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  • vince0118 ·
    Hey mate its going well thanks, life in the US has been awesome we've had a great time here in Buffalo although it is absurdly cold out here sometimes (-12 today!) Glad you're enjoying the car and I agree that there aren't many hot hatches out there these days that look or drive as nice as the Type R. I do like the look of the new Focus ST but you may have to wait a couple of years for a good price. Appreciate the offer for a drive I'd love to but since my last message there has been a change at work and i may not be coming back afterall:( Take care mate I'll let you know if anything changes and we can meet up, you can take the Qashqai for a drive!! hahahahahha!
    vince0118 ·
    Hey Tom, I'm coming back to the UK next year and was looking at getting a car....for some strange reason I found myself back on civinfo and saw some of the pics u posted....OMG the car looks amazing mate, best photos on the site! Unfortunately the hot hatch days are behind me now we have an 18 month old...we're going to get a Nissan Qashqai!! Not sure if u sold the car already but i hope you enjoyed it and got to go to one of the South Mimms meets with the gang! Vince
    Chezza ·
    Hi mate, saw your post about selling up in the near future, i just wondered if you still had and when your looking to sell?
    gers ·
    Hi Mate. The easiest way is just to use a hair dryer and gently warm one corner of the decal to soften the adhesive, then carefully lift the corner and blow some heat underneath and start to peel it off keeping the heat on it as you go.
    Kimotherapy ·
    Hi mate,

    Tips as below: Remove your old bonnet carefully with the 4 bolts holding it on, then replace with the new bonnet.

    Now bear in mind that when putting on the new bonnet, do not fully tighten up all 4 bolts, leave them so that there is some movement. Now lower the bonnet - not to the point that it shuts - and check the gap between the wing and the bonnet on each side. Once the gap on each side is the same, lift the bonnet gently (so that it doesnt move and tighten the bolts. Check that the bonnet didnt move by checking the gaps again once lowered. Aligning the bonnet is probably the most annoying part about fitting the bonnet but it shouldnt take too long.

    Once aligned, now shut the bonnet til it is fully closed and latched. If the bonnet doesnt shut and 'click lock' easily, then chances are that you need to undo the bonnet catch under the slam panel in the engine bay and move it up or down a bit.

    Best of luck with the new bonnet man.
    beckenhamsteve ·

    Didn't want to post this for everyone to see for obvious reasons but I can recommend the guy at Honda Croydon. He is not a body repair guy more of a chips away person but he has got small dents and scapes out of my BLACK civic twice now and his work is very good. The reason why I didn't want to post for eveyone to see is you don't have to go through Honda's front desk he is happy to deal direct with the public, just drive round the back speak to him and the price is half what Honda would charge but using the same guy.
    If you go tell him Steve with the black Civic sent you, I might get a bit off next time I dent my car!

    all the best

    LVY ·
    LOL Yes!!!!! I'll find all of the patches, cut them into heart shapes and then glue them to the dash. :D I will bring my shades to protect my eyes from the dazzle of the felt work :D
    LVY ·
    I try to drive sensibly but my clutch leg is a rebel lolol, has a life of its own ;)
    £40 for that? I could have done that for you, for £50, bargain price! Oh my... i am imagining felt squares everywhere. I'm deffo inspecting your codpiece interior this weekend. Do i win a prize if i find all the felt patches? Black scrubs up really well but i just couldn't handle that colour, cleaning black in the summer is really hard!!!
    LVY ·
    Awww, don't be upset that mine is cleaner than yours!! :D Nah i'm sure yours will be a lot yummier, for sure. With all the lowering an all. 8)
    What caused the buzzing noise? £40 well spent i say! I used to do that in my C2, the plastic interior rattled like anything, so turning up the bass and tunes was the only option!!! You ought to be low revving anyway, to preserve the cleanness of the car. No high speeds!!!
    LVY ·
    if i get time i am deffo going to get my clean on! haha! and bring a few cloths with some quik detailer with me on the day! mega excited. what did your car get up to on Tues? i'm sure it is cleaner than you are letting on. i understand your game, trying to trick me so that i become complacent and then end up turning up with the dirtiest car!!!!
    LVY ·
    OMG imagine the look of horror on your face when i wipe the drool off the paintwork with my finger. I'm sure you wouldn't ever talk to me again :D
    I can't wait for the weekend! I hope to clean the car Friday evening.... it's still shiny now but not shiny enough.... see how the week goes I suppose!
    LVY ·
    It looks sooo fine! *saved* in my private collection ;)
    You've lowered it 20mm, is that as far as the coilies will go?
    LVY ·
    Thanks Tom! Look forward to drooling on and over the car this weekend!!! I'm going to have a look now... I'm nervous that I might fall in love...
    Livvy :)
    vince0118 ·
    Hello Tom,

    Nice to meet you today mate I'm pleased that my car is going to someone who is also an enthusiast! I've asked some of the other members to send you a message to say hello and to invite you to the next meet. You'll find loads of useful information on this site and the members are really friendly. I checked the manual and there is an option to have a warning message come up when you hit 30mph and/or 50mph. I also turned on the "rev indicator" so the "yellow dots" will flash up when you near tyhe red line.

    See you next Sunday!

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