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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Recalls Recalls Recalls and Recalls
  2. Windows Trim moves when I open/close windows
  3. Squeaks A sloshin' and a clunkin'
  4. Recalls Where to find the list of the recalls??
  5. Trim Glovebox is making everything "furry"
  6. Damage Wing Mirror Damaged
  7. Paint Stone chips - Should we open the floodgates? (well they kinda ask for it)
  8. Squeaks Knocking at rear......possible solution
  9. AC/Heater replacement compressor
  10. Satnav Mic Problem
  11. Handbrake Replacement Handbrake
  12. Bodywork Rusty doors - Results!!!
  13. AC/Heater Air Vents
  14. Engine Noise at low RPM
  15. Satisfaction 2008 Cars - Faults Fixed?
  16. Squeaks "Whistling" from left hand side
  17. Windscreen windscreen cover recall
  18. Paint Shockingly thin paintwork
  19. Handbrake Please Tell Me If This Is To Do With The Dreaded Handbrake?
  20. Fuel Loose petrol cap?
  21. Electrics problems
  22. Engine FN2 jumping idle revs
  23. Long list Owning a Civic is SO frustrating
  24. Dealers Longest time spent in a dealership
  25. Bodywork Front bumper alignment
  26. Suspension Another rear 'creak' story
  27. Flat battery Battery Problem Fixed
  28. Steering Pulling to the left
  29. Squeaks Parcel Shelf Noise
  30. Windscreen Washer jets
  31. Electrics Wierd locking problem
  32. Flat battery Sorry - another flat battery story...
  33. Damage door mirror fault?????
  34. Paint What happened here then ?? Paint flaked off bonnet.
  35. Bodywork Bumper blues part 2 (aaaaaaarrrrrgh!)
  36. Flat battery Battery life
  37. Squeaks Dashboard rattle
  38. Bodywork Bubbling Paint!!!
  39. Exterior Rear Window Perspex/Acrilic Section Water Penetration?
  40. Fuel Where are my baffles?
  41. HUK Email address for Customer Relations
  42. Handbrake Handbrake recall
  43. Brakes Binding caliper fn2 [Video]?
  44. Paint "Red" has been keyed, those pesky kids!
  45. Squeaks Vibration From Exhaust System.
  46. Bodywork Whats happened here????
  47. Handbrake Handbrake Failure Legal Action/Claims
  48. Engine Car dumped all of its oil
  49. Bodywork rear tailgate
  50. Rear wiper No rear wiper
  51. Paint Paint warranty
  52. Damage Scum
  53. Flat battery Joined the FBB (Flat Battery Brigade)
  54. Paint If you think Honda is bad....
  55. AC/Heater problem with a/c
  56. Long list list of faults
  57. Paint Oh Woe! Poor Paint, Poor Window
  58. Leaks water in front doors
  59. Paint Difference between bumpers and bodywork
  60. Bodywork Seal around the top of windscreen came loose
  61. Brakes Brake Backing Plate Noise?
  62. Windows Poorly Fitted Seal
  63. Lights My rant letter to HONDA UK!
  64. Paint Showdown with Warranty Man
  65. Music Overheated Radio (CD)
  66. Engine rust on specific part in engine bay
  67. Windscreen Windscreen Washers Blocked Up
  68. AC/Heater air con not working properley
  69. Leaks PROOF that my boot leaks!! (pictures!)
  70. Windows Minor annoyance with electric window trim
  71. Transmission 3rd gear TSB
  72. Trim Poor tweeter mouldings
  73. Dealers When the dealer can't find a fix
  74. Bodywork women drivers!!!!
  75. Squeaks Knocking noise under the car
  76. Squeaks Instrument cowling squeek cure?
  77. HUK Satisfaction Survey.......boy he picked the wrong day!
  78. Suspension URGENT: Defect on Civic Safety Critical Part
  79. Dealers List of faults reported to my dealer
  80. Other dealer visit for warranty repairs
  81. Recalls Windscreen moulding recall
  82. Windscreen Front windscreen badly fitted ? Air coming out of the door handles ?
  83. Suspension A single knock on 'take off'
  84. Suspension Civic Rear Wheels Suspension Problems?
  85. Other noise at 1500 RPM
  86. Squeaks Exhaust Rattle Cured.
  87. Music Traffic Information?
  88. Dealers Independent Mechanic
  89. Satisfaction Problems on 07 2.2EX
  90. Handbrake Handbrake recall problem
  91. Bodywork A few things wrong (FN2)
  92. Damage Civic v Articulated lorry
  93. Handbrake Faulty handbrake results in bad injury!!
  94. Other Leather Steering Wheel
  95. Suspension Droning/Roaring Noise & Refuelling
  96. Squeaks Loose Tweeters
  97. Other How's this site for ironic?
  98. Exterior Front bumper keeps popping out of place...
  99. Damage Scraped front spoiler
  100. Trim Sorry Please read (Lancaster Honda)
  101. Squeaks Problems with my new (08) model??
  102. Squeaks Rattling sound from front dash
  103. Transmission Major issues - advice please
  104. Damage dint
  105. AC/Heater Heater blower
  106. Trim Gear Nob
  107. Seats Rear access on 3 door (front seats)
  108. Electrics Malfunction Indicator
  109. Other Sticking rear doors
  110. Trim Click noise from interior lights... removal advice!
  111. Bodywork Rust on Doors Poll
  112. Steering Rattles from steering column/steering pump
  113. Flat battery Car is dead
  114. Bodywork All Civics Have Tailgate Blemish
  115. Bodywork Rust on doors
  116. AC/Heater Something high pressure released under my bonnet
  117. Windscreen Creaking windscreen ??
  118. Damage AAAHH!! Hit and run after 2 days ownership!
  119. Bodywork Seals around the front wheels
  120. Squeaks Glove Box Rattle
  121. Paint 5 door boot spoiler clips rubbing off paint
  122. Windows Rear Window Delamination
  123. Paint Stone chips?
  124. Damage Wing mirror case
  125. Squeaks Clicking sound rear pillar area
  126. Damage First accident :( :(
  127. Paint Re-sprayed front end!
  128. Brakes New Brake Discs Anyone?
  129. Exterior Mis-matching Plastics
  130. Bodywork Boot
  131. Leaks civic 06 - water in boot
  132. Squeaks rattles from under the boot
  133. Windows Failed Window
  134. Recalls Recall Info
  135. Satisfaction Rusty Civic Please give opinion
  136. Computer Strange Radio/Clock Display problem
  137. Windscreen Windscreen Washer
  138. Steering Lack of adjustment
  139. Damage broken wing mirror
  140. Paint 25000 miles + a gritter + stone chips = Rust
  141. Transmission Clutch on the way out ??
  142. Electrics Parking sensors silent on new EX
  143. Rear wiper What about rear wiper?
  144. Bodywork problems shutting the bonnet
  145. Windscreen Chipped Windscreen?
  146. AC/Heater Air Vents in Dashboard
  147. Damage Boot Lid Fault.
  148. Other I can't believe this is how Honda deliver a new car
  149. Suspension Grrr... fobbing me off re: suspension
  150. Bodywork Oh Dear!
  151. Windscreen Wipers Smearing
  152. Electrics Another rear view camera fault...
  153. Satisfaction Honda Car Mats
  154. Steering Steering Lock Jammed
  155. Damage Vandal ripped wing mirror off!
  156. Windows Irritating wiper noise
  157. HUK Who should I write to to complain?
  158. Paint Bloody Stone Chips
  159. Rear wiper Join the Rear Wiper in Civic Facelift Confederation or RWICFC (catchy isn't it!)
  160. Rear wiper Road Salt and No Rear Wiper!!
  161. HUK Even Problems Are A Joy!
  162. Computer Fuel Gauge
  163. Brakes Brake pads....AGAIN?
  164. Squeaks Rattle center console
  165. Other Mirror broken - how can I reattach it temporarily?
  166. Windows algae
  167. Transmission Clutch burning??
  168. Windows Squealing window
  169. Electrics Dodgy Stereo controls
  170. Recalls Going in to garage
  171. Electrics Radio Reset?!??!
  172. Recalls Door Latch Recall
  173. Other Wing Mirror Irritation
  174. Transmission I-Shift Failure
  175. Windscreen scratched windscreen
  176. Damage Damaged wing mirror
  177. Squeaks Type-R Rattles
  178. AC/Heater AC & Heated rear window
  179. Exterior Exterior silver door handle cap
  180. Paint Soft paint - warranty?
  181. Suspension Strange noise
  182. Electrics Problems!
  183. Electrics Fuse box shenanigans...
  184. Leaks Water ingress to Drivers door
  185. Satisfaction Trading Standards Info??
  186. Exterior What's this then
  187. Windscreen Rain sensing wipers
  188. Bodywork Mystery of the self-detaching Wing Mirror
  189. Flat battery ctdi 2.2 faults sorted
  190. Squeaks Found rattle in front of Type R
  191. Squeaks Removal Of Door Trim On 4 Door
  192. Satisfaction Bad news travels further?
  193. Satisfaction John Banks Honda Cambridge
  194. Bodywork Raindrops keep falling on my head
  195. Steering Wobbly FN2 Type R
  196. Flat battery SE i-CTDI 06
  197. Satisfaction Everyone is entitled to their own opinion
  198. Engine Oil level indicator is on constantly
  199. Windows Door flex
  200. Bodywork scratch
  201. Squeaks Very dissapointed...
  202. Leaks Filling Windscreen Washers
  203. HUK When Problems.....
  204. Computer crazy beeps when put in the key
  205. Seats Passenger Seat
  206. Damage Fobbed off
  207. Satisfaction 2008 any problems?
  208. Bodywork Can anyone identify this bit of car that has fallen off?
  209. Engine tacho lights don't work
  210. Steering Noise from the steering wheel
  211. Steering Steering wheel off to the left and car pulling to the right
  212. Electrics Boot lock stuck
  213. Satisfaction Are things getting better
  214. HUK Hallelujah
  215. Damage New Door....
  216. Paint Exhaust triangle rust
  217. Satisfaction Lets make sure this doesn't happen again!!!
  218. Squeaks Buzzing Dash under acceleration and wiper clunk
  219. Other Cigarette lighter socket coming out...?
  220. Satisfaction I am almost at the end of my tether......
  221. Rear wiper Is it a problem that the civic doesnt have a rear wiper?
  222. Electrics Check System icon displayed on engine start
  223. Other poor fitting rubber mats
  224. Steering Tracking
  225. Steering steering problem
  226. Damage Some %#$#@!! scratched my bonnet!
  227. Trim frayed seat
  228. Flat battery Flat Battery
  229. Squeaks Brake fluid filler cap rattles.
  230. Long list My Civic 1.8Vtec ES Progress Report
  231. Damage Someone has dented my civic
  232. Satnav Display dimmed
  233. Electrics Faulty locking unit in door. Couse Flat Battery ?
  234. Trim Bonnet cover in engine bay not fitted correctly
  235. Electrics Radio Ga Ga
  236. Handbrake Bad quality of handbrake plastic. See picture.
  237. Recalls Handbrake recall letter in Belgium today.
  238. Damage Some **** hit my car!!!!
  239. Damage Door Seals
  240. Other Bad in-car isolation
  241. Damage Dent in passenger door
  242. Recalls 4 Recalls for Civic
  243. Electrics Had to have AA round to my house
  244. Squeaks Trembling, vibrating windscreen noise ?
  245. Windscreen windscreen scratch - by wiper blade
  246. Leaks Leaking boot!!
  247. Paint Scratch Removal
  248. Brakes Handbrake failure!!!
  249. Windscreen Low washer fluid
  250. Windows Frozen driver side window