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: Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)

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  1. Technical Power Info - Needed!
  2. My install My Ice installs in the civic
  3. Amplifier Front amplifier in glovebox
  4. Amplifier Problem amping headunit (front speakers)
  5. Other Voucher code dension 300
  6. Amplifier New i-sotec amplifiers
  7. AUX in Honda EX male / male audio adapter
  8. Head Unit Head Unit Problems - Need recommendations for new stero
  9. Upgrades Parrot mki9200
  10. Upgrades Installing new (DAB digital) radios
  11. AUX in iPod adaptor
  12. AUX in Xcarlink Problem
  13. Speakers Has someone been at my speakers.....
  14. Head Unit Free text on stereo display?
  15. Amplifier How do you sort the high level outputs & speaker amp connections?
  16. Head Unit Xlink or Head Unit ?
  17. AUX in Another aux question
  18. Upgrades What do people do for Bluetooth Handsfree
  19. Upgrades custom made subwoofer boxes for under rear bench seat
  20. Upgrades USB Connection for 1.4l version
  21. AUX in Samsung Galaxy S2
  22. Upgrades Are these the correct stereo wiring harnesses?
  23. AUX in xCarLink or Dice Box
  24. Amplifier Which amp do you reccommend?
  25. Subwoofer £500 for Sub/Amp fitted?
  26. Upgrades ronnda 123/ sat nav question
  27. AUX in USB Question
  28. Amplifier Upgrade on the S-T
  29. Built in CD MP3 CD ID3 naming tools?
  30. AUX in 80 GB Hard Disk in the USB port
  31. Amplifier need help.
  32. Technical Why oh why?
  33. AUX in iPod and left speaker issues woes
  34. Upgrades Upgrading Sounds ?
  35. Amplifier Second amp installed and running..
  36. Upgrades Honda SSD for 09 CW CTR
  37. Subwoofer Gonna get an amp, but what about subwoofer?
  38. Head Unit Touch screen sat-nav units
  39. Upgrades Touch screen sat nav
  40. Speakers Budget components
  41. Speakers Left hand speakers not working
  42. Head Unit ICE Northern Ireland
  43. Other X-Carlink Bluetooth option
  44. Speakers The Crossover with component speaker
  45. AUX in Honda Ipod connector.
  46. My install advise
  47. Head Unit Moving Standard Stereo.. Please Help
  48. My install Dismantled dash to fit Connects2 - Someone has been there before me
  49. LOC conneceting OEM HU to LOC
  50. Head Unit Replacing HU before FL to HU after FL
  51. Subwoofer Small/Slim Subwoofer Recommendations
  52. Head Unit Fitting a Double Din, what do I need?
  53. Other Car holder for Samsung Galaxy SII
  54. Other USB cable
  55. My install Brodit Iphone Holder-Best Holder Ever
  56. AUX in Damned Honda and their different Ipod connectors
  57. My install Double DIN, Front Speakers and Sub - Done!
  58. Subwoofer Quick sub question
  59. AUX in Dice box installed, Not Emulating CD changer correctly.
  60. Technical Best Ipod / USB Connectivity?
  61. Built in CD cd player
  62. Built in CD premature wear on oem cd lens
  63. Built in CD How to remove armrest cd changer
  64. AUX in aux in???
  65. AUX in wireless ipod cheaper alternative
  66. Head Unit Am I being thick??
  67. Upgrades Pictures of ICE
  68. AUX in USB stopped working
  69. Upgrades Xlink or Parrot
  70. Other Fitting iPod to sat nav system
  71. My install Where to put the crossovers?
  72. Upgrades Should I Upgarde to a Parrot MKi9200
  73. Other Mounting iPhone on Rev Counter
  74. Other Best Reverse camera and Speaker upgrade
  75. Head Unit Iphone help
  76. Head Unit Jvc nt1
  77. Head Unit No iPod connectivity
  78. Built in CD Standard stereo play MP3 files in CD?
  79. Speakers Anyone made speaker pods for their doors?
  80. Head Unit iphone 4
  81. Speakers fitted rear speakers
  82. Other FM transmitters
  83. Other halfords and parrot car kit
  84. Head Unit Install anywhere in Glasgow??
  85. AUX in Cheap Easy solution of replacing CD changer for Ipod cable.
  86. Speakers mdf time
  87. Speakers Can't use the astra front door pods
  88. Speakers Dilemma: Audison AV K6 or Hertz HSK 165?
  89. Other Where to buy the double din facia plate?
  90. Subwoofer upgrading ice on a company car?
  91. Head Unit Bluetooth Audio - A2DP - Civic 2008
  92. Speakers alpine type e wrong size lol
  93. Head Unit Wiring diagram for FN2 Head Unit
  94. Head Unit Head unit/upgrade
  95. Other Iphone Holder
  96. Speakers speaker help
  97. AUX in Xcarlink
  98. Head Unit FN2 Headunit
  99. Amplifier Amp setup in a FN2- Help please
  100. My install My I.C.E !!!!
  101. Head Unit * * * Official Double Din Picture Thread * * *
  102. My install Stock/hidden install from Sony Center
  103. Other High quality sound in Civic over iPod *FLAC*
  104. Head Unit installing blutooth cable to head unit
  105. AUX in iPod trackname/artist display
  106. Other Ipod not charging..
  107. Upgrades Pioneer or Kenwood double din?
  108. Technical Question regarding the xcarlink setup?
  109. Speakers speaker help
  110. Other Parrot MKi9200 & Andriod Phone
  111. Head Unit Okay so I'm installing a double din.
  112. Head Unit Double din stereo from lightinthebox.com?
  113. Head Unit help please
  114. Upgrades Brodit Handsfree
  115. Head Unit 06 Ex sat nav and i.c.e problem
  116. Head Unit Double Din Conversion
  117. Technical Bluetooth
  118. Technical Blue wire on aerial adapter
  119. AUX in DICE volume level / distortion
  120. Other Under radio pocket
  121. AUX in Honda iPod adaptor and AUX input
  122. Speakers Thoughts and experiences with Alpine SPG-17CS
  123. Upgrades Definitive ICE newbie thread? :)
  124. Speakers JBL speakers
  125. AUX in Honda AUX from U.S.A
  126. My install what thickness mdf rings for front door speakers?
  127. Speakers Front comps
  128. Technical which parrot kit to allow USB hard drive and folder browsing?
  129. Head Unit Kenwood swop over
  130. AUX in Left Speaker goes on/off with iPod DICE box
  131. Speakers Rear Speaker help Civic MB6
  132. Other Double DIN screens
  133. Head Unit Double din sat nav
  134. Other ImpulseCar wants you...
  135. Upgrades I found a good site for ICE stuff
  136. Built in CD CDs don't play in hot temperatures
  137. Other bluetooth buttons
  138. Head Unit hid kit in! no cd player now!
  139. Speakers Soundproofing
  140. Head Unit ICE system help
  141. My install Civic boot install (Part 2)
  142. My install civic boot install (part 1)
  143. Head Unit Honda iPod lead & iPhone4
  144. Amplifier Speaker/amp installation questions
  145. Head Unit Civic 2002 VTEC SE SPORT missing head unit
  146. Technical iPhone in car Sat Nav
  147. Other Volume
  148. My install Fosgate stealth sub pics
  149. Upgrades InPhase
  150. AUX in 07 type s mp3
  151. Other What's the best stereo set-up
  152. AUX in is there a simple 3.5mm input on stadard HU?
  153. Technical Parrot MK9200 sound quality over standard head unit?
  154. Speakers Front component speaker upgrade
  155. Upgrades Cheapest fit for double din?
  156. AUX in Dension Gateway 300 USB troubles
  157. My install 2009 civic type R audio install problems
  158. AUX in can i install aux in in my 2006 civic ex?
  159. My install HDMI Mirrororing and Custom Software
  160. Upgrades Parrot MKi9200
  161. Amplifier Help with amplifier mode
  162. Other Double DIN question for new owner
  163. Head Unit swrc of less known brands
  164. Speakers central speaker column
  165. Speakers Recommendations for ICE in Stoke area
  166. Head Unit Iphone compatability
  167. Amplifier Easy route for battery cable into cabin for amp
  168. Speakers Wires into front doors ?? How ??
  169. AUX in Removing cd changer
  170. AUX in IPod with 206 Civic
  171. Built in CD Wont read mp3?!
  172. AUX in 2008 UK 1.8 Civic AUX-IN Required
  173. My install My Hertz install
  174. Subwoofer sub pics in the boot
  175. Head Unit Changing the time
  176. Speakers New speakers on the way. 2-DIN next?
  177. Upgrades car audio security packages
  178. Technical Speaker Baffles?
  179. Speakers Quotes to high?
  180. Upgrades Headunit in Glovebox?
  181. AUX in Connects2 vhox002?????
  182. Amplifier changed amps, now problems
  183. Speakers Is this a good buy?
  184. Speakers Speaker Advice please
  185. Speakers Aberdeen/Shire - Grampian Speaker Upgrade
  186. Head Unit No Sound
  187. Technical phatbox
  188. Head Unit Upgrading to the new Honda SSD Sat Nav-Help Please
  189. Upgrades sub and speaker advice
  190. AUX in Connects 2 CTAHOIPOD001 Civic Type S
  191. My install Alpine VS Hertz?
  192. Head Unit look what i just got
  193. Upgrades iPod Connectivity!!!!
  194. AUX in would this lead work?
  195. Upgrades iPad 2
  196. Upgrades Is it worth it??
  197. Speakers crossovers
  198. Head Unit Intermittent Sound
  199. Head Unit Alpine ixa-w404r/Alpine cda-9887r anyone owned or tried either?
  200. Speakers Speakers that definitely fit front doors
  201. My install Planned ICE install..
  202. Head Unit Kenwood DNX9260BT fitted.....pics!!!!
  203. My install Just fitted my Kenwood DNX9260BT but..
  204. Head Unit Original HU but with high performance sound?
  205. Technical Do we have electrical load detectors fitted somewhere?
  206. Speakers Anyone tried fitting a JL Audio zr650-csi in Civic?
  207. Other MP3 - Flash drive doesn“t always remember position
  208. Other I pod 3 and no sound !
  209. Head Unit Help with eonon 2 din and patch leads please
  210. AUX in Custom made cables?
  211. Speakers Honda Focal speaker upgrade?
  212. Amplifier I-pilot amplifier
  213. Head Unit Getting the most from your double din
  214. Head Unit Remove rear console or not for head unit?
  215. Upgrades Proposed Install
  216. My install Neebie needs advice
  217. Amplifier What is the best battery connection for amplifier 4 guage cable?
  218. Head Unit Kenwood Double Din
  219. Head Unit kenwood reversing cable?
  220. AUX in Any MP3 Player
  221. Head Unit Double Din HU
  222. Other Engine Whine
  223. Head Unit Cheapest double din fascia kit ?
  224. Upgrades Good car audio shop in North-West?
  225. Head Unit Double Din Fascia
  226. Speakers Will infinity 6510cs front speakers give me more bass?
  227. Radio Mki9200: Which iPod/USB unit/Mp3 player are you using ?
  228. Head Unit Making USB connection 2 ipod Connection immposible??
  229. Amplifier Amp and RCA
  230. My install Reverse Camera's on Ebay
  231. Technical Video in adaptor cable self make link required
  232. Head Unit Double din, in but problems..
  233. Amplifier finally moved the amp!
  234. AUX in Cant Get AUX working
  235. AUX in DICE_FM-RDS Modulator
  236. Head Unit which double din stereo
  237. Head Unit Possible to Retro fit Sat Nav in CTR
  238. AUX in Sooo confused
  239. bluetooth
  240. Head Unit impulse kit help
  241. AUX in Connects 2 CTVHOX001 issues
  242. Speakers Best place to run cables inside the car to boot?
  243. Head Unit new head unit install, is this everything?
  244. Upgrades Genuine Honda In Vehicle Entertainment System- I-VES Kit
  245. Head Unit Standard HU Important question!
  246. My install What's needed for installation Double Din
  247. AUX in ipod touch to civic type s
  248. Technical iPod & iPhone with Dension/Xcarlink
  249. My install Thinking of buying new speakers & subwoofer
  250. Head Unit Civic Ti Pioneer sat nav