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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Recalls Engine wiring room harness
  2. Other Rear seat side panel
  3. Fuel Fuel Gauge Calibration?
  4. Engine Bit of a burning smell?
  5. Engine Fault p250A
  6. Exterior what other 5studs will fit civic
  7. Damage Key fob
  8. Other Fan Noise
  9. Bodywork Bent area
  10. Bodywork Fine scratches
  11. Leaks Water in doors?!
  12. Other Looking for help - Exhaust silencer baffle plate loose
  13. Leaks seal between rear window&plexiglass
  14. AC/Heater Bearing conditioning compressor
  15. Suspension Vibration on pedals
  16. Leaks Oil Pan / Sump Leak 2.2 cdti civic
  17. Other Discoloured inside door?
  18. Electrics 2199 intake air temp sensor 1 / 2 correlation
  19. Electrics Engine Management Light and poor throttle response
  20. Other Mat Anchor
  21. Road Noise Car vibrations with huming sound
  22. Engine 2.2 CTDi starting fault 2009 71k FSH
  23. Brakes ABS & VSA Check System Warnings
  24. Other Whining/screeching from rear wheel area
  25. Seats Seat stuck!
  26. Damage Passenger wing mirror smashed :(
  27. Transmission rwd civic
  28. Suspension Something loose/knocking slow speed bumps
  29. Engine Fan Regularly Coming On
  30. Exterior Very tight front door handles
  31. Road Noise Weird rattle noise from drivers door
  32. Seats Fn2 front seats
  33. Computer ECU and coil light on, but now off
  34. Electrics Revcounter
  35. Electrics Stalled and now a warning light.
  36. Stalled and now a warning light
  37. Handbrake Handbrake trim broken can I replace it?
  38. Other Interior scuffs and marks, touch up?
  39. Other Static electric shock
  40. Trim leather gaitor
  41. Bodywork Windscreen roof seal
  42. Servicing Leaking Hose Pipe
  43. Bodywork Finished respraying Milano red to Nighthawk black
  44. Seats headrest rattling
  45. Road Noise Rattle coming from inside the dash
  46. Seats painful headrests!
  47. Fuel Bad fuel?
  48. Damage Scratched Car
  49. Trim Gear stick
  50. Steering Knocking sound and cluck sound
  51. Damage Cars been keyed again!!!
  52. Leaks Massive leak when filling screen wash bottle
  53. AC/Heater Air not blowing very much anymore
  54. Bodywork Just noticed this damage - no idea of cause??
  55. Bodywork Boot glass leak: How to apply sealant
  56. Recalls air bags
  57. Long list Honda "reliability"
  58. Other Delivery packing!
  59. Engine 2.2 EX Ignition Hesitation
  60. Brakes Grooved discs
  61. Bodywork Roof rust
  62. Engine coincidence? engine management light when folding mirrors playing up?
  63. Engine FMIC Pipes Popping
  64. rotten smell from vents ????????
  65. Transmission VSA & Noise
  66. Squeaks budgie
  67. Steering Creaking Noise
  68. Trim Boot Latch Loose!
  69. Electrics Erratic Wipers
  70. Engine Low Oil Pressure warning
  71. Seats Squeaky drivers seat
  72. Damage Small Dent from car door
  73. Lights Car dash lights keep dimming
  74. Lights Interior Lights after Locking
  75. Bodywork Door handle problem
  76. Electrics 2007 Chime When Hitting 50mph?
  77. Steering Steering Creak
  78. Engine whining noise when accelerating
  79. Trim Kickplate protection coming off
  80. Flat battery Power issues
  81. Other Annoying boot problem, will not rise properly, help??
  82. Trim Door handle cover...
  83. Engine Unexpectedly High Boost Pressure.
  84. Squeaks noise with cooling fan starts
  85. Exterior How to get stubborn brake dust off alloys?
  86. Trim Slam Panel Plastic Rivets
  87. Seats noise at rear
  88. AC/Heater Sticking Sunblind & Warranty
  89. AC/Heater AC don't show temperature on screen
  90. Electrics Cars just died whilst turning off
  91. Paint Damaged paint - Honda
  92. Electrics Speed display and mirror
  93. Exterior Red H rear badge.
  94. Steering Subrame Rigid Collar Kit for 2.2 Type S
  95. Engine civic 2.2 i-ctdi kangarooing
  96. Paint Air Pockets under Lacquer on Bonnet
  97. AC/Heater Smelly aircon
  98. Windscreen New windscreen fitted now the wipers are paying up
  99. Squeaks Squeaking under nodding
  100. Fuel Fuel Filler Cap fails to open
  101. Damage Intercooler mount broke?
  102. Steering Steering Noise
  103. Brakes Excessive travel or just me
  104. Brakes Rusty rear ferrules
  105. Other Dpf problem
  106. Fitting passenger seat
  107. Leaks possible air leek?
  108. Engine Idling speed on 2.2 start up??
  109. Other Type s grill split lugs
  110. AC/Heater air vents
  111. Squeaks rubbing / squeak noise while turning
  112. Squeaks tinny noise
  113. Steering Power Steering Groaning Sound
  114. Bodywork Damaged Front Bumper
  115. North east dealers who know about rusty roof
  116. Long list Just got our first civic > Niggles !!
  117. Music Poor Radio Reception
  118. Engine engine management light
  119. Windows Window Issues :(
  120. Transmission Honda Build quality.....
  121. Computer Getting 'i' information on start-up
  122. Electrics Fault Code P1030 - how to solve?
  123. Lights Moist in the rear lights seal?
  124. Heater Problems
  125. Exterior Green mildew around center light panel
  126. Long list What do you say to that?
  127. Engine 1.8l idle problem, and dies out. HELP?!
  128. Windscreen Windscreen wiper problem
  129. Windows Clear Windows by Winding Them Down
  130. Lights Condensation in rear light
  131. Damage Side Skirt / Mudflap Help
  132. Servicing Civic 2.2 Diesel - PGM-FI fault after fuel filter change.
  133. Engine Engine Management Light.
  134. Other A number of questions
  135. Electrics check system
  136. Electrics Key Fob, Cold Weather, Alarm
  137. Bodywork Read so many grille posts still dont have the answer
  138. Squeaks My creaking drivers seat....
  139. Damage Safe to take the undertray off?
  140. Other Boot pnematic pumps?
  141. Transmission famous last words
  142. AC/Heater Radio And Heated Rear Window.
  143. Engine How to find out ECU version?
  144. Transmission Reverse shudder on inclines
  145. Electrics how to check ecu errors
  146. Steering Steering problem
  147. Lights Drl,s staying on
  148. Brakes Rear Brakes getting hot!!!
  149. Bodywork Dent and Door Repair
  150. Lights HID Light spread
  151. Suspension "Pop" from rear ?
  152. Flat battery replacing fuse box inside box (micu problem )
  153. Lights Boot light wire fallen! Help!
  154. rear bumper damaged in rear ender
  155. Engine My car wont start
  156. rattle/vibration in dash
  157. Bodywork Tailgate leaking water
  158. Electrics alarm / battery
  159. Lights Rear brakelight year change?
  160. Trim Door handle
  161. Fuel Fuel pump drive shaft broken
  162. Brakes grinding noise from braking ... but only in grit and snow
  163. Bodywork Loose bodywork remedy
  164. Flat battery honda civic 07 possible fuse box micu recall
  165. Leaks Exhaust Manifold Leaking
  166. Electrics PGM-FI error - help please
  167. Electrics Car won't start and it has "forgotten" the key
  168. Engine Feels like its going to cut out
  169. Engine Stuck oil fill cap
  170. Leaks 2011 3-DOOR Civic Type S: leaking water from boot?
  171. Trim Strange Noises !!
  172. Brakes Rusty brakes?
  173. Squeaks Squeaky Clutch Pedal
  174. Music Audio Cutts of for a sec and then turns back on repetedly!
  175. Electrics info (i) steering wheel button not working
  176. Windscreen New Windscreen? Autoglass?
  177. Windows Do I have a poltergeist or a known issue?
  178. Damage Bent Undertray/Heatshield From Snow :(
  179. Bodywork Type R spolier
  180. Squeaks centre console squeeking
  181. Engine engine malfunction warning light on???
  182. Electrics FK3, engine not starting, no dashboard lights (oil, engine...) but battery is 100% OK
  183. Electrics PGM-FI after oil change and fuel filter change?
  184. Squeaks air vents
  185. Flat battery Engine not starting, or cranking, just clicking but battery seems OK
  186. Engine Blown turbo
  187. Windscreen Drainage points?
  188. AC/Heater Fumes in the cockpit?
  189. Trim Sun visor won't close
  190. Bodywork Low Body Underneath the 2.2
  191. Engine Exhaust Fumes please help
  192. Exterior Car door won't open please help
  193. Music CD Player Issue...
  194. Trim Door handle covers
  195. Music AUX problems
  196. Electrics wing mirror woes
  197. Trim Mudflaps Keep Bottoming Out ?!?!?
  198. Engine First Car, First Civic! Handbrakes Issues and p2004 and p250b error codes!
  199. Squeaks Squeaking Clutch and Screeching Noise
  200. Bodywork Bonnet bolt size
  201. Squeaks Sliding Compartment Screeching
  202. Damage Removing front seat back covers
  203. Engine Newbie advice
  204. very damp carpet
  205. Damage Upper part of drivers door
  206. Paint Paint lacquer peeling
  207. Brakes ABS and VSA Warnings
  208. Damaged parking sensor
  209. Engine Help Please. Air Filter Box removal.
  210. Electrics Boot won't open, central locking problem?
  211. Computer Flat tyre notification light
  212. Electrics Help please!
  213. Other cooling fans on all time. 2006 2.2 diesel
  214. Suspension Rear suspension knock
  215. Long list Please help!
  216. Seats Please help
  217. Seats Passenger Seat Rattling
  218. Windscreen windscreen wipers when i stop them, they decide to stop in the middle of the screen..
  219. Electrics Flat Battery
  220. Brakes ABS & VSA Check System Warnings
  221. Lights Rear map light.
  222. Long list Lost key
  223. Brakes Dodgy noise...
  224. Windscreen Weak water jets
  225. Other Rear window heater
  226. Seats Noisy headrests!
  227. Suspension rear bump stop fix
  228. Brakes ABS & VSA "Check System" Faults.
  229. Suspension slight knock rear N/S
  230. Engine Starter doesn't disengage immediatelly after start
  231. Engine peg
  232. Windscreen Stone Chip on Windshield
  233. Squeaks Annoying noise coming from boot area PLEASE HELP!
  234. Leaks water leak rear footwell
  235. Bodywork Wind just blew the door
  236. Road Noise FN2 Noise at Passenger Side [Video Link Inside]
  237. Xmas is cancelled!
  238. Exterior Frozen Door handles
  239. Bodywork Passenger window
  240. Suspension Shock absorbers fault
  241. AC/Heater Climate control issues
  242. Exterior trianglar area of exhaust
  243. Squeaks Random Squeal
  244. Trim Headrest is in an aweful position
  245. Other Does Everyone Have Trouble With The Boot Opening?
  246. Fuel very annoying noise from fuel tank ???
  247. Windscreen Wipers
  248. Leaks Water leak by sun visor
  249. Computer Info display problem
  250. Engine Hesitant when cold