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  1. Black Friday Sale
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  3. Exedy Price Offers
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  5. Koyorad - New prices for 2018
  6. J's racing stock sale
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  11. New Civic Type-R FK8 Owners
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  13. Radiator offers
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  16. AME Tracer Wheel and Titanium Nuts Offer
  17. JAPFEST Silverstone 2017 Collection Service
  18. HKS Civic Type-R EP3 Exhaust OFFER
  19. Sumo Power Web Shop Discount Code
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  22. Amazing J's Racing Exhaust and HKS Intake Package Deals
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  25. First 2017 Container Shipment
  26. Sumo Power 2017 Events Calendar
  27. Advan Racing RG-52 Wheels
  28. Mishimoto shift knob raffle
  29. Sumo power xmas sale
  30. Black friday weekend sale
  31. Sumo power halloween stock offers
  32. Alloy Wheels from JAPAN!
  33. Leggdura Racing Duralumin Wheel Nuts Sets 20pcs
  34. J's Racing Civic Exhaust Offers
  35. HKS Products Price Increase
  36. Discount code?
  37. Sumo 2016 Offers
  38. Someone To Try A Civic FN2 Koyo Rad For Us.
  39. The Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential Group Buy
  40. Japfest 2 16th August
  41. GoPro At Sumo Power
  42. HKS DMR Offer for CIVINFO Members
  43. J's Racing Stock on Offer
  44. HKS Super Hybrid Filter - FN2
  45. Sumo Power Bank Holiday Weekend Discount Code BHW10
  46. Sumo Power Web Shop J's Racing Offers
  47. Sumo Power Bank Holiday Weekend Discount Code BHW10
  48. Sumo Power Bank Holiday Weekend Discount Code BHW10
  49. J's Racing Stock Now In!!!
  50. HKS Products added to Sumo Power Web Shop...
  51. Hyper Zero Wheels SALE
  52. Sumo Power Web Shop Discount Codes!!
  53. Sumo Power now has an EBAY Shop
  54. Civinfo Discount Code for all HKS products
  55. Banner
  56. Official J's Racing Distributor Stock Order
  57. Hks fn2 special offer!!
  58. J's Racing Christmas Present Offers
  59. KOYORAD Radiators in stock and on offer!
  60. Last Go-Pro 3 Hero 3 Camera Left in stock and on Offer!
  61. 15% Discount on all HKS parts till end of November
  62. HKS FN2 RSK Civinfo OFFER!!
  63. HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter Offer
  64. Ohlins Coilover Sets now available from Sumo Power
  65. HKS Civic FN2 / EP3 Offers
  66. Civic Type-R FD2 J's Racing Parts offers!!
  67. J's Racing Aluminium Wheel nuts and Locking Nuts
  68. J's racing lightweight wheel nuts
  69. Civic Type-R EP3 Koyorad in stock and on offer!
  70. Civic Type-R Service Pack Offers
  71. J's Racing FN2 Exhaust in stock! Last one left!!
  72. 15% discount on all hks parts!
  73. Next Sea Freight Container Orders???
  74. J's Racing Front Tower Bars in STOCK!
  75. J's Racing Accessories Offers
  76. Hello Again Civinfo!!
  77. Go Pro Hero Camera Stock Sale
  78. Sumo Power Discount Offer to all Forum Members
  79. HKS and MOTUL Service Kit Offer
  80. HKS RSK FN2 Kits 300 Inc UK Delivery
  81. J's racing stock arriving end of september!!
  82. Lowest price in europe for hks rsk for civic fn2
  83. Hks rsk kit for honda civic fn2 type-r
  84. Do-luck brake lines for sale
  85. Do-Luck Braided Brake Hose Kit Civic FN2
  86. Honda Civic FN2 HKS RSK Special Offer
  87. Honda Civic FN2 HKS RSK Special Offer
  88. HKS RSK FN2 Kits 300 Inc UK Delivery
  89. J's racing product stock
  90. Do-Luck Air Filter for Honda Civic FN2
  91. Do-Luck Air Filter for Honda Civic EP3 and Integra DC5
  92. Do-Luck Panel Filters for DC5/EP3
  93. J's racing product stock
  94. Issues being contacted by Sumo Power
  95. Huge 30% sale at Sumo!
  96. Bye Bye Cazza / New Sumo Contact Details!
  97. J's Racing Carbon Canards FN2
  98. Do-Luck lines - Last 3 sets before the price increase
  99. SP/HKS Hoodies - New Stock :)
  100. A behind the Scenes Look at Do-Luck ! Check it out!
  101. Last 5 Gloss Vinyl Panels Now ..
  102. KW Lowering Spring Kits - Check it out!
  103. Cosworth Pads.. Special Deal This week!
  104. 2 x Free Tickets to Modified Live Cadwell??
  105. Total Honda - My Feature's in :)
  106. J's Racing Vintage Decals + Special Price for Shift Pattern!!
  107. Today I'm a little bored... Who wants a deal?
  108. J's Racing Delivery ..Fresh off the plane!!
  109. Setting Trends..Like its Nothing!GT86 BABY!
  110. Group Buy HKS Racing Suction Kit!
  111. KW - Free Fitting on all KW Suspension - April Only!
  112. Metal Polish from Kleers..Oh man its good!!
  113. HKS RSK Anyone??!! And this is why we are Super dealers!!
  114. JRM at Sebring ..Check out what happened!
  115. Last of the HKS FN2 Brake lines
  116. J's Friday Special Deal.. You know it makes sense!!
  117. Sumo eBay Store - Clearance Items
  118. Samco Coolant Offers FN2/CR-Z
  119. I'm back ... Be gentle with me though!
  120. Samco Baby.. Coolant kits in stock ready to ship!
  121. KW Suspension Finally Fitted ... And I love it!
  122. 2012 Sumo Meet
  123. I'm Back :)
  124. Who wants to see something really cool???
  125. J's Racing C304 60RS for the FN in stock
  126. Dont miss me too much - Only ....
  127. 15% Discount on Cosworth Pads for February!
  128. Replacement RSK
  129. New delivery of Eibach Pro Spacers due!
  130. 20 Off J's Racing FN2 Front Strut + Rear Pillars!
  131. One Bid Auction * First One * Cosworth Streetmaster Pads!!
  132. Sumo Power One Bid Auction :) Opinions please!
  133. JDM Parts Speedy Quick :)
  134. Pirelli's from Sumo Power
  135. LMP1 Drivers announced :)
  136. Sumo Power Front Honda [email protected]@K!
  137. Autosport Show 2012
  138. New J's Racing Delivery imminent!!
  139. New Year..New Cool Stuff!! JRM partnering with Honda LMP1
  140. Eibach Pro's for the 2.2 dervs!!
  141. Sheeeeee's Back!!
  142. A little something to keep you amused after all the prezzies are opened!!
  143. J's Racing on Facebook..Check it out!!
  144. Show your car some love at
  145. J's Racing Vintage Decals in Black and Silver back in stock!!
  146. Merry Christmas :) :) :)
  147. Spread Some Kleers love this crimbo..
  148. A bit of Sunday Evening Reading..
  149. Do-Luck Powerlines - 6line kit in Custom colours..Check it out!!
  150. Limited edition Sumo HKS Power Writer Hoodies Now avaliable
  151. 24 Hour Shopping..Sumo Styllllleeeeeeeeee
  152. HKS LEGAMAX...Price [email protected]@K!!
  153. Hks twin pack decals 6.99
  154. Sparco Team Bags.. Awesome..Check it out!!
  155. J's Racing Carbon Steering Wheel
  156. Brrrrrrr Winter Servicing @ Sumo Towers!!
  157. Hks fn2 special winter offers..check it out!!
  158. *new* j's racing shift patterns 12.50+vat
  159. J's Racing Beanie Hats..Keep a lid on it this winter!!
  160. J's Racing Front Tow Hook - Super Deal Time!!
  161. Last Few Bargain Hoodies Left..XXL !!
  162. Latest Container now un-loaded..aww the pretty things!!
  163. TEIN S-TECHS ...New Delivery due in tomorrow!
  164. HKS Clothing...Last of the Cool stuff!!!
  165. More Friday Feeling Special Deals..Today only!!
  166. J's Racing Special Floor Bar - Friday Special Deal!!
  167. OZ Alleggerita HLT Rims..Custom Colours avaliable!
  168. Sumo Power Oil Filler Caps..Fresh Batch 20+vat
  169. Busy Girl :)!
  170. New Pirelli PZero's fitted + Sumo Power FRS...awesome!!
  171. Final Race this weekend for Sumo GT
  172. J's Racing Carbon Steering Wheel Garnish - CR-Z
  173. One little Set of Teins left on the shelf..139
  174. Bargain set of HyperZero1's..just like me!!
  175. Special Rays Wheels Pay Day Deal!!
  176. J's Racing Oil Caps.. My EMS has landed!!!
  177. J's Racing New Waza Keyring..Check it out!!
  178. Do-luck vtec indicator.. Epic news!!!!!
  179. Cazza's Busyfo****zy day
  180. Seeker Seat Belt Delete Keys
  181. J's Racing Strut Bars - CR-Z
  182. Mugen Rear Wing etc!
  183. Seeker heavy shift knobs
  184. Hks hipermax iii suspension..1 kit ..1 epic price!!
  185. Sumo Power + AI Autosport Northern Ireland
  186. Project MU HC+ Front + Rear Deal
  187. Cazzas Thinking About Christmas!!
  188. GT1 Vid..THE DROP!! Check it out!
  189. MOT's
  190. Sumo Power Custom Made Shift Knobs
  191. J's Racing Titanium Shift Knobs
  192. Tein Friday Feeling :)
  193. Its all about the HKS.. SuperDeal time from your Super Dealer!!
  194. Britcar 24 HR this weekend..J's Racing Campaign girl;)
  195. Sumo power drift team win the edc!!
  196. Hks brake line kit 105+vat ..last one!!
  197. Pretty Things ;) HKS Keyrings..
  198. Another Sumo Meet.. Opinions please?!!
  199. Saturday Morning Sunshine-Ish!!
  200. J's Racing Strut Brace..Special Offer !!
  201. Poorly Cazza ...
  202. J's Racing Merchandise
  203. Civinfo do Japanese Performance ..yeah we did!!
  204. Ferodo DS2500
  205. Friday Feeling..Who wants a deal?!!
  206. Total Honda - September/October
  207. The wheel saga rumbles on..Now what about these ??
  208. A nice bit of non Civic viewing for y'all!!
  209. Cosworth Street Master Pads..You know it makes sense!!
  210. Rays Volk VRG 2 Rims..Matt Black seen on J's!!
  211. Black Vinyl Panel..a la J's and Sumo [email protected]@k!!!
  212. Sumo Power @ JAE
  213. HyperRevs tuning bible for the Civic V124 just landed!
  214. Aem fn2 short ram induction kit...last one!!!
  215. Cazza's back in the hotseat today..Special Deals!!
  216. Cazzas taking a week off...!!!!
  217. Exedy Clutches FN2 avaliable from Sumo
  218. New Jap Shipment Arrived at Sumo Towers..So I'm Making some Space..
  219. New product :) hks dmr ..check it out!!
  220. GO GO SUMO!!!! GT1 Live on Bloomberg now!!
  221. Workshop + Servicing @ Sumo Towers!!
  222. Eibach Camber Bolts :)
  223. J's Racing Sump Mag Drain Bolts
  224. J's Racing Wheel Nuts
  225. New wheels people!!?? Check it out!!
  226. Sumo Power Decals..As seen on my FN :)
  227. New Addition to the Do Luck Power Filter range 2.2 CDTi
  228. Sumo Power Meet.. Parts..Pls read!!!
  229. Modified Live @ Brands..Reeeeeead this people!!
  230. Meet @ Sumo Towers
  231. Sumo Power @ Modified Live Brands this weekend!!
  232. J's racing plum chan decal ...looooook!!!!
  233. Pm's... Pls resend :) :)
  234. Sumo Power @ JapShow..Santa Pod 19th June
  236. J's Racing Stickers/Decals :)
  237. J's Racing Exhaust Rubber Mounts + Silencers
  238. Sumo Power..Yeah we're epic!!
  240. The day Mr Civi08 came to visit :)
  241. Mr CIVI08's J's Racing Bonnet..Painted :)
  242. Sumo Power GT Home Race - Silverstone June 5th
  243. HyperZero1's.... just like mine ;)
  244. Rays wheels from Sumo Power :)
  245. E-Mails
  246. Sumo Power @ Japfest 2011!!
  247. HyperZero1 Wheels baby!!!!!
  248. Job Vacancy - Rye, East Sussex
  249. Cazza's on hols 22nd -25th april /happy easter:)
  250. Oulton park - 16th april :)