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: Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)

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  1. AUX in USB Stick in Armrest
  2. Head Unit 07 plate type r, radio can only pick up radio 1!
  3. Speakers New Speakers Installed - Help
  4. Subwoofer where to ground and get switched??
  5. AUX in Xcarlink install
  6. Other Aux Socket
  7. Other Discount code for Xcarlink
  8. AUX in Aux to USB iPod connection
  9. My install Best Iphone Solution
  10. AUX in Just fitted xcarlink for iPod
  11. Subwoofer Easy sub installation help needed
  12. AUX in Where to mount Xcarlink
  13. Upgrades for any one who has fitted a double din fascia
  14. AUX in Xcarlink, Dension or Dice which is best?
  15. AUX in iPod and DAB
  16. Subwoofer Mounting a small sub - wiring question
  17. Other DVD player update...need ideas
  18. AUX in Connects2 Aux Installation
  19. Speakers JL Audio C2-630 vs Focal 165vb
  20. Technical FN2 with no stereo?
  21. Speakers Good Speakers that do not need an Amplifier
  22. Technical Anybody have a non-working radio display?
  23. Radio Poor radio reception
  24. Other Crack in Dash Plastic
  25. Head Unit First 2din build help needed
  26. AUX in Best option for iPod connection
  27. Speakers Speaker advice (alpine)
  28. Upgrades Iphone 5
  29. Speakers Rear Speaker Wires Help?!
  30. AUX in Xcarlink and Honda Y cable
  31. Amplifier Alpine KTP-445U and Alpine KTP-445 difference????
  32. Built in CD MP3 subfolder layers
  33. Speakers Infinity Kappa 65.9cs Components
  34. Speakers Car speaker installers in Bristol?
  35. Other Ipod cable to aux
  36. Other Discount Codes?
  37. AUX in 2009 facelift cars - iPod connectivity/USB
  38. Subwoofer Compact Sub Help?
  39. My install Connects2 Fascia Fitted
  40. AUX in Ipod connector to aux cable
  41. Upgrades impulse vs connects2
  42. Technical fitting parrot mki9200
  43. Subwoofer controller for Vibe CBR10
  44. Speakers Advice on buying/fitting new speakers in my CTR please!
  45. Subwoofer Compact subwoofer.
  46. Other Maybe messed up xcarlink install.
  47. Amplifier amplifier installation as first part of upgrade
  48. My install Plugs for Head unit Install
  49. My install Reversing Camera Video In Help
  50. AUX in Dension Gateway Lite - Iphone
  51. AUX in Where to mount aux mo3
  52. AUX in 6 pound y cable !?!?!
  53. Speakers Will these Speakers fit?
  54. AUX in Installing the aux in cable
  55. Other Best phone mount for Samsung Galaxy SIII
  56. AUX in Sat nav display with xcarlink on 2008 civic EX
  57. My install Another retrofitting sat nav thread
  58. Radio Connect 2 steering wheel audio help
  59. Head Unit Android Double DIN TD718A
  60. AUX in Xcar link SD card version
  61. Other usb/i pob lead
  62. Subwoofer Experiences of Pioneer TS-WX110A or Focal Access 1?
  63. Other xcarlink & Windows Phone
  64. Technical Urgent Help with iPod connection for my Civic
  65. Made a mount for my Parrot
  66. Technical Parrot mki kits
  67. Upgrades AUX/iPhone/USB on Civ 2006 EX
  68. My install Civic 5dr,'03 - perfect phone holder/mount
  69. Subwoofer Power lead through firewall in Type R
  70. Other Fixed iPod touch
  71. My install Installed a Parrot MKi 9200 but sound quilts is really bad
  72. Upgrades MKI9200 install not possible in Civic EX 2006?
  73. Speakers Need help finding the right size products
  74. My install Just another sub/amp install guide!
  75. LOC Which wires??
  76. Head Unit How to get a2dp??
  77. Other Boot Space Deadening
  78. Technical Piggyback fuse tap for remote on sub
  79. Head Unit Conversion kit ?
  80. Technical USB Memory stick shows "unsupported"
  81. Technical Crazy Question - Ipod - Satnav display
  82. Other USB & Reversing Camera
  83. Head Unit Reverse Camera Help!
  84. Built in CD Stock CD player - is Type S/Type R version the same?
  85. Head Unit Looking for a TypeR fascia (CT23HD11)
  86. Head Unit Help Please - Constant Power to Clock Lost
  87. Subwoofer Sub powered from boot aux socket - thoughts?
  88. Head Unit Maps 3.6 Upgrade broke iPod ??
  89. AUX in Standard Honda iPod kit -any good?
  90. Head Unit Honda Ipod + Parrot = compatible?
  91. My install My mild sound install
  92. AUX in iPod/iPhone Connection help..
  93. Subwoofer Inphase USW10
  94. My install Headrest screens
  95. Technical parrot 9100 or 9200
  96. AUX in xcarlink frozen
  97. My install Revers Cam & HU install
  98. Speakers Which wires from old speaker for crossover?
  99. Speakers Help with my MDF Speaker Rings...
  100. Amplifier Which Amp compatible with Civic Head Unit
  101. Radio Radio Keeps changing
  102. My install Infinity Upgrade + Dynamat
  103. Upgrades xCarLink install
  104. Built in CD CD Player broken - replacement needed
  105. Speakers Infinity Speaker System
  106. AUX in Iphone connection
  107. LOC LOC - PLS Help
  108. AUX in Audio Solution for Android Phone
  109. Amplifier remote wiring problems
  110. Other Reverse Camera Power
  111. AUX in Ipod interface diy
  112. Bassworks front cigarette lighter wire colour
  113. Head Unit Replace Stock, Android, Parking Camera AND fitted - advice
  114. AUX in Xacrlink questions
  115. My install Loc
  116. Built in CD Help needed please
  117. My install Gromet
  118. Built in CD Faulty CD/MP3 player solution???
  119. My install where to stick phone cradle?
  120. Subwoofer My Double Din Install
  121. Speakers Removing Door Cards
  122. Speakers front passenger tweeter/ speaker popping noises
  123. AUX in Parrot bluetooth cable for aux?
  124. Speakers Speaker Adaptor Rings
  125. Subwoofer Custom boot build for spare wheel compartment?
  126. Upgrades Impulse v Connects 2
  127. Head Unit Sony XAV-72BT Head Unit Review [Lots of pictures]
  128. LOC easiest way to connect loc to rear speakers
  129. Other Rear view mirror reversing camera?
  130. Head Unit Head unit replacement
  131. Upgrades Climate control display
  132. Speakers Tweeter pictures
  133. Other bluetooth/phone calls
  134. Head Unit Double din nightmare!
  135. Head Unit 2din adapter- Impulsrcar vs connects 2
  136. AUX in ipod connection
  137. Speakers Front speakers -Why do i need a Crossover box
  138. Amplifier safe mode
  139. Radio Radio Signal
  140. Speakers cable access to front speaker
  141. Head Unit Head unit change over time!
  142. My install Which double din head unit
  143. AUX in Does xcarlink drain battery?
  144. Upgrades Impulse vs Connects2 fitting kit
  145. Other Connecting cables behind the HU...
  146. Head Unit Help!!! Stereo not playing out music
  147. Other Dension Car Dock
  148. AUX in default behaviour of stock HU without cd-changer
  149. Head Unit Where to buy Civic conversion kit (other than Impulse)?
  150. Head Unit Parrot help
  151. Upgrades Replacing Factory Head Unit?
  152. Upgrades Full ICE upgrade wanted...
  153. Speakers speaker adapter leads
  154. Subwoofer Which Sub?
  155. Radio Radio jumping stations radomnly
  156. Amplifier pulsing bass
  157. Other ground loop
  158. Built in CD Upgrading speakers
  159. AUX in Xcarlink info
  160. Amplifier quick tip about fitting power cable through firewall!
  161. Amplifier basic question about drilling boot
  162. Upgrades Sound advice
  163. Upgrades planning an install, help needed
  164. Built in CD Install double din sat nav system (where?)
  165. AUX in Brodit IPhone Active holder USB + Xcarlink
  166. Speakers Upgrading front speakers
  167. Upgrades 1DIN panel for CIVIC FN1
  168. AUX in XCarLink - Discount Code for Civinfo
  169. Technical Missing USB adaptor lead
  170. Other On board video recording, incar CCTV
  171. Upgrades X-car tip
  172. My install Upgrade existing factory unit questions & advice welcome
  173. AUX in What's The Cheapest Way to get an AUX In Conenction?
  174. Speakers wiring help please?
  175. Technical xcarlink
  176. Upgrades I Pod socket
  177. Head Unit Honda SatNav/HFT and Xcarlink interface
  178. Technical Ipod track name display on an FN2 disappeared
  179. Speakers speaker ring depth??
  180. AUX in just fitted connect2
  181. Technical Parrot double din and fascia help
  182. Amplifier What amp?
  183. Speakers What speakers?
  184. Built in CD Question about connector on std head unit
  185. Other Max number of mp3 files
  186. Subwoofer subwoofer question
  187. Head Unit cd's skipping
  188. AUX in Dice box fault?
  189. Upgrades Installing a DVD....
  190. AUX in All I need for AUX
  191. Head Unit 09 fn2 double din help
  192. My install Which rear speakers?
  193. AUX in XCarlink for ipod
  194. AUX in Civic Type r 2008
  195. Other Remove glovebox without removing centre dash?
  196. Speakers Straight swap speakers for 06 EX?
  197. My install Roof DVD installed
  198. Speakers Civic Type R 09 plate Door Speaker Sizes?
  199. Head Unit Considering the upgrade to double din with bluetooth
  200. Head Unit help on power to head unit
  201. Other Phone and voice control
  202. Head Unit Double Din Aftermarket headunit. Which one?
  203. Subwoofer Anyone tired one (or 2 ) of these bass "things"
  204. AUX in Dension - where does this plug into?
  205. Head Unit This Head Unit Anygood guys... JVC?
  206. Head Unit Poor Radio Signal on Pioneer AVICF9030BT. Help please...
  207. Head Unit Pioneer F920bt problem
  208. Head Unit how to guide for changing head unit
  209. Head Unit removing headunit - urgent help please
  210. Built in CD CD error
  211. Head Unit USB from Aftermarket HU connects to OEM USB Port ?
  212. Speakers Kicker 6 1/2 subwoofer in the rear doors?
  213. Built in CD So, what's the easiest way to upgrade the standard stereo?
  214. Upgrades Upgrades: Parrot Mki9200 install - Edinburgh?
  215. Head Unit problems with impulse?
  216. My install Boot carpet required to cover boot build
  217. AUX in Connects2 iPod Input
  218. AUX in Can not find the AUX port on my civic ex 2007
  219. My install Games Console in car problem
  220. Head Unit Fitted double din radio really poor
  221. AUX in 3.5mm aux in low volume problems
  222. AUX in Aux not working
  223. Upgrades Honda Ipod non gen vs Parrot mki9200
  224. AUX in Best way to get AUX in my non sat nav ES
  225. Head Unit Alarm emergency on my radio display
  226. Other 08 Civic iPod/MP3 Options
  227. My install New project Car PC with Android
  228. Other Confused which solution to go for...
  229. Other Help with portable hard drive
  230. AUX in For sale.. connects2 ipod adapter :)
  231. Other Can OEM Sat Nav & xcarlink operate at the same time?? !!!
  232. Other USB - folders setup
  233. AUX in Aux sound via honda ipod kit + Bog's v3 box
  234. Upgrades Date Change after Headunit Upgrade
  235. Upgrades (Alpine) component speakers + amp ?
  236. Head Unit Aftermarket 2din - awkward dealer explanation
  237. My install XCarLink Unit Future Install
  238. Head Unit Pioneer AppRadio Steering Wheel support?
  239. AUX in Aux in / iPod connection / CDC Error
  240. My install Pioneer AVICF9030BT fitted. Finally some pics..
  241. Head Unit Which Din to buy?
  242. AUX in Ipod connector not working?
  243. Other Non i-pod xcarlink questions.
  244. Other Double din query
  245. Head Unit Some double din questions
  246. Double din fitted
  247. Head Unit Double Din Conversion Kit Q's
  248. Built in CD MP3 CDs in Stock headunit
  249. Speakers Speaker ring template
  250. AUX in Iphone AV lead where to buy