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  • patch10 ·
    Hello mate, im a fellow fk2r proud owner and I am so torn between the Gruppe M induction filter and the Eventrui how are you getting on with yours, I prefer the look of the Gruppe M one
    , thanks Chris
    MB CTR ·
    Hi Noxia yes i had it upgraded but i payed a local company to do it (if they broke it they fix it) the best person to speak to is Veehex as he did it him self
    Leviathan ·
    Haha yeah that's what I thought, if Evo's can pass with their crazy Blitz exhausts then surely our modest little Martelius will.
    Leviathan ·
    Hi mate. There's a guy on the forum with a Martelius who's had an MOT and passed it. He made a thread about it and the general consensus from other members was that the noise level isn't tested on an MOT.
    wayne88 ·
    they convertable, you can put the tweeter in the speaker or have the tweeter on there own, i would only mount the tweeter in the speaker if i was to have them in the rear tho.
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