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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Paint Odd colour
  2. Trim Couple of problems, comments please!
  3. Engine Internal Memo: 500 mile oil check
  4. Recalls about recalls and such for 2007 models
  5. Seats Static Shocks
  6. AC/Heater Air Con noise
  7. Paint Keyed
  8. Paint Re-lacquer?
  9. Windscreen Windscreen washer bottle
  10. Suspension Please, please not again?
  11. Trim Type R mats...
  12. Windows Flaking rear window... But a happy ending for me... I hope...
  13. Squeaks Roof liner squeek solved
  14. Engine 1st problem
  15. Other Advice to give?
  16. Transmission Civic i-shift
  17. Seats squeaking seats
  18. Engine Car idle speed
  19. Exterior Popped Parking Sensor
  20. Insurance Why do we bother with Insurance?
  21. Trim Rear Parcel Shelf
  22. Electrics Honda's Do Break Down
  23. Seats Seat Wear
  24. Handbrake Handbrake Problem
  25. Long list 12 Months Later...
  26. Flat battery Can't Get Into My Car
  27. Paint Swirl marks on brand new car!
  28. Damage Three Days And Dented
  29. Squeaks Bird like Churp from passenger side
  30. Paint Advice please guys on my paintwork
  31. Fuel Fuel Tank noise
  32. Long list faults faults faults pffffff
  33. Brakes Clunking from the back when braking
  34. Suspension knocking noise on moving
  35. Damage I've just caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to my pride and joy :(
  36. Flat battery Flat Battery within 1 week of purchase
  37. Squeaks Is a little squealy-rattle acceptable?
  38. Electrics Alarm Siren Fault
  39. Engine buzzing from engine?
  40. Exterior front mudflaps
  41. Recalls Online Recall And Update Checks
  42. Recalls New recall, inspection
  43. Damage Charley farley's first dent.
  44. Recalls Recalls & updates
  45. Lights Auto headlights
  46. Engine Noisy accelerator pedal
  47. Recalls New Recall
  48. Seats Leather interior - knock?
  49. Trim Side Curtain Airbag plastic cover replaced!
  50. Trim Dealer Fitted mats.
  51. Windscreen Chipped windscreen
  52. Trim Have you had your dashboard trim replaced?
  53. Handbrake Handbrake problems
  54. Dealers Car Bought From a Non Honda Dealership.
  55. Satisfaction Happy or Unhappy?
  56. AC/Heater I'M i hearing things
  57. Other Faults on Type-R and S ?
  58. HUK My letter to Honda Customer Services
  59. Dealers Which dealership is best?
  60. Suspension Faulty front and rear suspension!
  61. Bodywork Passenger Door Handle !!!
  62. AC/Heater Climate Control peculiarity
  63. AC/Heater Water on the driveway...
  64. Bodywork Drainage Holes For Doors
  65. Exterior Rear Number plate blistering
  66. Fuel Fuel Filler Fix
  67. HUK Moaning gets you somewhere
  68. Bodywork closing the tailgate
  69. Transmission Gear Knob worn out.....
  70. Exterior Catching Mud Flaps
  71. Computer Average speed reset
  72. Windscreen Stone Chip on Windscreen
  73. Seats Rear Seat broken in 98 Civic Hatch - HELP!!!
  74. Phone Hands-Free won't let go...
  75. Handbrake Faulty handbrake ¿weak spring?
  76. AC/Heater Climate Control experiment
  77. Other for people with problems - a good read
  78. Dealers Approved Used Honda - Niggles
  79. Damage damage on my new bumper
  80. Satnav Display font colors in inverted night mode
  81. Dealers Am I being unreasonable...?
  82. Transmission Desperate I-SHIFT HELP
  83. Brakes Brakes need discs skimming
  84. Computer Incorrect MPG and average MPH reading
  85. Recalls Recall for EPS unit and shocks
  86. Music Loooooong loading times.
  87. Damage Can you believe it!!
  88. Exterior Rear radar Sensor
  89. Phone trying to pair my phone problem.
  90. Exterior Alloy Wheels being replaced under Warranty
  91. Transmission Mats affecting clutch
  92. Trim "Panoramic" glass roof
  93. Satnav LCD screens and Polaroid sunglasses
  94. Paint Bird cr*p magnet
  95. Windscreen Moving windshield ?
  96. Insurance Car Insurance rip-off
  97. Lights cracked headlights????
  98. Dealers Changing Dealerships
  99. Engine Stuttering
  100. Windscreen Windscreen washers
  101. Exterior reardoor handle broken
  102. Engine Rev Lights
  103. Seats (not so) magic rear seats
  104. Windscreen Loose seal on front pillar
  105. Fuel New fuel filler cap mod from Honda
  106. Steering Steering almost sorted
  107. Long list Long list of problems - finally got round to talking to dealer
  108. Trim Strange marks.
  109. Satisfaction No insurmountable problems/happy owners?
  110. Long list My Saga - as it stands!!
  111. Satnav Satnav volume problem
  112. Steering EPS Fault
  113. Long list Ever growing faults
  114. Bodywork Passenger Door
  115. Paint Buggering Stone chips
  116. Trim Front pillar trim bucking?
  117. Transmission i-Shift releases the car on inclines
  118. Satnav Voice activation outakes
  119. Servicing Servicing Costs in UK?
  120. Paint Do I go ahead with repairs?
  121. Dealers Garage Damage - I'm So Fed Up With Complaining
  122. Windscreen Windscreen cracked by icy conditions!!!
  123. HUK Honda Customer service
  124. Seats Seat Belt Adjuster Rattle
  125. Bodywork Sound insulation loose under the hood
  126. Engine "Rortiness" - Noisy exhaust or just me?
  127. Windscreen NO Washers???
  128. Long list Complaints (merged)
  129. Satisfaction Honda is not good anymore?
  130. Music Service bulletin for faulty radio (title amended)
  131. Paint faulty paintwork?
  132. Paint A Solicitor it is then!
  133. Bodywork Bootlid alignment problem
  134. Trim Sunvisor Sticker Removal
  135. AC/Heater Slow to Warm Up
  136. Music OOoooohhhhh PANIC - radio gone silent
  137. Windscreen Auto Wipers not working!
  138. Windscreen Useless wipers when it's snowing
  139. Dealers Dealer Damage
  140. Long list I have tried to be patient...
  141. Exterior parking sensors
  142. Exterior Replacement wing mirror
  143. Suspension Knock at back on start-up (not shocks ??)
  144. Long list Moan (Sorry)
  145. Trim Dash Getting Hot
  146. Engine CC vs throttle pedal
  147. Leaks moisture
  148. Long list My little list hehehe
  149. Handbrake Parking brake fault
  150. Exterior VIN question
  151. Steering Faulty EPS - Who got a letter about it then? I have Haha
  152. Engine Civic doesnt like humidity
  153. Computer Outside temperature?
  154. Computer Speedometer assembly failure
  155. Fuel Fuel filling
  156. Seats Type S - Seat doesn't return into previous position after tilt
  157. Recalls Official Service Bulletins here
  158. Satisfaction Are they getting better?
  159. Brakes Brakes being applied fully whilst brake pedal not!
  160. Flat battery 2.2 CDTi EX - recurring flat battery
  161. Windscreen Badly fitted windscreen
  162. Bodywork Tail gate not lifting fully?
  163. Recalls Toyota and recalls
  164. Exterior Remote key unlock didn't work!
  165. Paint Paintwork on the roof :(
  166. Satisfaction Cool car
  167. Engine Someone doesn't like the cold!
  168. Transmission Shudder when setting off
  169. Windscreen Windscreen washer
  170. Other the lemon law
  171. Music radio affected by heated rear window
  172. Suspension Knocking noise in the back.
  173. Dealers Stains on seats after getting car back from dealership
  174. Satisfaction Dissatisfaction thread - merged from many others
  175. Lights Faulty Headlight Washers
  176. AC/Heater fan
  177. Trim Kept in the dark
  178. HUK please read and help - letter to Honda about unfixed rattle
  179. Steering Slightly mis-aligned steering wheel?
  180. Transmission Creaking gear change
  181. Transmission Drops revs - i-shift stall (merged)
  182. Damage Door slammed into my car
  183. Squeaks Dash squeak spot located
  184. AC/Heater Fault or Feature? In 1.4 car
  185. Trim Stuck Console Lid
  186. Windows Squeaky Window
  187. Lights Loose rear lights!
  188. Windscreen Squeaking windscreen
  189. Exterior Water drips from open boot
  190. HUK Bad news!
  191. Recalls EPS recall
  192. Suspension Front suspension squeaks / thuds
  193. Long list Hello my gripes.
  194. Fuel The sound of...liquid (merged)
  195. Lights Water under rear light lens.
  196. Engine Check System ON glowplug indicator flashing
  197. Engine REV Lights
  198. Exterior Boot Release
  199. Music TP or not TP
  200. Dealers Main Dealer - Totally Oblivious to Common Faults
  201. Leaks Water water everywhere.
  202. Exterior Bonnet Cable - one for the checklist
  203. HUK Update on some problems
  204. Recalls Honda Website Recall Check
  205. Squeaks Another dashboard update.
  206. Paint Stone Chips!
  207. Satisfaction Other Models Have their Knockers
  208. Recalls Re-call
  209. Paint Characteristics of the Car
  210. Paint Orange Peel
  211. Fuel fuel flap not opening
  212. Satisfaction model 2007
  213. Bodywork Removing Painted Rear Spoiler - Anybody any idea how to?
  214. Windows Rear window, condensation between glass and perspex
  215. Squeaks Rear Rattle
  216. AC/Heater EX Climate Control Display.
  217. Windscreen Creak above windscreen ** FIXED ** by dealer
  218. Dealers New Towpoint Access Cover - £17.33
  219. Lights Check your headl lamp washers!
  220. AC/Heater Fan speed lit up without reason
  221. Paint Colour Match Problems
  222. Satnav Reboot during engine start
  223. Recalls next recall
  224. Exterior Auto locking doors
  225. AC/Heater Wrongly installed pollen filter
  226. Recalls Recalls
  227. HUK Will Japan Ever Trust Swindon Again?
  228. Satisfaction A remedy to problems
  229. Exterior Build quality.
  230. Squeaks bad rattle/knock
  231. Paint This is beyond a joke
  232. Squeaks Glovebox noise
  233. Windscreen Adjusting screenwash jets?
  234. Computer MPG computer wrong reading
  235. Dealers honda trademark
  236. Satisfaction Have you had a problem?
  237. Engine Ecu
  238. Seats Magic Seat Madness!
  239. Long list Who can make the longest list?
  240. AC/Heater Is My Climate Control Faulty?
  241. Long list Shopping list.
  242. Windscreen Wipers V's Speed Bumps
  243. Bodywork Rear Spoiler
  244. Satisfaction Thread resolution.
  245. Engine 3000 miles, 7 weeks and 1 expired Diesel Engine!
  246. Squeaks Plastic noise in gear stick : resolved
  247. Windscreen Door hinge sound from wipers
  248. Bodywork Weird happenings with doors
  249. HUK A message to Honda.
  250. HUK Rubbish Customer Service