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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Engine Throttle body
  2. Road Noise Rotating noise
  3. Suspension Low speed knocking from driver's side front wheel over bumps
  4. Engine Random misfire on all cylinders
  5. Other Rear exhaust heatsheild
  6. Other Swishy swoshy
  7. AC/Heater Help with my Air Con (yeah another thread)
  8. AC/Heater Air Con Leak (condenser) will cost 550 to fix...
  9. Windscreen Windscreen Grime
  10. Bodywork What's the part called please?
  11. AC/Heater Air con noise
  12. Squeaks Newbie - Squeeling Noise when turning right
  13. Other Pulley rattle or something more severe?
  14. Damage Neighbour's Son Damaged Car
  15. AC/Heater Air Conditioning not working. Which is it??
  16. Trim Missing clips?
  17. Car won't start when hot/hot weather
  18. Bodywork Wing mirror 'locking' in wrong position
  19. Flat battery Alarm/Immobiliser Issue After Jump Starting
  20. Electrics Central locking on the fritz
  21. Other No car mats anchors on my 2006 civic?
  22. Other Rattle from radiator
  23. Other Strange Fault code! :(
  24. AC/Heater Climate control issue - possible thermostat?
  25. Brakes ABS / VSC Lights - no DTC error though
  26. Bodywork Under body tray
  27. Damage Door lock cable snapped!!
  28. AC/Heater Part request - High pressure valve!
  29. Bodywork Has bumper 'popped'? Photos encl.
  30. Engine PGM-FI Light
  31. Exterior Scraping noise from the wheel
  32. Road Noise Strange noise
  33. Road Noise Knocking noise coming form the trunk/rear part of the car
  34. Paint Rust developing
  35. Windows Stone stuck inside door, scratching window when goes up/down
  36. Exterior Fuel cap cover
  37. Trim Dashboard Rattle / Vibration
  38. Damage Small plastic problem irritating problem
  39. Electrics Civic won't start
  40. AC/Heater AC!!!
  41. AC/Heater Blower not working
  42. Windows Front windows issue
  43. AC/Heater Rotten A/C Smell
  44. Bodywork Loose Door Handle
  45. AC/Heater Water Leak
  46. Other Exhaust Knocking (Martellius)
  47. Satisfaction Boot struts/dampers
  48. Steering Steering column grommet noise after new clutch and DMF
  49. Bodywork Door check strap not stopping door very well
  50. Windows Passenger window fail
  51. Flat battery Dodgy battery
  52. Engine Noise near belt
  53. Transmission Civic Ex i-vtec Auto - Juddering and kangarooing
  54. Engine Turbo Noise in Low Revs
  55. Engine Idle speed dropping?!
  56. Flat battery Fn2 battery keeps draining
  57. Seats HELP! CTS Rear seat latch/mechanism fail
  58. Other Speedometer Hidden Behind Steering Wheel!
  59. Exterior Dodgy door handle
  60. AC/Heater Air Conditioning Fault
  61. Steering Noise then steering left to right
  62. Lights Brake lights not working?
  63. AC/Heater Any ideas on the cost of a new air conditioning condenser?
  64. Other Jerky pull off?....
  65. Trim Interior clips.
  66. Damage Car Park Dints/Dings
  67. AC/Heater AC problems after a new relay..thats expensive right?!
  68. Engine Died under acceleration
  69. Suspension Wrong Sub Frame 2006 and the improved sub frame for civic 2013
  70. stone chips
  71. AC/Heater Yes another air con thread
  72. Windscreen windscreen seal
  73. Other Creaking sound drivers side.
  74. Engine EML light and VSA turned on
  75. Music 07 Civic Radio Problems....
  76. Leaks Water leak into boot
  77. Steering Power Steering Fault Upon Startup
  78. Electrics Radio stuck: only 4 buttons work.
  79. AC/Heater Climate Control Problem!
  80. AC/Heater Heater blower noise
  81. AC/Heater A/C not working and my radiator fans are on all the time?
  82. Engine 2.2 oil consumption
  83. Engine 2.2 starts .... sometimes!
  84. Bodywork Back bumper rubbing
  85. Suspension Loud click before setting off
  86. Squeaks Squeaky clutch pedal
  87. Transmission Civic mk8 2006
  88. Music Stereo
  89. Damage Cracked water reservoir
  90. Bodywork Front bumper
  91. Engine 2.2 starting problems
  92. Bodywork Just noticed something weird
  93. Electrics VSA & ABS Light come on
  94. Engine gush of air from under the engine
  95. Engine Motor mount part number for Honda Civic 2009 4D 1.8L
  96. Other MOT advisory
  97. Electrics Mitsuba Relay Question
  98. MPG Lambda sensore
  99. Damage Rear wing dent
  100. Squeaks Tailgate lock
  101. Engine Tappy engine 2007 fn2
  102. Engine Check oil level
  103. Other wiper arm corrosion
  104. Trim Misaligned trim
  105. Steering FN2 Creaking Steering
  106. Windows Noisy window operation
  107. Transmission Engine stalls and sounds/steam from the bonnet
  108. Brakes Noise when braking front left side?
  109. Steering Noise while pushing left to right
  110. Squeaks Odd creak from rear of car
  111. AC/Heater AC compressor not gripping (not relay related)
  112. Other Quiet 'Snoring' noise...?!
  113. Suspension Wheel Bearings?
  114. Electrics ECU repair advice
  115. Other 07 civic si
  116. Electrics Passenger wing mirror got damaged - no longer folds
  117. Bodywork Poor Door Fit
  118. Other whooshing sound
  119. Other Rear middle seat belt won't go back in
  120. Squeaks Arrrrgh Squeaks!!!
  121. Electrics AutoStop/Loss of electrics
  122. Electrics 2009 2.2 I-CDTi Fault Code P0113
  123. Computer Handbrake light not working on dash? Can't get tyre pressure light off
  124. Road Noise Honda Civic Si CHATTER!!!VIDEO
  125. Electrics Multi Information Display fault
  126. Trim Wet Seatbelt ???
  127. Computer 2.2 CDTi Non-Start & Warnings Problem
  128. Other Key fob battery removal
  129. AC/Heater internal heater doesn't get hot
  130. Windscreen Windscreen/roof...post recall
  131. Lights low / dipped beams not working
  132. Leaks Water in drivers footwell
  133. Other Wing mirrors only partially folding
  134. Electrics Battery keeps running flat
  135. Squeaks Rattly Gear Change
  136. Other How do I brighten the display?
  137. Leaks Pond in boot.
  138. Long list Back in the spaceship!
  139. Windscreen Auto Windscreen wipers constantly on in rain and cold morning ?
  140. Electrics Beeping from boot
  141. Other Window Condensation
  142. Other Strange High Pitched Humming Sound Under Load
  143. AC/Heater DTC P0533, PGM-FI Faults & Wiring Diagrams
  144. Engine Rattling on deceleration 2009 2.2 diesel civic
  145. AC/Heater Squealing Fan?
  146. Engine Poor engine response when cold - FN2 Type-R
  147. Damage Off side mirror broken
  148. Leaks Water in rear passenger side footwell
  149. Suspension Knocking from Driver's Side Wheel Arch when Turning Right
  150. Squeaks Glove box rattle/buzz
  151. AC/Heater Backflush the heater matrix Anyone?
  152. Steering Steering issue (I think)
  153. Brakes ABS & VSA lights on
  154. Squeaks Another cure for squeaky clutch
  155. Damage Paintwork
  156. Squeaks Squeak coming from front drivers side wheel
  157. Squeaks Metal sounding noise from rear.
  158. Other Top Dash Removal !Help please !
  159. Engine 2008 honda civic 1.4 i-dsi (L13A7) Cylinders 1,2,3 & 4 misfire and random misfire DTC
  160. Windscreen Windscreen Wiper Fault
  161. Electrics Finding replacement Parking Sensors
  162. Flat battery Rear demister stays on
  163. Engine Honda Civic 56 i-Vtec - car won't start this morning
  164. Electrics key fob and sat nav stopped working
  165. AC/Heater AC high pressure gas release/ice on evaporator unit
  166. Engine 2.2 Diesel cold start issue ?
  167. AC/Heater Heater cold & engine temp gauge up & down
  168. Bodywork Bonnet latch mk8 Honda civic
  169. Flat battery battery lifespan
  170. Engine FN2 Type R, revs dropping when clutch depressed..low oil pressure warning
  171. Electrics Heated Wing Mirrors
  172. Squeaks Can't find source of a rattle
  173. Trim Strong glue please...
  174. Leaks Just found a leak :-(
  175. Engine 2.2 59 plate - Starting Problems. : (
  176. Headlights Always On ?!
  177. AC/Heater Absolutely zero fans randomly
  178. Windscreen rear windscreen bubbles
  179. Electrics Rev LED's not working (genuinely)
  180. Fuel Using Diesel EGR Cleaner
  181. Windows Daft Question Time ???
  182. AC/Heater Fans are blowing but no air....
  183. Squeaks Squealing rear end!
  184. Windows Boot leak 80%ish troubleshooting done!
  185. Music Radio CD Problem
  186. AC/Heater Steamed up windows
  187. Steering Unknown Knock
  188. Windscreen Windshield replaced.
  189. Bodywork Door Alignment
  190. Electrics Think iv broken it...
  191. Other Camshaft Sensor
  192. Other First start issues ( not catching )
  193. Handbrake Plastic handbrake broken
  194. Damage Annoying Slight Vibration
  195. Engine Rattle sound? So anoying.
  196. Electrics interior lights not working
  197. Computer Engine warning
  198. Fuel Petrol filler flap
  199. Suspension Drop links
  200. Flat battery Car won't start
  201. Engine Power loss 2.2 ES
  202. Transmission Clutch Slipping?
  203. Engine Engine Management Warning Light
  204. Lights Parking light???
  205. Fuel Consumption sensor error?
  206. Bodywork Dents and Dings
  207. Other Drivers seat back wobble
  208. Seats Seatbelt won't retract?
  209. Lights Rear indicator moisture
  210. Exterior wing mirror damaged
  211. Electrics Side mirrors not folding and half fold?
  212. Windscreen Windscreen washer jets not working
  213. Electrics Did mirror not closing
  214. Squeaks steering squeaks when turning left (nown again not all the time)
  215. Other My R's fallen off
  216. Squeaks Loud rattling at full lock right
  217. Recalls airbags recall!
  218. Other MK8 Boot Struts
  219. Lights Rear light glass just came off
  220. Damage Dent in my car, help?
  221. Engine Flashing green key - car not starting!
  222. Engine wild rpm after cleaning tb
  223. Long list Civic CTR Replica - Repair or Break?
  224. Computer DTC Fault Code not registering
  225. Electrics Help what is this wire for
  226. Other Key in ignition
  227. Exterior worn bonnet stay/rod
  228. Leaks Wet rear seatbelt
  229. Electrics Help needed! Engine Fault warning After installing Xcarlink
  230. Handbrake Worn handbrake
  231. Electrics Parking sensor - long tone then one beep
  232. Electrics When I punch a pannel.....all the warning lights come on
  233. Damage aba vsa light help wire
  234. Long list Rattle from rear driver side and rough noise accelerating 1500-2000 revs?
  235. Air-con delete on r18a engine
  236. AC/Heater Heater Actuator not moving
  237. Squeaks Squeaky Civic!
  238. Leaks anyone know the part number, winscreen reservoir
  239. AC/Heater Drain off pipe.
  240. Engine fn2 type r noisey
  241. Electrics Check system light EML
  242. Transmission Clutch bite point
  243. Engine Camshaft 2 (b) error help
  244. Other Crank Seal and clutch stress!
  245. Computer ECU repair/auto electrician recommendations
  246. Seats 2007 Civic Type S GT 3Dr
  247. Electrics Windows, central locking, boot lid - do not work after a short drive
  248. Squeaks Help...knocking when turning right or left when engine is cold!
  249. Long list Help... Urgent... Dealer no clue + no help!!!
  250. Other P1384 (Glow plug circuit malfunction)