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: Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)

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  1. Built in CD Sat NAV TMC
  2. AUX in Dension 100 + Third party apps?
  3. AUX in Where do I put the Dension Unit? (asap)
  4. Other help with iphone and radio
  5. Head Unit iPhone not working after iOS 4 update
  6. Bassworks Parrot & Bassworks amp
  7. Head Unit double din
  8. Head Unit Correct connect2 part?
  9. Head Unit Head unit question
  10. Head Unit Double Din with navigation
  11. Head Unit HU overload/overheat shut down
  12. AUX in connecting and hiding cables from tomtom iphone car kit
  13. AUX in Connect2 Aux adpater woes...
  14. Head Unit MP3 Player (Standard) on 08 EX
  15. Speakers upgrade standard speakers NEED ADVICE
  16. Head Unit 12 volts going to head unit?
  17. Head Unit Sound processors
  18. Other Various questions
  19. LOC connect the loc converter
  20. Head Unit facia LHD TO BUY
  21. Head Unit Speed Pulse Sensor?
  22. AUX in iPhone 3GS + iOS4 + iPod Kit = Epic Fail
  23. Head Unit Anyone own a Pioneer AVIC-F10BT?
  24. Speakers What do you lot think?
  25. Speakers Infinity 6520SCS Shallow Mount Speakers
  26. AUX in 56 2.2EX Aux input or not?
  27. Amplifier Amping front speakers
  28. Head Unit Help!!
  29. Technical Help with volume control via external unit
  30. Head Unit What output IC does the headunit have?
  31. AUX in iPod AAC or MP3
  32. My install Sony - Rockford
  33. Technical Problem with sub?
  34. AUX in Which Ipod's will work in my Civic Type r?
  35. Other htc question.
  36. Speakers Front splits help needed
  37. Subwoofer Need help with sub + amp
  38. Technical USB stick and ipod read out help
  39. LOC installing a LOC
  40. Upgrades ipod confusion
  41. AUX in movie player
  42. Subwoofer New Type-R owner looking for help :)
  43. Subwoofer Room for sub...
  44. AUX in A2DP bluetooth options
  45. Technical Pointless IPOD connection kits.....
  46. AUX in Does ipod/usb work with parrot?
  47. Head Unit single din
  48. Speakers Any suggestions for Split system
  49. AUX in Has my car got a AUX input in the back of the system?
  50. Head Unit Installing new head unit
  51. Radio Volume keeps resetting itself
  52. Head Unit Few questions about double DINN stereo!
  53. My install my vibe install...
  54. Other USB No Data. I-Pod
  55. Head Unit Help needed with IPOD
  56. Technical Usb
  57. Other How do I play music via USB memory stick/mp3 player?
  58. Head Unit Ipod connection to standard H/U
  59. Speakers Are all speakers in Civic the same?
  60. Technical Playing MP3 CD on Standard CD Player guidance
  61. Other Ipod
  62. AUX in iphone connection via cable
  63. Other Does the USB in the armrest charge iPod / iPhone as well as linking to the stereo?
  64. Subwoofer Making rear wings enclosures : possible or utopia ?
  65. LOC Line out converter
  66. Upgrades Ipod Unit for civic
  67. Other Iphone confusion!!!!!
  68. My install Mini Review: XCarlink iPod/iPhone with Bluetooth
  69. Technical remote wire
  70. Head Unit Swap storage bin for single din adapter?
  71. Technical Ipod Touch Interference
  72. AUX in 2010 USB in 2007 model?
  73. Head Unit finally single Din stereo in and fully working in my type R
  74. AUX in Dension 300
  75. Head Unit Xcarlink, Denison or connect2?
  76. Amplifier New Amp location?
  77. Radio FM iPhone/iPod Transmitters
  78. Subwoofer Where to get a professionally fitted sub
  79. Upgrades Connects2 or Xcarlink?
  80. Other Cradle for iPod/iPhone
  81. Speakers What speakers to go for
  82. Amplifier My Civic Audio Upgrade
  83. Other Play iPod video through Sat Nav?
  84. AUX in Best Sounds....? Help / Advice
  85. Radio Congratulatioons...
  86. My install phoned the hifi shop after I noticed they moved...
  87. Other Ipod Touch Help
  88. Radio Radio reception suddenly worse
  89. AUX in mp3Žon USB pen drive in wrong order
  90. My install New Civic, New Install?
  91. Technical IPOD Id3
  92. My install Major hifi equipment going in
  93. Bassworks Bassworks and the T spec
  94. Radio signal booster?
  95. Subwoofer focal underseat bass
  96. Speakers just installed focals
  97. AUX in Anyone use an ipod shuffle in their civic?
  98. AUX in Using a USB memory stick in the car
  99. Head Unit If you have a Iphone and T spec civic please try this
  100. Other iPod for Music and iPhone for everything else?
  101. Speakers Original speakers - replacements
  102. Head Unit Honda Ipod Lead
  103. Head Unit help on new honda head unit
  104. Head Unit Need help with Civic 2009 audio!
  105. Subwoofer Adding a subwoofer to Type S-T 2010 with bass works system
  106. Speakers Halfords + Astra Rings = AAGGHHH
  107. AUX in Audible.com
  108. Other Steering Wheel interface
  109. AUX in harman kardon drive play
  110. AUX in ipod in 2.2 cdti ex
  111. Upgrades Ouch is it really that expensive?
  112. Other iPod/iPhone Idea
  113. My install My ICE
  114. AUX in Starting installing xcarlink
  115. Other Eliminate your GSM buzz from your xcar-link/iPhone setup. (or any phone really)
  116. Amplifier Data sheet for Philips DAP-350
  117. Head Unit need help on choosing a headunit
  118. AUX in Ipod link Dension Gateway 100 ? is it the best ?
  119. AUX in confused about IPod connection
  120. My install 2006 1.8EX single DIN HU retaining stock Satnav by p64
  121. Upgrades Dynamat - How much do I need?
  122. Upgrades Looking to improve bass without sub box
  123. Other mp3 bluetooth
  124. Other Ipod / Sat Nav / Bluetooth all in one
  125. Speakers Broken speaker cone, replace or upgrade.
  126. Speakers Infinity Speakers for front
  127. Speakers Alpine Type Rs
  128. Head Unit Xcarlink Help Me *** !
  129. Head Unit 2-DIN Right Hand Drive Faceplate
  130. Head Unit iPod connector that display track info on Honda display
  131. Radio Ipod connection problem....
  132. AUX in XCarlink USB (non-ipod) interface
  133. Technical How to remove stereo to fit X- Car link Interface
  134. Technical It works!! it just doesn't!!??
  135. My install My free, simple iphone/ipod holder solution
  136. Subwoofer Need more power...
  137. Subwoofer Blaupunkt
  138. Amplifier Install an amplifier
  139. AUX in My IPhone works!!
  140. Speakers Rear speakers wire location
  141. Head Unit Headunit problems
  142. Head Unit double din stereo in a sat nav + hft civic
  143. Upgrades Upgrade advice for a newbie
  144. Speakers Speakers Diagram
  145. Built in CD MP3 CD Question
  146. Technical x-car-link
  147. My install New car = New Ice install
  148. Subwoofer Help with choosing a SUBWOOFER :?::D
  149. My install ICE instalers in Central Scotland/Glasgow Area
  150. Other Brodit iPhone Holder
  151. Upgrades Upgrading Audio
  152. AUX in Connects 2 IPOD Adapter CTAHOIPOD001, Will this work?
  153. Upgrades ICE install for 8th gen Civic
  154. Speakers Standard set up is pants
  155. AUX in USB Adaptor Cable
  156. AUX in Which Ipod connection to buy?? Pleaseee Helpp
  157. Speakers front speaker upgrade...
  158. AUX in AUX in Socket in Armrest?
  159. Radio problems with radio
  160. Head Unit Double Din Fascia
  161. Upgrades Ipod connector
  162. Technical Scratched CD sound coming from ipod!
  163. AUX in Where to Install Ipod connection
  164. AUX in Aftermarket MP3 player / Aux/ iPod adaptor
  165. My install SatNav + iPod adapter and/or cable?
  166. Upgrades ice specialist in birmingham area
  167. Speakers Starting I.C.E install
  168. AUX in Ipod Connection
  169. Upgrades I-Pod connection.?
  170. Other Does this fit an FN2?
  171. Head Unit Spotify and DICE/DENSION
  172. Other New SS Sat nav Iphone connectivity....
  173. Technical Iphone Connection have we all got the same problem !!
  174. AUX in OEM aux-in loom
  175. Audio out RCA jack
  176. Head Unit New Ipod (possible display)
  177. AUX in Swap CD Changer for IPod interface.
  178. Other I Pod FM Transmitter
  179. Speakers Rear speaker removal
  180. AUX in Aux in a 2008 1.8 type s gt?
  181. My install Fronts + Sub - both Amped
  182. Speakers INFINITY KAPPA 65.9cs -16.5cm (6.5") 2-way component speakers.
  183. Technical Connect Ext. Hard Drive to USB Adapter?
  184. Technical 2007 Type R GT with Sat Nav Ipod Question
  185. AUX in Can't order Connects2 AUX in!
  186. Other Itouch FlickTunes App with Honda Ipod connector
  187. Built in CD Some iPod and info display questions
  188. My install Civic Display Adapter
  189. My install I'm planing new ICE install
  190. Other HFT - iphone enable bluetooth on power connection
  191. Other Amplified Antenna
  192. Other Dice R3 kit
  193. Other Existing DICE iPod + Parrot CK3000 OR just Parrot MKi9000
  194. Upgrades Drive play instalation, how? need any adapters or cables?
  195. AUX in Connects2 system install
  196. Other Sat Nav recomendations
  197. Bassworks Using Basswork amplifier on front speakers?
  198. AUX in MY09 and iphone - any way to shuffle?
  199. AUX in I'd really like some HELP ...
  200. AUX in Ipod set up
  201. AUX in Ipod Integration in EX
  202. Speakers Kicker Speakers
  203. Other Using an iPhone as an iPod?
  204. Head Unit How and how much can I get from this Double DIN adapter,Double DIN head unit fascia,
  205. AUX in 58-Plate EX + Satnav + iPod: Best option?
  206. AUX in No Sound From iPod - MY09 - Please Help
  207. AUX in Aux input question
  208. Speakers Has Anyone fitted or used Alpine SPG-17CS?
  209. Other USB play order
  210. AUX in connects 2 problems
  211. Built in CD MP3/WMA button
  212. Radio Warning re radio software upgrade
  213. Head Unit Advice On Double Din
  214. Built in CD Newbie - daft question (sorry!)
  215. My install Custom Install YouTube Video
  216. Head Unit Install Honda OEM satnav or Double din headunit?
  217. Speakers Help with easy speaker upgrade on company motor
  218. Speakers speaker dimensions
  219. Head Unit another usb/mp3 player question
  220. Technical Honda Ipod Connector
  221. Upgrades My options re: ICE upgrade?
  222. Subwoofer FN2 stealth box dimensions?
  223. AUX in Apps for copying in order to USB or copying to USB from Itunes playlists
  224. My install How to get power cable in non uk cars?? Any dutch users??
  225. Other Audio Installations in Newcastle Upon Tyne
  226. Head Unit Dension Gaeway 300 help
  227. Radio DAB option available for Civic
  228. Technical How to guides
  229. Head Unit Dice iPod Help Please!
  230. Head Unit Volume Dial Not Working
  231. Radio ipods
  232. My install Full ice install
  233. Technical Type r ipod kit help please
  234. Other Reading USB sticks..
  235. Upgrades Parrot MKi9200
  236. Radio Rubbish standard radio
  237. AUX in 57 plate Civic Type S - what i pod Kit?
  238. AUX in Ipod Touch
  239. My install Honda Warranty question
  240. Head Unit sat Nav Screen (ex model)
  241. Technical iphone question
  242. Amplifier please help me choose
  243. Head Unit Civic Advice Required
  244. Other Ipod cradle
  245. Other How to hook up Civic EX 2.2cdti to IPOD/USB
  246. Radio ipod players
  247. AUX in ipod or other....
  248. My install sound cutting out after ice install
  249. AUX in Dice R3 Problem!
  250. Other USB 09 model