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: Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)

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  1. Other DICE not working with iphone 4s
  2. AUX in ICE query 8th gen Civic
  3. AUX in my xcar link
  4. Other Xcarlink box
  5. Amplifier Alpine MRX-V60 5 Channel Digital Amplifier Help Required Too Match A Sub
  6. Head Unit Software update
  7. Technical bluetooth
  8. Upgrades Need Help with stereo upgrade. (NOOB)
  9. Technical double din
  10. Head Unit Custom MKi9200 installation
  11. Head Unit Auto Volume
  12. Speakers Moderation meet my friend JBL :)
  13. Head Unit removing OEM head unit
  14. Head Unit is this a good deal
  15. AUX in Use Ipod or phone as MP3
  16. Technical OEM satnav
  17. AUX in Two ipod connectors?
  18. Radio Does anybody here use the pioneer app radio?
  19. Head Unit kenwood ddx 7025
  20. Upgrades TuneLink Auto question
  21. Speakers Speaker selection for front doors of Civ'
  22. Technical Any Good Freeview Tuners with Red Button
  23. Technical Immobiliser
  24. Other Xcarlink discount code -updated
  25. Head Unit double din query
  26. Technical WANTED: Someone to Install the ipod kit for me :-)
  27. Subwoofer Few Sub Fitting Questions
  28. Head Unit putting android phone display through a double din
  29. Head Unit Double Din Types
  30. Upgrades Bluetooth Connectivity - 2006 Civic
  31. Head Unit Dvd/touch screen
  32. Radio Connects2 DAB?
  33. Technical My 09 type r
  34. Head Unit Fitting a Double Din WITH the impule conversion
  35. My install Overcomplicating things
  36. Other Sot lead for parrot
  37. Technical Double din :(
  38. My install X Car link problem
  39. Speakers Tweeters messed up? (video included)
  40. Other bluetooth
  41. Upgrades External media options
  42. My install Xcar link Model V
  43. AUX in Spotify through ipod adaptor
  44. Speakers Speaker Adapters
  45. Technical Music from phone
  46. Head Unit Disc error
  47. Head Unit iPhone link
  48. Technical parrot handsfree
  49. Amplifier Amp for speakers?
  50. Other Xcarlink USB Folder track limit is 9,900?
  51. Head Unit 2009MY onwards....anyone seen back of headunit?
  52. Built in CD cd payer (lense) damaged how doni fix it?
  53. Head Unit Plugging in an AUX?
  54. Technical XCarlink with CD changer
  55. Head Unit EX bluetooth.....Does it play mp3's through an Iphone?
  56. Speakers Advice on speaker upgrades
  57. AUX in official Honda ipod adapter - track names
  58. Speakers Anyone modified speaker plugs/ connectors HELP!!!!!
  59. Speakers Gutted attempted to fit front speakers
  60. Head Unit Factory Fit CD Player
  61. Speakers Alpine Speakers
  62. Speakers speeker adapter
  63. Built in CD disk changer
  64. AUX in AUX port install.
  65. Speakers Another speaker upgrade question
  66. Amplifier Where to install amp
  67. Head Unit Remove originial Sat Nav for Double Din
  68. Speakers picture needed
  69. Technical Speaker Problems with Parrot MKI 9200
  70. Other Front Camera - display & record
  71. Built in CD Stock CD Player gone?
  72. Subwoofer SUB help
  73. Head Unit Parrot - Do I need need the extra ISO cable?
  74. AUX in Usb wiring?
  75. Other Best place to mount Parrot remote control?
  76. AUX in iPod USB adaptor
  77. Speakers CTR Speaker Upgrade Advice / Help
  78. Other show me you phone kits.
  79. My install Double DIN fitted.. But not fitted
  80. Radio FM Transmitter
  81. AUX in Does the iphone connector charge the iphone?
  82. AUX in Xcarlink & iPhone/iPod
  83. Subwoofer Connecting sub remote to rear 12v socket
  84. Built in CD Stereo muting?
  85. AUX in iPod! Aaaggghhhh!
  86. AUX in USB adaptor cable - What type of connector?
  87. Technical Wanted Honda Type R USB Cable
  88. Upgrades xcarlink help
  89. Technical Xcarlink, HD and a tablet question.
  90. AUX in ipod help??!?!
  91. AUX in Fitted XcarLink
  92. Upgrades complete audio upgrade
  93. Speakers Reusing current speaker cones
  94. Head Unit Blown OEM Stereo after 2 weeks of ownership
  95. Speakers Connecting 6x9s to rear speakers
  96. AUX in quick question about mp3 on a 2007 civic
  97. My install my budget install
  98. Head Unit Sniffing the GA NET protocol
  99. Head Unit Urgent: Double din installation help
  100. Other xcarlink order
  101. Technical steering control wires
  102. Subwoofer Thinking about fitting a Sub?
  103. Head Unit JVC KW-AVX640 DVD Impulse steering wheel adapter
  104. Speakers infinty kappa 65.9.cs
  105. Head Unit sub and amp
  106. Technical Bluetooth Module
  107. Subwoofer Amp + Sub?
  108. Head Unit Removing stereo
  109. Technical running power cable from battery to trunk
  110. Other Parrot question
  111. Upgrades Speaker and Tweeter upgrade Question
  112. AUX in Can not find aux in
  113. Speakers Can I fit 13cm 40w rms components to the standard si headunit?
  114. My install MDF sizes
  115. Technical 60 Plate Si Do I need the bespoke USB lead?
  116. Head Unit My impulse kit self install result
  117. My install Car Pc
  118. My install Question for Glasgow members!
  119. Head Unit Kenwood Head Unit and Impulse kit: SWRC question
  120. My install xcarlink software
  121. Head Unit Install Price?
  122. Technical Anyone in the area willing to fit me an xcarlink for a price?
  123. Amplifier Amplify my speakers process?
  124. AUX in Aux-in for 2008 civic
  125. Speakers Infinity Kappa
  126. Upgrades Audio fitters Ayrshire?
  127. Speakers Complete speaker upgrade
  128. Head Unit Fitting Xcarlink - absolutely neccessary to remove dash?
  129. My install My Alpine Honda Civic TypeR
  130. Head Unit Impulse kit
  131. AUX in Civic '06 AUX input
  132. Subwoofer Can any one help how to install a sub ???
  133. Upgrades xcarlink playing usb
  134. AUX in Xcarlinks steering wheel controls for ipod
  135. Speakers how to upgrade stereo, advice needed!
  136. Head Unit Head unit advice: selection and installation
  137. Head Unit 2.2 I-cdti htf bluetooth
  138. Upgrades headunit
  139. AUX in Xcarlink discount code
  140. Other 2009 CTR GT USB Cable ?
  141. AUX in AUX Input in a 2008 Civic
  142. Upgrades Parrot 9100 v xcarlink ipod plus Bluetooth
  143. AUX in Anyone with the Honda supplied ipod link?
  144. AUX in iPod connect
  145. Speakers Amped speakers- now get feedback :/
  146. Built in CD My car stereo spits
  147. Upgrades AVIC-F930BT DAB Option?
  148. Head Unit cheap double din
  149. Anyone got or seen one of these?
  150. My install clock and air con not working
  151. Head Unit Carputer
  152. Speakers Fitting speakers help 2009 civic
  153. Speakers fitting
  154. AUX in Xcarlink transplant
  155. AUX in Connect2 box is easy
  156. Speakers Getting double din fitted fitted next week, 6X9's or components?
  157. Radio Pure Highway 300Di free fitting and 10% off
  158. My install Going to upgrade my ice, some advice needed?
  159. AUX in Retro fit aux in?
  160. Head Unit Fn2 double din pic request
  161. Speakers Tweeters making a cracking sound
  162. Amplifier Tracks skipping when played loud
  163. Speakers Civic speaker rings / adaptors that fit without having to drill the metal skin!!!!
  164. Other Are Xcarlink offering any more discount codes?
  165. My install Parrot mki9100 MAJOUR PROBLEM
  166. Head Unit 2x Single Din into Double Din?
  167. Head Unit double dins decisions!!!!!!!
  168. Upgrades iPad (1) Car mounts
  169. Subwoofer Rediculous bass in a civic
  170. AUX in iphone 4 xcarlink problem
  171. Technical Honda Sat Nav screen
  172. Other Ooops !!!What have I done
  173. AUX in AUX port (merged)
  174. Speakers Speaker quailty
  175. Technical Parrot with amp
  176. Other Yet another Parrot MKi9200 thread
  177. Speakers Info about speakers 5 door Civic (....getting grazy)
  178. Other Help Please (sorry for posting here)
  179. AUX in Dice r3
  180. ipodcarkitdirect.co.uk
  181. AUX in xcarlink owners
  182. AUX in What IPod/IPhone Solution is best for me
  183. Speakers Fitting 6x9's to 5door cdti
  184. Radio Pure launches Highway 300Di - New DAB soloution
  185. Built in CD Satnav/CD unit in 2nd Gen CRV (56 plate)
  186. Other tip for better audio via ipod/mp3 player..
  187. Head Unit Help with New double DIN head
  188. Other Sound Quality
  189. Radio Standard radio
  190. AUX in USB causing sterio to cut out
  191. Head Unit FN2 Head Unit vs Aftermarket?
  192. Speakers Which speakers? Opinions?
  193. Subwoofer My New Toy :)
  194. AUX in Genuine Honda iPod adapter price
  195. Speakers Bassworks Package any good?
  196. Technical Question for someone with xcarlink fitted?
  197. AUX in Another xcarlink question...
  198. Subwoofer JL audio w3 6.5 inch sub
  199. My install Rear door subs??
  200. Subwoofer How to install 2 subwoofers without cutting the rear speakers ?
  201. Subwoofer nice small think subwoofer?
  202. My install Parrot Unika
  203. AUX in Newbie help!
  204. Other Help with MP3 XCarLink
  205. Upgrades warrenty
  206. AUX in DICE Box compatible with iOS 5 ?
  207. Other ICE Installers South West
  208. Head Unit Yet more questions
  209. AUX in aux usb port
  210. AUX in Honda Genuine Ipod Adapter
  211. Radio DAB Radio
  212. Radio Radio distortion when rear screen demister is on
  213. Built in CD starting car cuts power to oem radio?
  214. Head Unit Double DIN help/advice
  215. Other FK2 (Facelift 09) - Cardreader in USB port?
  216. AUX in Honda Ipod Dock
  217. Head Unit Aftermarket DVD/Sat Nav moulded into dash?
  218. My install Crazy clock with aftermarket hu
  219. Upgrades Speakers or Amp?
  220. Upgrades Speaker upgrade question
  221. AUX in iPod/Aux in advice
  222. AUX in Autoleads Ipod/Iphone adapter? Go or No Go. :)
  223. AUX in Aux port on 07 type r
  224. AUX in Another Xcarlink fitted
  225. Speakers Subwoofer install
  226. AUX in Female Ipod to Male or Female 3.5
  227. My install iphon 4
  228. AUX in USB connection in the Si
  229. Amplifier No Sound from speakers after amp install.
  230. AUX in Xcarlink Ipod connector finally fitted.
  231. Radio Radio reception poor with heated window\mirrors on
  232. AUX in Ipod Nano lead for civic
  233. Amplifier Does an Amp need all four speaker cables to run a Sub
  234. Speakers Speaker Package
  235. AUX in Aux In for Bury System 8 Car Phone and 8 Disc CD Changer
  236. Upgrades Helppp Head unit, fasica etc.
  237. Subwoofer How to install active sub in civic 2010
  238. Upgrades STD loom to fhu
  239. Other Parrot mki remote
  240. Other parrot mki9200 mic
  241. LOC Custom loom for LOC
  242. Lc7
  243. Upgrades Sat nav connecting iPhone
  244. Speakers Tweeter Size?
  245. Head Unit Pioneeer 930
  246. Subwoofer Quick and cheap Bass
  247. AUX in iPod /iPad connection
  248. Radio Why Is My Radio Signal So Crap??
  249. Speakers Replacing Factory Speakers
  250. Technical Power Info - Needed!