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: Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)

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  1. Damage Under tray inspection plate
  2. Electrics rev counter dash lights flickering
  3. Windows What part is this, rear seal?
  4. AC/Heater Air con part number
  5. Road Noise Vibrations
  6. Squeaks Noise like a puff of air on cold start
  7. Switch back lighting
  8. AC/Heater Air conditioning not working - Compressor running
  9. Computer Engine start failure 2.2 - control unit - ECU
  10. Electrics No electrical supply
  11. AC/Heater Blowing hot air
  12. Leaks Leaking mirror?
  13. Electrics Horn issue
  14. Computer Mk8 civic ABS/VSA fauly
  15. AC/Heater AC clutch engaging intermittently, warm air
  16. Hft problem Please someone help!!!
  17. Warning light
  18. Music Stereo pop up sound
  19. Damage Spoiler lacquer is peeling..2k coat or acrylic?
  20. Honda Civic 2011 plate menu trouble!
  21. Fuel How should the fuel hatch work?
  22. Electrics Electric passenger mirror with replaced SOD now does 180
  23. Damage FN2 Type R Exhaust heat shield
  24. Steering Civic MK8 Tramlining / Crabbing
  25. Brakes ABS / VAS fault light but no error ???
  26. AC/Heater Rattling / Griding on hot days
  27. Lights Indicators, Hazards ,Clicker Noise All dead
  28. Trim Interior tunnel screw covers
  29. Other Clock reset and won't start
  30. Electrics Alarm going off... In the sun?
  31. AC/Heater Temp Control not working/makes no difference?
  32. AC/Heater Help AC not cooling
  33. Electrics Windscreen Auto wipers not working with brake
  34. Leaks Passenger footwel waterleaks
  35. Music CD Player Issue
  36. AC/Heater 'LO' setting went missing?
  37. Other Engine light on after cleaning throttle body
  38. AC/Heater Poor heating when it's cold outside
  39. Bodywork News on my roof tin worm saga
  40. Transmission Clicking (Not squeaking) Clutch pedal when warm, but not cold
  41. Other iPhone and Bluetooth issue - poor quality
  42. Other Mk8 Wiper motor and assembly removal
  43. Glow plugs!!
  44. AC/Heater Climate control switch
  45. Computer Fault's ...Fault's
  46. Noise from centre console area when turning on
  47. Bodywork Type a silver door card
  48. Brakes Check System - ABS and VSA warning lights
  49. Paint Paint issues
  50. AC/Heater Right side side mirror not working
  51. Electrics Cheap vs genuine abs wheel speed sensor
  52. Leaks Water leaking in through boot
  53. Electrics Fuel Pump Relay Location
  54. Other Windscreen washer pump
  55. Engine FN2 Cranks But Does Not Start
  56. New clutch car struggles to start
  57. Problems
  58. Clutch slip on newly purchased Civic.
  59. Electrics Engine cranking, not starting, I'm possibly dumb.
  60. Petrol flap tether
  61. Engine Type R FN2 Knock sensor
  62. Other 2011 Si-T Change Time (two clocks)
  63. Electrics Folding exterior mirror
  64. Avs (abs) warning
  65. Help! Boot fault
  66. AC/Heater Temp changes on cornering
  67. Engine 1.8L shuddery slow starting
  68. Check engine light
  69. Alarm fault help needed!
  70. Trim Hand Brake Trim?
  71. ishift error
  72. Bodywork damaged wing mk8 suggestions.
  73. Other Warning lights and no speedo after pot hole?
  74. Electrics Boot wont lock, Alarm wont turn on.
  75. Engine Aux Belt Rubbing
  76. AC/Heater Heater Blowing Hot n Cold
  77. Electrics Boot failure wont open 2011 civic !
  78. Leaks Boot Leak
  79. Leaks water build up in boot area
  80. Handbrake Handbrake button refuses to go off :-(
  81. Trim Glovebox handle
  82. Civic 2.2 vsa modulator repair or bin?
  83. Brakes ABS VSA Issue
  84. Alloy wheels
  85. Trim God dam floppy sun visor!!
  86. Other Pgm-fi
  87. Trim Removing undertray
  88. AC/Heater Blower/ mode motor not working
  89. Other exhaust rattle fixed
  90. Electrics Fn2 type r steering wheel play
  91. Suspension Top Mounts and Diff seal
  92. Leaks Boot Leak
  93. Suspension Suspension clunk
  94. Electrics Locks and unlocks problem
  95. Computer Civic 2007 Denso 480 Problem
  96. Fn2 drivebelt length help
  97. Electrics New battery completely drained in 10 days
  98. Damage Speedo not working (Civic 2007 TypeS)
  99. Leaks Drivers footwell soaked after raining
  100. Computer Electrical faults.
  101. Honda Civic 2007 hazard lights
  102. Electrics EML/VSA/Airbag Lights
  103. Electrics Flashing glow plug light 2.2 ex 2006
  104. AC/Heater Heaters not blowing
  105. Other Dust cap
  106. AC/Heater Heaters not working and coolant in passenger footwell
  107. Looking some advice about a interior leak
  108. Leaks Another leaky boot issue
  109. Other Slippery pedals
  110. A/C cycles indefinitely even when cold
  111. AC/Heater 2.2 Diesel 2010 CDTi Heater not WorkingóCould it be the compressor?
  112. Other Bonnet clips Gruppe M
  113. Other LCD display removal (2006 model)
  114. Damage Hit a deer
  115. Electrics Radio problems
  116. Electrics Loss of Electric/All Power - Start-up
  117. Road Noise Type R FN2 noise
  118. Mk8 boot leaking [emoji30]
  119. Fuel Fuel leak
  120. AC/Heater AC heater controls
  121. Other Intermittent Wiper Fault
  122. Computer Stall then PGM-FI
  123. Music Radio reception improvement
  124. Damage FN2 TYPE R burnt in front of me 😞
  125. Leaks Water under tweeter
  126. AC/Heater Passenger side blowing hot air all the time
  127. Leaks Boot leaking
  128. Engine Won't start on first push FN2
  129. CV Joint costs and urgency?
  130. Exterior 5 door door rear handle removal
  131. Seats FIXED - Old Grany chair noise from front seat - headrest
  132. Trim Handbrake Cover Cracked
  133. Transmission Rattle... gear box, clutch or else?
  134. Electrics irritated
  135. Seats 3 Door Seating Position
  136. Squeaks Squeaky going through gears hard.
  137. Squeaks I will find this squeak, creak, rattle !!
  138. AC/Heater Blower Motor Resistor Location
  139. Seats FN2 backrest loose under hard-breaking
  140. Other Passenger side mirror stopped folding in.
  141. Computer CHECK SYSTEM warning light
  142. Handbrake 2006 Handbrake cover snapped.
  143. Electrics Civic intermittent start faults PO602 & B1168
  144. Trim How tight is the tailgate trim......
  145. Engine Check engine light after battery died
  146. Power Steering
  147. Squeaks Rattles squeaks and creaks
  148. Squeaks Squeaky suspension/Bushing?
  149. Electrics Drivers actuator
  150. Leaking boot - dripping onto rear suspension mount
  151. Bodywork Rust spots on roof
  152. AC/Heater Ac/vent issues
  153. AC/Heater Air Con + Fans Issue
  154. Electrics Folding Door Mirror Help
  155. AC/Heater HVAC Motor blowing, no air
  156. AC/Heater Aircon stopped working + rattling noise
  157. Can’t Clear VSA light on 2011 type S
  158. Bodywork Exhaust Heat Shield Removal
  159. Electrics Engine management amber light on?
  160. AC/Heater Hottest weekend and the A/C fails
  161. Road Noise Name that clip Hopefully with the picture
  162. AC/Heater Climate control
  163. Bodywork Are civic bumpers from hell?
  164. Road Noise Name that clip
  165. Electrics Cruise control FIXED!!
  166. Exterior Wing mirror alignment
  167. Exterior Dodgy door handles
  168. Android cant connect to 2007 Civic
  169. Other Alarm problems
  170. AC/Heater All normal stuff tried/replaced
  171. Other Clutch Pedal noise (Irritating) Suggestions?
  172. Squeaks Loud screeching noise
  173. Leaks DC2 Type R leaking roof + spare tyre well *NON SUN-ROOF*
  174. Plastic trim deformed.
  175. AC/Heater Aircon regassed fully working and now it stops!
  176. Other mould/marks behind dash speedo
  177. AC/Heater Another AC Problem
  178. AC/Heater Air con Compressor - options
  179. gearbox issues
  180. AC/Heater New condenser required
  181. Music fixing correctly the double din panel !!
  182. Electrics Wing Mirror Adjustments Not Working
  183. Civic shaking in neutral
  184. AC/Heater A/C issue
  185. Seats Rear single side latch bust
  186. Engine EML - Coolant System
  187. Other Radio Crackling
  188. Other Abs and Vsa light still on after changing faulty sensor
  189. AC/Heater Aircon Master Thread
  190. AC/Heater Another Aircon Thread!!
  191. Electrics Both fans not working
  192. AC/Heater Air con issues - not relay!
  193. Music Radio Reception gone again after rear screen replacement which fixed it
  194. Bodywork rear door not opening
  195. AC/Heater Aircon starting cold, then blowing warm.
  196. Error message
  197. Squeaks Worst Rattle Yet!
  198. Road Noise Rear dragging / scraping noise at 80+ mph
  199. AC/Heater AC is cold until higher speeds / higher engine temp
  200. AC/Heater Air Con Blows Cool Not Cold Air
  201. Windscreen Screenwash Funky Smell
  202. AC/Heater AC Relay Question
  203. AC/Heater Temperamental A/C
  204. AC/Heater Aircon Issue
  205. AC/Heater Air con again!!
  206. 2008 honda civic ex
  207. AC/Heater A/C Clutch Ground new location
  208. Squeaks Creaky Door Mirror
  209. Steering EPS juddering with random warning light
  210. Leaks What is the boot rubber supposed to look like?
  211. Electrics 2006 Honda Civic - ABS/VSA Check System Message
  212. Engine Advice sought for a long standing judder
  213. Steering steering wheel query and advice sought
  214. Fuel Honda Civic 2007 burning a lot of fuel
  215. Damage Replacement wing mirror?
  216. Engine Check engine light. Help please!
  217. Servicing PGM-FI + P1031 error after Fuel Filter change
  218. Windscreen windscreen water leak
  219. Engine Car not starting after MOT visit, clock time has been reset.
  220. Engine Randomly entering limp mode - *No Check Engine or Error Codes!*
  221. Bodywork Mud guards Scraping Road
  222. Engine 2.2CDTI Engine rasp/whine into cabin?
  223. 2008 type r srs issues.....
  224. Trim Has anyone found a solution to scratched instrument panel window?
  225. Electrics electric window is dead
  226. Road Noise New side doors/road noise.
  227. Engine management
  228. Phone Honda HFT Only Displaying Numbers
  229. Electrics Auto Door Lock At 10mph..Help!
  230. Steering Problem with power steering? Please help!
  231. Other Thud and large puff of smoke on cold start up
  232. Electrics ECU replacement/swap for 2007 Civic 2.2 Type S GT
  233. Engine 2.2 loses all power below -2 but no warning lights
  234. Steering Horrible GROANING when turning
  235. Electrics VSA Light Permanently On
  236. Electrics Rear demister
  237. Road Noise Noise on my WCE
  238. Steering Knocking when steering
  239. Brakes Slight scraping noise from offside front wheel
  240. Leaks Wet seat belt
  241. Engine Civic 2.2 '06 Hard START /Engine STALLS in driving
  242. Engine P0138 fault code
  243. Electrics digital clock
  244. Bodywork Stress fracture on CF bonnet
  245. AC/Heater AC not working?
  246. Other Steering vibration/ bouncinng
  247. Other Bad vibrations when over 70MPH?
  248. AC/Heater Another cold 2.2 Diesel question
  249. Engine Performance/power loss
  250. Other Accelerating jumping when under torque or acceleration