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: Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)

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  1. My install [how to guide] iPod/iPhone DICE box car Kit installation
  2. Subwoofer Sound system in my civic
  3. Speakers how to calculate box volume for new sound system
  4. Other NEW Arkon Range of Sat Nav/Phone Mounts
  5. AUX in Peiker Bluetouch Music
  6. Other What will it take to get iPhone to play music and display video
  7. Radio Broken Tuning Knob
  8. AUX in Dension 100 - Active or Standard Cradle?
  9. AUX in Easiest way to get power to iConnect unit
  10. AUX in which one
  11. Subwoofer sub in my car
  12. My install show us your audio install
  13. Other Album art
  14. AUX in which ipod connector + sound system
  15. AUX in whats with what ive read
  16. Head Unit [Radio] ISO connection
  17. Head Unit battery wire color
  18. AUX in Civic radio > funkwerk carkit > nokia n95
  19. My install speaker
  20. Amplifier aux out
  21. Upgrades Upgrade options
  22. My install Custom Box in Type R off stock HU
  23. Head Unit Speed sensative radio ?
  24. Upgrades 8Gig of music in my Type S
  25. My install Project - Kenwood HU replacement.
  26. Speakers can you believe this
  27. AUX in Need help with Aux-In (Pics inc.)
  28. Subwoofer Sub and Amp fitted, but....
  29. AUX in ipod controller
  30. Speakers 10 p worth of speakers in a 20k car
  31. Speakers Upgrading to Infinity's
  32. Other Bluetooth for Audio in (rather than out)
  33. My install install an ipod connector
  34. Upgrades CarPC,connects2box,HU -> much better sound and deep bass!!
  35. AUX in Xcarlink Honda USB/MP3 Interface Model V
  36. AUX in Aux-In cable for DICE
  37. My install Creaking Gearbox
  38. Built in CD Firmware upgrade on Standard (EX) Stereo
  39. My install Hi All
  40. Upgrades Wanted - Gold plated RCA to iPod dock connector
  41. AUX in Connects 2
  42. AUX in Honda Ipod Connection & Iphone (a solution)
  43. Head Unit Where Can I Buy These Part Double Din ?
  44. Subwoofer Adding a subwoofer without changing the default CD player
  45. Other Cheap iPod Nano's
  46. My install Competition Ice on FN2
  47. AUX in Dice iPhone iPod Car Kit recomendations!!!?
  48. Head Unit Standard headunits throught civic's??
  49. Radio Help with Radio reception
  50. Technical Some audio system questions..
  51. Other Ipod adapter issues
  52. Head Unit Standard Cd Player
  53. My install New Ice Install - Hertz, Audison, Alpine, Soundproofed, Bootbuild - new pics inside!
  54. Radio Radio and open door?
  55. Technical Which iPods are supported by iPod adapter?
  56. My install French Install
  57. Other Harmon/Kardon Drive+Play for 30 seems cheap?
  58. Upgrades Work in progress! DLS audio upgrade.
  59. AUX in Connects2 and Satnav voice
  60. Technical iTrip will not work!
  61. Head Unit keeping current HU and installing amps and sub etc
  62. Other iPhone install Nottingham??
  63. Speakers Rear Speakers (5 dr)
  64. Head Unit steering wheel control
  65. AUX in Whining after Connects2, help me?
  66. My install Double Din Install
  67. Speakers After-market speaker upgrade-Help!
  68. Speaker installation in my FN1
  69. Speakers Infinity Reference setup - Help please
  70. My install Finally, my sub install.
  71. My install Wow - almost ready for new audio upgrade!!
  72. Speakers Recommended Speaker installers in Brum/Black Country
  73. Head Unit Is it possible to add an optical toslink input to the head unit?
  74. Speakers MLK II or MLK 165's - are these the dogs nuts?
  75. AUX in Civic 5D connects2box
  76. Amplifier Please Someone Help!
  77. AUX in Using my iPod in my new Civic
  78. Speakers ICE in Edinburgh
  79. Other Best Ipod EQ settings with Honda adaptor??
  80. Other Where to buy?
  81. Built in CD CD Player
  82. AUX in USB connection to Panasonic HU (non satnav)
  83. AUX in Harman Kardon Drive + Play 2
  84. Radio Aerial
  85. My install HK D+P(Sound)
  86. AUX in Help fitting connects2 please!
  87. AUX in Ice>Link Gateway 100 or DICE iPod Car Kit
  88. AUX in connects2 (i know not another thread)
  89. AUX in iPod Touch Integration
  90. Built in CD MP3 disc compilation problem
  91. Upgrades macally FM cup
  92. Amplifier Genius's Wanted!!!
  93. AUX in Dension Gateway 100
  94. AUX in Connects2
  95. Radio Radio "news"feature
  96. AUX in connects2
  97. AUX in HELP - Dension ice link
  98. Head Unit Radio volume.
  99. AUX in Save money - Don't by a IPOD connector -
  100. Built in CD copying
  101. Built in CD svc on civic
  102. My install Ipod and Phone
  103. Radio A slightly out-there request, but I'm sure it's do-able.
  104. AUX in Which AUX-In Solution Is Right?
  105. Head Unit head unit iso wiring colours. Help
  106. Head Unit Harman Kardon Drive 'n' Play
  107. Head Unit Skip MW and LW
  108. Head Unit Alpine Head Unit on Type S [no navi]
  109. Speakers Right kit
  110. Head Unit double din part number?
  111. AUX in Honda Ipod Connector Review
  112. AUX in Connects2 Box
  113. AUX in old ipod mini in a civic
  114. Speakers Oh no been shopping!
  115. Technical Icelink 100
  116. AUX in Aux In Adaptor Cable for 57/08 Civic 1.4 SE
  117. AUX in IPOD connection
  118. Other In Car Ipod
  119. Technical Getting ready for iPod install
  120. AUX in Simple Solution Needed (for simple person)
  121. Technical Which headunit could i have??
  122. AUX in Dension gateway 300 + Panasonic HU, will it works?
  123. AUX in How do you create new playlists on Ipod Touch
  124. Other Griffin RoadTrip with Smartscan
  125. Radio Radio Mute?
  126. Head Unit Menus on radio
  127. Head Unit What model is the Alpine (satnav) unit
  128. Radio Play music via wireless connection using bluetooth profile A2PD
  129. Head Unit Standard Stereo Diagnostics / Firmware?
  130. AUX in Help: My iPhone doesn't work with the Honda cable
  131. Technical WAV or MP3 ?
  132. AUX in What is the best ipod solution?
  133. AUX in Sony Walkman MP3 !?
  134. AUX in Audio Out with Pass thru for Sat Nav
  135. Head Unit Help - Change Headunit from Stock to Double Din
  136. Speakers speaker adapter drawing ?
  137. Head Unit New head unit without hide the original in the glove box?
  138. AUX in IO Connect ?? ipod connection
  139. Amplifier Installing audio system to stock headunit? ...possible?
  140. Other Installer in Manchester
  141. Speakers Type R sound system
  142. AUX in radio station not stayin on while connected to griffin i trip and ipod touch
  143. Speakers Speaker Upgrade Bargain?
  144. Speakers speaker rings
  145. Speakers Please Please HELP?
  146. Technical iPod Touch with iPod Kit - Does it work? Any alternatives?
  147. Other Common ICE questions
  148. AUX in best ipod connection?
  149. Built in CD mp3 data tag display
  150. Head Unit Stereo Help
  151. Head Unit Installing Pioneer Bluetooth Head Unit, Sub and Amp
  152. Speakers Please Help!
  153. My install Please give me some feedback and advice
  154. AUX in Best iPod integration system?
  155. AUX in Is there any USB/iPOD accesories that show MP3 ID3 labels on the screen?
  156. Head Unit another idea for aftermarket stereo
  157. Built in CD Problems With MP3 CD's
  158. Speakers Got Infinity front speakers, but want more bass? Read this....
  159. Radio my double din
  160. Radio Loudness control on SE/ES radio
  161. Speakers vibration in speakers
  162. AUX in Radio mute with TomTom 520
  163. Subwoofer Small Sub Woofer Under Rear Seats. Questions ?
  164. Built in CD cd player functions
  165. AUX in the perfect ipod adaptor ?
  166. My install iPod and/or iPhone / Parrot Bluetooth all working smoothly!
  167. Upgrades Concert sound
  168. Amplifier Rockford Fosgate 400-4
  169. AUX in Manchester iPod installer
  170. Technical help with fitting amp
  171. AUX in Various MP3/iPod/iPod Touch Input Solution Diagrams
  172. Amplifier Auto-detect amp?
  173. Head Unit Can you play ??
  174. AUX in iPod with ROCKbox firmware
  175. Speakers Rear speaker cables
  176. Upgrades New High output 210 amp Alternator for Honda Civic??
  177. AUX in In car MP3 player
  178. AUX in Oh dear.... what have I done?
  179. Speakers Silver speaker surrounds
  180. Speakers Focal Polyglass Speakers
  181. My install H+K Installation woes
  182. Speakers Will these 6.5" components fit a type S GT?
  183. Radio What is the latest Radio (EX) Firmware and how do I check?
  184. AUX in IPOD Cable
  185. Built in CD CD reading problems?
  186. Ice connection ...
  187. Technical Connection ice
  188. Head Unit non OEM radio and display
  189. AUX in connects2 box
  190. Technical Potential Major Problem for new ICE Build - how do i get more AMPS?
  191. Bassworks Not impressed at all
  192. My install Possible New ICE build for SQ, what do you think? PS subwoofer, DOG or DOGS ****
  193. Speakers Got rainbow Germaniums or Hertz Millies? Fancy a beer?
  194. AUX in IPod Connecter
  195. Head Unit panasonic head unit
  196. Radio Aerial Upgrade
  197. Radio Cheap DAB solution - converts to FM :(
  198. Speakers Another speaker wire question
  199. Built in CD Output Problems at High Volume on CD's
  200. AUX in ipod adapter question
  201. Amplifier Remote for amp?
  202. AUX in ipod transmitter
  203. Subwoofer Speaker wire colours? Help from those who have upgraded their speakers!
  204. AUX in Iphone connects2 or Dension in EX
  205. Built in CD Mixed CDs and MP3 discs
  206. Speakers Illuminated Speaker Rings
  207. Technical Herr Beele - Digital Car Project
  208. AUX in Ipod ITrip or Bluetooth
  209. Subwoofer Powered Subs Vs sub plus Amp - Who's the DADDY?
  210. Amplifier buying from US - is it worth it? ie save 187 on a new JL 1/1000 Slash AMP
  211. Subwoofer Hot deal on subwoofer!
  212. Amplifier Fitting an Amplifier and speakers
  213. Amplifier rainbox ipaul 4.300 amp, Voted Best Amp FAST CAR Nov 2007 - is it the nuts?
  214. Speakers rockford fosgate power T162S Voted Best 6.5" car speaker FAST CAR Sept 2007???
  215. AUX in Who has installed the Harman Kardon iPod solution?
  216. Upgrades sound processors - 3sixty, Cleansweep, AudioControl LC6, Alpine - anyone used these?
  217. Built in CD wma or mp3 or both
  218. AUX in Dension Gateway 100 & Type-R
  219. AUX in AUX Audio on Type-R FN2
  220. Head Unit Double Din facia with aftermarket head unit and navi - fitted with pictures
  221. Amplifier looking for pictures
  222. Other Unknown socket
  223. Speakers Polk DB-6501
  224. Head Unit Where can i buy a double Din facia?
  225. Speakers Should I change standard speakers for the upgrade ones?
  226. Speakers Sony Speakers and amp upgrade.
  227. Built in CD Mp3 player loses folders
  228. Head Unit How bad is iPod via FM connection (wired not itrip)
  229. Speakers stuff ordered
  230. Head Unit Problems reading MP3 CD
  231. Technical Wanted: ipod installer in Essex
  232. Upgrades Good links for an ICE Newbie!
  233. Bassworks Possibly a dumb qestion but......
  234. Upgrades Choose your new car audio system upgrade:
  235. Upgrades Good ICE dealer reccomendations wanted! London or Essex area
  236. Other Video iPod or iPod Touch video to satnav screen
  237. Bassworks More Bass please.........
  238. AUX in i - flippin - pod connector
  239. Built in CD 90Min CD's with WMA & MP3
  240. Speakers what have you guys changed?
  241. Speakers 8 inches speaker
  242. Other Cassette player???
  243. AUX in to 3.5mm
  244. Head Unit Model Number ?
  245. Technical speed pulse
  246. Technical Audio Video interface
  247. AUX in Xcarlink / Digibuys
  248. Speakers Front speaker adaptor rings
  249. Subwoofer Sub Location and feed
  250. Speakers Stealth Shelf? Stealth Box?