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Living with the I-shift....

Have had my i-shift for a couple of months, so decided to finally put fingers to keyboard and describe it...

I'm not going to bother reviewing the car itself (I did this elsewhere - needless to say, I think its awesome!) - this is just about the i-shift and its good and bad points....


1) Its NOT an automatic. Never has been, never will be...
It IS an automated clutch and shift system - had a standard clutch, gearbox and internals (hence, theoretically CAN be modded, so sayeth my tame Honda Tech) - automatics are more complex, relying on fluid pressure and torque transfer (and are a little better at it)

2) It has ruddy awful changes!
This is purely subjective - if you think its an AUTO, then yes, you will be disappointed.. my missus (doesn't drive yet) - didn't think there was anything odd about the car at all... she's never driven an auto... Its not "seamless" like most autos are, there are perceptible changes, just like driving in a manual.... because that is what it really is!!!

There are some issues - there are the RAREST of times where the software behind the changes gets flustered - one of the so called "brown trouser moments" - you need power, but it changes into 2nd or 3rd before jolting back down again... tip... if wary, USE MANUAL! - I've had to do this a couple time - put foot down.. no response... flick down... tap back into auto... fine!

Really DOES make a difference! - keener downshifts, nicer upshifts. Just seems a load better in my opinion. Flawless in manual mode (I use the stick for more press on driving, especially in the backwaters of Lincoln!)

4) Isn't it supposed to learn your driving style?
Yes. If you have the updates, it has both "static learning" and "dynamic learning" - no, neither me nor the Honda Tech know what exactly this is, but I guess its little things like when to change down a gear when going up a steep hill (Grade Logic Honda seem to call it) - If you don't have the updates, seems that your car won't have this function enabled, despite it being built in.... people may argue it DOESNT learn, but I've seen info to back up the opposite. Each to their own I guess...

5) What about in snow, or slippery conditions?
Flick into 2nd, and gently apply gas... I have had no problem with this as the torque is up in the stratosphere, the engine shouldn't get the better of the wheels (unless you hammer it)

6) Do I need to back off to change up?
Not really, but I find that when setting off, anything up to 14mph then into 2nd is smoother than other speeds... could be just me, but I rarely get that jolt... I always back off a little when the car is very cold, at least for the first few miles or so... seems to do the trick. Works with all gears, but you DONT need to worry about changing down... the car does that for you (and is eerie in how it does it - perfect revs every time!)

To sum up:

I have no problem with the car... patience and skill will reward.... There are issues and quirks, but like anything, you can get round them... most of the time, they don't manifest themselves, and everything behaves nicely... I do large mileages on a random basis, have had no problem and actually enjoy the benefit of not having to stir up the cogs myself (blatting little paddles is more fun for me)

I really cannot stress how important the software upgrades are, it really makes a hell of a difference, many people have already commented on this, and have been surprised when its been done... it won't be perfect, even VAG's DSG system is not perfect (tho is the de facto standard)

Hope this helps... any more queries, pass em along!
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Thanks for that, I have a I shift and i have to say I hate it and will get rid the first chance i get. But i agree with everyhting you say.
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I have had an iShift since 2008. I hate it! I will be buying a proper automatic as soon as my warrenty ends next year. (May be not a Honda)

I have never had a software upgrade and when I asked for one I was told it had come with the latest version.

I also hate the soft windscreen glass. Mine is covered in scratches from the clumsy wipers. This is probably because the big automatic wipers wipe the screen when it is not properly wet and in the process grind in dust to the soft glass.

It spent most of the first 2 years having fault after fault fixed. Only now in year three is it starting to be reliable.
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Originally Posted by electric View Post

It spent most of the first 2 years having fault after fault fixed. Only now in year three is it starting to be reliable.
same here
But it was more the build quality which was lacking instead of the reliability.
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Talking Get the upgrade

Hi, thought I would add my pinch of salt to the mix. Now had my 2007 ishift about 3 weeks, and first off it is not an auto. I have owned and driven all sorts of cars over the last 30 years or so, and think I can cope with all sorts. At first I was not that impressed with the box, but I have just had the upgrade done and it is now much improved. Smoother, quicker changes, more power and all in all good fun to drive. Yes it has it's faults and shortcomings, but either adapt and enjoy, or sell up and move on. Surely a proper test drive before buying would have shown what to expect.

I have yet to find a perfect fault free car, and although I shall continue to search I fear it will be in vain. The civic is a nice car, I'm happy for now and hope all those who have faults / concerns / issues etc find what they are looking for in a car.
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We have a 2011 i-Shift, done 3500 miles and I have to say that I hate i-Shift, have been told that the software needs to learn my way of driving, too many times the car just cannot decide which gear to choose, even when you roll up to a roundabout and see a gap then slowly accelerate nothing happens except the cars on the roundabout get closer.
I think the Civic is a great car but let down by the i-shift and I am told the earlier versions are even worse.
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It's not only the i-shift. I read a detailed review of all auto boxes recently and all the single clutch boxes got slated.
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