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: Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)

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  1. Head Unit Quick Question about Aftermarket Head Unit aerial adapter
  2. Head Unit installing a double din?
  3. Head Unit Nokia 32-wha?!
  4. Head Unit Double din and camera installed
  5. Head Unit Anyone got a clarion nx505E head unit?
  6. Other Best ICE award is this months COTM!!
  7. Other Where does this go?
  8. Subwoofer Discreet Mazda 6 Bose Sub Install
  9. Head Unit Genuine Honda fascia kit
  10. Upgrades Awful sound stock head unit, Loudness button??
  11. Head Unit Double din controls
  12. Other Reversing camera - issue using reverse light power
  13. Head Unit broken cd player
  14. Head Unit Joying Unit
  15. Technical Xcarlink track display question
  16. AUX in 2008 Type R - Iphone to Aux?
  17. Head Unit Can you wire both antenna and amp wires to the single remote wire on a head unit?
  18. Head Unit EBay Double Din Kit
  19. Head Unit Issue with a/c display
  20. AUX in Grom Audio USB AUX interface review
  21. Head Unit Problems with new double din
  22. AUX in X car link/Connects2 M4A ALAC files
  23. Bassworks Bass works need help
  24. Head Unit What apps are you running on head unit?
  25. Speakers Upgrading speaker system
  26. Head Unit HELP cannot connect antenna into double din?
  27. AUX in Where is my Aux port?
  28. Speakers Will these fit? And where to buy baffel?
  29. Other External mic placement/ A pillar removal
  30. Upgrades Thinking of upgrading the stereo system from standard
  31. Speakers Newbie needs help with speaker upgrade
  32. AUX in Fn2 Type R GT 07 - aux
  33. AUX in Purchased AUX adapter but wont work???
  34. Head Unit Help! Pumpkin Double Din Stuck on boot screen
  35. Upgrades Removing the whole rear side panels.
  36. Head Unit Single Din Head Unit
  37. Head Unit will this work ?
  38. Head Unit Connects2 keeps flamin' squeaking
  39. Head Unit Real life feedback
  40. Head Unit Whats the part number/code
  41. Head Unit Pioneer SPH-DA120 Fascia Surround
  42. AUX in No voice on Sat Nav after Connects2
  43. AUX in AUX in not being recognised?
  44. Head Unit Connects2 double dind kit. How to secure head unit?
  45. Amplifier Amp power Cable for Left hand drive civic 1.8 2006 please advice me.
  46. Head Unit Double din surround type S
  47. Head Unit Civic EX Aftermarket Double Dinn
  48. Head Unit Canbus system
  49. Head Unit Pumpkin Dd Advice
  50. Head Unit I want to use the AUX port in my central glovebox?
  51. Head Unit EX headunit in non-EX FK2 1.8l, how challenging?
  52. Technical Dash command app on double din
  53. Head Unit Pumpkin double-din question
  54. Other Hands Free
  55. Speakers Speakers either dropping out or sound level dropping
  56. Upgrades Windscreen DAB Antenna Installation
  57. Upgrades iPod/usb connection
  58. Head Unit HELP PLEASE - double din sony xav-68bt
  59. Head Unit How to remove the vents on the head unit fascia ?
  60. Head Unit Double din headunit best bang for your buck
  61. Speakers Driver side speakers not working
  62. Other Apple Device Compatibility
  63. My install Plans just after advice,
  64. My install Plans just after advice,
  65. Speakers Parcel shelf mod for speakers
  66. Head Unit LHD Double Din Stereo Install Facia Plate Trim what and where too buy?
  67. Head Unit white plug on back of radio
  68. Subwoofer What sub
  69. Other connect ctkhd01 kit
  70. Radio Convert Existing Antenna to DAB
  71. Amplifier Advice to install amp to stock head unit.
  72. Amplifier Sub and amp wiring kit
  73. Head Unit Question re head unit compatability
  74. Radio Roof mounted FM Antenna
  75. Head Unit Help with Pionner 2din
  76. Speakers What speakers to buy
  77. Head Unit Help double din
  78. Head Unit Bluetooth directly into Mk8 factory unit?
  79. AUX in Aux lead
  80. Head Unit Pi
  81. Radio Iso connection
  82. AUX in Civic 08 - XcarLink Bluetooth Module help!
  83. AUX in xcarlink advice SKU209 vs SKU424
  84. Head Unit Steering wheel controls stopped working
  85. Head Unit Removing T grade clarion sat nav unit
  86. Head Unit "brake in" and "reverse in"
  87. Head Unit Antenna power wire confused
  88. Head Unit Android Head Unit - Poor FM Reception
  89. Other Blutooth not pairing with Iphone 6 plus- Honda Civic 2007- Ex Model
  90. Upgrades Pumpkin double din surround
  91. Technical Steering Wheels Controls
  92. Head Unit Double Din or Sub
  93. Head Unit Want a double din, questions
  94. Head Unit Finally installed DDin, couple of issues
  95. AUX in Connects 2 fader and buzzing
  96. Head Unit Duble din kit orderd
  97. Other XCarLink - Civic EX MK8
  98. Head Unit Confirmation needed on fitment
  99. Other Will my GPS work if I replace CD Changer by Connects2?
  100. Other Auto-start Xcarlink with car?
  101. Subwoofer Sub wiring
  102. Speakers What door speakers have you fitted?
  103. Speakers 6x9s sorry if this has been askeda few times
  104. Upgrades Pumpkin - free map update Nov 2015
  105. AUX in Connects2 SUCCESS!!!!!
  106. Built in CD Standard CD Player - Replace or Upgrade
  107. Other USB cable routing to air vents - Ideas !!
  108. Upgrades Grom audio bluetooth
  109. Speakers Possible Speaker Upgrade
  110. Head Unit Is the head unit coded in any way
  111. Head Unit Pumpkin Folder Shuffle
  112. Head Unit Auto Pumpkin Android DDIN Questions
  113. AUX in Connects2 usb adaptor
  114. AUX in Usb/aux adapter
  115. Other SOT-908 or MC2841 MusiConnect
  116. Other USB Charger for Tablet
  117. AUX in Bluetooth and steering control
  118. Head Unit Remap through Ddin
  119. Amplifier First timer - want to install an amp
  120. Head Unit Alpine iLX-700 Double Din - Apple CarPlay
  121. Head Unit Sony double din
  122. Head Unit New Auto Pumpkin DDIN Android
  123. My install sat nav retrofit
  124. AUX in Anyone ever used this? Auxiliary alternative to connects2
  125. Head Unit Disable head unit
  126. AUX in Fn2 original AUX and USB input in aftermarket stereo
  127. Head Unit Help purleeeease!
  128. Head Unit Xtron HU
  129. Head Unit Double din - sorry if its been asked a million times!
  130. AUX in Aux Cable in standard unit
  131. Head Unit Correct Head Unit and Fascia?
  132. Upgrades 2009 CTR with USB and Parrot Installation.
  133. Upgrades Better Sound from Manufacturers standard stereo fit?
  134. AUX in Connecting Iphone 6s to Xcarlink
  135. Head Unit avic-f930bt iphone 6 & 6s
  136. Other Double din mounting brackets.
  137. Head Unit New mugen start up screen pioneer f940bt
  138. Upgrades Advice on adding amp to stock head unit please.
  139. AUX in Connects2 on Ex question
  140. Other Good car audio shops in London?
  141. Upgrades Need another battery?
  142. Head Unit What double din to go for?
  143. I want a usb Port
  144. Upgrades installing a parrot bluetooth kit
  145. Head Unit Double Din Decision - Guidance
  146. Subwoofer Anyone got a copy of InPhase USW 10 Sub Instructions?
  147. AUX in Connect2 installation advice
  148. Head Unit Please help.Climate temp/Clock display not working after headunit upgrade
  149. Head Unit Strange issue 2006 Civic OE 6 CD changer
  150. Speakers Hertz dsk165.3 which way to wire them?
  151. Head Unit Need help with double din kit
  152. AUX in Stupid question for you guys.
  153. Head Unit are all ml8 units the same?
  154. Head Unit Android Double DIN
  155. Radio DAB aerial adapter
  156. Radio Help needed!
  157. AUX in USB No Data
  158. AUX in XCarLink Advice Please
  159. Head Unit Where to buy double din frame?
  160. Speakers drivers door speakers not working??
  161. Speakers Front Speaker Upgrade help needed!
  162. AUX in Xcarlink iPod/iPhone USB SD all in one interface
  163. Speakers Anyone heard of bass face speakers?
  164. Head Unit Jvc double din.
  165. Speakers Which speaker connectors?
  166. Head Unit standard stereo turning itself off and on
  167. AUX in Connecting MP3 Player
  168. Head Unit Which Sat Nav app for android HU ?
  169. Speakers Left speaker doing some strange stuff!
  170. Head Unit What double din?
  171. My install Nexus 7 2013 as headunit
  172. Radio Connects2...how do you change the display?
  173. Upgrades Anyone use a JustConnect unit?
  174. AUX in The OEM Aux
  175. Upgrades 07 EX Model and highway 300di help
  176. AUX in Wt-ipd1
  177. AUX in ID3 Tags
  178. AUX in Bluetooth Ipod adapter
  179. Technical Clock and date help with new Head Unit
  180. Upgrades N00b Question about double dins
  181. Built in CD MP3 List
  182. AUX in Connects2 Bluetooth experiences?
  183. Other Android App Advice
  184. AUX in MP3 on 2007 EX
  185. AUX in CTAHOUSB001 USB Interface Kit for Honda Accord Civic
  186. Head Unit Numpty question...
  187. Technical does a USB need to be disconnected after each drive?
  188. Head Unit What headunit sizes can I install?
  189. Head Unit Pioneer F970 dab - fd2
  190. AUX in iPods…Which work and which don't?
  191. Upgrades Best speakers for upgrade on standard head unit
  192. My install audison bit
  193. Other Connects2 CTSHO002 - Best place to get one from?
  194. Head Unit Anyone running a Pioneer AVH-X8700?
  195. Radio Is this all I need?
  196. Other Connects2 and Time Change
  197. Head Unit Advice needed - Pioneer SPH-DA120
  198. AUX in where do you connect your aux?
  199. AUX in Xcarlink Aux Question
  200. Speakers Amp/Speakers advice needed for a dummie
  201. Head Unit Replacement Stereo 58 Reg Civic EX with Nav
  202. Head Unit Sony xplod bluetooth stereo install
  203. Other General ICE Options
  204. AUX in USB connection issue
  205. AUX in hooking up phone
  206. Head Unit Honda Civic Double Din Installtion Help
  207. Other iPhone 6 Connecting to USB
  208. Head Unit Clarion NX702E fitting help
  209. Radio Hunting radio?
  210. My install Connects2 connected in 5 min!!! No trim removed.
  211. Head Unit universal patch lead not working.
  212. Head Unit Double Din Sat nav
  213. Head Unit Clock with different stereo
  214. Subwoofer Ts-wx120a
  215. Head Unit What patch lead for Pumpkin double din?
  216. Head Unit Android double din trim
  217. Head Unit Pioneer 2015 map update
  218. Head Unit Sony Double Din
  219. Head Unit Pioneer AppRadio iOS9
  220. Speakers no sound from front right speakers
  221. Head Unit Clarion NX404e
  222. Head Unit Connects2 Kit Squeaking
  223. Head Unit Power Output
  224. Speakers Strange behavior of the head unit
  225. Upgrades replacement radio
  226. Head Unit worried about fitting a double din?
  227. Other Dashboard Cameras
  228. Speakers Left door speaking making a poping noise?
  229. Upgrades choosing a Sub And Amp
  230. Head Unit New firmware link for Pumpkin KD-C0224 unit
  231. Other hansfree kits
  232. Head Unit Can anyone recommend this?
  233. Head Unit No sound stereo
  234. Head Unit Radio station name not show
  235. AUX in do i need to get it installed?
  236. Head Unit 8" head unit
  237. AUX in Is this possible?
  238. Technical New stereo + new battery = clock query
  239. Other Jabra Freeway - 2 Birds 1 Cheap Stone!
  240. Radio What to go for radio-wise, while I'm having it out?
  241. Head Unit pioneer headunit instal display problem
  242. Head Unit Head unit and reverse cam fitting
  243. My install sound system upgrade price?
  244. AUX in Yatour Adapter
  245. Head Unit Volumne knob malfunction
  246. AUX in Sound not working with Aux cable
  247. AUX in AUX input location
  248. My install Connects 2 Instructions
  249. Head Unit Double Din in Sat Nav FN2
  250. AUX in Streaming from phone