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: Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)

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  1. Other iPod Connection Trouble
  2. Head Unit Can I upgrade?
  3. Advice needed fitting OEM Honda Civic Double Din
  4. AUX in Aux cable compatibility
  5. AUX in Which Connect2 for 5 Door ES 2006?
  6. LOC Non-Honda Reverse cam to Honda Satnav
  7. Head Unit Technical issues with Joying and Connects2 Kit
  8. Head Unit Wanting to install an android unit
  9. Speakers Replacement Harness - Help Needed
  10. Other How do I route GPS cable to panel in front of clock?
  11. FM radio interference when heated back window is?
  12. Head Unit Review of installing a double din!
  13. LOC Wiring in A LOC on a 3 door Civic
  14. Technical Issue with connects2 cable (CTSHO002)
  15. Speakers Raer speakers recomendations
  16. Radio Radio rds no af
  17. Speakers Silent Rear
  18. Head Unit avh 280bt and rear camera+wire issues
  19. Head Unit Aftermarket stereo and dash display
  20. AUX in Aux-In, Spotify, etc.
  21. Technical Steering Wheel Controls - Mapping
  22. Rear speakers help
  23. My install Connects 2 box PLS HELP
  24. Head Unit Connects 2 wire question
  25. Upgrades Aftermarket Double Din help with wires
  26. My install Fascia clips
  27. Head Unit Help needed on AC clock heater display
  28. Technical Incoming calls
  29. Head Unit Radio firmware
  30. Head Unit Help with fascia install
  31. Radio No audio settings
  32. Head Unit Voice on radio/CD
  33. LOC Line output converter
  34. Head Unit Headunit facia for satnav model?
  35. Radio Replacing old media system with advanced ..
  36. Phone holder/mount
  37. Technical Pumpkin Dab+ not working
  38. Head Unit Cd player Issue
  39. Speakers Speakers
  40. My install Satnav to standard display.
  41. Head Unit pumpkin vs xtrons double din touchscreen
  42. Amplifier Can't find firewall
  43. Speakers 2006 Honda Civic 1.8 ES New Speakers
  44. AUX in How to install cable aux in on Civic
  45. AUX in Type S CDTI Aux location and high pitch noise
  46. Head Unit Bluetooth?
  47. AUX in DAB - Dension DAB+U and XCarLink
  48. Radio Steering wheal buttons getting confused
  49. Speakers Recommended Front Upgrade
  50. Head Unit Which double din?
  51. My install DAB Aerial Replacement Recommendations Pls ?
  52. Speakers Factory Options?
  53. Other Show Me Your Phone Holders
  54. Head Unit Does Connect2 CTKHD01 work with other head units
  55. Amplifier Length/size of power cable?
  56. Other Connects2 Song Limit?
  57. Head Unit Face surround for double din?
  58. AUX in NOW in the right place: Will this american adapter fit my car?
  59. Head Unit Connects2 - Steering Controls
  60. My install Invisible changes (merged)
  61. Head Unit Kenwood DNN6250DAB - Which Connects2 kit do I need?
  62. Head Unit Anyone know what this double din is like
  63. Amplifier Advice on subs and amp
  64. Technical Installation of CCD Reverse Camera with SSD Navigation System
  65. Amplifier Earthing my sub
  66. Other USB connection
  67. Head Unit Standard Honda set-up
  68. Head Unit Mirror Mirror on the wall
  69. Other What do you use as your smartphone holder in your car?
  70. Upgrades Armrest with usb to buy
  71. Upgrades Require Bluetooth... What are my options?
  72. My install Honda Civic FN2 aerial adaptor
  73. Technical Double Din Button Illumination
  74. AUX in Connects2 USB Cable Length
  75. Head Unit Stock Headunit - Difference between pre & post 2009?
  76. Upgrades OEM Satnav
  77. Head Unit Got my new stereo in finally...
  78. Head Unit Spotify
  79. Head Unit Radio code
  80. Other usb in armrest
  81. How to get stearing wheel control work on aftermarket headunit
  82. Technical Hardwiring Sat Nav
  83. Upgrades Full Install Help Please?!
  84. Speakers Speakers and Amp Reviews
  85. Speakers Civic speakers
  86. AUX in Double Din Recommendations
  87. Radio Installed today DAB Radio
  88. Other CTSHO002 Steering Wheel controls and Honda Civic with OEM Satnav
  89. AUX in Iphone to Android Audio
  90. Head Unit Sat Nav Head unit
  91. AUX in Xcarlink v Connects2
  92. Head Unit None SAT NAV TP
  93. Technical Double-Din Install
  94. Upgrades Double din help
  95. Head Unit Pumpkin head unit USB issues
  96. Head Unit Replaced head unit now clock runs slooooow
  97. Head Unit Ex factory head unit mp3
  98. AUX in USB/Phone Options?
  99. Radio Android double din unit
  100. AUX in Latest connection options for PFL 8th gens with nav
  101. Head Unit Fn2 ipod or bluetooth
  102. Built in CD OE Head Unit Skipping CD's - Any Cure
  103. Radio Radio/ iPod changing freq/tracks
  104. My install Just had a Sony double din stero installed.. SOS
  105. Head Unit Single or Double Din
  106. Head Unit Double DIN size
  107. Head Unit Sony XAV AX100
  108. Head Unit Kenwood Head unit with Reserve Camera
  109. My install Install tomorrow (Weather permitting)
  110. Head Unit Headunit help
  111. Head Unit Need Help Looking for a Head Unit!
  112. Head Unit Chinese (Joying) "Back" Cable ?
  113. Head Unit Sony XAV-V630BT
  114. Head Unit Double din satnav
  115. My install Double Din Install finished
  116. Other Phone Pairing Not Working
  117. Upgrades DAB integration
  118. Technical My Civic has an Apple 30 pin cable already installed..
  119. Speakers Speaker adaptor rings... help needed!
  120. Head Unit upgrading basic head unit
  121. Head Unit head unit
  122. Head Unit Wi-Fi issue with Pumpkin HU
  123. Upgrades To DAB or not to DAB
  124. Radio access
  125. Head Unit Double Din install - help/installer wanted
  126. Head Unit Query..
  127. Head Unit Multi Jog Removal
  128. Upgrades Yatour Bluetooth-AUX-USB Unit - Got a few questions for owners :)
  129. AUX in Honda music link 2.0
  130. Speakers Speaker Upgrades
  131. Head Unit sat nav
  132. Technical Pioneer SPH-DA120
  133. Head Unit Pioneer x8700bt
  134. Head Unit New double din steering wheel controls
  135. Head Unit Standard radio removal
  136. Built in CD CD/MP3 replacement
  137. AUX in Yatour vs Xcarlink vs Connects 2 etc
  138. Other Need help with system for Music {No more CDs}
  139. AUX in Ebay AUX In?
  140. Head Unit Navi - EX 06' vs CTR CW 10' - interface
  141. Radio Standard head unit - no radio reception
  142. Head Unit Radio help wanted
  143. My install Questions before installing...
  144. Head Unit Joying headunit just arrived
  145. Speakers JL Audio C2s in a FN2 2006-2012 Civic?
  146. Head Unit Complete upgrade
  147. Head Unit Torque App
  148. Radio New concept radio 1 din
  149. Head Unit Genuine Honda Nav Units
  150. Head Unit Android HeadUnit or a Headunit from Halfords
  151. Upgrades USB and 8 disc changer?
  152. AUX in What type of head unit is in the Civic 2006 1.8 iVTech ES , UK model
  153. My install Double DIN & Microphone
  154. Subwoofer Custom underseat sub box
  155. Upgrades help on upgrading sound system
  156. Other Ipod Adapter
  157. Head Unit install double din in honda civic 2007
  158. Subwoofer Subwoofer Enclosure
  159. My install Replace cigarette surround
  160. AUX in AUX in
  161. Head Unit Joying headunit and connects 2
  162. Head Unit FN2 Head Unit Installation Fail
  163. Head Unit Impulse double din kit
  164. Subwoofer Subwoofer settings
  165. Technical Hondabitz facia kit...
  166. AUX in Cable connector
  167. Head Unit Job done, almost
  168. Upgrades Bluetooth audio
  169. Other Ipod shuffle
  170. Head Unit Cheap double din any good?
  171. Subwoofer Alpine swe 815 into fuse box ?
  172. Technical Wiring question
  173. Radio how to see the name of songs play it with usb ?
  174. Head Unit iPod connection to Sat Nav civic, how to do it?
  175. Head Unit Connects2 ipod won't work!
  176. Radio DAB adapter
  177. AUX in Apps to listen to music
  178. Upgrades New Unit?
  179. Subwoofer Alpine swe 815
  180. Head Unit Help! Need some advice please
  181. Radio How do i play Iphone music through my radio
  182. Head Unit EX Sat Nav, replace with Double Din?
  183. Head Unit Double Din Problem
  184. Head Unit Radio Skip
  185. Technical 2010 Si and android over USB?
  186. Head Unit Oem iPod cable!
  187. Head Unit Sound upgrade
  188. Radio Fm transmitter :grin2:
  189. Head Unit DAB Radio
  190. Other Amp Power Cable Entry
  191. Amplifier Help needed!
  192. My install double din urgent help needed
  193. Head Unit iPhone 6s Connection
  194. Upgrades Dynamic guidelines from the reverse camera
  195. Speakers Speaker covers ??
  196. Head Unit Halfords fitting? Pioneer sph da120 double din
  197. Head Unit Head unit issue
  198. Head Unit peoples head units
  199. Bassworks not enough bass
  200. Head Unit Factory Bluetooth HFT module
  201. Head Unit Adding Bluetooth connectivity
  202. Radio dab ariel splitter
  203. Upgrades Cd changer to aux
  204. Upgrades Bluetooth audio adaptor for Civic EX
  205. Head Unit Completely confused
  206. Head Unit connects2
  207. Other Dash Cam (merged)
  208. Upgrades Best DAB to go for with OEM
  209. Can anyone help me?
  210. Other Double Din USB ports fixed in centre console and blue illumination
  211. AUX in Connect2 type.....?
  212. Head Unit Iphone 6s with Pioneer AVIC-F930BT (maybe F940BT)
  213. AUX in Aux Audio Input Cable + active sub quote
  214. Head Unit Double Din Help.
  215. Head Unit USB audio interface via CD changer
  216. Head Unit joying or pumpkin
  217. New sound system
  218. Built in CD Fn2 type r won't play CD's
  219. Head Unit Android upgrade whats needed?
  220. Other Anyone bought one of these?
  221. Speakers Apline SPR-60 installation and review
  222. My install Finally got a Double Din, Sub and Amp
  223. Other Standard satnav
  224. Technical SatNav / Headunit upgrade
  225. Speakers Alpine R or hertz?
  226. Head Unit Stereo a.c. time display not working
  227. Audio help
  228. Upgrades AutoDAB Review
  229. AUX in Splicing cables OEM radio for AUX
  230. Head Unit eBay gps
  231. AUX in Aux cable not working
  232. Head Unit help with head unit and satnav
  233. Head Unit Newbie question
  234. Head Unit Radio displays track names
  235. Speakers Maximum speaker depths for front and rear doors.
  236. My install Fn2 amp out put problems
  237. Radio Radio signal issues
  238. Speakers Upgrading speakers in a 5 door
  239. Subwoofer Temp upgrade - Kenwood KSC-SW11
  240. Head Unit Pioneer DD upgrade help
  241. My install Sony Double Din Installed
  242. Technical New owner - Does my car have an audio fault?
  243. Head Unit Fitted a double din but it rattles
  244. AUX in Where to get auxiliary in cable installed?
  245. Upgrades Which Double Din Kit ?
  246. Head Unit Finally getting my sat nav unit back
  247. Technical Anyone used a ct27uv70 dab aerial doesn't need earthing.
  248. Technical Yatour Model: YT-BTA-VW8D
  249. Head Unit Help with kenwood patch lead, new stereo and NO patch lead fits....
  250. Technical Strange DAB problem