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Thoughts on selling?

I don't want to sell my Milano Red FN2, let's just start there.

I've had it for just under 2 years and it was registered in 2011 and built in 2010 iirc (thus LSD). It had circa 44k on it with history when I bought it (£8.2k), is now on 84k (literally mainly motorway miles between Wetherby and Leeds). Serviced and maintained since by Grinspeed and oil changed every 6k or less max, as I'm paranoid, either by myself or the garage next door to where I used to work if I was low on time). Valve clearances checked and done in October last year as part of the infamous full service.

I had an interview today where I'd have to drive appx 3-4 hours a day (86 miles each way) during the 3 month trial period (if I get it obviously, and if I go for it). A) I don't want to be putting that sort of mileage on the car, although I'm confident she'll be fine and B) I didn't get, and improve it to do that sort of journey, plus insurance considerations (all mods declared but that's huge mileage). I can't afford a second car - unless there's a reliable £500 diesel out there with cheap tax, I think not. Plus there's a chance I'd continue to commute it after the trial period.

If I do sell, I don't want to put her back to standard, although I know it's the sensible thing to do - rather I'd rather someone take her on as a continuing project. How much do you guys think "The Bundle" is worth?

Mods on the car:
Teg Manifold
CPL CAI with Relocated Battery tray
Custom exhaust with 200 cel cat in line (slight drone at 50 but not at 70 and lovely in vtec, pretty quiet on start and around town.
Skunk knob, obligatory (Have original box etc)
17" Le Mans Honda Alloys with Cross Contact tyres (all new late last year), haven't changed to summer tyres as have a slipped disk atm and am being good.
Meister ZetaCRDs, fully fitted and setup by Grinspeed (Sticks like glue with a much more compliant ride)
Meyle HD droplinks fitted at the same time as the above
Kenwood DAB Double Din Android / Apple compatible head unit (with nav) connex kit
Front bulbs uprated and has new HIDS
Ally chrome Petrol cap (Plain, not civic, see below)
Recent new black EBC disks and redstuff pads
Flashpro (Mapped by Chris)
Yes I bought and put the official Type R badge on the grill.
3 new wheel arches (COX), 3rd to be put on with a new arch liner I have, although it's held well with hot glue!

Not on the car at the moment:
Original alloys not too bad, need tyres
Genuine Honda 18" Krypton Alloy Wheels & Yokohama Advan Sport tyres (Cheers Loxy) in great condition
Mugen Quick Shift
Brand new GP Kit (literally boxed from COX, front and back and includes grill)
Brand new Black boxed mirror cowls (Need to sort a non moving mirror issue, replacement hasn't worked so need to play)
Alloy "Civic" petrol flap, sprayed black as purchased on here
New reverse and rear number plate bulbs (if I can find them)
Mirror module to pull in mirrors with the remote.
Spare exhaust tips as I was going to have a play and spray them black
Spare undertray to replace the current one when the GP kit was to go on (along with new bumper supports). Current one has the alloy plate present, but slightly mangled
New Mercedes rear boot struts, not bad enough to need fitting, but was going to do anyway
Various boxes of clips, general spares and cosmetic fitting bits
Spare interior box lid for when it eventually wears through
Rear cargo net - only reason this isn't on is the original silencer is in the boot atm.
Still have the original manifold / cat
Have the original stereo etc too
Probably more...

Bad bits:

Slight ding drivers door (thanks outside tap & wind)
Slight ding above passenger door (cheers daughter and crutches)
Usual bonnet marks
One wing needs a little tlc at the top, but not really noticeable
Had scratches on rear quarter that have buffed out well and covered with genuine touch up paint, when waxed hard to see, but I'd have like to have done properly.
Noticed last week there's a couple of slight marks at the bottom of the rear bumper, assumedly where people have knocked it (bearing in mind it was up on ramps at the time (once the GP kit is on, irrelevant)

I don't know the official figures as they've never been my goal, rather improve drivability and response, definitely much improved over stock both performance wise and road holding. If any of you know Old Mother Shiptons Cave, you can scare Golf Rs in the wet on the uphill as they can't get their power down.



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Oh, stage one Exedy clutch and lightened flywheel courtesy of Grinspeed late last year too
And a grams 72mm dbw throttle body - basically brand new

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Would you consider selling the gp kit itself?
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Originally Posted by Dazvti View Post
Would you consider selling the gp kit itself?
Right now I'm thinking of either keeping her or selling the entire package - I'll only go down the route of selling individual bits as a last resort.
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I'm also getting quotes for the "Bad bits" - having spoken to a couple of spray shops and a dealer today about cheap diesels and generally getting out rather than sitting in, in the rain - the door and over door marks are apparently the type that will pull out easily.

Rear quarter should buff out with TLC by someone who can (and this is from someone with a very good reputation around here and also a rep for being expensive).

I was also complimented for the way I'd approached the mods by the dealer - he called me an enthusiast rather than a boy racer and said the car reflected that - which nice.

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I was in the similar situation, I didnít know what to get that would replace the car and tick all the boxes.

You could get a cheaper car to run for your commute. Even a small Petrol may be worth it ?

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I recently changed to a job with a 350mi/week drive. I’d have a think about how much fuel is going to cost you per month. I did the maths and even as a complete write-down over 2 years it was better to swap what I had on PCP to a 2.2. Even if I have a new clutch/flywheel I’ll be quids in.

Given the effort you’ve put into your FN2, anything that keeps it in your hands is value. I’d seriously look at getting a nail to run into the ground and keep the R for weekends.

Err in haste and all that.
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I had an EP3 years ago and still regret selling it for a diesel (thinking I would save a few quid on my commute). I was doing approx 350 per week and put 80k on the EP3 (bought it with 5k on the clock).

It was immaculate and it never missed a beat and I let it go for £5k for a Golf GT TDI. I went from averaging 40 mpg to over 60 mpg which is great right! ... well actually when you factor in depreciation, it cost more to run the Golf! I checked the MOT on the DVLA site recently on my old EP3 ... and its now done 160k and still going by the looks of things (I suspect the rust is taking hold now though).

... and the most important thing, although the Golf was more refined, it was boring as hell to drive, always missed the little morning blasts over the B roads to work ... and you cant put a price on that!

The other option is what Skippy said, get a cheap runner and keep the R if you dont want to put any miles on it.
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I agree, a small petrol as a commuter is one way to go.
I had a job with an 80 mile round trip commute and got a 1.4 Fiesta (55 reg) that was brilliant for the job, lasting me a year - bit too old now but some more recent equivalent would do you.
Even got me from Sussex to Wales for family visit after some silly bitch wrote off the Mazda 6.
Then I gave it to my son who thrashed it from Salisbury to home every weekend for a year & then sold it to a mate to do the same.
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Enjoying life
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I had a zetec s 1.6 tdci as a second car. 60+mpg and £20 a year to tax.
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I think the biggest problem with a modded car, is you diminish your audience as only a very small number of people want to buy a modded vehicle due to insurance concerns. Due to that, it can be difficult to achieve even the same selling price as a standard vehicle as so few people want one and most avoid modded cars, which is why many people de-mod the car, sell it standard and then sell the modded parts separately.

De-modded, you should get standard price + whatever you can sell the parts for. Modded, you might get less than the price of a standard car. However, it all depends if you can find the right person or not.

As for should you sell or not, only you can decide.
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Ex-Pat Geordie!
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Eco display
Sell the mods separate and then the car, get a 2.2 or 1.6 Civic Diesel and get good MPG especially with the latter
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If you do decide to sell let me know as I'm looking to buy an fn2 again in the next week or so (after selling mine around 4 years ago). While I'm not interested in the mods myself it's not a detractor so would consider it assuming it means I don't need to put a tonne of extra work into servicing etc.

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