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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Windows wipers
  2. Brakes Constant squeak :(
  3. Windows Window Problem
  4. Other possible faults
  5. Lights Hazzard warning light switch (tiny bulb model)
  6. AC/Heater Noisy AC
  7. Road Noise Excessive road noise
  8. Lights rear fog light fault
  9. Steering light steering
  10. Electrics mad dash display
  11. Other rattle on dashboard
  12. Transmission Clutch Slip Advice
  13. AC/Heater 09 Civic Climate Control Intermittent Problem
  14. Road Noise Really silly question but im not sure!
  15. How to fasten the trunk lock?
  16. Satnav Sat Nav screen packed in.
  17. Computer VSA and ABS warning turn on
  18. Electrics passenger side window not working
  19. Engine Cooling Fan on Straight Away
  20. Other Fuel Flap - Stuck Open!
  21. Damage Rear Bumper scraped - Guestimate - any bodyshops in Mansfield area ?
  22. Squeaks Squeak coming from dashboard
  23. Engine Drive belt idle pulley
  24. Electrics All characters showing on clock display
  25. Windows Water inside the screen
  26. Lights Front OS Headlamp fault
  27. Fuel Full tank noise?
  28. Bodywork Rear Wheel Arch Screw
  29. Leaks MOT - FAILED - washers
  30. AC/Heater air con conundrum
  31. Satisfaction Few niggles
  32. Long list Couple of things washer and the blower
  33. Electrics Does anyone know what this means
  34. Engine Noisy clutch
  35. Windscreen wiper not returning to rest position
  36. Electrics Radio Tuner Packed In?
  37. Suspension Knocking noise from drivers side '07 ex
  38. Brakes Faulty ABS Pump, part confirmation help
  39. Engine 2nd gear at very low speeds.......
  40. Electrics fault codes
  41. Recalls Another warranty success story
  42. Bodywork De-badge
  43. Exterior Front GP Splitter Mark
  44. Leaks Leak in passenger footwell
  45. Engine oil level sensor
  46. Other Weird sound pedal position
  47. Trim Help - is the under front of my car meant to look like this
  48. Windows Driver's side window - Auto not working
  49. Damage Parking out of the way to avoid damage
  50. Paint Roof rust prevention
  51. AC/Heater Refrigerant Capacity 2007 2.2SE
  52. Bodywork Err water carrier?
  53. Help - Rear View stopped working
  54. Steering poll: how many owners have had steering rack replaced
  55. Engine Cam chain tensioner
  56. Electrics CEL after intake manifold installation
  57. Bodywork Thanks...you f****
  58. Exterior Stupid fuel cap tether; a solution
  59. Damage Unspeakable happened!
  60. Suspension Popping noise over speed humps
  61. Trim Removing interior boot lid trim?
  62. Electrics Fuel Cap
  63. Seats Problem with seat
  64. Other Clutch pedal click fix?
  65. Engine Front 02 Oxygen Sensor woe's
  66. Engine whirring noise at speed???
  67. Bodywork Opinions on a dent
  68. Seats Heated seats not very hot
  69. Bodywork Roof Trim
  70. Leaks Water in rear left indicator unit
  71. Suspension Vibration from front end
  72. Leaks Car is leaking water!
  73. Gear Gaiter fixing
  74. Electrics Under bonnet fans
  75. Bodywork Is this covered by manufacturer's warranty?
  76. Squeaks Hondas official clutch squeak bullitin and (admission) :)
  77. Windows Thieving Barstewards
  78. Brakes Check System (!) Brakes
  79. Engine fault code P0325 knock sensor?
  80. Bodywork The dreaded rusty roof and squeaky clutch pedal to boot
  81. Steering CV Joint?
  82. Squeaks Creaky rear? (Fnarr fnarr)
  83. Engine Whirring noise?
  84. Electrics CTR won't start after fitting LED's!
  85. Engine Engine cut-out and smoke/vapour emission
  86. Squeaks Subframe click
  87. Electrics what does this code mean on speeedo?
  88. Other Driver shaft?
  89. Electrics Flashing Glow Plug light and Check Engine light.
  90. Trim Wheel arch trim
  91. Bodywork crumbling doors :s
  92. Transmission Enging Noises
  93. Suspension Metallic knocking sound coming from the front
  94. Suspension Creaking noise from front when reversing
  95. Paint Slight rust on roof!!
  96. Damage Paint abrasion tailgate
  97. Electrics Check system light and air con questions
  98. Other Car new couple of things to fi
  99. Seats Adjusting cable broken
  100. Damage I was an idiot
  101. Engine What is this?
  102. Road Noise Whining drone noise from rear of car
  103. Steering Squeaks when steering left at low speeds
  104. Trim Finally fixed my ever fading trim...
  105. Other Speed bumps.
  106. Electrics folding wing mirrors
  107. Engine Knock sensor change on FN2
  108. Road Noise Knocking
  109. Paint Roof Rust - What does it look like?
  110. Exterior Mass gap / gap dimensions
  111. Steering electric power stearing light :(
  112. Exterior Front wheel arch wont clip in
  113. Engine strange intake noise
  114. Bodywork Gp mesh
  115. Damage Wheel arch protector replacement
  116. Do i have a air con leak?
  117. AC/Heater Please help!!!!
  118. Steering Front wheel bearing
  119. Other Rattle/grinding from somewhere!
  120. Other Boot !!!
  121. Road Noise Possible Wheel Bearing problem?
  122. Car making stranger noise
  123. Bodywork Removing door trim surface rust
  124. Bodywork Bodyshop Herts/Beds
  125. Other Help....alarm/central locking
  126. Other door lock not working
  127. AC/Heater Weird smell
  128. Repairing minor damage
  129. AC/Heater XXL mosquitoes?
  130. Squeaks Random squeak/creak
  131. Dealers Clutch slip on new car
  132. Electrics Honda Recall - Now Erroring PA51 B1235
  133. Leaks Leak under car
  134. Engine Low mileage burning oil
  135. Seats Passenger seat slide bar come out
  136. Electrics Help passenger rear side light not working
  137. 2006 civic wet carpet rear passenger side. Help!
  138. Windows Front door window tint problem - Need a shop in Staffordshire
  139. Engine EGR valve
  140. Engine 2006 2.2 cdti nearly stalling when slowing to a crawl
  141. Electrics Cig Lighter Not Working
  142. Paint Milano Red Paint issue anyone else have this problem ?
  143. Electrics My dash went dark + no clock etc
  144. Recalls Recall - Engine wiring harness
  145. Trim Rear interior door handle not working
  146. AC/Heater Yet another A/C problem
  147. Leaks Help or advise on turbo inter cooler
  148. Bodywork front grill H fell off
  149. Other Heko
  150. Squeaks Rattling under Car
  151. Engine Whining/Whirring Noise at 1500 to 2000rpm on a 2.2 CDTi
  152. Engine Civic 2.2 exhaust manifold crack
  153. Electrics Car wouldn't start
  154. Damage Stupid woman in SUV
  155. Clicking sound
  156. Road Noise weird noise from back of car
  157. Paint Paintwork chips!!!
  158. Squeaks Squeeky dashboard fix!
  159. Need new key - where from?
  160. Trim Rattling rear door quarter trim
  161. Leaks Washer jets squirting the floor
  162. Other Burnt my hand
  163. Windows Wind deflectors
  164. Bodywork Getting rust holes repaired along with bumper
  165. Electrics VSA and tyre pressure "check system"
  166. Other Alarm goes off with windows down
  167. Suspension Knocking front suspension and clutch click
  168. Brakes tyre noise
  169. Engine Winding noise when slowing down
  170. Brakes Abs & VSA light
  171. Flat battery Battery, Idling and one blown... something.
  172. Steering Clicking noise! Please help.
  173. Paint My new Civic fixing the rusty spots and chips (part 1)
  174. AC/Heater Climate diagnostic codes
  175. Engine Air filter or worse?
  176. Squeaks Really annoying squeak!
  177. Damage Scratches on arm rest.
  178. AC/Heater Another Air Con Question
  179. Transmission Honda Civic 2.2CDTi 2008 Clutch
  180. Bodywork Spoiler surface blistering / flaking
  181. AC/Heater a/c sight glass?
  182. AC/Heater Air conditioning
  183. Engine Scary Noise from engine and White smoke (2.2)
  184. Squeaks Squeaky door handles
  185. Paint Rusting roof return...
  186. Damage 4th bumper scrape
  187. Transmission New FN2...crunching gears :(
  188. Music Iphone CDC error
  189. Other unblocking washer jets
  190. Other Help me interpret my complementary health check please?
  191. Bodywork Fitting headlight and bumper
  192. Squeaks Squeaking when turning the wheel
  193. Electrics Stereo fault - LCD gone mental and loud *POP* sound
  194. Electrics Bloody car!
  195. Damage Deep scratches :(
  196. Engine Help please, strange goings on
  197. Bodywork Missing a Door Hinge / stopper.
  198. Bodywork Metal piece cracked open at front suspension mounting area
  199. battery runs low
  200. battery drain
  201. Damage Best way to fix paint damage
  202. Engine car went into limp mode
  203. Other strange noise @ 1,500rpm
  204. Other Juddering at a certain speed
  205. Other Car mats balding after 6 month
  206. Electrics Steering wheel/horn problem
  207. Other Clutch pedal click...
  208. Suspension Knocking sound from underside front
  209. Electrics electrics wiring problem?
  210. AC/Heater Yet an air conditioning problem
  211. Other Strange knocking from underneath the car
  212. Bodywork Removing osf wing
  213. How much money to paint my rusty roof?
  214. Long list Just bought an 06 civic for 3,150 but need help pricing up list of faults...
  215. AC/Heater In need of urgent help
  216. Squeaks Squeaky clutch
  217. Electrics Very dim front sidelight
  218. Brakes Squeaking noise
  219. Computer Trip computer
  220. Bodywork stone chips
  221. Road Noise Noise when accerlating
  222. AC/Heater Intermittent air conditioning issue
  223. Electrics Central Display Corruption
  224. Computer Multi Function Infomation Error
  225. Brakes VSA and ABS warning
  226. Other Smelly washer fluid
  227. AC/Heater Heater gone strange?
  228. Headlight washers
  229. Steering Steering adjusted, car pulls to the right side
  230. Windows Passenger window stuck after climair install
  231. Flat battery Can I remove siren?
  232. Other water in bottom of boot
  233. AC/Heater weird noise from air vent
  234. Steering Steering Rack Knock
  235. Road Noise Only one thing bother me most...
  236. Suspension Yet another mystery noise TRIED ALMOST EVERYTHING!
  237. Other Help cant open door !
  238. Transmission Gear gaitor
  239. Other Wont Start After Flat Battery - Flashing Green Key + Check System
  240. Lights Discoloured headlight lenses
  241. Music Any have MP3 playing issues?
  242. Trim Side curtain Airbag - Help!
  243. Bodywork Paint flake? 59 CW
  244. Electrics different folding mirror problem
  245. Suspension Subframe click
  246. Squeaks Squeaky around steering wheel
  247. Electrics possible sabotage?
  248. Steering Electric or Hydraulic pump?
  249. Squeaks Squeaky drink holder cover
  250. Bodywork Rusty roof - anyone not manage to get the repair done under warranty