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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Trim Dash rattle/buzz
  2. Brakes Hand break not strong after changing rear pads?
  3. Other Passenger Side Door Rattle
  4. Windows condensation
  5. Electrics Wiper problem...help please
  6. Damage dings in door
  7. Bodywork Make your day seem better....
  8. Damage Aircon/Clock display spoil?
  9. Seats HELP NEEDED! Removing front passenger side seat
  10. Electrics folding mirror issues!!!
  11. Exterior Headlight washers
  12. Damage Hit tree branch in flood, help!
  13. Transmission Screetching noise whilst changing gear (Fast)
  14. Electrics Wipers
  15. Squeaks Centre interior light clicking
  16. AC/Heater Clicking Noise From CC Fans?
  17. Fuel Fuel cap wont open
  18. Electrics Unknown warning light help required!
  19. Bodywork Dent and resin substance removal Nottingham
  20. Bodywork Bumpers a different shade of red
  21. Bodywork water sloshing sound?!
  22. Electrics Check System ABS / VSA at Start
  23. Trim cdti heat shield
  24. Squeaks Rattle from rear seat belt pillar trim
  25. Trim Rattle on door slam
  26. Other Passenger seat
  27. AC/Heater heater not working
  28. Transmission Engaging reverse gear issue.
  29. Damage Clipped A Wall - Suggestions?
  30. Electrics check system?
  31. Windows Rust!
  32. AC/Heater Heated passenger seat problem - not working
  33. Windows wiper arm corosion/ paint peel...
  34. Paint primer not adhering
  35. AC/Heater Evaporator drain block = wet pollen filter
  36. Electrics can someone confirm if it normal
  37. Electrics weird seatbelt chime sound out of tune
  38. AC/Heater Heater problem
  39. AC/Heater air con problem
  40. Electrics Clicking noise from relay, headlights dont light
  41. Damage Superglue for broken clips
  42. Other Car launched
  43. Leaks Washer reservoir leak
  44. Bodywork windscreen click
  45. Suspension Official Service Bulletins searching
  46. Electrics Strange electronic 'crawling' noise from the engine bay
  47. Engine Intermittent revs fallback - 2.2 type S
  48. Damage Accident
  49. Electrics Flat Battery Again?
  50. AC/Heater Climate control not working :(
  51. Windscreen Couple of scratches
  52. Other Tailgate shower (it's free!)
  53. Servicing Subframe Warranty Query
  54. Other Subframe agro
  55. Seats dose any one know how to fix this
  56. Squeaks squeak behind dash
  57. Windscreen Auto Wiper always goes full speed
  58. AC/Heater Air conditioner display problem
  59. Engine Reason for oil light come on?
  60. Squeaks Door bolt rising
  61. Engine Coolant smell when driving
  62. Computer tyre pressure error after replacing tyres
  63. Electrics Alarm not engaging?
  64. Exterior Exhaust rattle from type r and gp splitter
  65. Brakes Brakes
  66. Other Radio panel crack?
  67. AC/Heater Heater blower has stopped working
  68. Bodywork Rust!?
  69. Trim 'Aluminium' look drivers door plate wear & tear
  70. Brakes Brake pedal 'sticking' to clutch pedal?
  71. Brakes grinding on passenger side
  72. Electrics electric windows
  73. Bodywork Advice needed on Type R Bumper
  74. AC/Heater Driver heater vent blowing cold
  75. Engine Blowing exhaust sound ctr
  76. Windows Broken passenger window
  77. Electrics Cruise control not operating
  78. Squeaks Creaking in the rear passenger side
  79. Road Noise Whooshing Noise!
  80. Engine DPF bummer!
  81. Other door driving me nuts
  82. Bodywork Fuel tank
  83. Exterior Door handle
  84. Other Noise clicking
  85. Exterior Paint flaking on wheel rotor
  86. Engine Vsa flashing & engine struggle
  87. Bodywork water in door
  88. Electrics Starting engine -> flashing headlights
  89. Windscreen Rear Windscreen
  90. Long list Had my car 4 weeks - list of faults
  91. Paint Is it worth using the touch-up pens?
  92. Steering Slight pulling to the right
  93. Engine Civic 1998 1.5 overheating and pinking
  94. Exterior Fuel Door Stuck Open
  95. Paint Another bird poo problem
  96. Seats Seat Belt Stuck :(
  97. Other Feels gritty
  98. Damage Dropped the biggest F bomb
  99. Electrics VSA & ABS lights
  100. Bodywork Bumper sag?
  101. Exterior noise
  102. Electrics Can anyone give me some advice on this error code?
  103. Electrics Wipers speed gone crazy
  104. Bodywork Scratch/chip repair - Central Scotland
  105. Long list Rear door cards, and general rear interior damage/scuffs
  106. Steering Creak, crunch full lock right when reversing
  107. Other Keeping the Skunk2 on straight...
  108. Arghh...
  109. Other HID not working
  110. Other Just left my FN2 at my Honda dealer
  111. Squeaks Mouse Squeak up to 17mph!
  112. Seats Rear Seat Belts Locking Up - Baby Seat Nightmare
  113. It's a very sad day )-;
  114. Damage My stepmom hurted my CTR...
  115. AC/Heater Compressor Not Working..Please Help!
  116. HUK Honda, crooks the lot of them
  117. Other heatsheild
  118. Squeaks Rattle!!!!!!!
  119. Bodywork Where to get bodywork done? North London / Hertfordshire Area?
  120. Engine Look what I found in my engine bay
  121. Electrics Fault Code PA51 DTC B1227
  122. Electrics Periodic flashing hazards...
  123. Steering EPS failure (I HATE MY CIVIC!!!!!!!!!!)
  124. AC/Heater Air con not working
  125. Brakes clicking noise when braking
  126. Bodywork How soft :(
  127. Paint gear stick scratch
  128. Fuel Fuel cap won't close
  129. Road Noise Noise when starting from cold
  130. AC/Heater Heater system
  131. Electrics 3 warning lights at once?
  132. Lights VSA and ABS check system lights.
  133. Steering Steering click
  134. Fuel Seriously bad MPG :(
  135. Fuel Remaining mileage counter stopped adding extra miles when driving economical
  136. Electrics window fault
  137. Road Noise Squeaking noise when turning right and with light braking
  138. Exterior FK2 Front Honda Badge Fell Off
  139. Damage New wheel arch trim
  140. Seats Wobbly passenger seat CTR
  141. Squeaks Dash squeak again
  142. Windscreen Washer Problems
  143. Electrics Backlight on radio gone weird
  144. Paint Rusty Roof - HONDA RECALL!
  145. Engine turbo lag and vaccume noise
  146. Lights Flashing interior lights
  147. Bodywork What is this? (causes rattling at 15-18k rpm)
  148. Paint Poor paintwork, lots of stone chips!
  149. Bodywork Tar from Doors?
  150. Seats Type r tilt n slide front seat not working
  151. Electrics dash not workin
  152. Leaks Boot leak
  153. AC/Heater Loud vibration coming from engine bay (Possible compressor fault)?
  154. Brakes Rubbing noises from wheels, any ideas?
  155. AC/Heater Air-con musty smell, and general air vent smell - UK model 2007
  156. Suspension Shock absorber dead :(
  157. Electrics Alarm proximity sensors
  158. AC/Heater Aircon compressor not kicking in
  159. Paint piano black
  160. Damage How can I remove this annoying dent??
  161. Damage What the hell is this?!
  162. Paint Full bonnet respray...and IP CCTV?
  163. Damage Nail in tyre
  164. Leaks Washer bottle leak
  165. Suspension Snapped spring!
  166. Engine Check system error message on dash.
  167. HUK Poor Build Quality - Where do i stand with Honda?
  168. Transmission i-SHIFT Recall
  169. Road Noise Loud Hum during motoroway driving
  170. Suspension Diagnosing knocking suspension (affecting brakes?)
  171. Other Occasional noise when turning left?
  172. AC/Heater Can the A/C get damaged when revving at 7500 rpm on my type R
  173. Leaks Mysterious fluid leak
  174. Electrics central locking fault-bonnet micro switch
  175. Engine Smoke on startup
  176. Bodywork Roof / windscreen seal Corrosion
  177. Windscreen Wipers rubbing in the rain?
  178. Leaks Water leaking into driver's footwell
  179. Suspension Squeaky Pasenger Rear Suspension
  180. Squeaks Seat belt rattle
  181. Other Rattle can noise front driver side wheelj
  182. Satnav Satnav auto lights
  183. AC/Heater AC - Not Cold
  184. Suspension clunk from rear when turning
  185. Electrics Please help Struggling here!!
  186. Electrics Trip A not reset after full up
  187. AC/Heater Water in footwell - can't seem to find the answer
  188. AC/Heater Climate Control Gone Wonky
  189. Other Window Washer Bottle
  190. Trim Steering wheel cover
  191. Damage Dragging Panel Near Front Bumper
  192. Bodywork Scratch repairer, Oxfordshire
  193. Electrics Problem with Passenger elec window
  194. Engine Noise when turning ignition.
  195. Lights mold in rear light units
  196. Other slow acceleration response
  197. Other Have I got a dud?
  198. Brakes Wobbly handbrake.
  199. Damage Cracked Signal Light on Side Mirrors
  200. Computer Tyre pressure warning light
  201. AC/Heater air con packed up again!!
  202. Suspension Help!!! Type s ride height
  203. Fuel Please help...Code 1066
  204. Lights Rear light strip turning yellow along the top
  205. Damage Help Required Urgently !! Axle/Hub Problem
  206. Paint car scratched
  207. Bodywork Is this normal?
  208. Damage Honda Cardiff, check your type R body kits ??????
  209. Other lacquer peel and oil change :(
  210. Suspension Creaking from Rear when getting into car
  211. Other Powder Coated Alloys, Harsh ride
  212. Suspension Front damper changed due to a twanging noise
  213. Trim Knocking in footwell
  214. Suspension Wheel Wobble / Chasis Feedback + Vibrations
  215. Paint Respray
  216. Bodywork Damage to rear side panel next to wheel arch.
  217. Suspension Popping noise from front suspension
  218. Engine Went to Honda about a cracked exhaust...
  219. Squeaks Rubber?? squeak when pulling off
  220. Lights No lights on warning
  221. Satnav Pioneer users beware
  222. Road Noise Whirring noise when accelerating??
  223. Dealers clutch pedal returning to top
  224. Other Oil pressure light
  225. Other Checking for Fault Codes
  226. Bodywork Should your grille be rigid with the bumper off
  227. Bodywork how do you remove the brake light cover
  228. Bodywork Clear plastic indicator cover on door mirror
  229. Electrics Airbag light
  230. Computer 2002 Honda Civic CTDI
  231. Lights reverse lights only sometimes
  232. Steering Very Intermittent Steering Issue
  233. Suspension Knocking noise on first drive??
  234. Other Wiper problems
  235. Electrics both radiator fans on?
  236. Engine Occasional whine when puuling away
  237. Other lighter and hazards
  238. Trim What is this blanking button for
  239. Bodywork bonnet repair and respray
  240. Squeaks exhaust rattle on start up/ shut down
  241. Leaks My boot is leaking
  242. Exterior Drivers handle almost pulled off!
  243. Other wet
  244. Brakes Anti squeal shims??
  245. Electrics power steering and other things
  246. Engine Cars not running right :( :(
  247. AC/Heater Aarrgghh !!! Where is my rattle coming from ??
  248. Squeaks Noises drive me crazy
  249. AC/Heater Help! Water coming in from pollen filter
  250. Engine Does this sound broken (video clip)