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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Damage Damaged front bumper
  2. Flat battery That Bl***y Battery AGAIN!
  3. Windows Rubber seal round window glass
  4. Electrics Central locking doesn't work on the boot in cold weather
  5. Leaks Wet rear seat belts
  6. Squeaks Storage - A slight Gripe ...
  7. Leaks Sun Roof
  8. Electrics Total electric failure
  9. Other Tweater Casing
  10. Squeaks Tapping near door pillar
  11. Electrics NEW Honda Civic ES (I-Shift) / major problem
  12. Trim Car Matt V Cluch pedal
  13. Long list Interesting....
  14. Squeaks Ratting Dash
  15. Electrics Rear Window Heating Tracks
  16. Bodywork Boot Struts!!!
  17. Bodywork Boot Struts ??
  18. MPG Lost 100 miles!!
  19. Bodywork Waterflood
  20. Flat battery Advice from the AA Man
  21. Bodywork Milano red paint issues
  22. Long list What next !?!
  23. Satisfaction Rubbish Parts
  24. Damage Hit and Run
  25. AC/Heater Whistling
  26. Damage Parking damage!
  27. Electrics Nightmare with unreliable electrics and poor service
  28. Servicing First service...
  29. Satisfaction Getting a bit upset now
  30. Electrics No Cruise control
  31. Damage Scuffed side window.
  32. Flat battery Just had the AA MAN OUT!
  33. HUK Trip A Reset with Refuel
  34. Suspension Suspension knocks
  35. Damage A bit of bad luck (or three)
  36. Suspension 2 days old and it's already back at the dealers!
  37. Electrics Wipers sometimes start when car is started
  38. Electrics Loss of all exterior side lights
  39. Brakes What do you think???
  40. Bodywork Body Design
  41. Satisfaction Number of people with problems
  42. Engine Strange engine vibration
  43. Bodywork Coming apart...
  44. Handbrake handbrake handle warranty replacement
  45. Squeaks My dealer and my shocks, etc. etc. etc!!!
  46. Trim Honda "repairs" haven't gone to plan!
  47. Handbrake handbrake self release (inc recall letter)
  48. Trim seat covers
  49. Steering Car pulling to the right
  50. Bodywork Civic badge coming off!?
  51. Engine Cruise control
  52. Fuel Any 'quick fixes'
  53. Long list Used 55 plate - should I be worried??!
  54. Computer computer problem?
  55. Other Do dealers get fed up with warranty returns?
  56. Transmission Worn Clutch Pedal
  57. Windows window goes up and down.
  58. AC/Heater How long does it take to get hot air?
  59. Satisfaction General gripes (57-plate 2.2 ES)
  60. Squeaks Niggles!
  61. Transmission Gearbox - Type R 3rd gear
  62. Lights Have they given someone solution for the condensation?
  63. Satisfaction Satisfaction
  64. Other Rust!
  65. Transmission CV broken
  66. Other It pays to pay attention...
  67. Leaks VIN number
  68. Bodywork Door handle mod
  69. Suspension New Sub Frame?
  70. Squeaks annoying 'window' squeak
  71. Lights window lock button
  72. Bodywork door opening problem
  73. Damage Advice with dealing with dealer please...
  74. Steering What could this be?
  75. Trim Drivers Mat Curling Up
  76. Trim drivers interior door opener
  77. Music Radio reception
  78. Engine Sudden harsh Jolt
  79. Computer MPG Calc Completely Wrong
  80. Paint Gouged paintwork.
  81. Windows Isolation Switch
  82. Exterior Forgotten coating
  83. Electrics Parking Sensors
  84. Phone HFT System
  85. Squeaks ultra annoyng squeak turned out to be sun visor
  86. Trim Boot trim
  87. Trim Noise from air vent area at 40 mph
  88. Engine Dash information messages PGM-FI - and hello......
  89. Bodywork Paintwork Repair Estimates
  90. Recalls Windscreen Strip
  91. Trim Boot interior trim hanging off
  92. Squeaks Please Any Ideas? Knock/Creak/Tap from Front!
  93. Handbrake handbrake losing colour!!
  94. Transmission 'Click' when depressing clutch pedal
  95. Trim Roof lining at the rear
  96. Suspension Body roll on ES with 17" wheels
  97. Recalls recalls, interesting reading
  98. Seats Rear seat belt problem
  99. Bodywork Windscreen Moulding
  100. Paint Honda paint
  101. Squeaks Dashboard rattle!?!?
  102. Music Radio
  103. Recalls Recall type s gt
  104. Windscreen Windscreen squeaking
  105. Recalls Fuel Filler cap ... again ?
  106. Paint New Paint Problem
  107. Steering Grinding noise.
  108. Computer i-Shift indicator near-disaster
  109. Satisfaction OMG damn civic
  110. Engine Engine VGA warning lights
  111. Music Heres a new one: Silence.......
  112. Squeaks vibration noise from roof blind front
  113. Music Stereo Power with No Keys?
  114. Trim Replacement Plastics
  115. Recalls Honda Recalls
  116. Handbrake To All Members Of Civinfo!!! Handbrake failure?
  117. Electrics fuel gauge issue
  118. Electrics (i) Info button non operative
  119. Handbrake Handbrake Problem
  120. Satisfaction New Civic Reliability
  121. Recalls Do you have to take the car to the delivery dealership?
  122. Electrics Faulty Rear Heated Screen
  123. Windows Electric windows - whole door moves
  124. Seats Seatbelt rattle
  125. MPG Really poor economy
  126. Recalls Online/Dealer Recall discrepancy
  127. Suspension leaking shock absorber
  128. Dealers My god is this the Honda Experience ?
  129. Trim Door Trim Rubbing Off
  130. Paint Really Weak Paint??
  131. Seats Ticking noise from seat
  132. Squeaks Squeaks and rattles and other minor problems
  133. Squeaks Dash rattle under acceleration
  134. Damage Shunt in my Civic!
  135. Steering Steering drift (merged)
  136. Computer outside temp went nuts on my R again...
  137. Windows Something is jamming the drivers window
  138. AC/Heater Sunny day = Leaky Civic
  139. Trim Dash plastics now being done under warrenty
  140. Windscreen Windscreen top strip
  141. Bodywork brand new car sold had been accident damaged!!
  142. Leaks Recall
  143. Engine A Jolt in the Back!
  144. Music Yahoo!.... Blo*dy He*l! ..Worlds fastest fault..
  145. Trim Panoramic glass roof - rear sun blind problem
  146. Trim Damaged leather steering wheel
  147. Bodywork Respray
  148. Windows a couple of niggles
  149. Other Accelerator Pedal Clicks When Pressed
  150. Electrics Temperature reading stuck @ 30ĚC
  151. Paint Bad paint job on my Civic
  152. Engine Less power after 'software update'?
  153. Recalls Recalls and Updates
  154. Bodywork Door Alignment
  155. Fuel Fuel Filler not opening Again
  156. Brakes New Grinding Noise
  157. Squeaks Squeek above drivers door?
  158. Damage Door damage
  159. Windscreen windscreen damage
  160. Leaks Water leaking in through tail gate
  161. Bodywork Hmmm raised area (Dings) from new
  162. Damage Yet another accident.
  163. Transmission VSA/ABS Fault
  164. Windows Faulty Windows?
  165. Paint paintcheck?
  166. Computer IMPORTANT!!! Immobiliser Locks out when jump starting!
  167. Squeaks Creak from horizontal dashboard surface
  168. Trim Poor quality interiors.
  169. Paint Repaired area is different shade!
  170. Paint Touchup paint
  171. Other Which?
  172. Leaks Water and more water
  173. Road Noise Road noise abominable!
  174. Lights fog light blown big time!
  175. Music Stereo Frozen
  176. Seats Worn seat
  177. Music Problems with Radio 1 through tweeters
  178. Damage Well Ive joined the club
  179. Paint Rusty Chips
  180. Handbrake Hand Brake Lever
  181. HUK Customer suggested improvements being fed back to HUK (split posts)
  182. Bodywork What do you think of this on a brand new type R
  183. Squeaks Wiper noise
  184. Bodywork Poor paint and suspension noises!
  185. Electrics Window lottery
  186. Windscreen Windscreen washer jet not working
  187. Satisfaction British Built - Is this a bad thing?
  188. Other Taking Matters Further!!!!!
  189. Windscreen De-mist problems
  190. Trim bumper/wheel arch trim
  191. Recalls recall on a 07 Build Type S
  192. AC/Heater smelly air con help
  193. Servicing Car in for 2 recall's on wednesday
  194. Windscreen Rain sensor problems
  195. Flat battery flat battery after hols
  196. Electrics Bulb failure warning
  197. Other Noisy carpeting & rear plus funny start-behaviour
  198. Trim Help / Advice Needed
  199. Insurance Insurance Rip!
  200. Music Mech Error (CD Player)
  201. Recalls Recall from Honda Motor Europe (South)
  202. Exterior Reversing sensor problem
  203. Long list Help! Urgent
  204. Engine vtec problemm
  205. Trim Collective complain to Honda (scratched dash issue)
  206. Paint Paintwork Dilemma
  207. AC/Heater air con check?
  208. Engine Fuel Cutoff/inertia switch
  209. Long list Going to the stealers today!!
  210. Dealers Best customer service ever - free gift
  211. Exterior Rain Drips From Doors / Boot
  212. Squeaks Clutch pedal noise
  213. Dealers please help!
  214. Leaks Door full with water??
  215. Trim Dash Board Scratches
  216. Suspension Creaking Rear!
  217. Windscreen Warped windscreen
  218. Long list The whole car
  219. Windscreen About to receive my 3rd windscreen
  220. Phone honda bluetooth
  221. Windscreen Screen Washer
  222. Seats Annoying bump in my seat
  223. Bodywork doors problem?
  224. Satnav SatNav Updates
  225. Engine Sudden Power Loss
  226. HUK The "S" in Honda CS exists
  227. Long list 6 months on
  228. Brakes rear discs ??
  229. Music My CD player died!!
  230. Squeaks Rattles
  231. Paint Suspect Paint Report
  232. HUK Honda UK
  233. Suspension sound in rear
  234. Squeaks Resonance noise at 50-60MPH
  235. Long list Getting our problems heard
  236. Long list Getting our problems heard
  237. Other Dirt above rear wheel arches
  238. Electrics Electric Window mal-function
  239. Electrics Dashboard Indicators
  240. Handbrake Hanbrake on, in gear or ooops!!
  241. Other Structural Corrosion Warranty Increase
  242. Recalls whats next
  243. AC/Heater Air con hissing
  244. Electrics seatbelt beeping noise
  245. HUK Poor Honda customer service...
  246. Bodywork Manufacturing fault with Civic's boot panel?
  247. HUK Names of the bigwigs - does anyone know them??
  248. Transmission Clutch pedal nuisance.
  249. Squeaks Exhaust Rattle and Parking Sensor Fault
  250. Engine Odd growling noise near idle