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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Flat battery Serious Voltage drop in hours!
  2. Electrics Speedo Inaccuracies
  3. Damage Broken Side Mirror
  4. Other Side wind mirrors demister not working
  5. Electrics Strange electrical fault...
  6. Bodywork Passengers door clunking
  7. Engine Loosing power and engine management light
  8. Engine Anyone know what this warning light means?
  9. Electrics stereo/ac stopped working and car refuses to lock! Need Help!
  10. AC/Heater air con not working...
  11. Engine check engine blinks 5 times after aftermarket HU replacement.
  12. Exterior Best way to carry two bikes
  13. Other Passenger Door Wont Open
  14. Damage Help broke this today
  15. Bodywork !!Damn number plate tape!!
  16. Bodywork bonnet imperfections
  17. Windscreen Driver side Wiper
  18. Electrics Ignition and radio on..battery went flat ?
  19. Electrics P2185 Engine Coolant Temperature 2 Investigation.
  20. Engine Help with fault/code
  21. Recalls Recalls warrenty etc
  22. Damn Battery!
  23. Damage Well this scared the crap out of me!
  24. Seats Fn2 passenger seat wobble
  25. Squeaks Clicking When turning and driving
  26. Seats Rattling passenger seat
  27. Battery problem
  28. Electrics Warning light on dashboard
  29. ratling noise
  30. Other Strange ticking sound heard on passenger side
  31. Squeaks Drivers seat back rest
  32. Electrics 2.2 2008 access to heater fan
  33. Fuel Reason for sudden loss in MPG? FK3
  34. Electrics LCD aircon display dilemma
  35. Electrics heated wing mirror not work
  36. Trunk lid adjustment
  37. Other Split CV boot
  38. Electrics Unlock noise
  39. Squeaks Squeak Noice fron Inside Dashboard
  40. Leaks leak
  41. Engine FN2 slight hesitation when cold
  42. Damage Replacing wingmirror glass
  43. Windscreen Washer Bottle
  44. AC/Heater Poor heater
  45. Electrics I managed to FIX my temperature sensor!
  46. Transmission WARNING for short shift users!
  47. Damage Scratched glass at rear of Type S
  48. Other front end rattle
  49. Flat battery 2009 2.2 Diesel Ex Model - Parasitic Battery Drain
  50. Flat battery Fault code help
  51. Electrics outside temperature sensor
  52. Phone Radio stuck on phone mode?
  53. Squeaks squeak rev counter area
  54. Trim Panaramic roof - electric cover
  55. Seats Sheared Seat Frame
  56. Leaks still leaking
  57. Lights bright beam not working
  58. Transmission Diesel clutch problem
  59. Exterior Broken Driver Side Door Handle
  60. Exterior Stopping the windscreen cowel noises
  61. Servicing 2.2cdti after market air filter, noise
  62. Windscreen My wiper motor experience
  63. Squeaks Rattle from somewhere behind the dash (Video included)
  64. Squeaks Luggage squeaks
  65. Squeaks not a squeek...it's a rattle
  66. Lights gunge in rear lights
  67. Suspension Strange banging noise
  68. Electrics Steering wheel ! icon
  69. Engine What does this warning symbol mean and how do i sort it?
  70. Electrics Alarm:Key fob won't unlock,satnav and clock dead!
  71. Other Wing Mirrors
  72. Bodywork Rear Spoiler
  73. Windows Strange Windscreen noise
  74. Fuel Leaky Injector Seal (2.2 Diesel)
  75. Other Clicking when braking / turning
  76. Other Random Noise when accelerating
  77. Electrics Ecu problem
  78. Trim drivers mat
  79. Engine What does this hose do?
  80. Other Ti 500
  81. Other Car feels unstable when going around rounabouts
  82. Paint rusty roof warranty service bulletin
  83. Bodywork New Milano Bumper or respray
  84. Music Radio has no sound but cd player does
  85. Windscreen Lost piece of trim on Wiper
  86. Steering Steering wheel clunk
  87. Squeaks Clutch pedal squeak
  88. AC/Heater Dual zone climate control or not?
  89. Engine Check light plus flashing glow plug symbol
  90. Other Scratches On Rev Counter Screen
  91. Electrics Radio/Clock/Temp display dead
  92. Other mould spots in boot
  93. AC/Heater compressor won't engage
  94. Fuel MPG drop after service
  95. Lights rear light
  96. Suspension Eibach Bump stops has fallen down
  97. Fuel Low Fuel Indicator
  98. Leaks Water in rear passenger door
  99. Trim Passenger side air vent trim/grill broken
  100. Power Steering Fault......
  101. Damage Honda Air bag specialist?
  102. Help removing plastic boot mould
  103. Bodywork Leaking boot glass
  104. Engine Car stalls under sudden acceleration when cold
  105. Lights Rear Fog light not working
  106. Master cylinder fault at 35k
  107. Fuel Lose fuel flap
  108. Leaks Windscreen washer leak !
  109. Damage Broken mirror rotation
  110. AC/Heater Wet Pollen Filter?
  111. Electrics Alarm issues. Please read!!!
  112. AC/Heater Heater problems!!
  113. Fuel problems refuelling / pump cutting off
  114. Electrics radio changing stations but display stays unchanged?
  115. Suspension Twang from N/S/F wheel
  116. Squeaks Tapping/Knocking From Near Side Roof
  117. Windows drivers door switch passenger window
  118. Other Door handle noise
  119. Road Noise Sound deadening boot area.Is it worth?
  120. Other Automatic Windscreen Wiper Noise
  121. Electrics boot latch keeps opening - no idea :/
  122. Other Armrest wobble
  123. Leaks puddle of water
  124. Damage Trim?
  125. Lights interior light fuse keeps blowing
  126. Steering Flat battery, then light steering, confused
  127. CD Player & Front Speakers (Doors & Dash) Issue
  128. Flat battery How to charge the Civic battery?
  129. Windscreen Condensation on INSIDE windows? Look here
  130. Windscreen Wiper blade clicking sound
  131. Fuel Fuel cap won't open
  132. Other Folding Mirrors Button.
  133. knocking noise in the front of the car
  134. Satisfaction A Few Questions
  135. Engine please help! Honda Civic Type S 2008 turns over very slowly but wont start
  136. Electrics Both Radiator Fans on all the time
  137. Electrics Rear interior domed light not working
  138. Seats Passenger side seat does not slide
  139. Passenger seat not working
  140. Trim just to share
  141. Dealers Advice and input needed on several issues and dealer warranty!
  142. Engine Help guys
  143. Flat battery Flat battery then immobiliser wouldn't go off now key fob don't work
  144. Clutch
  145. Other Horn
  146. Flat battery Need some help - 2 New Batteries and still Flat
  147. Satisfaction Anybody in the Chesterfield/Mansfield area able to help with 2.2 i-CTDI noises
  148. Other Slight clunk/knock on speed humps
  149. Electrics Unable to lock car with remote
  150. Other Sticking Sun Shade on GT
  151. Other Rattle/Tapping rear passenger side interior
  152. Squeaks Sharp screeching drivers side
  153. AC/Heater Climate control centre console air vent question
  154. Leaks Water droplets in boot
  155. Electrics Some fault code help..
  156. Windscreen Inside of window freezing up
  157. Other Door Mirrors
  158. Leaks Water leaking from windscreen
  159. Windscreen Crazy Windscreen Wipers!
  160. Computer Check System?
  161. Damage Wheel Arch
  162. Electrics Airbag SRS light error
  163. Suspension potential suspension problem
  164. Electrics Srs warning lamps
  165. Squeaks High Speed Whistle
  166. Electrics usb/aux
  167. Loud clunk every time I pull off
  168. Lights Heater off light
  169. Rear brake pads squealing??
  170. Other Glovebox courtesy light.. Or lack thereof!
  171. Damage 2.2 engine to ecu harness damaged !!!
  172. AC/Heater Weird Heater/steering wheel control Problem
  173. Damage Buying Replacement Wing Mirror 2nd Hand and DIY
  174. Transmission Honda Civic 2006 ishift stuck in reverse
  175. Engine 06 CDTi Need Help Please
  176. Music Radio poor Quality
  177. Squeaks Help - There's a Chipmunk in my Civic!
  178. Engine Engine Whine help please!?!
  179. AC/Heater Aircon not working on my Honda Civic
  180. Damage How To Fix Broken Wing Mirror - Snapped Metal Bracket
  181. Engine 2006 CTDi exhaust smell + ticking :(
  182. AC/Heater AC clutch and compressor trashed...
  183. Bodywork FN2 Needs new roof panel! Warranty argument!
  184. Squeaks Wierd noise.Help me identify the problem
  185. Squeaks Test drive squeaky clutch help
  186. Leaks Water leak sun visor
  187. Other Drivers door
  188. Windscreen screen washer?
  189. Windscreen Automatic wipers?
  190. Leaks Water leak rear passenger footwell
  191. Bodywork Arch/skirt not quite flush
  192. Bodywork Large plastic shield underneath car has come loose
  193. Leaks Water leak from sun visor
  194. Trim Kick Plates in bad condition
  195. Seats Seat Bar Missing?!
  196. Leaks Water in the boot.
  197. Transmission Knocking nose when revving or pulling away?
  198. Damage 2007 Civic Type S GT - Severe Juddering under acceleration
  199. Internal Boot Release
  200. Engine Squeeking noise from right side of engine
  201. Other Terrible suspension.. ? !
  202. Other Stalling after air filter removed
  203. Trim Civic panoramic roof
  204. Other Almost crashed, and no sign of VSA...
  205. Engine 2007 CDTI Wont start
  206. Lights fog light fire
  207. Brakes Came out of work to this
  208. Brakes Diseased Rear Brakes?
  209. Engine I-CDTI clutch n' flutter
  210. Suspension Clunk/knock from rear low speed off kerb drops, speed bumps, etc
  211. Electrics Fan keeps kicking in
  212. Leaks Water where it should not be!
  213. Other Possible cure for "clicking clutch"
  214. Damage Diamond Cut Refurb
  215. Road Noise Noise - banging/knocking round a roundabout
  216. Other Electric Mirrors
  217. Dealers washer pump
  218. Road Noise honda civic 2.2 i-ctdi vibrating low revs
  219. Electrics Radio/Display Issues
  220. AC/Heater AC Clutch ***!!!!!
  221. Bodywork Anyone recognise this?
  222. Engine "Check System"
  223. Transmission Clutch Squeek and click back again!
  224. Music cant change tracks on ipod through stereo or steering control
  225. Engine Overheating fn2
  226. Leaks condensation
  227. Damage Crashed my FN2 civic
  228. Paint Rusty doors!!!
  229. Fuel 06 Diesel fault code P1065 - help please!
  230. Paint Paint issue
  231. Open and close function not working
  232. Lights Interior Lights
  233. Lights Auto lights playing up
  234. Squeaks Squeaking noise when accelerating
  235. Other Dash and Speedo Cover.
  236. Electrics folding mirrors and a/c doesn't work
  237. Other Vibration about 2k revs.
  238. Leaks Best way to cure the condensation issue on the rear cluster?
  239. Brakes Judder through brake pedal.
  240. Flat battery Question
  241. Damage Mirror not folding
  242. Trim repair ripped carpet ( matt tethers)
  243. Electrics Alarm issue
  244. Other Mould in boot
  245. Other Type Pressure Warning
  246. Leaks Side mounted intercooler
  247. Damage rear o/s wheel arch trim removal
  248. Transmission Lets see what HUK say!
  249. Electrics Central console power socket not working
  250. Windows wipers