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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Electrics front impact crash sensor
  2. Squeaks Squeaking windscreen???
  3. Exterior Door Mirror
  4. Damage Rear Light Cluster Damaged
  5. Windscreen Washer jet /bottle or pump issue
  6. Electrics Heated mirror stopped working
  7. AC/Heater Noisy vents after service
  8. Exterior Power mirrors
  9. Seats Passenger seat
  10. Squeaks Buzzing noise!!!
  11. Engine Exhaust bolt problem
  12. Electrics Code new airbag module to ecu?
  13. Engine 1.8 strange noise at idle
  14. Windscreen Rain leaking in
  15. Engine Diesel fuel causing limp mode
  16. Transmission Notchy Gearbox, hard to get in 3rd Gear
  17. Engine Engine sometimes fails to start/turn over.
  18. Leaks Rear window
  19. Scratch repair options
  20. Windscreen Washers jets not working?
  21. Windscreen Wipers not parking correctly.
  22. Suspension Steering/Suspension Creaking/Rubbing
  23. Electrics Head unit & Steering wheel illumination lost
  24. Repairing underseal
  25. Lights Auto Lights always seem to be on
  26. Other How to Fix Error Codes P2185, P2183, P0111, and P0128 on a Honda Civic 2006
  27. Road Noise Clunking Noise at the Front End
  28. Engine Stuttering/hesitation 1500 rpm
  29. Engine Cooling fans
  30. AC/Heater Climate control/blower starts only after a few minutes
  31. Transmission Burnt FN2 flywheel
  32. Damage [HELP] Honda Civic 2/4Dr Exhaust Catback System
  33. AC/Heater radiator blind?
  34. Transmission Clutch Bite Point and Wear
  35. Damage steering wheel is decaying, any solution?
  36. AC/Heater Cold
  37. Other Hissing sound when driving along
  38. Other door sill refurb
  39. Other mirror folding issue
  40. Engine FN2 - noise from top pulley ?
  41. Electrics Need Help. Car does not start...
  42. Engine My accelorator pedal seems to just turn off??
  43. Engine Funy racheting noise under power
  44. Leaks Manifold fault
  45. Radio not working when heated screen button pressed
  46. Leaks Leaking
  47. honda civic 1.8 ACTUATOR problem? PLS HELP
  48. Engine FN2 runs rough when cold...
  49. Seats EX heated seat not working?! Any ideas?
  50. Windscreen Is there an easy fix for this?
  51. AC/Heater Wet pollen filter
  52. AC/Heater Help! Heaters not working in this freezing weather!
  53. Bodywork Fuel cap
  54. Electrics Does anyone know what this plug is for?
  55. Flat battery Battery light on
  56. Engine Auxiliary belt squilling
  57. AC/Heater Centre dash vents and foot vents not working
  58. Windscreen New car minor probs
  59. Windscreen Window wipers not working properly
  60. Advice/Opinions please.
  61. AC/Heater Air Con Compressor,help needed!
  62. Brakes Hand brake is touching the wheel
  63. Bodywork Stone chips on the bonnet
  64. AC/Heater Intermittent A/C - ventilation
  65. Electrics Ac Radio Clock display permanently showing all
  66. Lights Dash lighting
  67. Transmission Front end knocks, bangs and vibrations
  68. Engine 2006 2.2 cdti nearly stalling when slowing to a crawl (again)
  69. Leaks Ever heard of a 1.8 Oil leak?
  70. Bodywork Rusty Roof "AGAIN"
  71. Windows Left Rear Power Window
  72. Damage Help with the parkiing sensors
  73. Engine Stutter at both high and low revs
  74. Paint Rusty Roof Respray
  75. Transmission Have I flame grilled my Clutch?
  76. Suspension Clunking rear end?
  77. Electrics clutch problems and more
  78. Transmission Clutch Pedal Sticking
  79. Squeaks shudder / wobble from front end as speed
  80. Squeaks Squill from wheel
  81. AC/Heater Dash light illumination help.
  82. AC/Heater Heater blowing cold....then hot
  83. Electrics Key fob battery change
  84. Engine Location of MAP sensor
  85. Bodywork 2.2 Rear Heat Shield
  86. Leaks Fluid leaking from back end of the car when facinf uphill
  87. Leaks Help with leak
  88. Suspension Big problem with civics
  89. Engine Strange loss of power ?
  90. MPG MPG issue and jerky gear change
  91. Seats Airbag Fault Code 15-3 OPDS sensor
  92. Squeaks clutch click and stick!
  93. Exterior Door Handles
  94. Suspension Knocking
  95. Leaks Gear box oil leak 2.2 diesel
  96. AC/Heater Air con again sorry
  97. AC/Heater AC working inconsistently (Turns on and off)
  98. couldnt get into the car this morning
  99. Squeaks Squeaking dash madness!
  100. Fuel 2.2 diesel fuel leak
  101. Windscreen Front wipers
  102. Exterior Rear Wing screws bending..
  103. Windows Rear Demister
  104. Bodywork Heat Shield
  105. Seats driver seat type r
  106. Windows squeeky window
  107. Other Skunk2 cai and air bag light
  108. Squeaks Annoying sound from back over Cobbles
  109. Road Noise noise when shutting off engine and on bad road
  110. AC/Heater A/C not working......again.
  111. AC/Heater fans staying on even when cold
  112. AC/Heater Smoke? coming through vent
  113. Electrics Warning Lights and Information messages - HELP!
  114. Squeaks Buzz from rev counter area
  115. Other 2010 Civic 2.2 Sale and 315 Clutch Advice
  116. Steering harsh steering stop issue
  117. Steering Steering noise
  118. Dealers brake fluid eats paint???
  119. Electrics CD player seems to trip out.
  120. Lights Indicator fast clicking
  121. The old squeaky clutch...
  122. Electrics everything is going wrong
  123. Leaks Water in the passanger footwell
  124. AC/Heater Misting, and other odd issues
  125. Leaks Water leak in front passenger floor
  126. Seats Passenger Seat Adjustment Foot Lever
  127. Leaks Windscreen washer leak?
  128. Computer Multi-Information Display - CHECK SYSTEM (engine) display fault
  129. Road Noise Clicking noise on 57 plate civic type r
  130. Handbrake Hazard warning light, not blinking
  131. AC/Heater Bang noise when drive over catseyes on Motorway
  132. Engine Engine Management Light
  133. Road Noise clicking/knocking
  134. Exterior How to fix this?
  135. Other Pedal box change
  136. AC/Heater New Relay but Clutch won't engage
  137. AC/Heater No cold air from a/c
  138. odriscolldad
  139. Bodywork Heatshielf come lose
  140. AC/Heater Condenser Removal
  141. Squeaks Fixed rattle!!!
  142. Bodywork My near side rear door fills up with water!?
  143. Steering How to replace inner track rods????
  144. Brakes Noisey brakes
  145. Broken Handbrake Cap
  146. EPS module
  147. Damage Small bumper ding
  148. Engine poss cracked manifold on new (to me) civic-good news too!
  149. Suspension clicking sound
  150. Engine Timing Chain hitting/touching cover
  151. Bodywork Metal showing
  152. Fuel PGM-FI again !!!!
  153. Paint Stone chips
  154. Other Farad bars question
  155. AC/Heater Another AC Thread!
  156. Steering Something's not right with my steering
  157. Engine Scratching grinding noise
  158. Damage Wing mirror replacement
  159. Other Where does this go?
  160. Other Rattle / something has come loose
  161. Squeaks creak!
  162. Steering Squeek / Creak
  163. Suspension wet weather handling
  164. Engine Alternator terminal set in 1.8 petrol
  165. AC/Heater Schrader valve.
  166. Transmission Clutch pedal free play how to adjust?
  167. Bodywork TYPE R Bumper Missalignment
  168. Steering Steering wheel judder
  169. Exterior Squeaky exterior door handle and
  170. AC/Heater air con drain location pic?
  171. AC/Heater Aircon with hissing sound and hot air
  172. Stone chips best way to touch up
  173. Electrics Changing coolant sensor and connector
  174. Engine Trrrr noise when accelerating hard?
  175. Engine Vibrating noise down in left side of engine bay when at low revs ?????
  176. Trim Help on cleaning suede seats
  177. Engine Grinding/Scraping noise when throttle is down.
  178. Steering extra adjustment
  179. Steering Noise when turning at low speeds
  180. Exterior Warranty claim for subframe issue
  181. How to take off petrol flap??
  182. Other Squeeking noise
  183. Trim Cracking/loud ticking sound when driving in rain
  184. AC/Heater 2007 I-CTDI Compressor Part nos
  185. Exterior Wing mirror problem?
  186. Engine how to permenantly stop sub frame click?
  187. Electrics Engine management light coming on/off
  188. Electrics Indicator timing
  189. Squeaks rubber creaking
  190. AC/Heater Air Con
  191. Squeaks Clonking noise?
  192. Brakes abs/vsa
  193. Trim sunshine roof front blind hangup
  194. Engine Guess the fault code :D fun way to help me
  195. Bodywork Underbody panel loose / speed bump clang
  196. Headlights always on when engine on and Backlight on Satnav Off during startup! :(
  197. Other engine management light
  198. Brakes Squeeky wheel and scored rear disc
  199. Other Low vibration at 15-20mph
  200. Other Windscreen washer pump?
  201. Heat shield bent and next to exhaust
  202. Suspension Creaking rear end!
  203. Fuel Fuel Cap Not Closed
  204. AC/Heater Heater/blower
  205. AC/Heater 2006 Civic 1.8 Aircon blowing warm (after several regasses)
  206. Suspension Worn front wheels bearings?
  207. Engine Oil level warning light
  208. Driver side door handle facia
  209. Exterior Door handles stiff
  210. Trim Drill bit fallen inside trim near car jack....help please!!
  211. Other Interior alarm
  212. Squeaks scuttle panel and dash squeeks
  213. Other Rubber strip under door
  214. AC/Heater Air Con Working Intermittingly
  215. Engine vacuum solenoid help
  216. Brakes Wheel not spining
  217. Electrics Rear parking sensors
  218. Engine Whirring Noise at Idle
  219. Exterior Scrape on dismounting speed bump?
  220. Bodywork To all Tangerine Orange owners help?
  221. Road Noise Clicking under braking/accelerating
  222. Leaks Windscreen washer leak
  223. Squeaks FN2 clutch Fly Wheel noise
  224. Damage Melted interior / cheap air freshener!
  225. AC/Heater Damp smell from AC
  226. cold running problem
  227. Engine power drop between gear change? (fn2)
  228. Lights leaving & coming home
  229. Squeaks Heavy cracking (driver door opening/closing)
  230. Other steering clunk in reverse
  231. Engine Honda civic 2.2 Timing Chain
  232. Squeaks Rear folding seats latch
  233. Electrics window stuck down
  234. AC/Heater Air Con only working above 2500 rpm
  235. Squeaks strange noise
  236. Other multiple clutch clicks
  237. Other Clunky shocks n wet feet!
  238. Squeaks steering on full lock sounds creaky
  239. Other Type R Gear Knob - Fitting Help
  240. Engine Engine noise
  241. Squeaks clutch creek update
  242. AC/Heater 2007 EX - Where's the blower?
  243. Electrics Battery warning light + stall
  244. Trim Parcel Shelf Peg/Clip Broken
  245. Bodywork not a good day
  246. Windscreen plastic scuttle onto windscreen?
  247. Electrics Grumbling passanger wing mirror
  248. Engine Strange Noise between 1800-2200rpm 1.8 Petrol. (Video Included)
  249. Other Alarm won't stop going off!
  250. Electrics O2 sensor replacement - hunting idle