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  1. Bulbs Will these fit my Civic 8G Type S.
  2. Brake Retrofit bootlit/central back brake light
  3. Indicator Replacement indicator light for side/wing mirror
  4. Fog Fog lights (bottom light) on Civic 2011?
  5. Brake Where are the brake lights ?!
  6. Foot Lights instructions
  7. Other Custom light works
  8. HID Light flickers/turns off but comes back on when lights are turned off and on.
  9. Bulbs MOT failure
  10. Bulbs Brake bulb query
  11. DRL Factory DRL for non DRL modell
  12. HID Relay
  13. Indicator Lights FAQ
  14. Misting Headlights misting HELP
  15. Brake Tints
  16. Bulbs HID retrofit projector
  17. Other rear lights cluster green grime around entire edge
  18. Other Rear lights (bootlid)
  19. Bulbs HID xenons fitted but !!
  20. Interior Interior lights not working!
  21. Interior Added rear door blue puddle lights
  22. Head Left side headlight keeps blowing
  23. Rear centre cluster casing removal
  24. Head Headlight retrofit
  25. How to replace front fog light on 2015 Civic ?
  26. Reverse Tailight Mods
  27. Headlight washer jets
  28. Bulbs Aurora Bulbs incorrect fitment?
  29. Bulbs Why did I do that, lights not working now
  30. Bulbs Bulb help?
  31. Bulbs Who does the bulbs on here?
  32. Door button lights
  33. Interior Blue LED puddle light
  34. Interior Climate controls bulbs are not lightning up
  35. Other Car turn signal as daylights ?
  36. Bulbs What reverse LED bulbs are for Civic MK8?
  37. Bulbs Sidelight Bulbs
  38. HID Headlights. Halogen to HID
  39. Other Coming home / Leaving home in civic 8?
  40. Reverse MK8 Rear Centre Light Removal? Bulb fell into reverse light
  41. Misting Stain on Inside of Rear Indicator Unit
  42. Other Rear Number plate light x 1 intermittently works
  43. Head O/S headlamp not working
  44. Indicator Front passenger indicators failed.
  45. Brake Brake ,tail light fuse
  46. Indicator Led switchback Sequential DRL for Wing mirror
  47. Bulbs Recommended
  48. HID HID MOT Fail, guilty!
  49. Bulbs LED Bulbs needed for Civic MK8?
  50. Head light angle too high - getting flashed !
  51. Interior Fuse 17 (interior lights small) missing supply voltage
  52. Interior Footwell lights to door switch
  53. Interior Blue footwell lights
  54. Bulbs My headlights are pants
  55. Other Underbonnet LED's
  56. HID HID KIT ,relay kit
  57. Indicator front right indicator
  58. Bulbs H7 477 dipped beam bulb replacement...
  59. DRL Drl switchbacks
  60. Head Faulty headlight?
  61. Bulbs Passenger Bulb Replacement
  62. Bulbs LED sideligts and undercar LEDs
  63. Bulbs Should it light up
  64. Interior Boot light help
  65. Bulbs H1 led
  66. Walk/follow me home lights
  67. Bulbs W5W's to colour match GE Megalight Ultra +130% H7's
  68. Indicator Civic mk8 retro fit rears
  69. Other Glow plug/ engine light
  70. Head Projector project
  71. Head Headlights
  72. Fog Rear Fog light fault - wierd
  73. Bulbs Main beam led upgrade recommendation please
  74. high beam doesnt work, though still able to flash
  75. Retro fit xenons , extra loom/ cable needed ?
  76. Retrofitting projectors?
  77. Bulbs Help how do I change hid bulbs ?
  78. HID Fn2 oem hids - how to replace?
  79. Bulbs Fn2 interior kit
  80. Head headlight height adjustment doesnt works anymore, no-hids
  81. Bulbs Changing brake lights
  82. Head Auto headlights constantly on during daylight
  83. DRL DRL suggestions
  84. Head Are them worth anything
  85. Continuous noise from n/s headlamp
  86. Bulbs Low beam bulbs for my Ep3
  87. Head headlight tinting
  88. Bulbs ~5K H7 bulbs that don't blow?
  89. Interior Gauge cluster brightness
  90. Brake light change! HELP!
  91. Other Rear Center cluster
  92. Bulbs What side light is this?
  93. Auto leveling headlight
  94. Bulbs Led sidelight bulbs?
  95. Head Changing headlights RHD to LHD
  96. HID Auto leveling device
  97. Head Headlight restoration
  98. Are FN2 rear light units the same as non type r models?
  99. Indicator Wing Mirror Indicators
  100. Other Cleaning & resealing rear lights
  101. DRL Converting fog light to DRL?
  102. Bulbs Boot light - no voltage
  103. Head Headlights Pattern failed my MOT?
  104. Interior Centre console backlights
  105. Head Can headlights be always on on auto?
  106. Interior Change map lights
  107. Which Bulb?
  108. Just a quickie
  109. HID 2007 MK8 Civic Aftermarket headlamp
  110. Head Honda Civic Led Halo Headlights
  111. HID Crashed car. Headlights issue
  112. Bulbs Headlight twist cap missing
  113. Head Damaged inside of headlights
  114. Bulbs Looking a couple of.bulb recommendations
  115. Head Easy way to change dipped bulb?
  116. HID Headlamps halogen and xenon
  117. Head Headlamp restoring compounds?
  118. Bulbs head light choice h7 fitting and choice
  119. Bulbs Aircon & Rear Window Demister buttons wont illuminate
  120. HID Auto levelling sensor arm
  121. Bulbs Purchased the wrong LED
  122. 2006 civic ex 2.2 cdti standard hid liggts
  123. Indicator Wing mirror indicator unit - OEM vs Aftermarket
  124. Other coming home light instructions
  125. HID Eurolights poitioning on Civic 2017 SR
  126. HID OEM HID auto adjust not working
  127. Bulbs Headlight bulb opinions !
  128. Head Headlight Unit Removal
  129. HID Hid lights
  130. Bulbs LED Headlights
  131. Interior Upgraded bulbs for fn2 interior *boot, glove box, center dome, vanity
  132. Bulbs Glove box light
  133. Interior Fan speed,mode,ac.
  134. Brake 3rd brake light (High Mount?)
  135. Bulbs Night eye LED conversion kit
  136. Bulbs Rear Running Light Not Working
  137. Bulbs Dicky Headlight
  138. Hid headlight bulb replacement
  139. Indicator Wing mirrors only flash when locking car, not when indicating
  140. HID Hid not working
  141. Head Main Beam MOT requirements
  142. Head Replace Headlights
  143. Other Led strip trunk
  144. Bulbs Boot/Trunk light
  145. HID HID Bulb faulty
  146. HID xenon HIDs
  147. Fog Foglight retrofit nightmare
  148. Interior Fitting Instructions for Honda Footwell Lighting
  149. Other Main Beam Fuse Melted into Fuse Box!!
  150. HID OEM HID Replacement
  151. HID OEM HID Auto Levelling too low??
  152. Bulbs Changed bulbs
  153. Indicator Indicator help!
  154. HID Special coating on HID lenses?
  155. HID Ballast, initiator/igniter ?
  156. Bulbs Xenon bulb
  157. Bulbs Coming home lights module
  158. plastic headlight restoration
  159. HID hids on a type s
  160. Interior DC2/EK9 Recaro bucket seats
  161. Bulbs [HELP]Change fog light bulb
  162. Interior Rear dome light doesn't turn on with doors
  163. Fog light
  164. Fog Replace fog lamp
  165. Other Water in lights
  166. HID Replacement ns hid
  167. HID Replacing a dud Xenon bulb...
  168. HID Xenon plug wire
  169. Bulbs Honda i-Ves interior light
  170. Indicator Indicators
  171. Head Xenon or Halogen... ***
  172. Head Headlight dust cover needed
  173. Other How to restore back lights?
  174. Head Acura MDX 2014 headlights to FK2
  175. Head Home coming lights
  176. HID Civic EX without HID?
  177. Bulbs Ghost lights
  178. Interior Interior lights on when unlock
  179. Other WTCC like HeadLight Flasher
  180. Bulbs Heat resistant sidelight LEDs
  181. Head Should factory HIDs visibly 'level' when they come on?
  182. Bulbs H7 white bulbs?
  183. Indicator Rear indicator cluster
  184. DRL Headlight mod
  185. Indicator Mirror side repeater light
  186. Bulbs Osram Cool Blue Intense W5W Sidelights
  187. Head Smash light bulb in the NS Headlight
  188. DRL CHL & DRL module
  189. Indicator mirror indicator lights
  190. Interior Window switch lights
  191. HID How to check Self Levelling?
  192. Other FN1 compatible headlights and connectors
  193. Bulbs New xenon bulbs needed, recommendations?
  194. Bulbs Headlight plastic heating up
  195. Other Sidelights
  196. Bulbs Rear tail lights
  197. Bulbs Front orange turn signal for FN2
  198. Head Passenger headlight steaming up
  199. Bulbs LED number plate bulbs?
  200. Head Aftermarket headlights for FN2
  201. Head Headlight Washers
  202. HID Best place to fit ballasts
  203. Other FN2 Rear light plastic cover
  204. Bulbs LED sidelights
  205. Fog Front fogs 2006 FN3
  206. Indicator New bulb blew
  207. Bulbs led headlights reviews
  208. Other One sidelight not working
  209. Bulbs OEM Xenon bulbs
  210. DRL LED Lights
  211. HID Oxidised headlights?
  212. Indicator Led Strip
  213. Brake Rear Brake Lights
  214. Indicator Load Resistor Placement?
  215. Bulbs Side light fell inside headlight
  216. Other How to remove headlight unit / assembly?
  217. HID OEM HID bulb - how to tell
  218. Bulbs Why can't I find a tail light bulb?
  219. HID Xenon headlight connectors
  220. Indicator 2007 1.8ex rear indicator lens
  221. Bulbs Aurora Bulbs - Call me dumb
  222. HID HID Bulb replacement
  223. Indicator Anyone using LED Front and Rear Amber Bulbs
  224. Head Headlight Spring Clip
  225. Interior Need help!
  226. Bulbs Left headlight not working
  227. Bulbs Replaced both dipped bulbs, one much brighter than the other?
  228. Interior Footwell/underseat LED's
  229. Head Xenon headlight working intermittently
  230. HID Dipped beams
  231. Indicator Small problem
  232. Bulbs Yet more hid issues
  233. Bulbs Dipped beam question.
  234. Bulbs Headlight update with LED or HID
  235. Brake Rear Light Clusters
  236. Other How to fix loose wiring connection
  237. Bulbs Main beam bulb
  238. Bulbs Upgraded Side & Main Beam Bulbs
  239. Bulbs Bulb help
  240. HID Quad bi-xenon wiring help
  241. Other want these lights
  242. Interior dashboard lights
  243. Other Type R Projectors :D
  244. Bulbs Hazard button supposed to light up?
  245. Bulbs HID dipped beam - which bulbs to choose from?
  246. Fog Disasemble foglights
  247. Reverse Reverse Lights Do Not Come On - '07 EX I-Shift Civic
  248. HID Change of Temp/Colour?
  249. HID Adjust serial xenon light?
  250. HID HID Flicker when I turn on sidelights