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  • glenn92 ·
    Hi lee, could you put me through to the person that does the transfer logos for your headrests please. By the way I read your thread from Start to finish on jiffy the civic and all I can say is wow!!! What a craking fk2 u had. Lots of hard work and it paid off big time.
    Christiiana ·
    hi :) im christiana all the way from malta you have one hell of an fn welldone i love it. can you tell me where i can find carbon foglights like yours please ? i would really appreciate it thanks :)
    hotracer ·
    hey lee,
    i'm so happy to follow you here!
    your civic is for me one of the best ever ... it's a source of inspiration for some projects on mine ....
    respect for your works ....
    cheers from france
    Mizrach888 ·
    Hi Lee it was very very how u transformed ** civic into type r look how much did u spend for putting them body kit and where it's been done pls let me know as I want mine too thanks
    Ijushii ·
    hi lee,

    got some new alloy-rings? are you still interested in one? got pay-pal... price 21 £!

    and i made a cover fitting on the wish-water-tank? if you are interested , i ll send you some pictures!

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