem have you had with civc?
  210. Damage Wiper Damage...
  211. Paint Nearly 6000km and still no paint chips - I've got a theory
  212. Damage Rear ended
  213. Trim Has anyone had this happen??
  214. Other 'Ask a Mechanic'
  215. Squeaks Tapping noise from windowscreen?
  216. AC/Heater Fumes into cabin
  217. AC/Heater Heater - slow warm up on 2.2 diesel
  218. Trim Interior Trim fault
  219. Steering Steering Wheel not aligned
  220. Paint 58 CTR Milano paint
  221. Transmission 2.2 Diesel slipping clutch (time for action)
  222. Dealers URGENT advice required please
  223. Other TypeS door-hinge problem
  224. Squeaks Squeak/rattle from rear curtain airbag mechanism area?
  225. Squeaks Creaking and knocking coming from rear
  226. Damage Been for a service...added extra of the worst kind!
  227. Other warranty claim?
  228. Other 2009 off with a bang!!
  229. AC/Heater airconditioning problem
  230. Bodywork Boot Opening
  231. Exterior Squeaky Boot
  232. Electrics Problem With Interior Passenger Window Switch Lights
  233. Steering Problem with steering angle sensor
  234. Damage New Year: Good 1 Bad 1
  235. Road Noise Too much spare time
  236. Squeaks Squeaking and Squealing Type R
  237. Windows Drivers Door Glass - curious crack?
  238. Leaks Warranty issue with door...
  239. Damage Rear window disintegrated
  240. Damage to Door Mirror Indicator Lens
  241. Leaks Water leak - drivers footwell
  242. Engine camchain or cambelt
  243. Recalls door lock fault
  244. Damage Oh no, my poor civic smashed from behind, advice please
  245. Other Sore Kneecap!
  246. Bodywork mould in rear tail lights
  247. Damage Changing Door Handles?
  248. Other is there a fault with the boot?
  249. Electrics Locking and Unlocking all by itself?
  250. AC/Heater Fan speed high when engine cold