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: Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)

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  1. AUX in Help!
  2. Built in CD Can you burn MP3s to a DVD disk and paly them on the audio system
  3. Head Unit Single Din Conversion ..
  4. Subwoofer Wiring Views
  5. Radio Radio / TMS update?
  6. Bassworks Is bassworks dealer fit?
  7. Head Unit Anyone found a way around changing the head unit?
  8. LOC Do I need an LOC for my amp? (Subwoofer-only connection)
  9. My install My ICE (lot's of pics)
  10. Speakers A little bit of Speaker Advice Needed
  11. Other Gadget Rumors - Touch Screen iPods and more?
  12. Built in CD Brand of CD used for Civic MP3 CD player?
  13. Speakers Is Warranty Invalidated by fitting aftermarket Sound System in a new Civic?
  14. AUX in Quick Novice Question (Dension)
  15. Speakers What Sound Kit would you get for your new civic for 700 or under?
  16. AUX in Does the Honda iPod Adaptor charge it?
  17. Speakers Tweeter replacement
  18. Technical Alternator whine
  19. AUX in iPod EX interface - Dice has possible solution!
  20. AUX in Functional differences between Connect2 & Dension
  21. Technical How to connect a PDA to the radio, wiring???
  22. Speakers Tweeters in the door
  23. My install My sub/speaker install
  24. Speakers Aftermarket speakers
  25. Head Unit radio channels
  26. Radio What is the most recent radio firmware Version
  27. Technical Honda Ipod Connector Installation Instructions Wanted
  28. Speakers Need New Speakers, based in Worcester.
  29. Technical Type R Stereo Questions
  30. Head Unit changing the radio
  31. Head Unit Power rating of Head Unit (satnav model)
  32. AUX in Interference from MP3 player
  33. AUX in USB interface...
  34. Radio Crackling Five Live!!
  35. Speakers Coaxial or Component?
  36. Speakers What sizes?
  37. Radio Bass enhancement without subwoofer : Mission Impossible ?
  38. AUX in Who wants a USB/jack/memory card interface for their Civic?
  39. Head Unit Dension ice>Link Plus Video HONDA-B
  40. Technical HU pinout
  41. AUX in Harman Kardon Drive + Play for iPod Offer
  42. Head Unit Aux head unit
  43. Head Unit What is the make/model of the EX hu
  44. Speakers how easy?
  45. Amplifier Power cable AMP
  46. Head Unit Scrolling ID3 tags!!! help please!!!
  47. Head Unit Pre-outs on TypeR GT (Non SatNav)
  48. Other Dashboard query
  49. Built in CD MP3 compilation disc
  50. AUX in Ipod link info
  51. Head Unit EX audio display
  52. Head Unit Whats the quality like on the standard HU?
  53. Speakers Infinity Reference 6510CS finshed pictures
  54. AUX in Honda supplied IPOD connection in UK EX
  55. Speakers Alpine speakers in civic
  56. Speakers Speaker Depth
  57. Other What audio options should I choose? +aux?
  58. AUX in iPod in car charging
  59. Head Unit New Ice Installed
  60. Head Unit Need help to uninstall original cd/radio
  61. Speakers Bass
  62. AUX in Connects2 USB
  63. Head Unit Head Unit replacement
  64. AUX in FM Transmitter Frequencies?
  65. Speakers Speaker Rings
  66. AUX in Cracking iPod FM transmitter
  67. AUX in Had Honda Ipod Fitted Today
  68. My install Kensignton RDS FM transmitter
  69. Head Unit radio screen
  70. AUX in New FM Transmitter
  71. Bassworks Bassworks - Bedded in!!
  72. Bassworks Speaker Upgrades
  73. AUX in ipod lead for us EX owners? have a look
  74. Built in CD Display track titles on CD
  75. AUX in Nokia to AUX in Lead
  76. Speakers Speaker wiring colours. Help
  77. Speakers Coaxial question
  78. AUX in I Pod Adapter
  79. AUX in Honda MusicLink / iPod connector - now discontinued?
  80. Speakers replacement car speaker???
  81. AUX in Music playback via bluetooth?
  82. AUX in Connects2 adapter and Infinity installed !!!
  83. Other Links to some guides
  84. Head Unit radio and clock
  85. AUX in Easy way to add MP3 support to your factory headunit
  86. Radio Radio - Traffic announcements
  87. Head Unit Alpine's New iPod Head Unit.
  88. Head Unit any help
  89. Technical ICE problem - please help? :)
  90. Radio Radio station Preset Text
  91. AUX in 3.5 mm Aux In Socket?
  92. Bassworks Bassworks and speaker combinations
  93. Speakers Replacement Speaker Help 06' Civic Sedan
  94. Head Unit Double Din Head Unit! Someone help please..
  95. AUX in iPod + Kensington, a good match at last??
  96. Speakers First Complaint - speaker rings
  97. Speakers Co Axials
  98. Subwoofer bass problems?!
  99. Speakers HOW TO??? Remove speakers (covers) from 3dr civic!!! Help!!
  100. Built in CD MP3 Disks and Vista
  101. Bassworks Bassworks Amp
  102. Speakers How much should I pay for the Infinity speakers?
  103. Speakers Infinity Speaker problems
  104. Bassworks Hello everyone ...... and help! (Bassworks and ipod questions)
  105. Speakers has anyone fitted the Infinity Kappa Speakers?
  106. AUX in AUX in + Play MP3's via a USB card reader
  107. AUX in Ipod connection
  108. Head Unit About original car audio's
  109. Built in CD Quick MP3/WMA Question
  110. Speakers is there a 3 door rear speaker panel removal guide?
  111. Subwoofer new type r sub stuff
  112. Built in CD MP3 delay between tracks
  113. Other Pictures Of the I.C.E System!
  114. Subwoofer the new ctr radio
  115. Built in CD cd changer
  116. Technical ignition off- radio still on ??
  117. AUX in I- River and Speed cameras
  118. Technical ISO Connector
  119. Bassworks speaker upgrade kit - sound quality ?
  120. Bassworks New member: Ordered Honda Civic 1.8i Sport
  121. Bassworks Bassworks alternatives
  122. Built in CD can mp3 text scroll accross the screen?...
  123. Speakers Aftermarket Speakers
  124. AUX in Ipod Adapter
  125. Built in CD Burning MP3's for Car
  126. Head Unit audio system - replacement
  127. Other In Vehicle Entertainment System
  128. Radio DAB Radio
  129. AUX in iPod Connector...
  130. AUX in Ipod Connection in EX
  131. Speakers Rear Speakers in a 3 door!
  132. Built in CD Installing Honda 8 Disc Changer- I need advice
  133. Subwoofer Upgrade sound system
  134. Radio Radio Ga Ga
  135. Other Mounting Snooper Syrius Indago / iPod Nano
  136. AUX in will ipod work!!!
  137. Built in CD How To burn MP3's for the Civic Radio?
  138. AUX in Ipod connector - Is it REALLY a waste of 225?
  139. Technical Wiring a Amp & Small sub
  140. AUX in Dension ice-link plus may NOT work!
  141. AUX in iPod interference
  142. Built in CD Weird glitch playing MP3 CDs/CDR discs
  143. AUX in IPOD integration - Potential solution
  144. Speakers Advice needed: Choice of front speakers
  145. Speakers Rear Desk Speakers
  146. AUX in iPod questions
  147. Amplifier How to wire an amp?
  148. AUX in Dension Ice Link Fitting - cornwall / Devon
  149. Subwoofer Power and Speaker-Cable Installation for Sub and Amp
  150. AUX in Aux Pinouts
  151. AUX in Dension Ice And Type S Controls?
  152. AUX in iPod Connector - FULL control???
  153. Speakers Led in tweeter installation
  154. Speakers Size specs and recommendations for speakers needed
  155. Amplifier Amplifier wiring connections for 2007 honda Civic LX
  156. Speakers tweeter speakers/covers
  157. Bassworks Hello from Eire - concert pack question
  158. My install my new ICE - install
  159. Head Unit Help with removing headunit on Civic sport
  160. AUX in Official Ipod link issue?
  161. Technical Radio connections
  162. Built in CD Aftermarket CD Installation
  163. Built in CD Playing mp3 cd's and seeing what's next? (EX question)
  164. Technical Air Condition display not working without OEM radio
  165. AUX in RCA input
  166. AUX in ipod link for EX from audioleads
  167. AUX in aux audio input
  168. Bassworks Bassworks and rear speakers
  169. Radio Radio Bands
  170. Built in CD does it support .mp4 files?
  171. Built in CD Radio Pause Button
  172. Radio Diagnostic mode on radio
  173. Radio Radio problems
  174. Radio I improved my EX Radio experience
  175. Built in CD The voices in my head
  176. AUX in Possible iPod solution?
  177. AUX in Ipod Connected!!!
  178. Technical Radio display with i-pilot
  179. AUX in Ipod connector from the States
  180. Built in CD Playing MP3s on an EX can the display be changed?
  181. Radio Radio Freezing in ES
  182. Speakers Speaker Rings
  183. Radio Radio R D S
  184. AUX in Official Honda iPod Link - 225 (335 for EX?!)
  185. AUX in Ipod connection fitted for 150
  186. Speakers Dodgy speaker on new car
  187. Built in CD Does EX Display Info for Normal CD's?
  188. Speakers Do I need to replace front & rear speakers?
  189. Speakers audiophile needed!
  190. AUX in recieved from Honda Today! Worth noting (ipod)
  191. Speakers front / rear speaker swap?
  192. Built in CD WMA Discs
  193. Built in CD mp3 normalisation
  194. AUX in IPOD Connector
  195. Built in CD MP3 Track / Folder info?
  196. Speakers Speaker rings
  197. AUX in Mounting/charging solutions for GSM/PDA/IPOD ..... @ civic EU 06
  198. AUX in Ipod
  199. Radio REVO DAB radio in the civic
  200. Head Unit adapter Double Din
  201. Head Unit Head Unit / audio queries of UK 02 Civic
  202. Built in CD How long to display listings on MP3 CD
  203. AUX in A good alternative for non-i-Pod MP3 players?
  204. Built in CD MP3's questions
  205. Head Unit Headunit facia????
  206. Head Unit Head Unit Photos Required...
  207. AUX in Can this aux-in connection work?
  208. Built in CD CDRW's in the civic
  209. Built in CD Civic EX but no option for 8 cd-changer?????
  210. Subwoofer UPDATED:Rear 12" Sub + Amp Installing +( Custom Box)
  211. Amplifier Amp Help
  212. AUX in Honda iPod solution at last!!!!
  213. Speakers Rear Speakers - Help please.
  214. Technical Accessing the Harness from Interior.. HELP!
  215. AUX in Ipod Grief
  216. Speakers standard speakers?
  217. Speakers Worth upgrading EX to front Co-ax speakers?
  218. Bassworks Concert pack
  219. Bassworks More about bassworks..
  220. Bassworks Quickest way to check I've got the extra amplifier?
  221. Radio Radio Text
  222. Subwoofer Best way to install aftermarket speakers/headset/amp/12'' Su
  223. Speakers Rear speaker upgrade??....
  224. Built in CD MP3 CD's in Album not Alphabetical order? Help.
  225. Speakers Lost sound from ALL speakers after front speaker upgrade
  226. Built in CD Mp3 CD's
  227. Built in CD MP3 / WMA on DVD?
  228. Radio Antenna input.....???
  229. Built in CD Aftermarket CD Changer
  230. Bassworks Bassworks Kit
  231. Speakers After Market Speaker upgrade
  232. Subwoofer Connecting a sub to OEM HU
  233. Bassworks Bassworks and speaker upgrades...
  234. Other Civic ICE:Any good?
  235. Built in CD 1.8 ES CD Player - MP3 Player ????