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  • darrellpope ·
    Mate any chance you can send me pics of your motor ? As I may be interested as I'm seriously looking for one at the moment but got that have mugen grille, wing and hopefully fenders with under 30k
    Price is a little high really was looking max of 15k on the budget
    Or maybe put pics up on a for sale thread in the car section
    Spyke ·
    Was that you in Hanham on Sat (i think, could have been Friday) afternoon/evening? Cant imagine there are many CW M200's in Bristol!
    gadgetman68 ·
    Hi mate, dealers only have the touch up paint, they don't do CW in a can. I got my mixed up from a paintshop, the code is on the plague inside the passenger door. Got the cover off here, second hand, cover and plug cover was £25. Hope that helps.


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