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: This is How To ... (Guides Only) (8G)

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  1. Front bumper removal tips..
  2. How to ... dismantle a door mirror
  3. How to ... dismantle a door mirror
  4. How to ... dismantle a door mirror
  5. TTS Supersport Rotrex Supercharger Fitting (Basic Guide)
  6. How to ... Retrofitting Navigation unit Civic 8th gen FN2 (Spaceship)
  7. How to.. repair latch/lock rear seat - rear seat don't fold
  8. How to remove back seats
  9. Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
  10. Atera Roof Bars Fitting Instructions 044 083 / 045 083
  11. Honda Logo Puddle lights
  12. Any guides for type r spoiler instalation
  13. HELP! Need to Disable Alarm
  14. How to remove/clean green mold/mould from light cluster water channels
  15. Proper BT installation
  16. How to clean throttle body
  17. Fog light removal / drill holes for future access
  18. Honda Civic 8th Gen Front strut / bump stops
  19. 8th Gen How To Guide Master List
  20. Honda Civic 8th Gen how to change pollen filter
  21. Honda Civic 8th Gen how to change spark plugs
  22. Honda Civic 8th Gen how to change front arb drop links
  23. Honda Civic 8th Gen how to change front indicator bulbs
  24. Honda Civic 8th Gen how to change front lamps (not Indicator)
  25. Honda Civic 8th Gen Aircon fix
  26. Cure Diesel Induction Noise (Sounds like Blowing Exhaust)
  27. How To - FN2 Engine Mounts & Inserts
  28. Honda civic 2.2 2006 tow bar fittment
  29. How to strip down an instrument cluster
  30. FN2 Civic Type R Engine Mount Inserts
  31. How to wrap your Exhaust - Funk Motorsport Guide
  32. HOW TO: Fit OEM Type R Spoiler
  33. Derv Clutch Pedal Modification
  34. [HOW TO] Refurbish worn steering controls
  35. [HOW TO] - Remove airbox cabin - Honda Civic 2.2 2009
  36. How to come out of Sat Nav's diagnostic mode
  37. How to (potentially) Fix a saggy gear stick gaiter
  38. Fix or disable auto wipers / auto lights.
  39. Removing just the handbrake cover
  40. Cleaning up door sill / scuff plate
  41. enabling AUX - true, Honda way, factory way
  42. Radio screen segments problem and pop sound
  43. "How to" poor mans short shift
  44. Retrofit heated seats guide
  45. Removal of stereo procedure video
  46. Civic 5D rear axle wider than type R :))
  47. [HOW TO] Parking sensor fitting (Another guide)
  48. Fitting a gear gaiter to my type s
  49. How to: Fitting an after market heated seat kit
  50. How to fit eibach front springs.
  51. How to fit eibach rear springs.
  52. Replace rear Disks and Pads.
  53. [HOW TO] Replace Your Check Strap (Door connector thing)
  54. [HOW TO] Replace LED's in mirror indicators
  55. How to fix a mirror unit with broken aluminium post
  56. How to install AUX connects2 CTVHOX001
  57. How to repair broken side skirt clips
  58. Electric wing mirror shut off device repair
  59. 3 Door seat slide mechanism fix
  60. Refurbishing Sill Guards with vinyl and coolice graphics
  61. fitting bonnet struts
  62. Wheel Arch Trim Removal
  63. Make a micro usb to av out cable for mini 0806 dashcam
  64. how to change the stock headunit illumination
  65. How to strip the dash surround ready for hydro dipping or carbon wrapping
  66. Installing Eibach Rear Hubcentric Spacers
  67. How to: Replace windscreen washer pump & Tank
  68. [How To]Installing Bonnet Struts
  69. SE steering wheel outer trim replacement
  70. Fix poor windscreen washer pressure
  71. How to...change the spark plugs on an FN2
  72. How to Change Clutch Master Cylinder on FN2
  73. Repairing Side Mirror Indicator LEDs
  74. Nokia CK-200 in Honda Civic 5D “tight” installation.
  75. ABS Sensor Replacement
  76. [How To] Refurbing Type-R Door Sills
  77. [How To]Installing V3 Triton Rear blinkers
  78. Replacing door controls panel
  79. Refurbing Type S Decals and Emblems
  80. PTC Heater Diagnostic - (How to - with pics)
  81. [How To]Installing V3 Triton Switchback LEDs
  82. [How To] Refurb Those Alloys
  83. How to second airflow for K&N 57i
  84. [HOW TO] DC5 Brembo brake caliper refurb
  85. Blue amibition leds for doors and gearstick and piano black project
  86. [HOW TO] Fit Team HEKO deflectors
  87. How To respray your door switch garnishes
  88. How to diagnose and replace a faulty over pressure relief valve on a 2006 2.2 i-CTDi
  89. [How-To] Fit Tegiwa Rigid Collar Kit
  90. [HOW-TO] Fit Tegiwa Rigid Collar Set to FN2
  91. [HOW TO] Fit Tegiwa Airbox
  92. [How To]Hardwiring a Dashcam
  93. Honda Key to New Flip Key
  94. AC Condenser Overhaul - Shim Replacement
  95. Turn your 4 seater type-r into a five seater
  96. How to disassemble door panel
  97. How to: make fixed USB charging sockets in your car
  98. All characters visible on radio screen
  99. How to adjust clutch biting point on FN2
  100. [How To] Make the little blue light brighter
  101. Scrached driver dashboard fascia and VISOR ASSY repair
  102. How To: Remove Front Seats and Get Your Interior Carpet To As New Condition
  103. [HOW TO] Remove OEM Type R spoiler and install a new one
  104. How to fit a Tegiwa Race Header
  105. How To: Replace the Timing Chain, Guides and Tensioner for an EP3
  106. How to use HIM and HDS to make a forced regeneration of DPF
  107. HID Headlight Height Learning Procedure
  108. How to: 2.2 Battery change and improve earthing
  109. Interior light bulb clearance mod
  110. [HOW TO] Install a Martelius
  111. How To: Replace Handbrake (Completely)
  112. HOW TO make your own DRL switch
  113. Parsco's Grounding Kit - 2.2 Install
  114. 2.2 coolant change.
  115. Morimoto HID lens install into Civic FK2 headlights
  116. How to: 2.2 Oil Change (with pictures)
  117. Installation of the Parsco Heavy Duty Grounding Kit for a 1.8 Civic 8th Generation
  118. [How To]Replacing foglight bulbs/foglight housings
  119. Change rear shock absorbers
  120. How to completely dismantle the CD player (to clean the laser lens)
  121. Honda civic 2.2 diesel gearbox oil change
  122. How to install Parsco's Grounding Kit
  123. Alloy Wheel Repair.
  124. [HOW TO] Change HKS filter for the lazy
  125. Air Box Mod (better sound than most induction kits)
  126. Installing RickHondaR's Rear Footwell Lighting Kit
  127. Gear knob polish how to
  128. How to install a Japspeed Shortshifter
  129. Replace Rear Speakers in 3 Door - Using Existing Frames
  130. How to replace front anti roll bar bushes
  131. Changing hks filter
  132. [How To]Replacing Wiper Inserts
  133. How to: Stop beeping with key in the ignition
  134. Flip Key Conversion for the cowards !!!!!
  135. Fn2 gp pack full installation instructions and instalation guide
  136. Front Springs- to Eibachs.
  137. Fitting space saver.
  138. [HOW TO] How to repair wing mirrors for 0.25 Euro
  139. How to clean / remove FK3 2.2 diesel EGR valve
  140. Installing Cold Air intake 1.8
  141. [HOW TO] Install CTR indicators (and/or replace rear indicator bulbs)
  142. Making electrical connections
  143. [HOW TO] Replace rear centre light panel (Pre-2009)
  144. How to- 5 door type r conversion
  145. [HOW TO] Install after-market parking sensors (3-Door)
  146. Squeaky Clutch.
  147. [HOW TO] Remove/replace water radiator
  148. [HOW TO] Remove front grill
  149. [HOW TO] Remove front bumper
  150. Honda Civic 1.6 GearBox Oil Change How To
  151. Civic Type R FN2 Fuel Filter / Pump Replacement
  152. How to install Eibach Camber Bolts
  153. How to fit an aftermarked reversing camera to an aftermarked head unit
  154. (Another) Gear Knob and Gaiter How To
  155. How to use tap into the fuse box (Option Connector)
  156. How to replace a Fog Lamp on a Honda Civic 2006
  157. Fit rear parking sensors with visual display
  158. How to: Change drop links the easy way
  159. How To fit Atomic's LED DRL Kit & Control Module
  160. How to Fit LED footwell lights that come on with courtesy lights and main lights!
  161. Spoiler and side skirt installation instructions
  162. Howto Remove Interior Handles
  163. Parrot MKi9200 in Honda Civic 5D: “tight” installation.
  164. [HOW-TO] install braided brake hoses
  165. How to modify sports grill badge to look like Type R
  166. Roof Bars Installation & Parts List
  167. How to Delock drivers door ( keyless entry) for £20
  168. How to take off door handles...
  169. 2.2 Fuel Filter Change
  170. How to remove/fit fog light blanks
  171. Installing an Ultra Racing Rear Strut Bar
  172. How to Remove a FN2 Roof lining...
  173. Perspex grill change
  174. 'How To' fit a number plate mounted reversing camera.
  175. sound isolation + all new speakers
  176. How to Install an Aftermarket Reversing Camera - The easy Way!
  177. Assembly of the additional mains socket
  178. Removing Headliner
  179. How-to Fit a HKS Racing Suction Reloaded kit to an FN2
  180. How to Repair Stone Chips
  181. Howto Install Puddle Lights
  182. Mugen Quickshift - How To
  183. How to Fit a HID kit to Type R
  184. Fuse/relay box disassemble
  185. How to Remove Honda Twist & Lock Mat Fixings
  186. How to remove small dents from bodywork
  187. Installing a "In Dash Amp" for speakers
  188. fit universal intercoolers fmic kit
  189. How to: Install the Xcarlink in a 2008 Civic EX
  190. Modifying Type-R skirts to fit 5 door models
  191. how to change the springs
  192. Blue Dashboard lights
  193. Fitting My Rear EBC Grooved Disks and Yellow Stuff Pads
  194. Guide:- How to install a Parrot MKI9200 into a Honda Civic / Type R
  195. removing and replacing folding mirror
  196. Installing RickHondaR's footwell lights with dimming
  197. [HOW TO] replace front Brake-discs and brake pads
  198. installing footwell amp... dummies guide?
  199. Exhaust trim kit how to
  200. How to stop your rear brakes binding off the handbrake - reduce rear wheel brake dust
  201. Changing Rear Pads, how to!
  202. How to Guide - DIY Aftermarket HIDs (2.2 cdti)
  203. TDI Manifold installation, and exhaust calcs
  204. [HOW TO] Clean the EGR Valve on a Civic i-CTDi FK3
  205. Dog Guard - The Official Fitting Guide
  206. How to: Change grill without breaking any clips
  207. How to power to the boot from the engine bay
  208. How to install a Pioneer sub woofer
  209. [How-To] Play internet radio in the car (without mobile charges)
  210. [HOW TO] DIY - Footwell lights (they dim!)
  211. HOW TO make a real LED brake light
  212. How To replace wing mirror
  213. Integrated CK 3100 (merged)
  214. How To Save Fuel - Economy Driving Techniques
  215. How to install front splitter
  216. How to install a rear splitter
  217. Aux-in how-to 4 door
  218. Roadpilot Microgo installed in a hidden way...
  219. How to fit a Type R spoiler on a Type S
  220. Puddle lights
  221. How to make pre-outs
  222. How To Install The Honda Ipod Connector
  223. How To - Fix The Windscreen Cowl creaks.
  224. [How to] Find Your Radio's Firmware Version
  225. Blue tooth Installation .pdf file
  226. How to Make your own floorlights
  227. [How to] Defrost your windows in record time
  228. iphone / Dension install in EX
  229. [How-To] switch power mirrors with the central locking
  230. Posting new threads here
  231. Rear Speakers - Replacement with Coaxials (3 Door)
  232. [HOW TO] Cargo net
  233. Instal RoadPilot MicroGo without cutting any wires
  234. How To Dramatically improve speaker sound quality for £40 (Dynamat)
  235. How To - Upgrade the Horn
  236. Calibrate the speedo
  237. [How to] Connect Video Source to Navigation System
  238. How to turn on camera using indicators
  239. [How-To] Installing Parrot CK3100 with Multicomm ; blue lights ; sound isolation
  240. Basic alloy wheel repair
  241. painting dashboard to Type R look
  242. Install aftermaket Xenon lights on civic
  243. Ambient Lighting Easy Install
  244. Read (and clear) diagnostic error codes with no special tools
  245. DRL - Daytime Running Lights
  246. Connect alarm LED to side mirrors LED's
  247. A solution to connect DVD-Players and Game consoles to the Navigation Screen
  248. [HOW TO] Manually switch on the Reversing Camera
  249. [HOW TO] Change to Type R grill
  250. How To wire-in Valentine One Radar/Laser detector