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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. AC/Heater Noisey Whining Fan?
  2. Long list List of faults I gave to dealer
  3. Satisfaction On the plus side
  4. Rear wiper Off topic rear wiper stuff (split posts)
  5. AC/Heater Steamy windows (merged)
  6. Squeaks Weird Noise
  7. Satisfaction Happy Bunny
  8. Exterior Annoying Number Plates !!
  9. Long list List of faults
  10. Engine petrol car is very noisey?
  11. Leaks Water Leak!!
  12. Paint Paint Problem
  13. Long list 3 months and annoying list is growing!
  14. Engine PGM-FI Warning, car doesn't start
  15. AC/Heater Radiator fan
  16. Windows Rear window
  17. Seats screw under the rear seat
  18. Long list Back to the dealership it went!
  19. Damage Broken door mirror
  20. Music CD/Toaster Operation
  21. Bodywork Tail gate shower
  22. Exterior Somthing else for the dealer to look at !!!
  23. Damage Left hand rear view mirror
  24. Transmission squeeky clutch??
  25. Computer Date
  26. Squeaks Do any not rattle?
  27. Engine Non starting 2.2ES
  28. Windscreen Annoying gap
  29. Suspension How do I know of my shocks are faulty?
  30. Long list taken car back
  31. Transmission Gearbox on i-CTDi Notchy
  32. Transmission Clutch/engine shudder
  33. Engine Vibration while idling.
  34. Squeaks surprised
  35. Exterior Unreadable VIN
  36. Transmission Un-automatic auto
  37. Seats Drivers Seat Slide Control
  38. Seats Rattling Passenger Seat
  39. Rear wiper Lack of rear wiper
  40. Dealers Dealer, nice but dim
  41. Leaks Water Leaking via windows into Doors
  42. Squeaks Boot Rattle??
  43. Squeaks Another creak....
  44. Squeaks Dashboard squeak noise :-(
  45. Windows Driving with rear window open.
  46. Exterior Power folding mirrors
  47. Paint How many stone chips on your bonnet?
  48. Leaks Leak in Rear
  49. Exterior Locking my car
  50. Music Warning do not expect the radio to work (merged)
  51. Music Fix for dodgy RDS available....
  52. Lights Auto Headlights Too Sensitive
  53. Trim 'Screeching' sliding door / cover
  54. Suspension Squeeky Shockers
  55. Recalls Recall - affecting petrol cars
  56. Suspension Squeaks from the suspension
  57. Trim Boot Carpet
  58. Lights Faulty fog lights
  59. Electrics 888mph 2006 Honda Civic, Forget the JCB dieselmax...
  60. Exterior The object in your mirrors... - side vs interior
  61. Trim At odds with the aluminium pedals...
  62. Lights indicate - and turn the lights on
  63. Paint My car has been keyed!!!
  64. Bodywork My Civic dream with misaligned door.
  65. Windscreen windscreen crack
  66. Transmission Clutch Judder
  67. Engine Another dead/faulty civic...
  68. Windscreen Squeaky front pillar?
  69. AC/Heater Water dripping from under the engine after parking up...?
  70. Windscreen What do you reckon my chances are??
  71. Engine CDTI Flat Spot?
  72. Music DVD and general questions
  73. Seats Passenger Seat Rattle/Squeak?
  74. Music sound system
  75. HUK Honda Customer Services.
  76. Windows HOW TO close all windows automaticly?
  77. Windows window thing lol
  78. Seats Why..
  79. Squeaks buzzing dashboard
  80. Bodywork uneven meeting between front bumper and lights
  81. Suspension Front suspension - known faults?
  82. Computer Average Speed
  83. Fuel How much petrol do you have to put in to make the gauge work
  84. Exterior Mudflaps
  85. Suspension Fixed anything..
  86. Long list Have I done the right thing?
  87. Windows Does remote control close open windows?
  88. Seats electric shock when closing the door
  89. Squeaks Creaking trim around the back doors....
  90. Handbrake "loose" Handbrake
  91. Trim Dashboard trim gap (merged)
  92. Exterior 'Girly' horn
  93. Bodywork Central Clear Plastic Fouling Bumper
  94. Suspension Rear Suspension - What are the known problems?
  95. Steering Black plastic cover for steering joint.
  96. Paint Poor quality paintwork
  97. Computer Celsius to Fahrenheit...????
  98. MPG ECO-driving
  99. Dealers Missing Sat Nav DVD
  100. Leaks Leaking Rear Window
  101. Exterior Wonky registration plates.
  102. HUK Honda customer service
  103. Lights Irritating auto lights relay click
  104. Windscreen Ghost Wipers
  105. Trim Dashboard scratches.
  106. Windows Opening the window makes the door move
  107. Engine "Check System" message came on
  108. AC/Heater Air Vents
  109. Exterior No responce on inserting the key
  110. Suspension Squeaky rear suspension
  111. Computer current fuel consumption bug?!?!
  112. Phone Bluetooth Phone Interference
  113. Long list Overall quality
  114. Satnav satnav
  115. Transmission Gear Linkage Failure
  116. Windows Electric windows stops working after opening door
  117. Trim Plastic dashboard scratches
  118. Engine Acceleration Problem Help
  119. Seats Squeaky seat...
  120. Exterior Folding Mirrors
  121. Bodywork drivers side door handle clunky
  122. AC/Heater Odd Climate Control
  123. Leaks Water leak in-to rear
  124. Squeaks Rattling Radio
  125. Squeaks Weird knockity knoc plastic sound from front / dashboard
  126. HUK Improvements for the next model year
  127. Computer No auto brightness adjustment for instrument panel
  128. Music ARRGGGGG the Radio is rubbish!
  129. Trim Takeaway hook
  130. Satisfaction Problems Poll
  131. Fuel Filling up!!
  132. HUK Honda Customer Service
  133. Engine Cruise Control (merged)
  134. Other Known fault checklist (for new car collection)
  135. Music Poor Radio Reception in Sussex
  136. Fuel Fuel Filler Cap
  137. Trim Cig lighter Hole!!!
  138. Engine iVTEC start up struggles occasionally..
  139. Music Radio bug..
  140. Satnav Possible faulty Sat Nav screen
  141. Bodywork Poor panel (door) fit
  142. Suspension Civic Shocks
  143. Trim Faults on mine so far...
  144. Engine Basegreens rejected car