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  • atom3624 ·
    Hi Paul.

    I BELIEVE they will be the ones.
    If there is a Type R around, perhaps they'll let you remove a wheel ... got to come off for servicing from time to time !!

    Holland1954* ·
    Hi, thanks for your reply,

    I have contacted Tegiwa regarding the red wheel centers but they were unable to confirm if they would fit my 2018 Sport. I have also contacted my local Honda dealership and they are waiting for confirmation from Honda UK. So will wait to see what they find out.

    Holland1954* ·
    Hi, I see you fitted the red wheel centers to your car.

    I have a 2018 Civic Sport Turbo in red, and I'm trying to obtain some of the red wheel centers.

    Are these the ones you purchased, Just wanted to check before I order to confirm they fit the standard 17 inch wheels. Thanks, Paul

    atom3624 ·
    Hi Dan,
    Seems like you're a visitor.
    NEW CAR - Holdcroft offered £2k ONLY as part-ex - cheeky buggers - 43k miles only. Sold privately within 16 hours on Autotrader!! 2 months too soon as BLUE 10G I wanted wasn't available for another 2 months despite the 'any time now' response - no clue.
    Honda don't want to push the 10G in UK - must have a load of 9G's to shift still!
    I threatened to cancel 'agreement' - £300 deposit already made - when they offered that if I increase the deposit a bit, they'll give me a Prestige - this one - due in 3 days. I agreed - also paying less monthly.

    Dislikes - relative lack of lowdown torque when parking (needs accelerator up drive), sensors, auto-lights (no control!) and 3D-style 'modern' Sat Nav - 8G's was better. This one is more intuitive and car is a gem!
    Didn't think I'd say it, but really loving the black wheels.
    They were too black, with black centres, chrome 'H', so bought a set of black / red 'R' centres - miles better!

    IDWYDW ·
    Hi Al

    sorry not been on the forum for a while. I love the new car mate. looks awesome!

    what spec did you go for?

    I got rid of my civic. I have an A-class at the moment, but part of me isn't really enjoying it. The good news is, it is on lease so i can get rid if needs be. I do like the new civic. how is it to drive? tell me more...

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