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  • Taylor_Wilson ·
    Hi Hagen, what size tomason tn1 alloys do you have, what sized tyres do u suggest for 18inch and where did u buy them from? I have a type s and would love these alloys fitted.

    Wizzlefn2 ·
    Alright mate. Im after a carbon mugen bonnet the same tht you used to have. I believe you know the chap from tuningcarbonhoods any chance you have any contact for him? Cheers
    keir84 ·
    alright mate i was on the phone to the boys from tdi north and they said that you are selling your civic ? was wondering if you could maybe give me a call on 07715371336 so i can find out more about your car thanks gareth
    Jord88 ·
    Arite mate some lad told me to get I touch with u regarding spraying my trims he said you know a good garage local I'm from sunderland too. Any help mate
    samsara_2005 ·
    Hi there Hagan! I hope you're well! Sorry to bother you through your profile, but I need some help: I'm looking for ANY information regarding fitting the Mugen fenders, and Coste1l told me you might now a thing or two about the subject. Are there any "how to" around the internet? I know it must be a fairly simple job, but I just wanted to have a clear idea before I start taking screws off the OEM fenders like there is no tomorrow!
    Thanks in advance!
    hagan71ctr ·
    hi dappa

    the most vital mod is the diff & clutch upgrade i go when i first got the rotrex intercooled charger done !! that paved the way for this insane turbo project !! i already had everything uprated to handle the power from my previous rotrex charger !! but the turbo is totally a different animal it makes 340bhp @ 5500 revs & keeps it & climbs to 378bhp with nearly 300ftlb torque believe me its an animal & would recommend it whole hearty !! but take it easy if you do go down this route as it is a different ball game with this !! i have taken a few people out now for a run in her & they are used to fast cars but they said im am mental & the car is absolutely insane :)
    dappa R ·

    I have been in speaks with tdi north they have told me to speak to you to get some info and some advice as you have taken the route I want to go in

    I've seen the vid on YouTube beast of a car noise is insane what have, what has has been the most vital mod and quickest gain ???

    I appreciate all your time and info

    Many thanks Dappa
    ( have a good weekend )
    hagan71ctr ·
    eeerr no i dont want to sell it ?? why would i & your wheels wouldnt fit as i have a bbk on & i have a spare spoiler ?
    rupey ·
    hi mate,do you fancy selling your rear spoiler? or doing a deal on some fn wheels plus nearly new tyres plus my spoiler if you haven't one to replace the mugen one?
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