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: Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)

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  1. Speakers Front Speakers
  2. AUX in Aux in connection for 8th gen civic??
  3. Radio Shark fin aerial
  4. Radio Aerial Question
  5. My install DVB-T using Rearview Mirror
  6. Other iPhone 4 holder
  7. My install Just Ordered My Parrot
  8. Speakers New speakers - tweeter question
  9. Technical What ipod link is compatable with my ex sat nav??
  10. Other Parrot Cable length???
  11. Other Ipod/Usb Port?
  12. AUX in My Dension 300 Install
  13. Radio How to check the FW for your radio unit?
  14. Radio Poor Radio Reception Fix
  15. Built in CD Upgrading stock speakers
  16. My install double Din and Sub
  17. Speakers CTR Speaker Replacement
  18. Technical Parrot voice recognition
  19. Head Unit Removing headunit
  20. AUX in Access to aux connector.
  21. Head Unit quick HU question
  22. Head Unit What aerial adapter do I need?
  23. AUX in usb, ipod or aux which is best?
  24. Head Unit '59 Type-R: Double Din Install
  25. Technical Unika questions
  26. Speakers gt model best configuration
  27. Upgrades Usb
  28. Upgrades ImpulseCar Double DIN kit
  29. Head Unit Thoughts on the Clarion VX401E?
  30. AUX in Parrot MKI9200 in Honda Civic EX with Sat-Nav (& AMP)
  31. Other Steering Wheel Remote Connector (Where?)
  32. Radio Radio woes - dropping stations???
  33. Technical Unika connections?
  34. AUX in 3.5 mm connector for mp3 player
  35. Speakers Aftermarket fronts amped up but using stock HU/LOC as input?
  36. Subwoofer Sub help
  37. Radio Fix my radio :O
  38. Subwoofer Anyone in the hants/dorset who can build a sub/amp box?
  39. Technical Xcarlink question?
  40. Technical ipod connection
  41. Built in CD Disc Error "cd err" ...07 CTS GT Please Help
  42. AUX in XCarLink Ipod and bluetooth Setup
  43. Head Unit Double Din Help - Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD
  44. Upgrades Astra Speaker Rings?
  45. Subwoofer Pioneer TS-WX11A help - phase? Best settings?
  46. Upgrades Best iPhone Solution for Moi?
  47. Upgrades Ice-amp - speakers
  48. Technical Sound Deadening
  49. Other USB advice needed
  50. Head Unit Double DIN, where can I get it done?
  51. AUX in How to connect iPod (BT, aux, USB,...) to the HU
  52. AUX in Dension volume
  53. Technical USB issues
  54. Speakers Question to Honda Speaker's
  55. Upgrades need iphone app to see song playlist
  56. Built in CD Does the standard H/U play DVD mp3's?
  57. Speakers Installing 6x9's - how to wire them up?
  58. Built in CD Skips songs ; starts again with 1st song in folder
  59. Speakers front speaker advice
  60. My install Another Double Din - Done!
  61. AUX in honda sat nav y cable
  62. Other Parrot Wallpaper
  63. AUX in I'm going insane!
  64. Other Bury CC9060
  65. Technical 1000 setup.
  66. Technical Where is the aerial then??
  67. Upgrades What ice speaker & Amp package for 700 ?
  68. Head Unit Double Din-How easy is it to remove my old stereo
  69. Technical plug and play amp and sub
  70. Technical iPod kit turning on repeat always ('09 EX)
  71. Pin Outs for 06-> and 09-> for Reversing Cam/ Video In
  72. Head Unit Type R '09 Head Unit Model
  73. Head Unit Brand new Civic Si - Need Head Unit Advice
  74. Speakers Removing tweeter surround
  75. AUX in HELP with Dension 300 ...
  76. Head Unit Display iPod through clock/radio/cd deck screen on 06 non-navi?
  77. Head Unit Ipod text display
  78. Technical Parrot/Ipod Installation Question
  79. Technical Right who's got an iPhone 4 + DICE adaptor?
  80. My install Help needed for amp install!
  81. Speakers Scosche SAHC634 HONDA Civic Speaker Ring Adapters - They fit UK Civic!!
  82. Radio 2002 Type R Radio Code
  83. Radio OEM 2009 USB BOX Cable to Radio...
  84. AUX in Xcarlink vs. Grom Audio
  85. AUX in Are these the right ones?? Ipod/Aux kits.
  86. Upgrades where to buy Xcarlink
  87. Other Ipod connection maps ?
  88. Really Random Radio....
  89. Head Unit Parrot Asteroid Android Car Stereo
  90. AUX in Honda i-Pod Connection replacement
  91. Head Unit Lost sound on FM ????
  92. Speakers uprating front speakers
  93. Head Unit CONNECTOR A 17pin
  94. AUX in 3.5mm Aux in on 57 EX Sat Nav Civic
  95. Upgrades Dension 100/ XCarLink cable length
  96. Head Unit Fold out 7inch sat nav and DVD player?
  97. AUX in 2008 Type R Headunit/AUX/iPod
  98. Speakers Infinity Speaker Install Additional Notes
  99. Built in CD Honda CD Multi-changer & MP3's
  100. AUX in Which Ipod interface to choose?
  101. Other mp3 Problem
  102. Head Unit Civic gt-t - sd card issue
  103. Upgrades Mki9200 cheap on amazon
  104. Technical USB Lead
  105. AUX in Iphone/Aux Connection Boxes
  106. Built in CD in dash cd jsut died
  107. Upgrades 2008 SE USB connection
  108. Speakers Free fitting at Xquisite
  109. Radio coded radio
  110. Other 9200 Question
  111. AUX in Will text show using mp3 on HDD?
  112. Technical Parrot Mki9200 question...
  113. AUX in Usb Adaptor Question
  114. Technical USB connection in armrest
  115. Upgrades Easiest and cheapest way to improve sound
  116. Other Ipod connection text
  117. AUX in iPhone 4 3rd party AUX in solutions compatibility
  118. AUX in Aux question
  119. Bassworks Bass Works eBay Kit
  120. Speakers alpine type r or infinity kappa
  121. AUX in Xcar link for Ipod connection, fitting advice required
  122. Technical Parrot MKi9200 - Help
  123. Head Unit Does the factory headunit have LW
  124. Subwoofer Compact sub install, looking for some advice
  125. Other dvd in head rest?
  126. Other IO play...any good?
  127. AUX in Xcarlink issue! Stereo not recognising it!
  128. Built in CD Does iPhone 4 work with Honda oem iPod interface 2006/2007 Part Number: 08A28-1J6-100
  129. Head Unit CD Player U/S, Time To Upgrade?
  130. Upgrades Handsfree Streaming Sub
  131. AUX in aux in for honda civic 2006 ex
  132. AUX in Ipod Connection
  133. AUX in iSimple Gateway doesn't work!!
  134. Other best iphone fm transmitter & holder for honda civic
  135. Other Parrot MKi9200
  136. AUX in Wiring a female 3.5mm stereo adapter
  137. Head Unit How much for installation
  138. Other Couple of quick xcarlink questions...
  139. Head Unit Advise and Guidance installing an Alpine unit
  140. Other Replacing changer with ipod interface
  141. Upgrades Parrot MKI9200 removal
  142. AUX in Whats the best Aux in for Iphone?
  143. Technical Xcarlink and ipod problem. Please help!
  144. My install Double DIN - Done! :)
  145. AUX in connect2 right one before i buy?
  146. Upgrades audio fitting in london
  147. Speakers Speaker upgrade hertz hsk or focal polyglass 170v
  148. Speakers Someone in Scotland to upgrade my speakers
  149. Radio radio problem
  150. Subwoofer Hidden boot compartment dimensions
  151. My install Xcarlink and bluetooth instructions please!
  152. Upgrades OEM radio vs. double din vs. amp
  153. Speakers Question about tweeters
  154. AUX in HTC Desire HD with steering wheel controls
  155. Speakers Speaker upgrade
  156. Speakers speaker crackle
  157. Technical Help!!! (sub and amp installation)
  158. Speakers Local (portsmouth) help for Infinity Install
  159. Other Ipod connection - xcarlink or dension?
  160. AUX in ipod adaptor with text
  161. Head Unit Help please, OEM HU 17Pin Connector Needed!
  162. Technical i-pod Puzzler?????
  163. AUX in What's this connector?
  164. Head Unit No Sound from Speakers.
  165. Technical iPod searching...
  166. AUX in 58 plate Type S
  167. Head Unit Wire loom
  168. Other Earthing Point in boot
  169. Technical iPhone/iPod cable problem, but not the usual question :)
  170. Head Unit radio display
  171. Head Unit DIY changing hu?
  172. Speakers Question
  173. Technical mp3
  174. Technical Ipod Connection Advice
  175. AUX in Xcarlink with Bluetooth
  176. Radio 1Din Radio beneath OEM radio unit
  177. Head Unit Problem with CD player. Help!
  178. AUX in Questions regarding iPod/iPhone connectors on 07-08 Type Rs
  179. My install First ICE install ever....
  180. Amplifier Have a problem :(
  181. Other Parrot 9200 owners
  182. AUX in Dension 300 hard drive folder structure
  183. Other FN2 08, what system for iPhone 4?
  184. Speakers Speaker sizes
  185. Speakers Ice upgrade
  186. Technical Antenna adaptor
  187. AUX in USB Cable for iPod
  188. AUX in Fit aux in
  189. Head Unit Fascia
  190. Head Unit Playing iPhone video
  191. Head Unit Help with dashboard
  192. Head Unit Connector cables
  193. AUX in Missing USB Plug - 2010 Type R Satnav HFT
  194. AUX in XCarLink (IPOD Version)
  195. AUX in Dice question
  196. AUX in Will new Nano and Touch work with our cars?
  197. AUX in ipod?
  198. Radio Radio doesn't search for AF (alternative frequency)
  199. Built in CD CD Changer install
  200. Head Unit Connects 2
  201. Other iPhone4 compatible with Honda bluetooth kit?
  202. Technical HELP! (urgent please)
  203. Head Unit Which double din
  204. Radio FM Transmitter - Automatic Radio Tuner
  205. Built in CD CD Changer cable
  206. Amplifier Amplifier cooling
  207. Other Found tool to sort mp3s on thumb drive
  208. Other Bluetooth, music only
  209. Head Unit NEW to Civic Ipod question
  210. Head Unit Std Head Unit
  211. Other Reputable fitter
  212. Radio pioneer radio question
  213. AUX in iPod classic => '09 plate 2.2 ES???
  214. Subwoofer Subwoofer & sub recommendations
  215. LOC Loc
  216. AUX in "Aux in" in civic before facelifting - new look maybe...
  217. Technical Parrot or DICE???
  218. Speakers Direct speaker replacements ?
  219. AUX in ''Connects2 CTAHOUSB001'' connection problem:)
  220. Built in CD Multicahnger magazine location ?
  221. Speakers Component Speaker Q's
  222. AUX in IPOD connector install
  223. Technical Parrot mki9200 or mki9100? Advice needed!
  224. Speakers Help on how to upgrade front and rear speakers and improve door isolation. Thanks!
  225. AUX in Which IPOD/MP3 set up will allow track listings on screen?
  226. Other Mounting Blackberry & IPOD
  227. AUX in iphone 4
  228. My install My carputer implementation
  229. Head Unit Sub & Amp connection to factory head unit
  230. Speakers Frequency reponses
  231. Radio DAB Aerial
  232. My install Buzzing Noises from Speakers
  233. Other HFT problems? Look here
  234. AUX in really confused??????
  235. Other iphone 4
  236. AUX in Xcarlink sound quality
  237. Head Unit Radio reception
  238. Other FM Transmitters
  239. Technical upgrading to new head unit...
  240. AUX in New xcarlink with ipod/iphone interaction and charging
  241. Speakers Speaker depth
  242. Radio Radio Kazahkstan?
  243. LOC Installing an LOC
  244. Technical IPOD has stopped playing.
  245. Head Unit Changing Head Unit? What i need?
  246. AUX in Another iphone connection question.
  247. AUX in IO Play mixed reviews, is xcarlink better?
  248. Head Unit Issues Reinstalling HU
  249. AUX in How the hell does Ipod Nano+Ipod connection work?
  250. Other Ipod Touch OS4