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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Brakes Brake Light Switch
  2. Electrics 2007 civic speed sensor
  3. Electrics window switch not working driver side for passenger side window.
  4. AC/Heater Hole in my AC system
  5. Windows Windows not removing water
  6. Windows Creaky window
  7. Damage Damaged O/S mirror
  8. Engine 1.4 stype 2011 sluggish
  9. Seats Anyone know how to get the seat cover off?
  10. Damage Silver door handle cover came off. Can I glue it back somehow?
  11. Engine Whining noise
  12. Suspension Creaking, knocking and dodgy braking
  13. Damage Gear shift scratches
  14. Engine Setting off on the I shift help
  15. Road Noise Wind noise from tweeter
  16. Seats Rear seat belt warning problem
  17. Squeaks Steering creak on full lock and noise driving over bumps?
  18. Flat battery Locked out my FN2
  19. Squeaks The creaky clutch pedal again
  20. Other Missing Screws
  21. Electrics Main Dealer Puzzled
  22. Other Wet seatbelt!
  23. Damage Help required - wing mirror
  24. Bodywork fn2 front bumper isn't flush
  25. Engine Big engine problem
  26. Brakes Check ABS / VSA Warning Light
  27. Windows Drivers side window feels slack
  28. Windows Switch not working
  29. AC/Heater Air Conditioning not working
  30. AC/Heater Air conditioning
  31. Damage Scratched dashboard; how expensive/easy to replace?
  32. Brakes FN2 Rear Caliper Rebuild
  33. Damage Advice please
  34. Windscreen Water bottle not filling
  35. Electrics Pano roof one doesn't open
  36. Squeaks Identify passenger side rattle
  37. Damage Crack in ashtray(?) cover, how to remove?
  38. Suspension Creaking from rear after fitting Eibachs
  39. Engine Growling sound in 1st and 2nd
  40. AC/Heater Water Ingress
  41. Fuel Fuel cap can be opened from the outside
  42. Other New Civic With Phone Connection Issues
  43. Steering Tracking out after clutch done
  44. Fuel Honda Civic 2007 2.2 diesel
  45. Engine Glow plugs don't always fire (2007 CDTI)
  46. Bodywork Passenger Mirror doesn't sit correctly.
  47. Bodywork Rust along top of windscreen
  48. Seats Wretched head restraint!
  49. Fuel Fuel cap won't lock
  50. Seats Rear center seat belt issue
  51. Bodywork Offside front wheel trim for nhb fn2
  52. Engine Oxygen Sensor replacememt - EML light
  53. Engine Knock Sensor
  54. Windows Window wipers motor
  55. Squeaks Squeak at Low Speed
  56. Damage Coming up to 100k miles
  57. Leaks Mysterious leak?
  58. Exterior Rear spoiler visibility
  59. Exterior Drivers wing mirror won't work!
  60. AC/Heater Yet another AC Issue
  61. AC/Heater AC Only working on one vent?
  62. AC/Heater Annoying AC sound
  63. Electrics PGM-FI after changing to LED tail/brake bulbs
  64. AC/Heater Frozen AC lines under the hood and no air out of the vents.
  65. AC/Heater Air Con/Fan Lacking Power
  66. AC/Heater A/C problems
  67. Engine Check System Light - High Mileage
  68. Squeaks Squeaky clutch pedal again
  69. Squeaks Just bought, few minor bugs -
  70. Windscreen Cleaning Windscreen Washer Bottle
  71. AC/Heater AC blowing hot at 40C
  72. Satnav problem reflection navigator to direct sunlight
  73. Seats drivers seat back panel
  74. Brakes Handbrake Cover: Anybody Tried This Instead of Replacing?
  75. Electrics Over Sensitive?
  76. Engine clicking noise when braking
  77. Engine Error Code P2004
  78. Other Tegiwa Exhaust Issue
  79. Damage Strange sound
  80. Computer Odometer seems to be way out?
  81. Brakes Is this the right brake switch?!
  82. AC/Heater Must from middle vent
  83. Road Noise Oil leak + Noise
  84. Squeaks Expensive Day
  85. Bodywork Rust between windscreen rubber strip and metal
  86. Electrics Car Battery Runs Down
  87. Electrics Wing Mirror gone mad!
  88. Squeaks Clutch Master cylinder part number
  89. Engine Fan comes on started, engine managment light and glow plug light flashing
  90. Recalls Air bag recalls
  91. Bodywork Exhaust triangles not aligned!
  92. Squeaks Dash Trim Squeak
  93. AC/Heater Air Con Compressor - all the same?
  94. Brakes Help needed !!!!
  95. Bodywork Cost of Spraying
  96. Squeaks Weird dashboard rattle
  97. Suspension Front dull movement sound driver side
  98. Paint stone chips 64 plate
  99. AC/Heater AC not working properly
  100. Other Flappy Sun visor
  101. Seats Rear seat squab..........make it stay upright??
  102. Damage My glass roof is cracked
  103. AC/Heater Blower not working
  104. Engine 2.2 ex woes - loss of power, shuddering, cutting out
  105. AC/Heater Air Conditioning fogging glasses inside
  106. Squeaks Satnav screen rattling
  107. Flat battery door lock
  108. Paint Roof Rust - HELP GUYS
  109. Squeaks Something sliding about behind the dash
  110. Brakes another vsa/abs woa
  111. Electrics Auto passenger window, wipers, and headlights
  112. Bodywork Door rust
  113. Engine Engine vibration at 60 mph
  114. Damage The Power of Dreams...
  115. AC/Heater A/C not working after new compressor
  116. Steering Steering Wheel ***** after HU Install
  117. Computer Engine Management Light
  118. Damage Did something fall off?
  119. Exterior Door Handle
  120. AC/Heater Air Condenser Replacement
  121. AC/Heater Air Con
  122. Exterior Boot catching on latch and not opening!!!!
  123. Leaks Drivers footwell
  124. Other List of issues, how to fix them?
  125. Leaks water sloshing about in rear passenger door???
  126. Damage Mirror Part
  127. Flat battery Strange Electrical fault?
  128. Electrics Roof Blind playing up
  129. Other Drivers seat movement in recliner section
  130. Electrics radio, ac and hazzard backlights not working
  131. Exterior Squeaky rear!
  132. Phone Phone can't find HFT any more - Fixed
  133. Electrics Bloody fans!!
  134. Squeaks Buzzing noise from centre dash head unit
  135. Exterior Banging
  136. Computer glow plug warning sensor
  137. AC/Heater intermittent cold air.
  138. Electrics Battery disconnection.
  139. Seats Seat mechanism
  140. Electrics Check System Error Message
  141. Other Squeaking Low Speed/Braking
  142. Electrics Alarm keeps going off - battery issue?
  143. Electrics Start button not operating.
  144. Exterior Rear boot grill
  145. Exterior GP Front Splitter Mesh
  146. Engine Funny smell - boost lag
  147. Engine Car struggling to start sometimes :(
  148. Computer Urgent: System Check Warning
  149. Electrics Help finding part
  150. Transmission Cv joint
  151. AC/Heater Climate
  152. Electrics Wing mirror only adjusts left and right
  153. Damage Wing mirror
  154. Leaks Vin number
  155. Leaks Moonroof drains
  156. Squeaks Clutch Squeek - Slave cylinder
  157. Electrics faults Again!
  158. Suspension Noise from rear suspension when a lot of weight in car
  159. Digital clock
  160. Electrics Fault codes.
  161. Computer Speedometer divergence
  162. Paint Lacquer peeling from bonnet
  163. Exterior Windscreen lower area delaminating
  164. Long list U0122 fault code and few other bits
  165. Long list New here and having issues!
  166. Leaks Water Leak - Centre Console Please HELP :(
  167. Electrics Folding mirrors
  168. Computer Cruise
  169. Other 2.2 fuel consumption
  170. Steering Warnings electric power steering FN2 2009
  171. Steering Slight squealing when turning left
  172. Computer Electric cutout possibility
  173. Other Fn2 throttle hesitation
  174. Electrics Definitive Answer
  175. Engine car is vibrating/stuttering when I change gear
  176. Large Patch Rubbed Paint
  177. Windscreen Annoying tapping sound
  178. Electrics check system and vsa light error help please
  179. Long list NEW MEMBER PROBLEMS - Type S GT 2.2 2007
  180. Squeaks vibration and rattle
  181. Seats Seatbelts
  182. Suspension Knocking again
  183. Other Gear knob
  184. Engine Fluid under engine
  185. Windows Rear Heated Screen
  186. Engine 2.2 Diesel hard to start sometimes
  187. Electrics Throttle position sensor and eps light
  188. Long list Known fault checklist for USED cars?
  189. Damage Using wipers in the cold / frost can /will fry your ecu !!! look at the link!!!
  190. Electrics Windscreen Wiper Woes
  191. Electrics weird goings on?
  192. Transmission Driveshaft replacement
  193. AC/Heater Lack of heat
  194. Exterior Wipers struggle to start?
  195. Other Mat Anchor Question
  196. Leaks Leak around boot area - any ideas?
  197. Other Can anyone ID this rattle? [Video clip]
  198. Lights HELP GUYS, anyone in chorley or near by
  199. Fuel Is this normal? Fuel gauge.
  200. Lights 3rd brake light condensation
  201. Bodywork Rusty doors question
  202. Flat battery flat battery, relay or hft?
  203. Bodywork Oem bumper and oem tow hook covers not flush
  204. Steering MOT Advisory "Play In Steering Rack Inner Joint(s)"
  205. Engine burning smell at high revs
  206. Fuel Help please think I've broken it!
  207. Trim Door Tweeter Casing (passenger side) annoying buzzing
  208. Squeaks Squeaking drivers headrest
  209. Electrics Battary connection broken - need advice on relacment
  210. Other Rattle when accelarating and revs are at 2k
  211. Road Noise Ticking noise
  212. Other The day has come :(
  213. Exterior Tailgate outer panel removal?
  214. Bodywork Is the door handle a sealed unit or can it be removed?
  215. Steering Steering Wheel problem.
  216. Electrics engine goes into diagnostics
  217. Damage Drove 8th gen type s through a brick wall. Need advice
  218. Electrics warning light
  219. Electrics Auto door lock?
  220. Squeaks Curing squeaky and rattly dash
  221. Lights Lights flicker when at bite point
  222. Met a gritter now not happy!
  223. Other Heat shield rattle
  224. Electrics Rear fog light not registering on dash
  225. Transmission Engine vibration in 1st gear pulling away.
  226. Other Bonnet release not working
  227. AC/Heater Blower motor sounds like a pulse jet
  228. Honda Civic 2007 Heater Controls
  229. Bodywork Water wings?
  230. Engine Crazy 5 seconds when starting
  231. Other Vibrating
  232. Other Clutch question
  233. Electrics snapping sunroof blinds the cause and the fix
  234. Other Vibration
  235. AC/Heater Heater Problems!
  236. Other Problem to start the engine.
  237. Electrics Wiper motor & mechanism
  238. Other Radio panel question
  239. Electrics Locking/unlocking.
  240. Electrics Unpredictable Windscreen Wipers
  241. Unpredictable Windscreen Wipers
  242. Other not locking properly and other bits
  243. AC/Heater 2007 type s heating fan
  244. AC/Heater 2007 type s heating fan
  245. Engine Cold weather engine stalls
  246. Other Coin stuck under carpet, how to access it?
  247. Seats Seat rails..
  248. Seats passanger seat belt light on
  249. Long list Civic 07 the most noisy car iv owned, or sat in
  250. Electrics Windscreen wipers not stopping on closed position