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  • Curtis Groombridge ·
    Hi Mate.

    I'm interested in your E-Tune service.

    Got my flashpro this week but haven't yet been able to set it or or have a play as my car's away for roof repair.

    What sort of price are you looking for to do an E-Tune?
    fn2turbofr ·
    (I send you also my request by mail i have found in other forum, but not sure it works)

    Hi Chris,

    I have LHD FN2 since 2012.
    I would like place my order for your kit with an option for Precision PTE6466 BB.
    Could you tell how i can place the order then pricing?

    Thank you in advance and have a nice day.
    stimcity ·
    Hi there, I hope you're well.

    Flashy / Steve suggested I drop you a line as I'm looking for a flashpro based etune for my FN2 and I didn't want to risk causing any offence on the forums by starting an e-tune vs rolling road debate again.

    Is this something you're able to assist with? I've got my final first stage mods going on in the next week or so. CPL CAI (2.5 not 3"), Tegiwa Manifold, custom 2.5 decat single exist (and swap in 400 Cell).

    Many thanks,

    Steve95 ·
    Hello pal, sorry for the delay i haven't been very well! Just a couple more questions before i send you the money of you don't mind. Approx how many maps will it take, and how long between me sending you the map to receiving a new one? And am i right in assuming you have perfected your technique with mapping on a rolling road, how much torque/bhp increase is possible with an online map?
    I know most of these questions have no absolute answers, but if you could give me an approximation that would be great.
    Thanks Steve.
    OldEGowner ·
    Hey man hope your well
    Are you still able to send your turbo kits to uk
    Couple questions

    Do you supply the base map
    How much is shipping.
    Are uk customs straight forward
    How is payment sent

    Sorry about all the questions. Won't be needing the kit till later next yeah but getting all quotes in now so I have an idea of all my costs to prepare the wife.
    K20 King ·
    Hi civicRSA,

    I cam across one of your old threads regarding the air/fuel ratio sensor. I've had a check engine light show on the dashboard. I plugged in the flashpro and it came up the following error code: "P2A00 A/F ratio sensor (sensor 1) range/performance problem".
    Is this the same problem you had? I don't want to order the wrong part if I cant send it back. When you replaced the sensor did the check engine symbol disappear? I know that the air/fuel ratio is dipping into the red on my flashpro and I really need to sort this out sooner rather than later.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    By the way I think your car is awesome, you are a credit to the FN2 modification crowd.

    Cheers Chris.
    ozzytik ·
    Hi civicRSA,
    I am Osman Ogunclu from Turkey. I have been looking to your works done for a time and all of them are impressive :) I just bought a flashpro for my 08 fn2. As i read at 8thcivic forums, you can send some maps for people and everyone is happy with that :) If you are interested in with that my mods are basic(Injen CAI, Toda Catback). Here is my e-mail address: [email protected]
    Thanks for your time, have a nice day...
    Sincerly, best wishes....
    Phixious ·
    Hey man. Very Impressed with the Super Charger i know its a way down the line but how is it treating you? and what did it do to maintenance plan etc? I am in SA too been thinking about putting in a SC for ages now. Where u get the parts?
    charlie 1 ·
    i have 2006 diesal civic and after hearing a thumping noise i had heard before i took it to my dealer he said it was common for these bump stop rubbers to go again after being replaced as any one else experianced this
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