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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. AC/Heater AC not working?
  2. Other Steering vibration/ bouncinng
  3. Other Bad vibrations when over 70MPH?
  4. AC/Heater Another cold 2.2 Diesel question
  5. Engine Performance/power loss
  6. Other Accelerating jumping when under torque or acceleration
  7. Bodywork water in the boot
  8. Damage Handbrake handle broke :(
  9. Recalls Rusty roof Out of extended warranty Advice
  10. AC/Heater Heating
  11. Engine Orange Oil light comes on halfway through journey
  12. Engine 2.2 Exhaust Manifold Crack - Labour Charges
  13. Leaks Driver floor leak dripping down from Piller A area for 5 months
  14. Flat battery HFT battery drain
  15. Electrics Intermittent ABS & VSA Warning Lights
  16. Windscreen Water behind screen - VIN Number
  17. AC compressor leak
  18. Other Juddering when using accelerator
  19. Leaks Car is leaking please help
  20. Exterior Wing Mirror fault
  21. AC/Heater Stuck on hot?
  22. Steering Stand still turn left vibrations
  23. AC/Heater Heater blower fails to start from time to time
  24. Fuel Fuelling problems
  25. Leaks boot leak
  26. Flat battery Keeps turning over even with jump start?
  27. Seats Driver Seat Belt dont retract
  28. Brakes Acceleration pedal remove
  29. AC/Heater blower motor change
  30. Electrics Radiator fans kick in frequently when it's cold.
  31. AC/Heater Blower dead
  32. Computer Brake (!) faultcode message question fn fk
  33. AC/Heater Cold on Passenger Side ?
  34. Steering Noise from steering
  35. AC/Heater Odd Air Con / Heat Issue
  36. Other Civic type s gt pan roof blind stuck
  37. AC/Heater Strange blocked heater/vent issue
  38. Squeaks Creaking when braking
  39. Squeaks Rattling Sound
  40. Other Beeping - open doors
  41. Squeaks Drivers Window Squeaks
  42. Seat belt pretensionor
  43. Lights removing w5w bulb from housing
  44. AC/Heater fitting a replacement AC compressor
  45. Electrics Code reader for faults which one?
  46. Exterior Boot latch adjustment
  47. 888 Speedo Removal Diagnosis Advise needed please, video or how to?
  48. Other ABS Lights
  49. Other Knocking Noise
  50. Exterior Strange noise when stopped - coming from rear...
  51. Strange noice in low speefs
  52. Battery fault
  53. Brakes ABS and VSA system check
  54. Leaks Water in boot
  55. Electrics USB port
  56. Other seatbelt retracts slow
  57. Electrics Drivers window
  58. Ecu id faults
  59. Music Fitting Bezel around double din
  60. AC/Heater Heating System
  61. Exterior Found the leak on tailgate
  62. Squeaks Squeaky Clutch Pedal
  63. Electrics Door sensor
  64. Trim Civic FN2 rear trunk (clips)
  65. Engine Intercooler damage from arch liner?
  66. AC/Heater Air-con Compressor not kicking in
  67. Electrics 2005 EP3 Type R continious locking
  68. Leaks Water? leaking undernath
  69. Other Trink door
  70. AC/Heater Not another fault A/C!
  71. Steering Strange squeak from steering
  72. Can anyone help me out with this problem? Gen8 fk3 2.2 diesel
  73. AC/Heater a/c doesn´t blow cold air
  74. Other Drivers door wont open from outside and inside
  75. Suspension Bump Stop!
  76. Damage Exhaust mount fell off
  77. Other Wing Mirror position and creaking?
  78. Brakes Chewbacca sound
  79. Fuel Fuel cap won't open
  80. AC/Heater A different aircon issue?
  81. Fuel Issue filling up fuel
  82. Other HELP!! handling issues
  83. Engine White smoke
  84. Engine Oil consumption
  85. Other Driver side door latch/catch cable? Where to buy
  86. Squeaks Low speed squeaking
  87. Bodywork Part Identification - Lower Front Bumper Slam Panel?
  88. Windows problem
  89. Engine abs vsa intermittent warning
  90. Water in the cabin/interior
  91. AC/Heater Inconstant Air Con
  92. AC/Heater Air Con Recharge Process
  93. Engine Possible misfire - where to begin?
  94. Engine warning light with exlamation mark
  95. Computer Fault code list?
  96. Trim How does front bumper trim attach to wheel arch trim?
  97. AC/Heater AC Issues with a happy ending
  98. Electrics LCD Speedo Out
  99. Engine Noise after changing the accessories belt and pulleys
  100. AC/Heater Fan on off on off on off....,
  101. Squeaks Squeaking clutch pedal
  102. Trim Rattling noise from inside door/window glass issue
  103. AC/Heater Calling ALL Aircon Pros need help!
  104. AC/Heater Aircon not working
  105. Electrics Right speaker issues
  106. Computer engine warning light on
  107. Phone pairing an iPhone?
  108. Exterior Undertray fixings
  109. Suspension Tennis Ball Knock / Thud - Passenger Side
  110. AC/Heater AC noise issue
  111. AC/Heater Honda civic mk8 ac air con radiator
  112. Seats rear seats
  113. Electrics IMA, VSA and ECB warning lights stopping driving
  114. AC/Heater Honda civic type r fn2
  115. Intermittent A/C
  116. Other 2.2 Slow to warm up
  117. Lights Missing tail light
  118. AC/Heater No cold air
  119. Squeaks Rattle on passenger side
  120. Electrics Zero Electrical Power - Honda Civic 2.2 '56
  121. Electrics Clock display acting weird
  122. Computer Multi Information Display Problem
  123. Electrics 2007 ex Car won't crank
  124. AC/Heater Air Con blowing warm
  125. Engine Sudden increase in performance
  126. Squeaks Rear end rattle
  127. Road Noise Road noise
  128. Flat battery Battery Drain
  129. Outside Temperature Gauge Reading low/ Check System Light On
  130. Electrics Head Lamp Washers Not Working
  131. Engine 8th gen 1.8 misfire
  132. Satnav Satnav TMC diagnostics
  133. Engine CHECK SYSTEM and RPM limited to 2200 after EGR valve clean
  134. Computer (I)nformation symbol on startup - Getting worried
  135. Civic 1339CC L13A7 stutters
  136. Electrics EPS Check Warning
  137. Road Noise Passenger side wind noise, Pan roof blinds
  138. Electrics Door lock problem now driving me mad!
  139. Suspension Humming from the drivers side front
  140. Windows Window won't close..
  141. Bodywork DIY - Replacing exterior drivers door handle
  142. Damage Scratched bumper – hit and run
  143. Squeaks weird noise when turning wheel.
  144. Engine Car hesitation when changing gears
  145. Fuel Car won't start after fuel filter replacement
  146. Electrics Fuel gauge stuck on empty with flashing warning light
  147. Squeaks Strange noise at 60 - 70
  148. Computer Trip Computer Issue - Still car – Average Consumption is going up
  149. Satnav Sat nav back lighting and radio button not working
  150. Transmission Clutch damper bypass
  151. Other Interior help
  152. Leaks How to remove fuel filler assembly on cdti
  153. Other Muffler problem or something else?
  154. Other Wiper Blades issue
  155. Bodywork Paintless dent removal
  156. Music Confusing Stereo Problems!
  157. Squeaks Metallic Rattle / Tinkle
  158. Squeaks Rear Rattle
  159. Windscreen Wipers soometimes don't wipe after short wash
  160. AC/Heater Confirmation of some details about AC
  161. Bodywork Headlight Bar
  162. AC/Heater Damp pollen filter
  163. Bodywork Wheel Arch/Trim Loose
  164. Seats Seat tilt knob on a 3 door.
  165. Windscreen Windscreen wipers not working properly mind of their own
  166. Electrics Drivers door lock actuator-central locking fault
  167. AC/Heater Air Con Not Working - tried a few things
  168. Electrics Error code help
  169. MPG Not even close to quoted range
  170. AC/Heater Air con fault codes
  171. Brakes Help with ABS VSA Fault codes from Ethos reader
  172. Flat battery ABS and VSA lights on after battery problem
  173. Satisfaction 1.8 wheel spin
  174. Computer Instrument cluster failing? Dials keeps resetting (video inside)
  175. AC/Heater Help! Internal Radiator not feeding hot air
  176. Windows Faint scratches on windscreen/ wing mirrors
  177. Other Annoying rattle around 2000 rpm
  178. Engine I-cdti 2.2 no power below 1800 rpm
  179. Leaks Leaks in Boot / Trunk on Honda Civic(8th gen )
  180. Windscreen Windscreen loose
  181. Squeaks clutch pedal squeak
  182. Leaks Leak in passenger well
  183. Engine FN2 struggling to idle/hold RPM stable
  184. Paint Two Tone Bodywork
  185. Other Very noisy
  186. AC/Heater A/C Button in car does nothing - No A/C turning on.
  187. AC/Heater A/c problems
  188. Trim Fading velvet interior
  189. Windows Rear window loose 8th Gen Civic?
  190. Exterior I HAVE to slam my boot.
  191. Damage Wing mirror replacement
  192. Suspension Subframe Click
  193. AC/Heater FN2 Aircon is weird
  194. Electrics Reversing sensor constant beep
  195. Other Bigger washer bottle tank?
  196. AC/Heater Cold one side - hot the other....
  197. Brakes ABS and VSA warning
  198. AC/Heater Dual a/c
  199. AC/Heater 2.2 diesel air con not working.
  200. AC/Heater Rear Demister Fuse Query
  201. Road Noise Another 2.2 Noise and Vibration Thread
  202. Transmission Slipping 3th and 4th gear on 1.4 i-DSi
  203. Squeaks Armrest
  204. Electrics Urgent help needed
  205. Damage Front end damage: MOT failure?
  206. Trim Pollen filter
  207. Squeaks Strange Noise when start up car
  208. Satisfaction Seat Height
  209. Engine Rattle noise like gravel
  210. Squeaks Random noise when opening boot
  211. Damage door handle
  212. Transmission Clutch issue
  213. Other Clutch pedal removal for blower motor repair
  214. AC/Heater Intermittent heating problem
  215. AC/Heater Noisy blower vent, Temp related?
  216. Brakes ABS/VSA Problem
  217. Other Replacing Standard Gear Knob
  218. Seats Driver seat
  219. Trim Boot trim - part no. for covers
  220. Electrics Heated Drivers Wing Mirror
  221. Electrics Passenger wing mirror
  222. Windows Driver control for passenger front window not working
  223. Trim Remove door card while door is closed
  224. Computer Possible ECM failure? Help.
  225. Bodywork Replacing the windscreen seal
  226. Trim Gloss Black Dial Surround
  227. Suspension First post, do the FN2 Civics have a known rust issue?
  228. Squeaks Clutch pedal squeak
  229. Trim Pillar rubbing noise
  230. Lights Lights not flashing on lock / unlock
  231. Squeaks rattle from left side door area !
  232. Electrics TPMS light
  233. Electrics Auto AC Turn Off ???
  234. AC/Heater climate control issue
  235. Trim Sticking Door Handle (Internal)
  236. Flat battery Honda civic 2.2 cdti 2007
  237. Other Leak help please!
  238. AC/Heater Heater Problems.
  239. Engine Grinding on cold startup
  240. AC/Heater Air con failed again after Honda fix?
  241. Engine Revs drop when stopping
  242. Trim Sun Visor Hanging Low
  243. AC/Heater Best place to buy AC Radiotor
  244. Seats not low enough
  245. Engine VSA ABS engine management light
  246. Electrics Rear windows not working since battery change
  247. AC/Heater Leaking AC
  248. Windscreen Wiper Blade Size?!?!
  249. Other Knocking/clicking noise when turning right
  250. Windows Passenger Window problems