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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Computer Check system
  2. Bodywork Rear Tailgate
  3. Damage Not happy!!
  4. Damage Yet another smash...
  5. Damage Some *barstool* pranged our car!!!!
  6. Engine Power loss
  7. Damage Wing Mirror Glass
  8. Electrics Faulty Cruise Control
  9. Damage Crash! Boem! Bang!
  10. Electrics Wipers stopping halfway up the screen...
  11. Transmission I Shift problem
  12. Computer Temperature Gauge! (Faulty outside temperature sensor)
  13. Trim Any know how to get to wiper motor/linkage?
  14. Music Demist Button for back window
  15. Damage Top quality dent repair (small) required - Nottingham
  16. Windows Ice inside
  17. Other help me find a good dealer
  18. Damage My Civ just got squashed between a Volvo and a Toyota =(
  19. Damage Another poor s*d with a kicked off door mirror story
  20. Servicing Dreaded 12,500 mile service...
  21. Engine Power Belt tensioner
  22. Damage Crashed my civic (at low speed)
  23. Electrics Central locking doesn't... lock
  24. Damage Hidden damage - cost
  25. Transmission gears not changing smoothly
  26. Damage Venison Stew, Anyone?
  27. Transmission 3rd gear problem
  28. Steering Faul Box Assy, Power Steering Gear
  29. Bodywork Wing mirror glass replacement?
  30. Squeaks Loose Tweeter and housing
  31. Windscreen Chipped screen/rain x problem
  32. Suspension squeek on front suspension
  33. Trim red faced
  34. Lights Indicator problems
  35. Transmission I-Shift Check System Error
  36. Bodywork Please has anyone else experienced this?
  37. Exterior Mirror Motors
  38. Electrics Central locking (Merged)
  39. Damage ******* and their piddle poor parking.....
  40. Satisfaction How to contact Honda Europe?
  41. Steering Steering Warning Light
  42. Trim Seat belt marks
  43. Other Small niggle re the mats
  44. Squeaks Car is in today!!
  45. Squeaks Curing rattles
  46. Squeaks Cured an annoying hum/rattle passing on info
  47. Other Panoramic Roof curtain fault?
  48. Bodywork Sound proofing
  49. Trim Sagging interior trim
  50. Music Radio turns off after a few seconds (after installing new sound system)
  51. Engine Engine click
  52. Lights Misted up rear light indicator light
  53. Electrics Radio Reception! Have we come across the answer??
  54. HUK Reply from Honda to my letter of complaint
  55. Damage Having a bad day
  56. Damage When an Omega crashes into your spaceship.
  57. Suspension Front End Wobble
  58. Electrics Corrosion to positive battery terminal
  59. Road Noise Road noise
  60. Computer Partikel filter software (2.2)
  61. Paint Auto Express Civinfo Mention & More!
  62. Windscreen De lce front windscreen wipers
  63. Steering steering of diesel type s
  64. Suspension front suspension knocking noise
  65. Engine Revving by itself!
  66. Squeaks Niggles now repaired on CTR GT!
  67. Paint Somebody keyed my civic!
  68. Electrics Main beam dims when cleaning windscreen
  69. Paint Paint Shoulin's paint problems discussion thread
  70. Electrics push start last night
  71. Paint All paint issues - tv airtime?
  72. Brakes Humming Noise when i move off...
  73. Electrics Fuel indicator malfunction
  74. Squeaks My Type R Rattles - Locations and fixes
  75. Steering Steering Wheel No Longer Straight
  76. Damage Damaged my Type S
  77. Electrics Central locking repeatedly opens and locks
  78. Electrics A faulty fuel gauge ?
  79. Windows Rear Window Condensation
  80. Damage When i get my hands on them..
  81. Other One thing to the next...
  82. Leaks Water cooled Doors?
  83. Trim headrest rattles
  84. Damage ******* annoyed!!!
  85. Trim Standard Side Trim has moved!!??
  86. Music Radio silent on start up
  87. Suspension some questions about the subframe issue
  88. Other alarming weird noise, never heard anything like it
  89. Squeaks Rattles - should we put up with them?
  90. AC/Heater Air con/Air vents Not Blowing
  91. Squeaks Now Eight Rattles! Its Not Good!
  92. Electrics yellow exclamation on startup
  93. Squeaks 2 Rattles to find and cure
  94. Squeaks Beware kamikazi silicone spray tubes!
  95. Windscreen Winscreen Wipers - Constant crunching, sometimes squeaking
  96. Damage Body Panel Scratch
  97. Squeaks Loose tailgate lock
  98. Other Single knock on take off: update!
  99. Bodywork something odd with the bonnet allignment?
  100. Transmission Replacement pedal of clutch
  101. Squeaks Really annoying clicking
  102. Damage Ooops... I crashed!
  103. Squeaks The Quest of "fat bloke induced groaning noise at idle"
  104. Damage OH NO! Bumped the spaceship!!!
  105. Bodywork Panel alignment
  106. Music drivers door speaker - missing !
  107. Transmission Clutch pedal rubber.
  108. Handbrake Handbrake upgrade at dealers
  109. Transmission Gears
  110. Damage Type R tweeter housing
  111. Suspension new disconcerting noise from the civic
  112. Handbrake Bugs,faults i have found so far.
  113. Squeaks Dash - where to buy self adhesive foam/sponge?
  114. Bodywork Doors.
  115. Damage some ******* person keyed my civ !
  116. Squeaks Squeaking Window
  117. Damage Front spoiler type s
  118. Windows Electric Roof Blinds
  119. Computer average consumption indicator on board comp. stuck after 200 km ?
  120. Damage Vandilised whilst on holiday!
  121. Damage My 2 week old Civic Crash................
  122. Other Accelerator pedal issues
  123. Trim Arm rest wear
  124. Damage Uninsured Driver.... Hit my Baby :'(
  125. Damage Absolute idiot!!
  126. Paint Have You had The Front Of Your Car Re Sprayed
  127. Damage Gutted - Need a new door :(
  128. Leaks Water leaking into passenger footwell
  129. Damage Crossed wing mirrors!
  130. Damage mirror
  131. Windows wing mirror
  132. Other No sound on left front speaker + cosmetic! Help!
  133. Trim Rev counter overhang plastic
  134. Bodywork Dent on bonnet from bonnet catch!
  135. Phone Bluetooth handsfree is password protected
  136. AC/Heater Air-con packed up - already did some diagnostics!
  137. Squeaks Can it really be a crisp packet?
  138. Seats Type S Seats
  139. Long list Advice please for my CTR
  140. Bodywork noise in front on a brand new type s and more
  141. Lights Fog light question
  142. Bodywork Help please - Water in Doors!!
  143. Electrics Check System : Flashing Glow Plug
  144. Road Noise eDead sound insulation - any opinions please
  145. Windscreen Leaking Windscreen
  146. Damage Damage to car
  147. Fuel Diesel, Diesel everywhere
  148. Satisfaction Not the greatest start...
  149. Satisfaction Unhappy with Type S
  150. Leaks Carter plug dropped from car
  151. Recalls Any new Recalls???
  152. Handbrake Handbrake Re-Call
  153. Damage Some ***** kicked off my wing mirror!!!
  154. Exterior Rear spoiler seal
  155. Damage Front seat belts
  156. Exterior Door mirror trim "cooked"
  157. Damage Result from trip to France.....
  158. Squeaks A few things
  159. Seats 2008 Seats
  160. Squeaks A Mass of Dash Rattles!
  161. Squeaks front windows squeaking
  162. Long list No longer funny!!!
  163. Paint Do bumpers come ready painted??
  164. Squeaks tapping from front offside or rear
  165. Bodywork Worth going to the dealer about?
  166. Windows Window going up and down on its own.
  167. Other Loud popping noice (occurred once)
  168. Leaks Rear door filled with water
  169. Handbrake free repair??
  170. Handbrake Movement in handbrake
  171. AC/Heater Turning "Auto" function off
  172. Suspension Noise from rear suspension
  173. Paint Cracked paint or has somebody hit me?
  174. Squeaks Strange noise when stopped
  175. Steering Steering Creak/Cracking Sound.
  176. Windows Dodgy Driver Window
  177. Bodywork Rubber deflectors under bumper - a bad idea?
  178. Bodywork Bumper Blues Redux......bit long but no rant!
  179. Transmission Humming noise from clutch when cold
  180. Handbrake Problem with handbrake?
  181. Windscreen Boss-eyed vision
  182. Squeaks rattling dash
  183. Lights rear indicator
  184. Steering Squeeking steering...
  185. Transmission clicking clutch
  186. Paint What caused these marks on my Civ ?
  187. Squeaks Door rattle - cured!
  188. Brakes Loud metalic click under braking
  189. Flat battery Portable Jump Start 19.99
  190. Bodywork Accidental Damage..???
  191. Paint Paint Close Up
  192. Trim Interior Warranty Claim?
  193. Squeaks hissing noise
  194. Leaks Rear doors filling with water!!
  195. Other Noise when accelerating
  196. Other Rear tire wear
  197. Electrics Faulty Alarm System
  198. Squeaks Dust + Rear spoiler type r = Noise
  199. Handbrake handbrake failure....again i know
  200. Bodywork Bonnet alignment
  201. Recalls '5th Injector' recall
  202. AC/Heater Replacing dust/pollen air filter
  203. Electrics Menu button stuck in my EX
  204. Electrics No Dash Display !!!
  205. Leaks Water Leak Inside - A-Pillar
  206. Satisfaction My fault list after 35 000kms
  207. Electrics central locking only locks!!! HELP!!!
  208. Damage Damage Whilst in Dealerships Care
  209. Paint Stone chip survey
  210. Satisfaction Unhappy? - I'm in Shangrila
  211. Paint Bodywork Stone chip pictures.... (chat removed)
  212. Bodywork Stone chip pictures....
  213. Squeaks Metal noise coming around rev counter
  214. Squeaks Where does this squeek come from?
  215. Paint Is this right?
  216. Squeaks How to remove right vent unit?
  217. Transmission knocking/tapping noise from driveshafts
  218. AC/Heater No difference between left and right side
  219. Long list Swindon Poor Build Quality
  220. Paint Is my NHB actually sort of blue-ish?
  221. Road Noise My Civic is so noisy
  222. Trim Dry cracks in the leather on the steering wheel?
  223. Engine Latest faults, cracked exhaust manifold & rear screen delaminating
  224. Damage Some B****** Pranged my door! :-(
  225. Damage Golf ball dent
  226. Paint Best advise for touching up please!
  227. Squeaks Headliner Clicking/Buzzing Noises
  228. Trim Rattling Noise
  229. Satnav All I can get is Weather/Traffic!!!!!
  230. Servicing 25k Service Coming Up - Things that annoy me (help please)
  231. Bodywork Paint on plastic
  232. Engine "Check engine oil level" attention message
  233. Suspension Rubber Bond of front lower suspension arm !
  234. Suspension Creaking Front + John Banks Cambridge = Problem Solved!
  235. Windows Rattling windows
  236. Electrics Squeaks that come from right speakers when radio is on
  237. Paint Does Honda UK use a standard letter?
  238. Electrics Check your alarm system
  239. Bodywork Anyone else have this problem?
  240. AC/Heater Interior doesn't get cool
  241. Servicing technicians pride
  242. Paint Stone Chips Question!
  243. Trim Drivers Door Window Trim
  244. Long list Honda Civic 2.2TDi Faults (2006 onwards model)
  245. Handbrake handbrake problem
  246. Windscreen Windscreen wiper blades touching screen edge
  247. Fuel Fuel Gauge Errors
  248. Transmission Strange Clutch Feeling
  249. Windscreen Autoglass used a thicker windscreen
  250. Dealers 17 weeks and still counting