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: Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)

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  1. Other iPhone now works with Honda iPod connector
  2. Amplifier I want RCA to my amp !!
  3. Built in CD Newbie here
  4. AUX in Ipod Solution
  5. Subwoofer Any ready to buy stealth box for secret boot/wheel arch?
  6. Built in CD "CD mech error"
  7. AUX in Xcarlink question
  8. AUX in Iphone 3GS and ipod connetor
  9. Other ipod usb
  10. Subwoofer Boot Aux Cig fuse location?
  11. Technical Dashboard display problem
  12. Upgrades ICE/iPod/USB/Satnav Questions
  13. Other MY09 iPod Connector
  14. AUX in Ipod connection problem!!!
  15. Technical Honda Bluetooth audio
  16. AUX in good price on Xcarlink
  17. Technical Ipod connection swap
  18. Other Parrot MKI9200
  19. AUX in Dice - Iphone 3GS Track / Disc Settings?
  20. AUX in Ipod Problem
  21. Technical Help Pleae
  22. Other Parrot MKi9100 added today
  23. Upgrades Planning Infinity Audio Setup
  24. AUX in Playorder on USB-stick
  25. Subwoofer Sub Install
  26. Technical in car entertainment
  27. Subwoofer SUB Installation help
  28. My install power cable
  29. AUX in usb input for Civic 07 GT's (grom)
  30. Head Unit Since upgrading my ice have annoying hiss!
  31. AUX in music till christmas
  32. Built in CD hot cd's
  33. Subwoofer free present
  34. Radio Radio Problem
  35. Other CTR GT 09MY Non satanav + iphone 3GS. best solution?
  36. Speakers Rear Speakers - 1.8 Civic ES
  37. Subwoofer Under seat subwoofers
  38. Built in CD id3 info for MP3 player
  39. My install iPhone, iPod My custom installation...
  40. AUX in Dice Help
  41. Other USB sticks with fake capacities
  42. My install Where to buy Ipod connection Kit
  43. AUX in aux jack install - new civic 06/07 ?
  44. Other Irish Parrot Handsfree kit Installers???
  45. AUX in Dice R3/R4
  46. Upgrades Standard ICE upgrades
  47. Subwoofer Sub woofer install on 06 civic
  48. Head Unit Pioneer NavGate 500 (AVIC-F500BT)
  49. Bassworks Bassworks Loom - Help!
  50. Head Unit Dension ipod cable
  51. AUX in Connects2 VHOX001 fits Civic 1.8 Sport -07 (5d euro style)?
  52. AUX in AUX-input installation notes for FK2 (2007 euro model)
  53. Technical Help help help please!!!!
  54. Radio DAB Pure
  55. Subwoofer audio help please
  56. LOC Loc
  57. AUX in '09 Type S how to install USB
  58. Radio Ipod in civic
  59. Other DICE 5V cradle
  60. AUX in AUX Input
  61. Other Ipod Touch help
  62. Other Good audio company
  63. Upgrades Which Ipod Kit would you Recommend
  64. My install Parrot Mki9200 :)
  65. Built in CD cd player question
  66. AUX in Aux in capabilities
  67. Other Tom Tom Camera Database
  68. Technical New car - iPhone 3G & Sat Nav & HFT
  69. Built in CD CDs very hot after a short spin
  70. Upgrades Car dvd player,special for civic
  71. Built in CD MP3 Tracks Skipping
  72. Speakers New Speakers..very dissapointed !!!!!!!!!
  73. My install Help with install of amp, speakers and sub
  74. My install Custom build surround for Satnav
  75. Technical Converting .M4B to .MP# without loss
  76. My install That twas easy
  77. My install Sub & Amp Installed but a few questions..
  78. My install 5inch Chinavasion GPS
  79. Speakers Rear Speakers
  80. Speakers hole's
  81. My install ICE Install Advice
  82. My install Gove box Double din
  83. Head Unit Cd Autochanger & Aux in/Ipod Connection
  84. AUX in Type-S 09 model USB/iPod Classic compatibility
  85. Amplifier Getting cable from battery into car?!
  86. Head Unit Has anyone taken apart the head unit?
  87. Technical Gateway + iPhone 5G - Quiet?
  88. AUX in Total iPod Confusion
  89. Head Unit Is this space big enough for Single Din unit?
  90. AUX in Iphone, receiving calls while playing music + good car kit
  91. AUX in Ipod
  92. Speakers Infinity 6520c's
  93. My install Only 7 months in and now look...
  94. Speakers Honda Speaker Upgrades..
  95. Other Parrot MKi9200 and iPhone 3GS
  96. Technical Parrot CK3100
  97. Other Ipod reboot problem
  98. Speakers Speaker adapter dimensions
  99. Technical Hooking up an old iPod
  100. Amplifier Remote Cable!
  101. Technical which i pod do i buy
  102. My install Budget of 250
  103. Head Unit steering remote control
  104. Subwoofer Under-seat sub
  105. Other Parrot MKI9100 - Anybody got one installed?
  106. AUX in Quick question
  107. My install Just went a kinds of space saving loopy
  108. Other i phone problem
  109. Subwoofer My new sub
  110. Upgrades In-dash DVD Satellite Navigation System
  111. Other DVD screens - who has one fitted?
  112. Head Unit To DIN or not to DIN
  113. AUX in dice ipod adapter?
  114. Head Unit Type R Standard Headunit MP3 tags
  115. Upgrades Hand free kit install help!
  116. Technical ipod / itunes issue - over 1k songs but always listening to same 99
  117. AUX in Extend Honda iPod Cable Length
  118. Technical Dice Silverlink PRO with iPod touch
  119. Technical Dension CD Retension Adapter
  120. Upgrades Adding USB...???
  121. Amplifier Best stealth location for amp install..
  122. AUX in 09 usb connector
  123. Other Dashboard Snap
  124. LOC Which LOC do you use?
  125. My install Low battery fears with new install
  126. Head Unit Kenwood install - wiring diagram
  127. Technical Dice Ipod Connector
  128. Head Unit Great news (about removing the head unit)
  129. AUX in iPod connectivity
  130. Technical USB AUX etc on 09 ES
  131. Head Unit Oh nooo
  132. My install Type S audio
  133. Speakers New speaker install :)
  134. Head Unit Removed HU - Need Extended Wiring Loom
  135. Head Unit MP3s - Not displaying the full title
  136. AUX in Still confused!!!Please Help
  137. LOC HELP!! dont know what LOC to get
  138. LOC Line Out Converter Query
  139. My install Whats best iphone kit for 06 ex help ***
  140. My install TypeR install, maybe a bit different.
  141. AUX in 3.5mm jack connection - Connects2 vs dension gateway 100?
  142. Head Unit Finally installed my Kenwood double din
  143. Radio DAB Radio via Standard Car Radio
  144. Technical USB Playlists & Bookmarks
  145. Amplifier Power cable through grommet
  146. Technical Need some audio advice
  147. Head Unit Guys Help!!!!!!!!!!! - Head unit installer in Scotland wanted
  148. Technical Iphone 3Gs with 'DICE' interface.
  149. AUX in How does the Iphone 3G/3GS work with '09 USB connection in armrest? (+more questions)
  150. Head Unit Browse through "Artists, Albums or Songs" via iPod cable
  151. Technical USB not loading on power up
  152. AUX in Denison Gateway Vs Xcarlink
  153. Technical Dice kit connector measurements
  154. Speakers Easiest way to connect amp to front speakers?
  155. AUX in Aux in and volume
  156. Other iPhone 3.0 software with IO Play
  157. AUX in ipod playlists
  158. AUX in 09 civic USB connection
  159. Head Unit possible method to order the fascia from overseas?
  160. AUX in iPhone 3GS + Honda iPod Link
  161. Subwoofer Anyone have Stealth parcel shelf/Stealth Sub in the boot?
  162. Subwoofer Pre-out for Sub ready in boot?
  163. Technical Using iPhone with 2007 model?
  164. Subwoofer Pioneer TS-WX77A in secret boot compartment?
  165. LOC LOC and fade out
  166. Head Unit Removing headunit
  167. Amplifier Where to run power cables?
  168. Subwoofer Decent bass tube / underseat sub?
  169. Other Itunes without the Ipod connector
  170. Speakers Can i get decent bass with door replacement speakers?
  171. Upgrades Ice and Car Performance?
  172. AUX in USB input and steering wheel buttons
  173. AUX in USB connection only in CW edition?!
  174. My install New products, New install!
  175. Subwoofer Nearly finished wiring my Sub...
  176. Upgrades Please advise what I need to upgrade speakers
  177. Head Unit Which DIN For my New 58 Plate Type R GT
  178. Other Honda Civic IASCA 2008 WOrld Champion Sound Install
  179. Subwoofer Infinity Basslink II (90% installed)
  180. Speakers speakers or sub woofer that is the question?
  181. Speakers Focal 165VRS 6.5" install questions
  182. Subwoofer Problems installing Sub
  183. My install My Homemade Install
  184. Head Unit Fitting Sat Nav on '06' ES Model Civic
  185. Head Unit Alpine expert needed, (alpine CDE9821RM))
  186. Technical Ipod
  187. Subwoofer Juice A8 Bass Tube
  188. Other How do I do an MP3 disc.. with a MAC
  189. Head Unit Really struggling to produce a MP3 album that the civic works on
  190. LOC No audio from LOC
  191. Other Burning / playing CDRW's
  192. Head Unit I just found the Kenwood Car Stereo Master Reset
  193. Subwoofer I love my Dad
  194. Upgrades Quality of std sound ? adding sub to std HU ?
  195. Head Unit had my headunit fitted today! :)
  196. AUX in USB imput in model 08
  197. My install DICE Iod connector
  198. Head Unit Apologies beforehand as I know these questions have proberley been asked
  199. My install My Ice Project
  200. Radio 2008 Civic - ipod help
  201. Amplifier What can i use for Amp remote power on?
  202. Other Ipod on the nav screen and control
  203. Radio DICE - CD Changer Enabled ??
  204. AUX in cd player
  205. Speakers Which speakers are these?
  206. Head Unit Part number for facia pocket for single din
  207. Head Unit Thinking of changing the HU to a touch screen system
  208. Head Unit Replacing headunit. What will i lose?
  209. AUX in Becker REMOTE KIT 1952.171
  210. AUX in iPod/iPhone advice
  211. AUX in Dension gateway 100 - Halfords
  212. Amplifier Has anyone put an amp behind the dash?
  213. My install Upgrading My ICE Install...
  214. Head Unit Please recommend me a double din head unit.
  215. Upgrades iPhone bluetooth kit
  216. Technical new Ipod Nano
  217. Technical Help needed with removing door panel
  218. Subwoofer easy small install... easily removeable?
  219. AUX in Want to connect an MP3 player to the Civic EX
  220. Upgrades Dension Gateway draining battery
  221. Technical Anyone tried this?
  222. Upgrades Parrot MKi9200 Install
  223. Speakers Help Needed... NO ADAPTERS.... please please advise
  224. Upgrades Parrot MKi9200 on Civic '08: muffled sound?
  225. AUX in Civic 2007 European model-need IPOD!!!
  226. AUX in Dension 100 connector cable faulty
  227. My install My New Hot I.C.E.
  228. Other 12v feed for IO Play/Parrot 9200
  229. AUX in Dension Ice Link 50 from Halfords
  230. Built in CD 8 CD cartridge
  231. Speakers Best Speaker Upgrades Front / Back ????
  232. Bassworks Bassworks & iPod Connector - iPhone
  233. LOC Which Line Output Convertor? (LOC)
  234. Speakers Speaker Rings Wanted
  235. Speakers Have i got upgraded speakers?
  236. Speakers Infinity KAPPA 65.7cs worth it without amp?
  237. Speakers Front door speaker trim.... FN2
  238. Upgrades Autoleads (telemute) - on satnav civics
  239. AUX in xCarLink model V review
  240. Other Dice or Dension
  241. AUX in ICE Questions.....
  242. Amplifier ICE install question!
  243. AUX in Iphone and Bluetooth retro fit
  244. Head Unit Important info for those of you doing amplifier installs
  245. Built in CD Windows Vista and Burning MP3/WMA CDs
  246. Speakers Speaker Upgrade
  247. Other Mobile Phone Holder (Cig Lighter Socket)
  248. Technical CTR and 09MY audio difference
  249. My install Blank Buttons
  250. Other OEM Ipod connector